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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge shipping costs?

We try to offer the lowest possible shipping costs but, unfortunately, we have to charge them. However, most of the orders will fit through your letterbox so shipping costs are generally low.

How quickly do I receive my clothing labels?

The exact delivery time depends on the shipment option and the production time. The production takes 7-9 days. When ready, your order will be shipped straight away. How long it will take for you to receive your order depends on the chosen shipment option. All in all, orders take about 10-14 days to arrive.

Do you use a secure payment system?

Of course, the payment system we use is completely secured. Payments are processed by a trustworthy service provider with an excellent reputation. Furthermore, we take great care to safeguard the privacy of our customers: we don’t retain any (financial) details or other sensitive information.

Do you ship to other countries?

Absolutely! In principle, we ship orders to any country in the world. Just let us know where your order must be sent to and we will offer the various shipment options. Please note that international orders can be subject to additional costs such as VAT, Sales Tax, and higher shipping costs.

I’m not satisfied, how can I return my order?

We maintain a money-back policy. What does this mean? In the off-chance that your labels do not meet your wishes or expectations, you can return them and we offer a full refund. We do apply certain conditions:

  1. Please report the problem within 7 days after receipt of the label(s).
  2. Return the label(s) to Super Label Store. The costs for the return shipment are at your expense.
  3. We will arrange for a full refund of the paid amount within 7 days after having received the returned labels.


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