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Looking for a Sewing Machines’ Promised Land? Head to the Walmart Sewing Machine Department

If there is no such thing as a Walmart sewing machine, why do we hear this bunch of words often?  

It’s because Walmart is where you go when you need a sewing machine—it’s as simple as that! And, it’s the world’s largest retailer.

Among “13 Reasons to Shop at Walmart (Even If You Hate Walmart)” (according to Kipplinger), there are:

    • free next-day delivery,
    • a streamlined app—helps you shop and organize for pickup or delivery,
    • in-store financial services,
    • many premium brands,
    • Walmart does charity work,
    • the company offers savvy ways to save;

So go ahead, get to know the Walmart sewing machine department, and find your top pick at a fair price.

‘Save Money. Live Better’? Walmart’s slogan says it all. 

Let’s look for the best Walmart sewing machine and the cheapest one at the same time. 

Cheap sewing machines Walmart

Given the saving-oriented vibe of Walmart, you may wonder if you’ll find the top sewing machine brands.

Stay calm. Brother sewing machine, Singer sewing machine, Janome sewing machine—they’re all there. 

On Walmart shelves, you’ll also find Baby Lock sewing machine and Target sewing machine.

What about the sewing machine parts? Does Walmart carry them as well? 

Both in Walmart com sewing machines and physical stores, you’ll come across plenty of sewing machine parts and attachments. 

So visit the store in person or choose Walmart online sewing machine shopping.

Walmart sewing machine
Image source: Walmart Facebook

Let’s say you’re on a budget.

How much is a sewing machine at Walmart for the minimal price?

According to Stacey from The Blue Keystone, you can spend even $72.

Watch her YouTube video: 

“Cheapest Sewing Machine at Walmart Review | Brother LX 3817 Unboxing | Part 1 Not Sponsored.”

On the other hand, Katherine from We Sew Retro wants you to know:

“Why you shouldn’t spend $100 on a plastic sewing machine from Walmart.” 

She claims:

“Too often, beginners find themselves eyeing up inexpensive plastic machines at Walmart or Target and asking—Is this a good machine for me?—I’m going to go out on a limb here and say no, no, it isn’t.”

As many opinions as people!

Beginners sewing machine Walmart
Image source: Sew Over It

Those who dread making the wrong decision may wonder: 

What is the current return policy of sewing machines in Walmart?

Happily, you can quickly return the electronic device purchase to Walmart within 30 days with a receipt.

We guess it’s enough time to discover any unwanted quirks!

Read more about Walmart’s return policy on the company’s website. 

The best Walmart sewing machine 

Apart from hunting for the cheapest sewing machine model at Walmart, many will search for the best one.

In the ideal buyer world, the best and the cheapest come together; in the real world—it’s the opposite.

Our goal is to find the least pricey solution, navigating through the best Walmart options. 

If you share our values, let’s have a ride! 

The land of the best sewing machine, here we come!

Fashion sewing machine
Image source: Infinite Style Theory

Speaking about the best options. 

Super Label Store has an exciting solution for your DIY sewing projects. 

We’re excited to share these different types of woven labels. You effortlessly attach them to the sewing fabric of your projects and create a new quality item. 

This accessory comes in four super flavors:

    1. super easy to design and order—it takes up to a couple of minutes with the user-friendly configurator,
    2. super quality—with the greatest attention to every detail,
    3. super custom—it’s your customized, creative project from the beginning to the end,
    4. super low quantities—you can order even only a few labels;

Try out these:

and watch your sewing endeavors taking this chic, high-class shape.

For us, it sounds like a fair amount of motivation to learn to sew!

By the way, we love this article by Katrina Kay Creations:

“10 Sewing Mistakes That Will Make Your Clothes Look Homemade.” 

Be smart and steer away from these errors if you want your garments to look professional.

Woven label in gloves
Does Walmart sell sewing machines worth our attention? Absolutely!

Here, we need a few words of introduction to the general division of sewing machines.

Some sewing machines have an onboard computer, and others don’t. 

“Mechanical” referring to sewing machines means you will move and twist knobs, manually move a lever, etc.  

Computerized sewing machines generally have more functions. It’s primarily thanks to the memory of storing them that the computer offers.

According to Sewing Machine Express, this is what you can get from the computerized model:

    • more stitch types and designs,
    • alphanumeric fonts,
    • automatic thread tension,
    • programmable needle position,
    • variable speed control,
    • stitch combination and stitch memory;

But, mechanical sewing machines:

    • are cheaper,
    • are simpler to use—great for beginners,
    • are easier to set up and use right out of the box,
    • have the knobs and dials that give you finer control over stitch length, width, and thread tension. Push-button computerized controls aren’t as precise;

In the table below, we present the top picks available at Walmart in these two categories:

    1. mechanical, and
    2. computerized;



Brother XM2701

Singer HD6600

Brother XR3774

Singer Quantum Stylist 9960

Singer 4432 Classic Sewing Machine

Brother SQ9285 Computerized Sewing Machine

Janome HD3000BE Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

EverSewn Sparrow 25

Let’s dive in!

Below, we browse the models mentioned in the table, starting with Singer’s classic. 

Singer 4432 Classic Sewing Machine

Here’s a handy review about the Singer 4432 Classic Sewing Machine.

Look at a video posted on the teaquilts YouTube channel:

If you know how to sew, you also know Singer. It has been America’s flagship sewing machine company for over 160 years. 

The Singer 4432 is one of the brand’s high-quality machinery at an affordable price.

What do we get in this model?

    • a heavy-duty metal frame
    • 32 built-in stitch designs
    • one-step automatic buttonhole
    • 1,100 stitches per minute sewing speed (which is above-average for these machines)
    • automatic needle threader
    • free arm

These features make Singer 4432 an excellent choice for heavy work. You can engage in quilting, sewing leather, denim, or canvas.

Also, all you want to know about the Singer sewing machine you’ll find in this article.

Best beginner sewing machines
Image source: Art News

Another mechanical sewing machines we should consider buying at Walmart are two brothers:

    1. Brother XM2701
    2. Brother XR3774

Brother XM2701

Brother XM2701 is powerful yet lightweight (a bit over 12 pounds). It’s also rather effortlessly portable.

Its wide range of features may surprise you:

    • 27 built-in stitch designs,
    • free arm,
    • automatic needle threader,
    • automatic one-step buttonhole,
    • accessories pack: six presser feet, a twin needle, and more
    • lifetime technical support from Brother company;

If you teach sewing or need it on the move, this machine may be an excellent product to carry around. 

Brother XR3774

When it comes to Brother XR3774, it’s one of the most potent mechanical sewing machines.

It will work wonders for you if you’re into quilting or free-motion embroidery.

Just think about it:

    • 37 built-in stitch designs,
    • one-step automatic buttonhole,
    • free arm,
    • automatic needle threader,
    • an extra-wide extension table for larger projects,
    • large accessories pack—includes, for example, eight presser feet;

Discover “Is The Brother XR3774 Sewing Machine Right For You?” from Sew Orbit.

Brother sewing machine Walmart
Image source: Carousell

Brother excels at producing equipment that is affordable and rich in features.

Janome HD3000BE

Another best Walmart sewing machine mechanical model is the Janome HD3000BE. It’s a heavy-duty sewing machine.

Its Batman-like look shows there must be a dark secret behind this machinery!

Let’s see what it is.

Watch a brief introduction to the theme by Ken’s Sewing Center:

Walmart sells Janome HD3000BE online, and we will briefly present the model below.

Janome sewing machine Walmart
Image source: Sewing is Cool

Janome HD3000BE stands out—not only for its original appearance. 

First off, it’s not the cheapest. This sewing machine price Walmart is around $395. It’s more than the previous mechanical machines we presented. It’s relatively a lot for a non-computerized option.

Yet, Janome is good value for money. We can ensure you get back what you’ve spent on this model. 

On the bright side, the Janome HD3000BE’s features include:

    • 18 built-in stitch designs,
    • automatic one-step buttonhole,
    • all-metal construction,
    • built-in needle threader,
    • free arm,
    • drop feed, and
    • included hardshell cover;

This model is among the most affordable. So if you’ve always been dreaming about Janome, it’s time to get a taste of it.

On Sewing Is Cool, you can compare Janome HD3000 to Bernina 1008. Such juxtapositions often skillfully capture the unique features of both analyzed machines.

The whole Janome sewing machine story is available on this blog.

Sewing room ideas for your home
Image source: Somewhat Simple

Are you crazy about innovation? Then you won’t stand seeing your sewing colleagues showing off their digitalized options and not having one yourself. 

Maybe it’s time for an update?

Sewing Machine Express shares some elaborated insight into these models as well. 

Does Walmart carry sewing machines of the new generation of machines?

Don’t ask us twice. The shelves are full. 

Look at these models that stand out. 

Let’s begin with two Singers:

    1. Singer HD6600, and
    2. Singer Quantum Stylist 9960;

Singer HD6600

For starters, unboxing Singer HD6600 is a theme of Janice’s Kitchen YouTube video:

Got a pre-taste before getting yourself this model for your own sewing experiences?

These amateur-made tutorials are great. Many of them show tips on:

When it comes to Singer HD6600, let’s browse its features:

    • 100 built-in stitch designs (there’s no any extra zero, a hundred), 
    • six automatic one-step buttonhole designs,
    • programmable needle position,
    • stout construction for heavy projects (if you need a leather sewing machine, take this one),
    • drop feed,
    • free arm,
    • heavy-duty metal frame,
    • 1,100 stitches/minute,
    • 60 percent stronger motor,
    • adjustable presser foot pressure;

It all comes with a modest $219.97 receipt.

For that price? You won’t find a better option. 

Singer sewing machine Walmart
Image source: Chicago Tribune

“Does the Singer Heavy Duty Sewing Machine live up to its name?”

You’ll learn it from this article in the Chicago Tribune.

Apparently, Singer sewing machine Walmart has its little kingdom in the store—another model also tops the list.

Singer Quantum Stylist 9960

Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 is the second, best Walmart sewing machine in the computerized category. 

What do we know about this model?

It’s a standard-bearer:

    1. powerful, 
    2. suited to a wide variety of crafts, and
    3. richly featured;

To confirm the latter, glance at this list:

    • 600 built-in stitch designs (someone took it to the extreme, huh?),
    • 13 automatic one-step buttonhole designs,
    • heavy-duty metal frame,
    • automatic needle threader,
    • extension table for quilting and other large projects,
    • variable speed control,
    • 25-position programmable needle,
    • big package accessories, presser feet, etc., (when it comes to accessories, here are some sewings supplies you may need),
    • five alphanumeric fonts, Cyrillic included,
    • mirror-image stitching,
    • automatic thread tie off,
    • self-adjusting thread tension,
    • extra-high presser foot lift;


Sewing machine for beginners Walmart
Image source: Sewing Pattern Review

Two more computerized top options to purchase at Walmart are Brother SQ9285 Computerized Sewing Machine and EverSewn Sparrow 25.

Brother SQ9285 Computerized Sewing Machine

Brother is inevitably gorgeous. 

Sewing Machine Express has put it in the right words:

“One of the things that tickles us about Brother’s sewing machines at Walmart is how they manage to squeeze high-end surprises into their budget models.”

In Brother SQ9285, “SQ” stands for “sewing and quilting.” No wonder this model is ideal for both activities. 

Some features to mention:

    • 150 built-in stitch designs,
    • special quilting stitches, like stippling and joining stitches,
    • eight one-step automatic buttonholes,
    • alphanumeric monogram font,
    • 10 sewing and quilting feet,
    • quilting extension table,
    • free arm,
    • automatic needle threader,
    • drop feed,
    • start/stop button,
    • variable speed control;

Budding quilters should especially consider incorporating this model into their shopping plans. Yet, it’s just as suitable for general-purpose sewing.

Brother SQ9285 was the third pick from Walmart’s top list of computerized sewing machines. 

Are you still thinking if you really need to get into all this computerization thing?

“If you sew frequently or can spend more, an electronic model can be a worthwhile investment. These shift many tedious sewing jobs from your hands to computer chips.”

—claim authors on Consumer Reports

Brother computerized sewing machine
Image source: Sewing and Craft Club

EverSewn Sparrow 25

The EverSewn Sparrow 25 model and the brand that produces them aren’t among sewing machine tycoons. At least, not yet!

EverSewn doesn’t have years of manufacturing tradition like Singer, Brother, or Janome. However, it’s already on the top of the Walmart classification. 

It’s a new company based in Chicago that creates machines that are:

    • user-friendly, and 
    • suitable for tech-shy users;

Here’s what features you get from EverSewn Sparrow 25:

    • 197 built-in stitch designs,
    • seven one-step automatic buttonholes,
    • one alphanumeric font,
    • stitch sequencing and memory,
    • variable speed control,
    • free arm,
    • seven included presser feet,
    • drop feed, and
    • automatic thread tie-off;

EverSewn is all about enjoyable experience and skillfully handling this new, computerized world of options.  

Walmart com sewing machine
Image source: EverSewn

To see the user-made video “The EverSewn Sparrow Sewing Machine Review,” click the YouTube link below. 

The stitch that this model creates knocked Alex Anderson, a quilter and sewer, out. 

You want to hear her story:

Go to the EverSewn website for more info about this new, promising brand. 

Or maybe you’re looking for something more specific? Like:

Following the article with the best Walmart sewing machine list, here are a few more options:

The Best Sergers at Walmart

Best crafting machines at Walmart

Brother 1034DX

Brother LB5000M Marvel Sewing and Embroidery Machine

Juki MO-8CB Serger

Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9850

Super Label Store blog abounds in sewing hacks. Discover these models and find the best sewing machine for you. 

You can also read about sewing machine needles. The more you know, the easier the choice of your sewing equipment will be.  

Does Walmart sell sewing machines
Image source: The Spoonflower Blog

Sewing machine for beginners Walmart

Many of us will head to the store to single out our first sewing machine. 

In lots of cases, this store will be Walmart. 

What are the options for finding a sewing machine for beginners at Walmart? 

Unfortunately, we have to take the magic away. The easiest way known to man is to click the link on the website. 

Here is how it goes:

    1. Walmart (yeah, we did it for you),
    2. Arts Crafts & Sewing,
    3. Sewing Machines,
    4. Beginner Sewing Machines;

After you get to the page, it reveals a very long list of sewing machines for beginners.

So after you get there, you’ll notice some:

    • portable options, 
    • handheld sewing machine (like, for example, a $19.21 HT-CS141WPU Portable Sewing Machine Mini 2-Speed Double Thread),
    • compact models at meager prices, and so on; 

You will also easily find a kid’s sewing machine in this category.

After all, every kid is a beginner!

What steps to take to find the beginner’s machine tailored to your needs?

Pay attention to:

    1. The basics

Think twice before choosing your retailer.

You already know that Brother, Singer, and Kenmore are long-established, well-known brands. Bernina, Husqvarna Viking, and Janome have gained popularity. EverSewn is getting there.

Take this market positioning into consideration.  

Some models are only sold at authorized dealers, at their independent stores. This might become an issue if you: 

      • don’t want to travel far to get an item, and 
      • narrow availability options of your buy to be;

On the bright side, these smaller stores often offer instructional classes and more individual-oriented repairs.

Various retail channels offer distinct advantages. For example, while multi-stores are cheaper, independent shops come in with a more personalized service (maybe even repairs on the spot). 

Another point worth thinking about, according to Consumer Reports, is:

      2. The warranty

Ask the right questions. 

To give you an idea:

      • What does the warranty cover?
      • What does it exclude?
      • How long does it last?

      3. Test

You aren’t buying a pair of socks—understandably, you want to check the sewing machine before taking it home. 

Leave the shy girl (or boy) at home and let the sellers meet your assertive side. 

Bring fabric samples and test several machines on a variety of them.

Adjust machine settings, see how they work, and ensure that the stitch goes evenly and is easy to use.

Learning to sew
Image source: Londa’s Files

      4. Save

You don’t have to go directly to the store and buy the box from the pretty, white shelf. It’s not a TV commercial. 

It would look this way in the fantasy world of commerce. Yet, there are a bunch of clever ways to save some cash on the purchase operation. 

Search online for coupons, ask about upcoming sales and trade-in allowances. 

If you buy at the smaller store, negotiate with dealers. Maybe you could even ask for free sewing lessons on your new appliance.

Wait for sales that come on occasions. For example, stores typically discount sewing machines around Mother’s Day and Christmas.

Read the top picks of beginner sewing machines of 2021 at The Spruce.

      5. check repair policies

Some of us have had these rules engraved in our memories since childhood. Others need to learn them every time.

Keeping the box and packaging of the product in case we need to give it back, or ship for repairs, is often a store’s rule. 

When it comes to repairs, some dealers offer in-store service. Multi-stores like Walmart will probably send your machine to a repair center or manufacturer. 

No matter who does the repairs, ask about turnaround time. It can vary from days to weeks. 

Repairs made by technicians who are not factory-authorized can void the manufacturer’s warranty. 

Cheap sewing machines
Image source: Sew Elegance

The “10 Things to Consider when Shopping for a Sewing Machine,” by Brittany Lloyd on Lo and Behold Stitchery are:

    • Speed control—stitching speed should be fast enough, but not to the point of terrifying you,
    • Needle up/down—some sewers say it’s nice when you are piecing, or quilting, and the machine stops with its needle in the down position. 
    • Ability to move the needle—a practical option if you need to adjust your seam allowance. Some machines come with presser feet and markings on the needle plate that would be your 1/4″ reference.
    • Walking foot—necessary if you plan to quilt on your machine. You can add a walking foot if you don’t have it in the kit. 
    • Wide throat space—handy for quilting;
    • Extension table—helpful when piecing quilt tops together as it helps alleviate some of the weight/pull of your fabric. This one you can also add later. 
    • Travel capabilities—having a lightweight machine is essential if you plan to move around: give lessons or travel. A hard case is an excellent extra accessory as well.
    • Drop-in bobbin—you can always look at your bobbin thread to better predict when you’ll run out of thread. 
    • Thread cutter—Most machines come with a small manual thread cutter. More advanced machines have a little button with scissors on display. It tells the machine to cut your thread while your presser foot is still in the down position.  
    • Price—while a sewing machine is an investment, you shouldn’t go overboard without a good reason. As a beginner, you don’t need a top-of-the-line machine. Yet, as a professional, you may consider setting aside some money. Purchase a good, costly machine, and observe how you get even more in return.