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Easy to use configurators help you to design and order in minutes.

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Premium quality from start to finish.

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We understand you want to finish your unique work with 100% custom labels.

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From big to small, we are happy to make it all.

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Everyone has a different idea’s of perfect custom clothing labels and clothing tags. One may be looking for a simple, minimalistic design, the other has a more elaborate one in mind.

Superlabelstore.com offers countless custom clothing tags, all different in look, shape, and size, and we also have loads of other creative options like a logo label or icon label. Whatever design you have in mind, our clothing label maker, makes it look exactly as you want at Super Label Store from fully personalized clothing labels to custom sewing labels to iron on clothing labels. You can easily order your custom woven labels online now. Buy and create clothing label tags online at Superlabelstore.com.


Our woven clothing labels are the most beautiful and premium-quality labels. This is because they are made of top of the range materials such as damask. Custom clothing tags will last the entire lifespan of your garment and, of course, they look amazing. Apart from that, woven clothing labels offer many additional options like different shapes, colors, details, and frames. Design and buy your woven labels online now with our clothing label maker. Take a look at the custom fabric labels and garment labels options now.

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If you want to sell your personally designed clothes, you certainly need custom hang tags. They will make your items 100% retail-ready. A hang tag doesn’t just tell the customer how much the item costs or its size, but it also makes you instantly recognizable as a brand. Especially when you go for a cool custom clothing tag design that stands out. After all, the options are limitless!


Care labels are essential. When a garment has no care label, customers will not know how to wash and treat the item. The result? When the garment isn’t washed according to the right instructions, its beautiful appearance will already fade after just a few washings, or perhaps it will even shrink. Super Label Store lets you design your personalized and custom care labels with unique instructions and care symbols.

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Pre-made labels are commonly used labels – like size labels and sew labels – that don’t require a unique design. Simply select the labels you need and follow the order and payment steps! Need custom clothing tags with your own design or logo. Looking for clothing labels near me? Take a look at our easy to use, custom clothing label and tags configurators and order online.