A Collection of Women’s and Men’s Vest Sewing Patterns

Browse through a broad collection of vest sewing pattern lists to sew at home!

If you’re looking for a new sewing project, why not try making a vest? 

Vests are great because they can be worn in any season and made in any fabric. The best thing is that they’re super easy to make. You don’t need to know much about sewing to get started!

Many sewing patterns for vests are available online, including sleeveless, short-sleeved, long-sleeved, three-quarter length, and sleeveless with lapels. They are designed to be buttoned down the front or back.

Vests may also have pockets on either side of the chest. Some vest sewing patterns include darts at the sides to give shape to the garment, while others do not have darts or seams for shaping. They rely on elasticized fabric to provide some shaping assistance.

Are you confused about which pattern to choose? Don’t worry. We are here today to tell you about the new vest sewing pattern collection that is going to change your life forever. 

You will no longer have to go around looking like a tacky mess with no sense of style or class. You will be able to put together an outfit that makes people want to be around you because they know they’ll look good next to you!

Check out our collection of free vest sewing patterns. 

From vests for men and women to sleeveless vests and even those that can be worn over a button-down shirt, you’ll find the perfect vest sewing pattern for whatever style you’re going for. We’ve got them all. 

15 Women’s Vest Sewing Patterns That You Can Make Yourself

Vests are great for layering, so they’re perfect for cooler weather. You can make them out of different types of fabric, including wool, cotton, and silk. 

Vests are also available in various colors and styles, so it’s easy to find one that matches your personal style.

Vest sewing patterns for women

Image Source: Miss Glitzy 

The women’s vest sewing pattern collection is a great way to make something you can use for work or play. These vest patterns are easy to follow and can be completed in a short amount of time.

Whether you’re looking for a new outfit for work or school or just want something comfortable to wear on cold days, you have come to the right place

With our list of vest sewing patterns, you will be able to find everything you need to create your own unique piece!

Let’s explore. 

Tory-Burch Inspired Vest Sewing Pattern

With this women’s vest sewing pattern, you can make your own vest in the style of Tory-Burch. Whether you’re a fashionista or want to add some spunk to your wardrobe, this is the pattern for you! 

This vest is ideal for layering and can be paired with different types of clothes, such as dresses, jeans, etc., depending on your personal style! The edges are unfinished, and the vest can be worn open or closed.

Vest sewing patterns

Image Source: Kelly in the City

This is an excellent pattern for beginners who are interested in learning how to sew or experts looking for a new project. 

The pattern comes with easy-to-follow instructions and step-by-step photos that make it easy to create your own vest. 

Easy Ruffled Vest Sewing Pattern

Looking for simple sewing patterns for women’s vests that you can complete in just a couple of hours? Look no further! 

This free sewing pattern for the vest is perfect for beginners and experienced seamstresses. It’s quick, easy to follow, and will give you a beautiful result. 

To sew the panels together, use a walking foot, which can help keep things even and prevent shifting during the stitching process. This will also make your seams easier to sew when you’re putting everything together. 

Sweater Vest With Faux Fur Makeover

This women’s vest pattern-free sewing is a fun way to use your old sweaters and make them look new again! 

With this sweater vest sewing pattern, you can learn to sew your old sweaters into something new and fashionable. 

Sweater vest with faux fur

Image Source: Lauren Emily Lindmark

You don’t have to be a professional seamstress to take on this project—just some basic sewing skills, patience, and a willingness to learn. 

One-Hour Funky Fringe Vest Sewing Pattern

This free vest sewing pattern is a great way to add style and flair to your wardrobe. 

It’s perfect for any season, and the fringe adds a touch of whimsy to any outfit. This sewing pattern is easy to follow and can be completed in an hour. 

Luxe Autumn Vest Sewing Pattern

The Luxe Autumn Vest Sewing Pattern is a simple, stylish way to stay warm on even the coldest days. 

It features an asymmetrical front opening, so you can wear it on either side, depending on your mood. 

Luxe autumn vest pattern

Image Source: 40+ Style

The sewing pattern women’s vest includes sizes XS-XL and multiple options for sewing the front pocket. It’s perfect for layering over dresses and t-shirts, or you can wear it alone with a long-sleeved top. 

Faux Shearling Vest Sewing Pattern

This faux shearling vest sewing pattern will make you feel like a fashion icon in no time. With its sleek design and subtle details, this vest is perfect for any occasion. 

This shearling vest sewing pattern is made with polyester lining and faux fur fabric for the exterior. The lining is also polyester and includes interfacing to provide structure to the form of your vest. 

The faux fur fabric has a soft and cozy look that will warm you up on those cold winter days! This vest sewing pattern will teach you how to make the vest fit your body perfectly so it won’t be too tight or loose. 

No-Sew High Low Vest Sewing Pattern

This no-sew high-low vest pattern is perfect for your next project! You can use it to make a vest for yourself, or you can use it as a template for making vests for others. 

No sew high low vest pattern

Image Source: Sunshine and Spoons

It’s made with two layers of fabric and has a unique, raw edge detail on the bottom. This pattern is perfect for beginners, as you don’t have to sew a single stitch! All you need to do is cut out the pieces and glue them together. It’s that simple! 

Shawl Collar Vest Sewing Pattern

This vest is perfect for layering on cool winter days. 

The shawl collar keeps you warm without being too bulky, and the long length goes well with jeans or leggings. It has short sleeves and button-up closure at the center of the back.

The vest is made from a knit fabric and includes instructions on making the shawl collar and buttonholes. This long vest sewing pattern also includes measurements so you can adjust it to your size. 

Circular Vest Sewing Pattern

Whether you’re new to sewing or an experienced pro, you’ll love this pattern. 

Circular vest sewing pattern

Image Source: Pinterest

The vest is a classic shape that can be worn with jeans, leggings, and even tights in the winter. The construction of this vest is relatively simple: it has no zippers or buttons. The entire garment is sewn together using a series of straight seams. 

Blanket Vest from A Scarf Sewing Pattern

A scarf is a great way to add warmth and style to your outfit. 

This blanket vest is perfect for adding a little more warmth on cold days, or as a layer over your favorite dress when the weather gets cooler. 

It’s also great to show off your creativity while using old scarves! The best part about these sewing patterns for beginners is that they’re fast—you’ll be done in no time! 

Basket Weave Jeans Vest Sewing Pattern

Why not turn your own jeans into a classic vest? The Basket Weave Jeans Vest Sewing Pattern is a great way to make a fashion statement. 

Basket weave jeans vest

Image Source: Laugh Love Live Dance

The vest will keep you warm and look great with any outfit. This women’s vest sewing pattern is simple and looks great when done on denim or corduroy fabrics. 

You can also use other materials like faux suede or leather if you want something different from traditional denim. 

Tank Wrap Vest Sewing Pattern

This tank wrap vest pattern is a great way to add a little extra warmth to your wardrobe without having to wear a bulky coat. 

The pattern for vest sewing is simple: there are no darts or lining needed so you can whip it up in no time! Depending on how much fabric you want to use, you can also use this pattern to make a simple tank top. 

Cape Vest Sewing Pattern

The Cape Vest pattern is a great way to make your own stylish holiday vest. With this pattern, you can create a classic cape that will keep you warm and fashionable. 

Cape vest sewing pattern

Image Source: Jacket Society

This pattern can be made out of any color you want, but you might want to choose something that matches your personality. 

Puffer Vest Sewing Pattern

Puffer Vest is a must-have for any adventurer. It is a jacket or coat with a hood, made of synthetic material. 

It’s a lightweight, packable jacket that can be worn over your other layers to provide extra warmth and wind protection when you’re out in the elements. 

Filled with a luxuriously soft and warm blend of wool, angora, and cashmere, this puffer vest will keep you cozy on those freezing days. This puffer vest sewing pattern comes in sizes small through extra-large. 

The Cropped Vest Sewing Pattern

The Cropped Vest Sewing Pattern is a great way to make a simple, flattering, and comfortable vest. 

Cropped vest sewing pattern

Image Source: Indian Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle and Mommyhood Blog

The cropped vest is a stylish, versatile piece that looks great with anything—from casual outfits to dressy ones. 

This sewing pattern works well with different types of cotton fabric. It’s perfect for beginners who want to try their hand at sewing but don’t have much experience. 

4 Men’s Vest Sewing Pattern Ideas

The vest is a versatile garment that can be worn in many different ways. It can be worn over or under shirts or jackets, and it can be used to add warmth to your outfit during cold weather. 

Many men wear vests as part of their everyday wardrobe, but they also make great gifts for friends and family members.

Vest sewing patterns for men

Image Source: Evelina Friman On Pexels

Whether you’re looking for a classic style or something more unique, we have the right pattern for you.

This men’s vest sewing pattern collection has all the pieces you need to create a vest that fits your body type.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make your own custom-tailored clothing today! 

Hoodie Vest Sewing Pattern

This hoodie vest sewing pattern is perfect for men who want to wear a stylish, comfortable vest that can be styled on top of anything—from a t-shirt and jeans to a button-down shirt and dress pants. 

Gray hoodie vest

Image Source: Styles At Life

It’s made with a front zipper so that you can get it on and off with utmost ease. The hoodie vest sewing pattern is also 100% lined, so there’s no need to worry about getting cold during winter. 

You should have basic sewing skills and knowledge of a straight seam to complete this hoodie vest sewing pattern with ease. 

Denim Vest Refashion

This is a great pattern to upcycle an old pair of jeans into a stylish, comfortable vest. You can make it as long or short as you like, and it’s great for layering with other tops. 

The vest features a cropped fit with a collar that can be worn up or down. The front has two pockets, and the back features a large patch pocket for storing your most important belongings. 

Reversible Waistcoat in Any Size

This waistcoat sewing pattern is the perfect project for beginner sewers, and it’s also great for the more experienced seamstress. 

Reversible waistcoat pattern

Image Source: Make It and Love It

It features a reversible design that allows you to customize the look of your waistcoat by changing up which side of the fabric is on top.  

This versatile pattern can be sewn in any fabric you choose, depending on the look you want to achieve. 

Hunting Vest Sewing Pattern

Have you ever wanted to be able to sew your own hunting vest? Now you can! 

This men’s vest sewing pattern can also be adapted for women by changing the length of the jacket and making it more fitted. 

Hunting vest sewing pattern

Image Source: Target Crazy

This pattern will allow you to make one hunting vest from scratch. You will need to have a basic working knowledge of sewing and fashion design to use it. 

Frequently asked questions

What is the best length for a vest?

The length of a waistcoat is crucial for achieving a well-fitted look. It should extend to cover the entire waistband of the trousers, leaving no gaps where shirt fabric might be visible. This requires the trousers to be worn at the natural waistline for a seamless appearance.

How much fabric do I need for a vest?

For your vest, you will require a minimum of 1 to 1&1/2 yards (0.9 to 1.4 m) of fabric, along with the same amount for the lining.

What types of fabric work best for sewing vests?

Vests can be made from a variety of fabrics, depending on the desired style and occasion. Common choices include cotton, linen, wool, tweed, denim, and corduroy. It’s essential to consider the weight, drape, and comfort of the fabric when selecting the material for your vest.

Are pdf patterns suitable for beginners?

Yes, pdf patterns can be suitable for beginners. Many pattern designers include detailed instructions and illustrations to guide you through the sewing process. Additionally, online communities and forums provide support and advice for those new to sewing with PDF patterns. There are numerous online sources available where you can shop premium quality pdf pattern collections and start working on your project right away.


Vests are a fantastic way to add some style to your wardrobe and show off your favorite fabrics. They are also easy to make, making them a great introduction to sewing for beginners.

If you’re ready to start sewing your own vests, then the pattern list is perfect! Get your hands on these free sewing patterns for a vest to create your own favorite vest, jacket, or coat.

Once you have your vest sewing pattern, all that’s left is to get down to business! Grab some fabric and start working! Whether you choose lightweight cotton or heavier denim, your new vest will be ready in no time and will be 100% unique.

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