How to Make Pants Bigger With or Without Sewing Machine

Do you feel like your pants squeeze you half a time? Learn how to make pants bigger to avoid all those bloating and suffering issues.

Everyone loves to flaunt their sexy curves. Wearing tight pants/jeans has become one of the biggest fashion statements. Both men and women love to wear tight pants, but these tight pants can develop some diseases in your body.

Experts say that tight pants can look fashionable, but you are playing with your health for this fashion. There are many risk factors associated with fitted pants.

If you have gained weight or have tight-fit pants in your closet that you no longer wear, it’s time to make them bigger

You don’t need to throw away pants that no longer fit you in a perfect way. There are a lot of techniques available that you can leverage and make your pants bigger.

Whether you have a sewing machine or not, you can learn to make your waist bigger around the waist and hip at home.

In this article, we will help you with some amazing and simple methods that will help you make your pants bigger. 

How to Make Pants Waist Bigger Using Sewing Machine

Women wear tight pants for plenty of different reasons. You might go after the latest fashion trends or prefer tight clothes over loose-fitted garments. 

There is nothing wrong with wearing different types of jeans and pants that hug your body and help you look sexy and fashionable. Regardless of your body shape, you can wear tight pants.

The tight-fitted pants look great when styled with different types of bags, but they have some negative health impacts. They can slow down blood circulation in the waist and legs, leading to organ failure. 

How to make pants looser
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Different types of clothes that fit you too tight can increase the risk of several infections in private parts.

With so many disadvantages of tight-fitted pants, it’s time you focus on learning how to make the pants waist bigger. It will help you avoid any serious health issue and gives you the utmost comfort throughout the day.

If you own a sewing machine, you can learn to sew or make your pants waist bigger and fix the problem on a permanent basis.

Things You’ll Need

    • Sewing machine
    • Measuring tape
    • Sharp fabric scissors
    • Seam ripper
    • Iron and Ironing board
    • Pins
    • Elastic waistband 

Side Seams

This is one of the simplest techniques of how to make the pants waist bigger. Insert a V of extra fabric at the side seams of your pants. 

How to take out your jeans waistband
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This is easy to sew, takes less time to complete, and doesn’t expose stitching to outside people.

To learn how to sew or how to make pants wider at the waist, you need to first remove the belt loops from the side seams of the pants. 

Use a seam ripper or sharp fabric scissors to pick out the side seams. Open it to a couple of inches just below the waist and pull out the seams to create a “V” shape.

Cut out that fabric. Fold it in half to form a rectangle shape that is one inch bigger than the V shape in your side seams. Use a zigzag stitch on the edges of the rectangle fabric to make it look nice. 

Place the rectangle inside the open V and pin it to keep it in place. Use zigzag stitch on the open edges of the side seams and then sew from downside to upside of the V. 

At the end of this stage, the new piece of the fabric will be sealed inside, and you will be able to finish learning how to make your pants bigger around the waist. 

You can use a serger instead of a zigzag stitch setting on your sewing machine for a more professional look. 

Center Back Seam

This is another easiest method of how to make my pants waist bigger. Many pants come with an extra seam allowance at the center back of the waist. 

Rather than learning how to add fabric to make pants bigger, you can just pick out the seam and sew the new seam close to the seam allowance. 

How to alter jeans at the waist to make them fit
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You might have noticed that some professional sewists or tailors use this technique to make pants bigger at the waist. 

Elastic Waistband

Some ready-made pants come with a waistband that makes the pants waist too tight. Consider removing that waistband and replacing it with a stretchy elastic band. 

Do you have a pair of jeans with a baggy waist? Want to make jeans’ waist smaller? Read our guide on how to make jeans waist smaller and save your favorite jeans.

Elastic through jeans waist
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The elastic waistband looks great and gives you long-lasting comfort. 

How to Make Pants Bigger Without Sewing Machine

With enough sewing skills and lots of patience, any pants can be tailored to be bigger or smaller. 

Are you in a hurry and don’t have enough time to use a sewing machine to do permanent solutions? You can try your hands on the other methods of how to make pants bigger without a sewing machine or sewing skills.

How to make pants bigger
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The following are some amazing methods and techniques to help you learn how to make pants bigger. 

The best thing about these DIY methods is that you don’t have to be an experienced or professional sewer. Anyone can use these methods and make their pants bigger. 

Using the Bathtub

This method of how to make pants bigger sounds so simple that it’s hard to believe it will work. Fill your bathtub and wear your pants on. 

How to make pants bigger around the waist
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Sit in the bathtub by wearing your pants until they get wet. Come out of the bathtub and dry it. Wear your pants for 30-minutes until it’s 100% dry.

If you want to make pants bigger, then you can do lunges, squats, or pull each leg to your chest. This will help stretch the pant fabric and help you give the utmost comfort in the pants. 

Using Spray Bottle

For another method of how to make pants bigger around the waist, you will need to use spray bottles. Put on your pants and pull them as much as you can. 

This will help you make pants bigger. Make sure the buttons and zippers are also closed. Now you need to use warm water and fill it in a spray bottle to spray it on your pants’ waistline. 

You can squat down, pull each leg up to your chest or make lunges to bigger the pants. 

Be careful. Do not make more movements as it might tear the pants. Wearing the pants until they are dry. 

Using Pant Aerobics

This method of how to make pants bigger is the simplest and easiest. All you need to do is wear your pants to the point where you can zip them up. 

Pants aerobics to make it loose
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You can lay down while zipping or buttoning your pants. Once you have pulled on your pants, you can start moving like making lunges, squatting down, or pulling each leg. 

Walk around for some time to see the effect on pants. If it’s still the same, you can repeat all the movements. 

Using a Hanger

Everyone will have a clothes hanger in their home. This method of making pants bigger requires less manual labor. Find a hanger in your home that can be placed inside the pant waistband. 

Start by soaking the pants in warm water. Make sure the fastening, like zips, buttons, etc., are closed. The next step is to stretch the waist over the hanger. 

While stretching the waistline on the hanger, you will be able to create a taut and straight line across the pant waist. Before you remove the hangers, make sure the pants are dry. 

Using an Iron and Ironing Board

For another variation on how to make dickies pants bigger, you will need to use an iron with the highest temperature. 

How to make jeans looser
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Button up your pants and lay them on the ironing board until the waist can stretch as far as possible. Start steaming the waistband with one hand while pulling on it with the other hand. 

Continue ironing it until the waistband is dry. If you need more stretch or want to make pants bigger, then you can repeat the ironing process. 

Learn How to Make Elastic Pants Looser With Pictures

Sometimes the pants don’t fit right because of the tight elastic band. 

With some simple adjustments and techniques, you can learn how to make elastic pants looser and solve the problem.

How to make pants waist bigger
Image Source: Fit For Art Patterns

The following are some of the quickest and easiest methods of how to make pants larger with an elastic band adjustment. 

Heating the Elastic

For heating the elastic band, you need to set your iron to the highest temperature. You need to run a facecloth under the water until it is damp. 

How to iron trousers
Image Source: The Art of Manliness

Start pinning the two sides of the waistband with the ironing board. Now place the damp cloth on your elastic and make sure it covers the elastic. 

Iron over the wet cloth and let it sit for 10 seconds. Continue this process for 10-15 minutes. 

As the elastic heats, it will heighten the breaking weight. Repeat this entire process if the elastic hasn’t stretched enough. 

Stretching the Elastic Using the Chair

For this method of how to make elastic pants looser, you will need to find a chair in your home. Wrap your pants elastic over the chair and line upsides with the sides of the chair. 

Keep it as it is for more than 24 hours. After 24-hours, you will get your desired length elastic. 

If it hasn’t stretched yet, you can put the elastic back on the chair for several days. 

Adding More Elastic

When your pant elastic is too tight, you need first to decide how big you want your elastic to be. Use a measuring tape and get an accurate measurement of your waist. 

Measure the pants waist and check the difference between your waist and pant waist measurements. You will see the difference. 

Here’s a simple waist measurement chart:

Size Inches
XS 22-24
S 26-28
M 30-36
L 38-42
XL 44-46
XXL 47-48
XXXL 50-51

Just rip a hole at the back seam of the pants and pull out the existing elastic band. Pin it and cut the elastic band to create room for another piece of elastic. 

Make sure the new elastic band is of the same size to be easier to join in with the existing elastic band. Keep one inch for the seam allowance and sew both pieces of an elastic band. Now use pins to attach the elastic to your garment. 

Your new elastic band should overlap both sides by one inch. Keep it secure with pins and start sewing. Remove the pins as you proceed. 

Use a zigzag stitch and fix the new elastic band on the existing waistband. Once completed, you can push the elastic band into the waistband casing. 

Adding elastic to pants
Image Source: Megan Nielsen Patterns Blog

Before you seal the seam, put on your pants to check if it fits you well. This method of how to make small pants fit is the easiest, and any beginner-level sewer can do it. 

Remove the Elastic

This is the easiest method of making elastic pants loose. 

Sometimes elastics are sewn in an uneven way. If that’s the case with your pants, then you need to pull out the elastic. 

Find the seam by holding one side of the seam. If you think that elastic is shifting, then you can cut it.

Make a half an inch slit and start removing the elastic band from the pants. If your elastic band is sewn onto the seam, you will need to cut the elastic band of seam size. 

You can use fabric scissors to go through the slit and cut the entire elastic without making any more holes in your pants. If you can tie the pants, then use a shoelace or ribbons and attach them at the end of the elastic using a pin. 

This way, you will be able to pull out the elastic along with the ribbon. Once the elastic is out, your pants are ready to wear. 

How to Make Small Pants Bigger: FAQs

If you still have some questions regarding how to make small pants bigger, here we have covered them.

How Much Does It Cost to Alter Pants at Home?

The average cost of alteration pants at home ranges between $10 to $100 based on alteration complexity.

Can You Make Your Short’s Waist Bigger?

If you know how to make shorts bigger, you will understand that stretching shorts at the waist is easy. 

You just need to either insert some elastic at the waist, or you can go for plenty of DIY methods that don’t require any sewing skills. 

Make shorts a size bigger
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How to Make Pants Bigger in the Hips?

If you want to make your pants bigger in the hips, you will need to use a small piece of elastic. You will need to stitch the new elastic with the old elastic and join them on top of each other. Make sure that you use a stretchable seam. 

Do 100% Cotton Pants Stretch?

The 100% cotton pants thread will stretch out when you wear them. The individual fibers break down, and the seat and knee will become baggy with each wear.

How to make pants larger
Image Source: Welcome Objects

How to Loosen 100% Cotton Jeans?

You can go for the following options:

    • Use a waistband stretcher
    • Try a foam roller
    • Do some stretches
    • Use pants extender
    • Wet your jeans and stretch them 


Tighter pants look great and can help you flaunt your beautiful curves, but they cost your health. 

If you have gained a lot of weight and cannot wear your favorite tight pants, then it’s time to focus on making them loose.

The above-listed information will help you make your tight pants loose so that you can slide back into them.

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