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Why custom labels for Quilts? You put a significant amount of time and effort into quilting, your creative juices went through the roof, and you ended up with a remarkably delightful quilt that everyone loves. So why do you feel like something is missing? We’re here to tell you that your quilt may be the most beautiful piece of textile art, but if it isn’t equipped with the custom-made quilt labels, it lacks the finishing touch it needs to shine. 

So how to make your quilting projects professional? With Super Label Store, 100% customizable, super high definition quilt labels, hang tags, and care labels are at your fingertips. Reach out to the Super Label Store to design your labels in 5 min.

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Easy to use configurators help you to design and order in minutes.

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Order your personalized quilt labels now

Do you build up your brand by the sweat of your brow? No one knows the needs of entrepreneurs in the textile and fashion business better than we do. Making fabulous quilts is a hell of a job, and the last thing we want for you is to add extra work to this enterprise. That’s why at Super Label Store, we made everything simple. 

You can fully personalize your products with custom fabric labels for quilts with your logo, text & symbols. Start by choosing one of two options—design online or upload your logo. It’s the first step to creating outstanding quality cloth labels for quilts. Next, add labels for quilting projects you designed on our website to the shopping basket and go to payment. At this point, the production starts.


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Why Quilt Labels from Super Label Store?

But quilting labels by Super Label Store are not only easy to design and order online. The quality and high product safety of these woven quilt labels is provided by the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®—one of the world’s best-known labels for textiles tested for harmful substances. 

Whether you’re a DIY quilter, a home-based crafter, or you own a small brand, ordering low quantities of sample quilt labels is now possible. Check if making quilt labels online works for you and order a few samples. Woven labels, care labels, and hang tags in high quality by Super Label Store will lead you to success in the industry, whatever size your business is. 

The process of making quilt labels couldn’t be simpler. Go to the website, use our design tools, and create your idea of fabric labels or iron on quilt labels. Upload a design you already have or look for inspiration with our hints. You can also design your tags in 5 min. Quilt tags personalized projects are just as quick and easy to create. 

What Makes Super Label Store Unique?

SUPER EASY—try out our easy-to-use configurators online to design and order fabric labels for quilts in minutes.

SUPER QUALITY—premium quality personalized fabric quilt labels and tags.

SUPER CUSTOM (100%)—your quilt labels personalized design work is 100% unique.

SUPER LOW QUANTITIES—whether low or large quilt labels number, we are happy to make it all.

Where To Use Custom Quilt Labels?

Especially for handmade quilts, quilt labels can sound like a high-grade, sophisticated accessory. Why do you need one for your projects? We’ve listed a couple of reasons to enhance your quilts with labels:

    • add branding logos for retail or wholesale,
    • sign your project as a quilt maker if your quilt is going to become a gift or end up at fundraisers or charities,
    • ensure care labels are in place; they have instructions to ensure the quilt’s longevity,
    • add the name of a quilt maker and year of completion for preservation,
    • remember the occasion for making the quilt (for example, marriage or birth of a baby!) and many more;

What to Put on Custom Quilt Labels?

Depending on your ideas for attaching creative quilt labels to your quilt project, you can put various kinds of information on these small pieces of fabric, such as:

    • quilt maker’s name,
    • logo of the brand or crafter,
    • year you made the quilt,
    • place you made the quilt,
    • the occasion for the quilt’s creation,
    • special care instructions (check care labels),
    • quilt recipient’s name,
    • personalized message for the recipient of the quilt, and other creative ideas for the cotton quilt labels design;

What To Do with Your Woven Quilt Labels?

If you’ve decided to give your quilting work credit it deserves with outstanding quality logo labels by Super Label Store, the only question is where to attach your ready label design. Keep in mind that labels for quilting projects will last the lifespan of your plaid. 

Traditionally, the quilt label is added by hand sewing the label to the back of the quilt. Add the label after quilting, when the machine part of the work is completed, but before doing hand-sewn finishing to the back of the quilt. Once you have finished your quilt, add embroidered quilt labels along the hem of the quilt’s back or in the quilt’s corner. 

Depending on the shape and size of your label, you can hand stitch or machine stitch your label on. Moreover, if you pick a triangular label and place it in the corner, a label can also serve as a secret pocket! To do it, take a square label and fold it diagonally down the middle to obtain a triangle shape. Our openness to designing custom shapes and sizes will let you experiment to the full!

The Heart of the Matter

The bottom line is that personalized quilt labels are there not only to pass down formalities, such as care instructions. They are a charming way to preserve your projects’ history, legacy, and heritage. With woven labels by Super Label Store, you leave your mark for future generations. Who and when created the quilt? On the occasion of which event? Who got the quilt, and what was the relationship between the giver and recipient? After putting a lot of hard work into creating your quilt, it’s worth memorizing these details.