How to start a clothing line?

How to start a clothing line? If you’re a creative entrepreneur with big dreams, you can decide to learn how to start a clothing line. As you can start a simple clothing line, you can also start a sewing collection. It depends on what you want. You’re going to take several steps to starting a clothing line. The number of steps that you’re going to take depends on the type of clothing line that you want to start. If you want to be greatly involved, you will have to invest your time and money.

On the other hand, you can create something simple and less stressful. As you can learn how to start a clothing line with a budget that is as low as $100, you can also start with a budget that is as high as $10,000.

What clothing products do you want to offer?

There are a lot of fashion products that you can offer for sale. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to start your own clothing line, you would have ideas of products that you want to sell. On the other hand, some people think learning how to start a clothing brand is a way to make products that match their personality. Some of them are not even sure of the products that they want to offer for sale.

Before you make any new decision, you have to consider all the options that you have. As there are clothing options, there are also apparel options. Some of the options that you can consider are short sleeve shirts, hoodies, and dresses. No matter the one you choose out of the available options, you are going to face certain challenges.

As we go further, you will learn about the common models of the clothing line. You will also learn the amount and time that you have to invest in them. If you want people to identify your products easily, you should consider making woven labels.

Selecting a clothing line business model

When you’re ready to create a new clothing line, you’re going to make a lot of decisions. There are several ways you can use in starting a clothing brand. You just have to stick to the style that will work for you. The stress and time input you’re going to need for them also varies. Some of the most popular clothing company options are print-on-demand and custom cut. All of them are briefly explained below

Print-on demand

As it is the first option, it is also the easiest one. All you have to do is print logos on blank apparel. Make sure that you make use of a standard one. You don’t even have to spend much. With as little as $1,000, you can set up a clothing business. You just have to know how to start a clothing business. As it has a lot of advantages, it also has a few disadvantages. For instance, the profit margin in print-on demand is low. It would also be impossible for you to differentiate anyone of your available products.

For printing, an ink-jet printer is used. With the use of those printers, images with full color would be applied to your clothes. They will also be accurate. You’re guaranteed a printing of high quality. You can also get a lot of projects done fast and even efficiently.

Unlike screen printing, there is no cost for setting up print-on demand printing. To print a small order is cost-effective. It is advisable to use Printful or Shopify. While you’re using one, you can start working in a few hours. You won’t even have to spend up to $50. When you get an order, it will also be on Printful. So they will start printing. Within a few hours, it will be shipped to the person that placed the order.

The private label clothing line

It has a lot of similarities with print-on demand. You will just have to invest more of your time and effort. You will also be able to personalize better. Just know that you are going to spend more on private label clothing line, Unlike print-on demand, it can take a lot of time to start. While working with this method, you’re going to buy blank clothing products. So you have to customize them by using print, labels, and the likes.

Since you will buy inventory upfront in bulk, you have to figure out certain things. Those things are warehousing and how to ship your goods. When you buy blank clothing, you will get good prices. So there will be great margins. There are also some additional benefits that you’re going to get. You just have to buy any inventory upfront.

Make sure that you don’t use the printer to ship. You will be able to exercise control over your product. So you can easily include more details. After doing all those things, your brand will be more valuable. So getting great margins won’t be difficult. When you start to buy inventory upfront, you will get a great value for your money. You will also be exposed to printing processes that have good quality. One of the most popular ones is screen printing.

Even though screen printing has been in existence since a long time ago, it is still relevant. As it is popular, it is highly recommended for people who want durable printing. Screen printing is highly labor-intensive. If you print in bulk, you are going to get a great value for your money. ThreadBird is one of the most popular. You can do everything that you want there. There is blank apparel, printing, and other things.

It also has finishing options for clothing lines. Some of them are sewn tags, folding, and the likes. Orders below 25 pieces are not allowed. That is the limit. There is also another manufacturer known as Just Like Hero. Unlike ThreadBird, they offer only blank apparel. So if you purchase from them, you have to find a printer by yourself. For now, they don’t have a lot of options available. Just like Hero is more focused on quality. They even offer more quality items than ThreadBird.

Unlike the products that other manufacturers offer, Just Like Hero products is easy to afford. You can also order as you much as you want. It doesn’t have a maximum or minimum order. Just Like Hero is highly recommended for people that want to start on a low budget.

Custom Cut & Sew Clothing Line

Almost everything is done here. It includes making sketches and changing them into beautiful and attractive patterns. If you want to learn how to start a clothing line, you have to make it your priority. You can’t run a clothing company as your side hustle. To even start everything fully, it will take you months. First of all, you have to search for a manufacturer.  All runs will be done by the manufacturer. Then you will get involved with pattern makers.

After testing your fabric properly, you’re going to craft a lot of samples. That is the last thing you’re going to do before coming out with your finished product. The amount you will spend depends on the type of clothing items that you’re making. Some clothing lines might cost you up to thousands.

When you’re done making your product, runs will be made by the manufacturer. Then you can proceed to stock all the inventory. To get potential customers to purchase your clothes, you’ve to set up a strategy for shipping. With the use of care labels, you can improve the branding of your products.

Things you need to run a successful clothing brand

There is a reason why some brands are more successful than others. As some brands focus on only one thing, others focus on a lot of things. The number of things you do doesn’t matter. The most important thing is that you should do your things well. Before you learn how to start your own clothing line, you have to consider four factors. They are Niche, brand, design, and quality.


You’ve to choose a niche for yourself. There are so many niches. So you can’t be involved in everything. You should focus on the one that you’re knowledgeable about. That is when it will be easy for you to market. Your competition will also be small. So you will make a lot of sales. Since you only offer quality products, your consumers will remain loyal to you.

If you’re making clothes with slogans, you’re going to face a lot of competition. The reason is that the people doing that same thing are too much. For instance, you can decide to start making slogan clothes for firefighters. If you make them well, you’re going to be successful since you will rarely find people making the same thing. Instead of making the regular hoodies, you can start making thick hoodies. If you make them well, people in cold climates are going to purchase them from you.


You can’t deceive the same person two times. If you make a pattern that easily cracks, your customers won’t purchase from you again. Even if you later start to make quality patterns, you might struggle to get sales. The reason is that your reputation might have spoilt. All materials used in making clothes are not the same. Some of them vary a lot in quality.

The quality of material you use in making your clothes will determine how it will respond to wash and other things. It will even determine how long the cloth will last. If you want to learn how to start a clothing brand, you have to make quality your top priority. That is why you have to learn about materials and make sure that you choose the right one.

Even though you might make more profit if you produce clothes of lesser quality, you shouldn’t do that. You should make sure you make quality clothes that will encourage your customers to refer you to other people. To improve the branding on your clothes, you should consider designing custom woven labels.


Designs are a critical aspect of producing clothes. There are different kinds of designs. As some designs are printed, others are embroidered. Your design shouldn’t only appear nice to you; it should appear nice to your potential customers. If your designs don’t look nice, you might record low sales. You don’t have to make designs that appear too complex. There are a lot of simple designs that people find attractive.


The foundation of a lot of clothing brands is another great brand. When you’re selling clothes under a brand that is already popular, your target market would likely purchase from you. Your brand shouldn’t only represent the clothes that you’re making. It should be something that people see as a lifestyle.

How to make your clothing line unique?

Clothing design is one of the industries that is already saturated. If you want to compete and stand out, you have to make something different from what others are making. The tips to making unique clothes are listed below


If you’re going to include graphics in the design of your clothes, the clothes will appear different from other ones. You can also make use of images.


If you’re starting a clothing line from scratch, you have to make sure the style is different. You can also work on the fit and make it unique.


The brand selling your clothes matters a lot. When you’re selling clothes through a brand with a good reputation, your potential customers will easily purchase from you. They will have the mindset that you only offer quality products. Even if you increase the price of your products, you will still make sales.


The performance and quality of your products are what can make it superior to its rivals. People will always find out if your clothes are comfortable, restricting, and airy. So you have to put all those things into consideration while making them. Potential customers will also check for quality through seams, weight, and the likes. Ensure that you make clothes to match their taste.

How to set up a business plan for your clothing line

After learning everything discussed above, the next thing you should do is figure out how to start a clothing business plan. That is what you will consider whenever you’re making important decisions. It will also help you place your business in the right direction. While making your business plan, you are going to put a lot of things into consideration. They are the business model, the strength of your competitors, customer personas, and costs.

How to create a brand persona for your clothing line?

Creating a brand persona for your clothing line is important. Since there are a lot of clothing brands, you have to make yourself different. One of the best ways to do that is to use a dedicated branding agency. As you can plan to do a print-on-demand, you can also plan to create a private label brand. Even with a low budget, you can still work on starting a clothing brand. You have to identify two basic things. They are the market and the brand that can represent you well in the market.

How to define your market?

No matter what you’re offering, you have to define your market. It is even more important when you’re dealing with clothing. If you aim to reach a lot of people within a short time, you might find it difficult to progress. You have to exercise patience. At that stage, there are some questions that you should try to answer. You should know the kind of clothes that you want to specialize in making. The people that are going to purchase from you also matter a lot.

If your product doesn’t bring value, you will rarely make any sales. So you’ve to ensure that you’re creating value. Lastly, something must be unique about what you’re offering. Identify all the people that compete with you. Then try to figure out a way to outclass them.

Making Brand Pillars

Brand pillars are so essential. It includes keywords that tell everything that your brand is all about in a few words. When you’re creating your brand persona, you should always start from there. To know the activities of your brand, customers will check your brand pillar.

When you’re developing a website for your business, you’ve to compare it with your brand pillar. If your web content isn’t similar to those words, you have to make corrections. You can even use the brand pillar to lay a good foundation for your business.

How to develop the visuals of your brand?

When your customers try to refer your brand to other people, they will try to describe your brand visuals to them. It should be one of the easiest ways to identify you. Some of the options that you can use for your brand visuals are logos and fonts. You should also include photography aesthetics.