Velvet vs velveteen

When you’re mentioning special fabric, you can’t do without mentioning velvet and velveteen. Even with that, you can still do without them. You just have to meet with professionals and learn how to handle things. The majority of home sewers don’t like working for fear of velveteen and velvet. When your fear is too much, your fabric might end up cutting. Velvet vs velveteen? To know more about velveteen and how to sew velvet, you should study everything discussed below

What is velvet

Velvet is a luxurious fabric. The only fabric that you can use in place of it is silk. Since there is a silk version of velvet, the same position can be shared. While sewing velvet, you will face a lot of challenges. To work easily, you just have to follow the right techniques. As the weft is used in creating traditional woven fabric, the warp yarn is also used.

After velvet is produced, different fabrics are going to be woven together. The total number of fabric is 2. If you want to do that efficiently, you are going to need one more warp yarn. Since that fabric will be cut, a pile will be created on your fabric. The pile will be on the right side.

What is velvet? There are different types of velvet. The majority of the time, those types have different weights. To allow you to choose, velvet is made in different colors. If you want to learn about all of them, you are going to use a lot of time. If you prefer velvet to the other ones, you should even stick to learning more.

Velvets are made from different materials. Some of them are rayon, polyester, cotton, and the likes. These velvets are different in weight and durability. Those things will help to determine the velvet type that is perfect for your sewing project. For instance, soft velvet is recommended for skirts. You just have to use the one that is made of rayon. When sewing velvet that is heavy, it is going to be stiff.


Different methods can be used to preshrink velvet. it depends on the tips to sew velvet types. As you can hand wash some, you can dry clean the others. You will also need a machine to wash some velvets. If you’re not sure of what to do, you should be careful. It is advisable to always dry clean your velvet. You should do that before using it on your project.

Whenever you try to press your fabric, you have to deal with your pesky pile. When iron is direct to your velvet, you should avoid touching it. While you try to steam velvet, you need a pin. As needle boards can be used, velvet boards should also be used. Since there is a pile surface in boards, it would be easy for the velvet pile to settle. While steaming a fabric on an incorrect side, your velvet pile will easily settle. With the use of custom woven tags, you can improve branding on your products.

What is velveteen

As the name implies, you might think that velveteen is the sister of velvet. Unlike the others, 100% cotton is used in making velveteen. Velvet vs velveteen? Unlike the velvet, the denser pile in velveteen is not as tall as velvet. It doesn’t have luster the way velvet does. Even though you might see that as a negative thing, it is not negative. You should use it to differentiate between velvet and velveteen.

What is velveteen? Just like velvet, velveteen has a purpose. If you don’t have enough money to purchase velvet, you can easily go for velveteen. With the advancement in technology, the two fabrics have the same quality. Velvet vs velveteen? To differentiate between how to sew velvet and velveteen, you have to pay close attention to the pile.

The filler yarn is used in making the pile. Then you can proceed to cut it with knives with fast speed. You will also find a pile on the incorrect side. It is a slight pile. As velveteen is printed, you can combine it with different types of fabrics. That is why it is easy to identify fabric designers. While sewing, you can easily work with velveteen than with velvet. To make your products unique and easy for customers to identify, you should make hang tags.


It is advisable to preshrink. As you can wash with a machine, you can also dry on cycle. No matter what method you try to use, you should use the same method of cleaning that you plan for your finished project. When you want to press, you should use the same method that you use for your velvet. First of all, you have to put your iron in the right position. On the wrong side, you should try to press with a stream. As you’re going to learn the tips to sew velvet for that, you’re also going to need a pinboard.

If you have a different nap fabric, it can also be used. Just remember to always make use of your pressing cloth. If you take the time to study reviews, you will know that a lot of experts have talked about that topic. The majority of them believe that there is success in velveteen when a medium setting is used. The velveteen will be in perfect condition. When you experiment with any one of those methods, you will find out the perfect one for your project.


While you’re cutting velveteen, you have to use the same methods that you use for velvet. First of all, you have to get sharp scissors. Sharp pins can also be used. Always ensure that you get the correct nap direction. To get better wear, you should cut velveteen.  Just make sure that you set your nap to face down.

An important issue that you’re going to face is that of color shading. Whenever your nap is downwards, you will get a dark fabric. The difference you’re going to notice is that of the fold. Your fold can be placed on velveteen. With the use of care labels, you can easily improve the branding of your products.