23 Over-the-Moon Yellow Brick Road Quilt Pattern To Try

A simple and easy-to-make beginner’s yellow brick road quilt pattern list is prepared just for you.

The yellow brick road quilt pattern is one of the easiest quilting patterns you will ever encounter. The name of this quilt presents the images of the Wizard of Oz and looks like it belongs to the road that Dorothy followed.

The traditional design includes yellow-colored squares, but you can also use different colors that complement each other. The one rule of this design is that the quilt pattern should have classic brick-shaped squares, and no two corners should meet.

Do you want to make a beautiful quilt with little creativity and basic quilting skill? If yes, then this article is for you.

In this article, you will learn,

    • What is a yellow brick quilt pattern?
    • How to create a yellow brick road quilt?
    • Tips to consider while making a yellow brick road quilt
    • 14 creative yellow brick road quilt patterns

Are you excited to begin? Let’s explore. 

What Is a Yellow Brick Quilt Pattern?

A yellow brick quilt is a quilt top that is made up of squares and rectangles in patchwork style. All the rectangles of this quilt can be of the same size or different sizes. In some cases, the blocks are broken by sashing.

Bright and cheery yellow brick road quilt
Image Source: MyKawartha.com

Are you saving a fat quarter bundle for a special DIY project? Then, this quilt pattern is perfect for you. Using a yellow brick pattern, you can use a scrap stash and make a colorful quilt top. This pattern is also popular for making baby quilts

How to Make a Yellow Brick Quilt Pattern?

Before we jump to look at some unique yellow brick quilts, it’s essential to understand how these patterns are made. 

Just grab your quilt backing fabric, pre-quilted fabric, quilt kits, and best sewing machine for quilting, and follow the below steps to make a simple yellow brick quilt pattern. 

Things You’ll Need

    • 12 large squares of fabric sewing quilting
    • 3 yards of fabric for quilt sides
    • 3 yards of batting from a 60-inches wide roll
    • 4 yards of fabric
    • Needle
    • Safety pins
    • All-purpose quilting thread
    • Scissors
    • Cardboard
    • Chalk 

Prepare Your Fabric

The first step in making a yellow brick road quilt pattern is washing, drying, and ironing your fabric. This is an essential step as it will preshrink the fabric and prevent the colors from fading away. 

Yellow brick road quilt pattern
Image Source: Nicola Foreman Quilts

Make the Bricks

Now that your fabric is ready, you will need to use 12 different colored fabrics to make the bricks. 

Create a cardboard template, measure your fabric pieces to the same size, and trace the shape on the fabric using chalk. Cut out the brick shapes from the fabric. 

Arrange the Squares of the Fabric

Working out the position of each brick can be time-consuming. At this step, you will need to arrange the squares of the fabric on a flat surface to make the brick road quilt pattern. Make sure no two corners of the fabric square meet and touch the middle square. 

Sew-All Pieces

Now it’s time to sew all square pieces together with a simple stitch of ¼ inch from each fabric edge. 

Lay out Your Rectangles

Lay out the fabric to make the back of the quilt and lay the fabric face on the top for the batting. 

Pin Layers Together

Now pin all three layers together using safety pins at the distance of six inches and start trimming all edges so that each one is of the same size. The outer dimension of the yellow brick quilt will be 60 x 108 inches. 

Yellow brick road quilt
Image Source: SunShine Sews

Cut Your Fabric

Start cutting all your fabric sides by six inches down the length of the fabric. Stitch all strips into one long strip and fold them in half. 

Iron these seams and start folding each fabric edge inside together to hide fabric on both the edges. Wrap the long fabric around the edges of the quilt so that it overlaps the edge and stays in place. This will give you a two-inch border around the edge. 

Sew the Edge Seams

The last step of making a yellow brick road quilt pattern is to sew the edge seams closed using a thread, yarn, or needle

Start with a single stitch at four to six inches and tie all three layers together. Once the quilt is finished, you can remove all pins. Read our article on how to tie a quilt if you are new to quilting.

Don’t forget to give a personalized touch to your wizard of oz quilt pattern using super customizable, high-quality woven labels, care labels, and hang tags from Superlabel Store. 

White printer papers
Image Source: Ron Lach On Pexels

14 Creative Yellow Brick Road Quilt Pattern Free

Now that you know the fundamentals of a yellow brick quilt, it’s time to look at some exceptional yellow brick road quilt patterns free. These patterns will inspire you to create your own quilt. 

These patterns are great for beginners as it allows you to use your charming fabric scraps to make a beautiful quilt.  Build up your skills in no time with these patterns.

Brick road quilt pattern
Image Source: Pinterest 

If you are new to quilting and want to know the basics, check out the below listed excellent articles by Superlabel Store. This will help you polish your quilting knowledge and skills for a successful project.  

Get ready to explore over-the-moon yellow brick road quilt patterns. 

Sleepover Snuggle Quilt Pattern

Want to use up your fat quarters? Try the sleepover snuggle quilt pattern offered by Simple Simon And Co. 

Brick quilt pattern free
Image Source: Simple Simon And Co.

This yellow brick road quilt pattern free uses fat quarters cut into rectangles. This large lap quilt is similar to a traditional brick quilt and is easy to piece together. The finished quilt size is 64 x 64 inches long. 

Brick Pattern

Want to make a warm blanket? Opt for a brick pattern for a quilt that is perfect for making a comfortable kid’s blanket quilt. The fabric scraps are pieced together to stitch the edges, resulting in a unique and personalized quilt. 

The kids will love the crazy brick design, and a hand-stitched monogram will be perfect for getting a gifting touch. The finished quilt size will be 18 x 22 inches long. 

Garden Brick Wall Quilt

April brings many many flowers. With the Garden Brick wall quilt, you can bring a warm and sunny feeling to your home in the form of a wall hanging or throw blanket.

Garden brick quilt
Image Source: Slaney Quilting Studio 

This beautiful quilt brick pattern is the perfect combination of a garden fence and the warmth of spring. This pattern features easy quilt blocks for beginners and helps you learn how to turn pre-cut fabrics into amazing artwork. 

The finished quilt size of this weekend project is 56 x 70.5 inches long. 

Tifton Tiles Quilt

Make a garden out of any surface by combining nine fat quarters of floral fabric and Tiffon tiles quilt. This pattern features a colorful backing fabric to make an amazing lap quilt pattern. 

Combining the right prints allows you to create a fabulous throw-size quilt and a garden for any occasion. The finished quilt size is 49 x 59 inches long. 

Baby Road Trip Quilt

Do you know how to square-up a quilt block? If yes, then this baby road trip quilt pattern by Cluck Cluck Sew is for you. The simple block style is great for showcasing your favorite fabrics. 

Yellow brick road quilt pattern free
Image Source: Polka Dot Chair

You can create a sense of energy by using a fabric design that will attract everyone’s eyes. Personalize this baby quilt as per your baby’s size. The finished quilt size will be 36 x 40 inches long. 

Stacked Bricks Disappearing Nine-patch Quilt Pattern

The brick block quilt pattern doesn’t have to be square. This quilt features a traditional square fabric piece in eye-catching brick-shaped blocks. 

This 30 x 43 inches long quilt is a perfect weekend project. 

Atkinson Designs Quilt

Our yellow brick road quilt pattern list is incomplete without mentioning the original Atkinson patterns. 

Atkinson designs quilt
Image Source: Alderwood Quilts

The Atkinson designs’ quilt patterns come with detailed instructions that will help you make a unique yellow brick quilt design. You can use a fat quarter bundle and make six different sizes of free Atkinson quilt patterns at home. 

Dorothy’s Journey Quilt

This striking quilt is made in brick road quilt pattern free and uses wizard of Oz fabric. 

The bricks of this pattern are large enough to showcase and highlight the amazing fabric you used. The Dorothy’s Journey pattern is a simple, easy-to-follow pattern and makes a perfect baby shower gift. 

Modern Colors Quilt

Do you love to make a quilt that screams spring? Try a Modern colors quilt that includes bold, modern colors in making a modern quilt top. 

Free atkinson quilt pattern
Image Source: DreamHost

The quilting technique used in this free yellow brick road quilt block pattern brings this quilt to the next level and showcases a beautiful brick pattern. 

Quilt-as-you-go Brick Road Quilt

If you know how to Quilt As You Go, you can try this gorgeous quilt top pattern at home. 

Jera Brandvig launched this yellow brick road quilt block pattern in her book named “Quilt As You Go Made Modern.” You can use any delicate fabrics to make a quilt using this pattern. 

Snowman Applique Quilt

This white and red brick road quilt pattern is all you need this Christmas. 

Quilt brick pattern
Image Source: Turning my heart Quilting blog

The Snowman Applique Quilt is the perfect combination of quilt top and block of brick road applique squares. Choose this applique quilt pattern if you want to flaunt handmade embroidery items. 

Brick Road Pillow

Want a simple brick-by-brick quilt pattern for your home décor? 

Try the Brick Road pillow pattern that comes with a detailed tutorial and fabric recommendation to make a 63 x 78 inches long quilt. You can use patterned or solid fabric to give a unique look to your quilt. 

Subway Tile Top Quilt

You can make a beautiful design by choosing a bunch of ten fat quarters. The Subway Tile Top Quilt is a beginner-level pattern that will help you make an amazing quilt design without wasting much time. 

Subway tile baby quilt
Image Source: Night Garden Blog

Windows Denim Quilt

You can use all your denim fabric scraps or buy new fabric to make home Windows denim quilt patterns. 

This is the perfect pattern if you want to make a memory blanket that can be cherished for a lifetime. The easy-to-follow instructions of this pattern make it easy for all quilters to make a quilt at home. 


Yellow brick road quilt patterns are simple and easy to make. It allows you to experiment and play with textures and patterns of fabrics.

These patterns are the perfect way to transform your room into a technicolor paradise. Use these creative patterns to play with unique fabric choices and take your quilting skills over the moon.

Using the yellow brick road quilt patterns, you can make a handmade quilt for your loved one that can be cherished for a lifetime

It will show your loved ones that you have put a lot of time and effort into making it for them. Let your quilting item be passed down from generation to generation.

Let us know which yellow brick road quilt pattern you tried and how it worked for you.

Happy learning and happy quilting!