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How to Handle Clothes to Get The Most of Them? Delightful Invention: Upcycle T Shirt

From waste to fashion they say. In this article, we’re going to discover upcycling fashion trends. In particular, ways to upcycle t shirts. Tshirt upcycle can be surprising. Sometimes it’s about turning old, almost useless fabrics into outfits for princesses. 

Diy tshirt upcycle
Image source: Pinterest

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When you learn how to upcycle a shirt or a t-shirt, the place where to find custom labels will be worth its weight in gold. 

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In this article, we’ll get to know a few exciting t shirt upcycle ideas. Custom labels will take DIY fashion craftsmanship to the higher level of professionalism. 

The devil is in the details.  

How to upcycle t shirts, why bother, and what does the environment gain from our efforts?

Before presenting the collection of unique DIY fashion tips, let’s check up on the basics. 

What does it mean to upcycle and why is it so popular? TrustedClothes.com will be helpful as a guide: 

‘The upcycling idea involves using pre-existing goods into entirely new ones. An example of this is taking your old t-shirts and turning them into a grocery bag. Recycling in its turn means recovering a used product and making a new version of it. If you have a dress too short and use lace to adjust the length, that’s recycling’.

Upcycling vs recycling? Now we know what’s the difference between these two. 

And why exactly does it help the environment? 

Sustainable fashion―upcycle t shirt in harmony with nature

Sustainable fashion is a movement that focuses on ethically creating products. 

It means that:

    • humans, 
    • animals, 
    • plants, 

don’t suffer and that the process of manufacturing is friendly to the environment. 

How to know if the outfit is sustainable?

The question is:

Are the consequences of its production good, neutral, or bad for the planet?

Check these brands certified in sustainable fashion on EcoStylist for inspiration. 

In further paragraphs, we will discover how to upcycle old t shirts and ways to upcycle shirts.

Benefits of sustainable fashion (why upcycle old shirts is worth the effort)

Besides the attention we pay to the environment, being sustainable is a blessing also for us. Let’s see what are its core benefits.  

Feature Description
Sustainable Thanks to the inner circulation of products, we don’t generate any extra waste. The use of raw materials: water waste, all gas, air, and water pollution is reduced.
Affordable All the fashion freaks know that trends change like in a kaleidoscope. That’s why it’s not worth buying a new piece of clothing every time a novelty shows up on the market. Follow your preferences and style with the use of old, transformed garments. It will help you save a lot of money.
Unique This point should probably take first place on the podium. DIY t shirt upcycle is the fastest and easiest way to have one of a kind, unique piece of clothing. There is no doubt that no one will have the same piece of clothing that came from your craftsmanship. Look at these summer sewing projects to surprise family and friends with a new amazing look.
Supports local industry It’s all about communities and working together. Not huge corporations, but individual people create thrift shops. It gives a sense of community and space for options like bargaining and assisting others in need. Pros should check this sewing hobby to successful sewing business.
Creative It’s a great feeling to make something out of nothing. With DIY you can follow imagination, and get your creative juices flowing! You can not only enjoy the feeling but can also share it with others. Some DIYers share their inventions (and process of making) online. Others sell their items to earn money on it.


Baby girl dress upcycled from mens shirt diy2
Image source: Pinterest

The key ways to upcycle t shirt 

No one is born a genius but we can learn from each other and gain insight thanks to the experiences of fellow DIYers. See upcycle tshirt section on the Super Label Store page.  

Let’s check what are the popular and simple ways to upcycle t shirt by yourself.

From t-shirt to a cozy cushion

 The quickest and simplest method of transforming your old t shirt is turning it into a cozy cushion. The one for home use. 

It’s fun and you can do it with your kids, e.g. during the long days of the lockdown period. 

This enterprise doesn’t require sewing skills. Yet, this extra competence will always help and extend your possibilities in fashion DIY! 

We assume not everyone is great at sewing. Those who are may want to take a look at these 35 intermediate sewing projects. Follow the link to find out more upcycle and sewing ideas. 

To upcycle old t shirts and turn them into comfortable and chic cushions you’ll need:

    1. An old t-shirt
    2. Scissors
    3. Tape measure
    4. Fabric pins, a needle, and thread (or sewing machine)
    5. A pillow stuffing

Oversized tshirt upcycle
Image source: Pinterest

The idea is as simple as its execution. Have a look at online instructions for DIY beginners, like this one by Needlepointers.   

For more easy beginner sewing projects (not only upcycle tee shirts) check Super Label Store

Full of new upcycle visions? Read on, it’s just the beginning of the long list of t shirt upcycling ideas.

From t-shirt to an individualistic bag

We’ve taken you on the upcycle t shirt ride to show you the best ideas but we’re taking it slowly. The cushion was the simplest. 

Now, let’s tackle bags. 

What will you need to upcycle oversized t shirt into a fashionable bag? Keep reading.  

Tshirt upcycling ideas
Image source: Instructables

The list isn’t demanding:

    1. T-shirtit doesn’t have to be the thickest, but not too light either. Think about its later use 
    2. Pen
    3. Ruler
    4. Scissors/a rotary knife
    5. Cutting mat―it’s an option, but sooner or later you’ll find it helpful

The equation is simple but let us remind you: the size of what was once a t-shirt will establish the size of the future bag. Have that in mind when planning the construction of your new fashion item. 

Let’s go through these steps to create a dreamy bag thanks to upcycling tshirt. The project isn’t demanding. It can even become a no sew t shirt upcycle if you don’t own a machine, just yet. Anyway, if you do have one, feel free to use it.

No sew tshirt upcycle
Image source: Pelacase

Steps Description
Finding the right one Go to your wardrobe, take out this pile of tees you’ve been hiding there for ages and do your little research. For extra motivation, think how gorgeous you’ll look when going shopping. The new fashionable outfit―both pretty and useful―will make your and your neighbors’ day.
The first cut The hem of the t-shirt will be the top of the bag. This is why at first we cut away the top to transform it into the bottom of the bag. Complicated as it seems, it couldn’t be easier:

1. With the shirt right side out fold the shirt in half lengthwise,

2. Draw an arc, cut off the neck and sleeves;

For pictures of the whole process of upcycle t shirt to a bag, check Instructables website.

The sewing part

If you need encouragement to take up sewing, read these health benefits of sewing.

In the pursuit to finish our oversized t shirt upcycle, let’s take up the sole sewing step (french seam):

  • Pin the curved part that you just cut. Now sew it shut using the presser foot as your seam allowance.
  • Turn the shirt inside out and topstitch it down.
Making the handle With the shirt flipped upside down (the hem at the top) mark 2-2.5 inches down. Cut a long slit for the handle (6-14 inches―depends on your preference).
Cutting for pleasure We’re done with the dull construction, now the decorating part comes in. Measure the cuts precisely or go with the flow. If you wish to make your bag look more pro, stagger the lines in each row. If you don’t care about it, slice it where it seems right, at your spontaneous pace. Cutting through both layers of the bag at once will be easier with the rotary cutter than with scissors.

Now, you know how to upcycle a t shirt and turn it into a deluxe cushion or a unique bag. It wasn’t so hard, was it?  

What about a piece of clothing that you can actually wear? Let’s see what more we can do with an old, worn-out t-shirt. 

From a t-shirt to a fancy blouse 

On CreativeFashionBlog, you’ll find step-by-step instructions on how to change a t-shirt into a splendid new item. Yet, we can bet that after you’re done with this project, it will never stay in the wardrobe throughout this summer.

Sometimes an upcycle t shirt tends to look unfinished and poor. Not this time. Learn how to transform an old t-shirt into a brilliant walking elegance.

Check out the making of this one and only ruffle shirt DIY.

Make this 1 shoulder shirt from an old tshirt
Image source: CreativeFashionBlog

Steps to take  Description 
Choose the t-shirt This transformation is feminine and cute. It shows how much we are able to do with a basic, boring, old t-shirt. It invites you to discover the whole dazzling world of refashioning. Take the most humdrum piece from your wardrobe and here we go!
Prepare supplies Here is what you’ll need:

  1. Black XL men’s t-shirt (scraps will serve to create the ruffles so go for the biggest possible t-shirt)
  2. Sewing machine (the most basic will do)
  3. Grid ruler
  4. Fabric shears
  5. 5/8″ fold over elastic  (optional)
  6. Hand needle & thread
Step 1 Laying the old t-shirt flat and let’s get to work! Reserve a half-an-hour slot during the day to perform the upcycling. 
Step 2 On CreativeFashionBlog you’ll see the whole process in pictures. Start from cutting a diagonal line that begins 1″ from the shoulder seam on one side and ends in the middle of the sleeve on the other. This way, your diagonal angle isn’t vertical enough to cause any wardrobe malfunctions.
Step 3 Cut the sleeve on one side off. Then cut a 4″ section off the opposite side, and trim another 4″ off the bottom hemline of the t-shirt. Save the 4″ strips fabric. They will serve to create the ruffle (the one that will run across your new neckline).
Step 4 With a sewing machine or a serger close up your new side seam and shrink your armhole (if you need to). Take all 4 strips of 4″ wide fabric and sew them together to create a big circle, twice as long as the opening of your neckline. Gather that strip of fabric using a hand needle and pin it into place around your neckline. Sew into place.
Finish To make your new upcycle t shirt even more polished, make binding by slicing the leftover t-shirt sleeves into 2″ strips around the neckline and armhole. You can also take a 5/8″ fold-over elastic and sew it onto any raw edges for a more professional look. 

Upcycle shirt ideas

We’ve dived into transforming a t-shirt. Considering that you (or your partner) might be overloaded with shirts: How to upcycle a long sleeve shirt?

Don’t worry! We’ve tackled this one below. 

Baby girl dress upcycled from mens shirt diy
Image source: AllDayChic

DIY shirt upcycle―a girl’s dress

A cute baby girl in daddy’s shirt looks amazing! 

Yet, imagine transforming this huge ocean of fabric into an actual dress. The one that fits her well and makes her even more adorable. 

There are plenty of ways to upcycle shirts but this one stole our hearts!

A serious-looking men’s shirt turned into a charming-princess dress? (See also the article upcycle mens shirt for more inspiration). We urgently need a cuteness-ambulance down here! 

How to upcycle a long sleeve shirt
Image source: AllDayChic

Let’s see how to upcycle long sleeve shirt into a toddler’s garment in a few skillful moves. 

Do you wish to upgrade your new garment into a professional one with the use of custom woven labels? See also different types of woven labels to get even more inspired. 

Why is it worth trusting Super Label Store on this one? 

There are at least 4 reasons:

    • Super easy―Easy to use configurators help you design and order in minutes.
    • Super quality―Premium quality from start to finish.
    • Super custom (100%)―We understand you want to finish your unique work with 100% custom labels.
    • Super low quantities―From big to small, we are happy to make it all.

And now let’s see how to upcycle a shirt and arrange a place for it in a fairytale. 

    1. Put your shirt down on the flat surface. Now take the old (sample) dress and lie it over. This step will help you estimate the size of the future dress and the amount of fabric needed.
    2. Fold the men’s shirt in two (let the buttons lie on the edge). If done with precision, both sides of the dress will be symmetrical.
    3. Fix the sample dress to the shirt with pins and cut it out.   
    4. Use the cloth material from the shirt sleeves to form sleeves to be. But first, decide their length. 
    5. Sew up the lateral lines. Don’t forget to iron them out (to avoid puckering)
    6. Here we are! You’ve created a beautiful, girly dress for your toddler and saved an extra buck again!

Upcycle t shirt―conclusion

These are only a few of a plenitude of upcycling clothes examples. 

You may also want to get inspired by upcycled flannel shirts, upcycle sweater, or upcycle fabric scraps

Now that you know how to upcycle a shirt and a t-shirt, get yourself to work! Following our guidelines will let you get the job done in no time. 

We can’t wait to see your results! Don’t forget to check these custom woven labels for a professional feel of your new garments.