Types of T-shirts

An Ultimate Guide on 38 Different Types of T-shirts and How to Wear Them

Do you know, many years ago, t-shirts were considered as an undergarment? During the 1st world war, the European soldiers and American soldiers started wearing t-shirts as lightweight, comfortable undergarments under their uniforms. The Hollywood movies then brought back t-shirts as outerwear and made them trendy outfits.

The evolution of t-shirts has an impressive story. From its first prototypes developed in the USA in the late 80s, it has undergone many iterations to come up as one of the most versatile clothing styles. 

Just think of Marlon Brando in classic white types of T-shirts in the 1950′s Hollywood movie named “A Streetcar Named Desire.” He looked so attractive in that eye-catching yet straightforward t-shirt.

Hanged t shirts
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A T-shirt is a lightweight, cost-effective garment that has won everybody’s heart. Due to its long history and evolution, there are many different types of t-shirts available for everyone—be it men or women. There is a t-shirt style that suits any gender.

Simple t-shirts are no longer a preferred choice. Today’s t-shirts come in different colors, patterns, fabrics, sizes, necklines, etc. You can style it as a standalone outfit or pair it with a jacket.

This comprehensive guide will cover everything you want to know about different types of t-shirts for men and women and how to wear them.

3 Different Types of T-shirts – Some Essential T-Shirts

Types of t shirts
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Below are some of the different types of t-shirts you can find in everyone’s wardrobe. Today’s modern t-shirt styles are a variation of all these essential types.

Basic T-shirts

A T-shirt that has a specific color or pattern throughout the shirt is considered a Basic T-shirt type. Both men and women can wear basic t-shirts. 

Basic t shirt
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They are ideal for layering or creating a simple and standard silhouette. Since basic t-shirts are versatile and can go well with almost every outfit, you should keep this t-shirt in your wardrobe.

One should have some basic t-shirts in their wardrobe with some basic color standards such as black, white, navy blue. Most people wear these colors more often than they think, like underneath some decorative types of clothes, blouses, or fancy shirts.

Graphic T-shirts

Graphic t-shirts are those types of t-shirts that have some sort of print on the sewing fabric. They are popular among men and women nowadays. 

The printed designs can be screen printed or dyed on different types of fabric. Graphic t-shirts are also popular among teenagers and youngsters. 

These types of t-shirts are used for promoting brands such as band and concert t-shirts which have the band’s photography, logo, slogan, lyrics, and some tour dates. These details are sometimes printed on the front or back, or both sides.

Embellished T-shirts

Embellished t shirt
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Embellished t-shirts are decorated with something other than ink. These types of t-shirts are popular among women since they have decorative items such as sparkles, rhinestones, bows, lace, and studs.

Embellished t-shirts are a little dressier than other types so that you can wear them on formal occasions. Some embellished t-shirts have spell-out words or pictures that are formed in a casual or elegant manner. 

If embellishments are placed on sleeves or cover your shoulders, it is a pretty fancy way to design a t-shirt. You should also buy embellished t-shirts from a reputable vendor and manufacturer since these t-shirts have embellished parts that might lose after some time.

6 Popular Types of T-shirts for Men 

A nice pair of jeans and a t-shirt can help men to look best on any occasion. There are different types of t-shirts for men, and the options are unlimited for some fashion-conscious guys. 

Different types of t shirts
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T-shirts are essential to a men’s casual closet. They are not only comfortable but also help you look trendy.

Different types of t-shirts are available in the market, so don’t just go and buy a simple t-shirt. Check this t-shirt style before you go shopping.

Polo T-shirt

Red polo t shirt
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Polo t-shirts are one of the versatile outerwear. They are made famous by some golfers so that you can wear them for golf, get-together events, formal events while hanging out with friends, or while running tasks. 

Polo t-shirts are best for men with lean body structures as they create an illusion of a fuller body. These types of collars on t-shirts are adorned with various buttons and add another sense of formality to your overall look.

Henley T-shirt

Henley t-shirts are another variation of collarless polo t-shirts. Henley t-shirt comes with a buttoning placket that runs several inches downward and fits over a well-muscular body. 

You can wear it with denim, khakis, sweatpants, chinos, or cargoes for some casual and semi-casual occasions. Various patterns and colors are available in Henley t-shirts, but a plain and neutral color looks best on anybody.

Striped T-shirt

Striped long sleeve t shirt
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A trendsetter’s wardrobe can’t be complete without a striped t-shirt. The classic and preppy striped t-shirts are every man’s preferred choice. 

Whether you choose vertical or horizontal stripes in a t-shirt, you can style it with shorts or jeans for a date night out, shopping, dinner, etc. These types of t-shirts are available in different types of necklines such as scoop neck, crew neck, and v-necks. 

If you’re wondering how to sew different neckline styles, start with these 35 intermediate sewing projects.

Pocket T-shirt

Pocket t-shirts for men are those that have a pocket on the left breast. The pocket is an exciting addition and can add a dash of vibrancy to your t-shirt. Pair pocket t-shirts with faded blue jeans for a casual look.

Plain T-shirt

Black plain t shirt
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Plain t-shirts are the must-have outfit for a man’s wardrobe. These types of tee shirts are suitable for men who prefer a clean, minimalistic look. There is nothing more mesmerizing than a man wearing a classic white t-shirt.

You can mix and match it with different types of jeans and wear them for almost all occasions. Plain t-shirts are timeless and can never go out of fashion.

Hooded T-shirt

Hooded t-shirts can add another level of sophistication in your style that can be tough to find in another outfit style. These versatile t-shirts are popular among fashion-conscious men. These t-shirts also come with woven labels to give you a proper idea of the fabric and brand.

Hooded t-shirts are perfect for gym travel or for playing football with your friends. Wear these hooded t-shirts in all seasons as they can protect you from the sun, cold breeze, and drizzle.

6 Types of T-shirt Sleeves and How to Pick One

The right cut and fit of the sleeves can make a huge difference in your overall look and personality. The wrong sleeve selection can make you look like you’re trying hard to impress. 

Different types of crew neck t shirts
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The right fitted t-shirt sleeves can very well tell others that you’re conscious about your outfits. Here are a few types of t-shirt sleeves you should know, along with some tips on how to wear them.

Raglan Sleeve Style

Raglan sleeve t-shirts are available in three quarters and full-length. It is often called a baseball t-shirt since these types of t-shirt sleeves are used in baseball uniforms. 

You can learn to sew with ease. The sleeves are attached to the tees and shirt in a diagonal manner instead of a standard straight up and down the seam. 

In many t-shirts, the bodice and sleeves are made from different colors to attract attention from people. Raglan sleeve t-shirts are ideal for a sporty look since they are comfortable to wear.

Sleeveless T-shirt Style

Sleeveless t shirt for men
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The sleeveless t-shirt style is also known as tank tops. These types of t-shirt sleeves can not leave your shoulders but have some types of wide straps. 

Sleeveless t-shirts have a deep neck style and straps that vary from thin to broad and almost cover your shoulders. They are suitable for summertime or for placing great types of men’s shirts on them. 

These t-shirt sleeves are great for a muscular body as you can flaunt your toned upper torso with panache. All sleeveless t-shirts can be found in either plain or decorative.

Short-Sleeve Style

When we think of a t-shirt, we, in general, think of a traditional shirt with short sleeves. In short sleeves, your half of the upper arm is covered. These types of t-shirts for men can come in loose-fitting or tight-fitting. 

One of the most interesting things about short sleeve t-shirts is that a variety of designs can be found on the front as it includes everything from logos to trendy phrases and retro designs.

Long Sleeve Style

Long sleeve t shirt outfits for men
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These types of t-shirt sleeves require no introduction as they are one of the most popular t-shirts among men. Long sleeves can extend to your wrist, and types of shirt cut in a way that is neither too loose nor too tight. 

Long sleeve t-shirts that have tighter cuffs around the wrist area than the rest of the sleeve are preferred sleeves in men’s t-shirts. Long sleeve t-shirts are perfect for semi-formal occasions and even when the weather is cold and breezy.

Three-Quarter-Sleeve Style

Three-quarter sleeves fall below the elbow but not all the way to the wrist. This just means that they fit three-quarters of the way down to your arm. 

These sleeves can be either loose or fitted. They can also be altered and have loose flowing upper arms with a more snug fit around the elbow. They create a similar look to bat’s wings.

Cap Sleeve Style

Basic cap sleeve t shirt
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Cap sleeves are the ones that add some funky twist to your boring t-shirt. These types of t-shirt sleeves cover just the top of the shoulder without covering the arm to form a cap-like appearance. 

Many women prefer cap sleeve t-shirts with a fitted bodice for a more feminine look. Cap sleeve t-shirts are ideal for brunch, picnic, or maybe girl’s night out as well.

How to Style Different Types of Long Sleeve Shirts?

It is an old saying, “Dress how you want to be addressed.” Many people also agree with this and consider it as essential advice. The way you wear clothes can tell a lot about you, your background, your fashion sense, etc.

Sounds daunting? Well, it is not. There are few pieces of clothing in men’s wardrobe that can help them style up their fashion game with ease. Do you think about t-shirts? If yes. You are right. 

Types of long sleeve t shirts
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T-shirts and different types of long sleeve shirts are an essential addition to every men’s closet. This versatile and stylish piece of men’s clothing plays a bigger role. Here are some of the ways you can wear these stylish shirts:

Long Sleeve Shirts With Distressed Denim

Yes, we’re talking about that distressed denim. Distressed denim is the ultimate hero, and when paired with white sneakers and types of long sleeve shirts, they can cross the next level of fashion. 

Long sleeve t shirt for men
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Women also love guys in beanies. They say so. All the time and to all their girlfriends. So, take this hint and put on a beanie the next time you head out in a long sleeve tee. 

Flaunt yourself with confidence and don’t bother that people are staring. Add a classy watch and get a nice pair of sunglasses to throw some fashion sense.

Long Sleeve Shirt With Joggers – Acing Athleisure

Apart from t-shirts, one more thing has been trending in the men’s fashion world: Joggers. Right from being loungewear favorites to taking over worldwide runways, joggers have seen everything. 

Men are fitness lovers and can stick to their routine due to their unconditional love for adrenaline. So, if you’re going to the gym, then style men’s joggers with your most loved types of long sleeve shirts and finish your overall look with a cool duffle bag. 

You can wear joggers and long sleeve shirts while going on road trips with friends as they offer the right balance between comfort and fashion.

Long Sleeve Shirts With Shorts – Picture Perfect Look

White long sleeve t shirt olive shorts white canvas low top sneakers
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Different types of shorts can help you look cool, classy and give you utmost comfort and so, are t-shirts. Shorts and long sleeve shirts are not appropriate to wear at the office, but they are perfect for weekend hangouts and some leisure trips. 

You can wear white shorts with a bold-hued long sleeve shirt and finish it with sneakers or trainers, whichever is most comfortable for you.

Long Sleeve T-shirts With Shirts – Work + Weekend

This may sound inappropriate at first, but believe us, it is one of the best styling tips you want to hear. A plaid shirt over a long sleeve tee shirt can be an ideal #OOTD no matter where you’re going. 

Choose sneakers and skinny or straight-legged jeans for the perfect finish. If you’re going on a date right after work, get the cool-guy look by just wearing a shirt underneath a long sleeve t-shirt. 

Complete this look with straight-cut pants, and you’re sure to get great compliments not just from your date but from everyone.

5 Different Types of Shirt Necks for a Modern Twist

When anyone thinks of a t-shirt, the first thing that comes into their mind is the crewneck t-shirt style. Do you know there are different types of shirt necks? 

Types of t shirts for men
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T-shirts are a versatile wardrobe essential, and thus, you should stock up with different types of necklines. By just wearing a different neck style, you can transform your overall look.

Below are five different types of shirt necks that can give a modern twist without compromising the types of clothing aesthetics.

Crew Neck Style

Dry crew neck t shirt
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This is one of the most used necklines that you will see on t-shirts. This style has a round and circular neckline that fits at the neck. Crew Neck style looks best on men who have narrow, long faces and sloped shoulders as it can create a nice rounded silhouette. 

The US navy adopted crewneck style, and it was known as “Gob shirt.” This shirt neck style tends to attract attention to your face and shoulder. You should wear this with a pair of jeans for a casual look.

Boat Neck Style

The boat neck style is quite similar to the crewneck, but it is more widespread. Boat neck style is quite fancier than any other neckline and offers more modest than a v-neckline. 

This rounded neckline extends on each side and falls just below the collarbone. Boat neck style is appropriate for women with slender shoulders and small to medium busts. 

These types of neck shirts can draw people’s attention and are great for women with pear or apple body shapes.

V-Neck Style

V neck style t shirt
Image Source: Stori

V-neck types of shirt necklines create a shape of ‘V’. Men and women with round faces and broad shoulders can take full advantage of v-necklines as they can flaunt their body shape by giving them a slimmer look. 

V-neck shirts and tees are a bit dressier than crewneck tees, so you can choose them while creating a great outfit for work. 

They are suitable for office wear. You can also wear it with an unbuttoned shirt in which the v-neckline doesn’t show from the shirt.

Scoop Neck Style

Scoop neck style is another round neckline, but it is deeper and broader than crew necklines. In scoop neck shirts, the round neckline hangs a couple of inches below the collarbone. 

Scoop neck style is available in a different version. So whether you’re looking for a tank top, short sleeve tees, or long sleeve shirt, there are options to fit your needs. 

Wear different types of neck shirts with your favorite pair of dress pants and a blazer to create an ideal office look. This style also looks good with even a pair of yoga pants.

Round Neck Style

Types of neck shirts
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Round necklines are one of the most demanded and popular necklines in men’s t-shirt styles. This modest type of neckline sits under the base of the neck, making it look great on men. 

Almost every man on this planet will have at least three to four round-neck t-shirts in their wardrobe.

8 Types of T-shirts Women Should Own This Season

Women have a diverse collection of outfits in their wardrobes. No matter what the occasion is, they can find the right outfit from their closet. This is because they keep their wardrobe updated with the latest trends and styles.

Types of shirt cuts
Image Source: Anna Shvets On Pexels

When it comes to choosing the right casual attire, nothing can beat t-shirts. T-shirts are the versatile and comfortable outfit that is found in women’s wardrobe. 

A t-shirt is an evergreen piece of clothing that goes with almost everything, every time. If you wear the right type of t-shirt on the right occasion, then it can do wonders for you.

There are different types of t-shirts women should know which purchasing. If you want to know new styles and patterns trending in women’s t-shirts, then scroll down below.

V-shaped T-shirts for Females

Types of t shirts for women
Image Source: For The Frills

V-neck t-shirts are considered one of the best choices. V-neck t-shirts can keep you in the league and help you flaunt your style without much effort. 

They are comfortable to wear and give a pleasant appearance. White v-neck t-shirts are ideal for a humid climate. Choose hues as per your choice and different occasions.

Collared T-shirt

Women prefer to wear collared t-shirts on a day-to-day basis. Collared t-shirts come in different colors and patterns. 

Pair different types of tee shirts that have collars with jeans for some casual hangout. If you’re a woman who loves sports, then collared t-shirts are the best choice for you. Choose polo t-shirts for gym workout sessions.

Off-shoulder T-shirts

Tee to an off shoulder top
Image Source: LooksGud.com

One of the most trending women’s t-shirts is off-shoulder t-shirts. This t-shirt style can help you stand out from the crowd. Choose off-shoulder t-shirts and be ready to become the style icon of the occasion.

Knot Crop T-shirts

White knotted t shirt
Image Source: Danny G On Unsplash

Crop t-shirts are trending among ladies, and you can just tie a knot above your navel to achieve this look. These stylish t-shirts are appropriate for summer days. You can also learn some advanced sewing techniques and sewing hacks to make a knot.

Wear it with skirts, jeans, or jeggings, and finish your look with a sneaker or simple slipper. Just keep your hair open and choose the most stylish sunglasses for a trendy look.

Boyfriend T-shirts

How to wear boyfriend tshirts looks
Image Source: The Fashion Tag Blog

One of the most comfortable types of t-shirts is boyfriend t-shirts. Boyfriend t-shirts are also known as oversized t-shirts. 

They are available in different colors, styles, and patterns. Boyfriend t-shirts are perfect for daily wear as they are super comfy. Style it with shorts when you go out hanging with your friends.

Round Neck T-shirt

Round neck women’s t-shirts are super comfortable tees. They come in various colors and patterns. Be it printed or simple; you can wear it as per your choice. 

You can wear round neck t-shirts with denim jeans or shorts for casual occasions. Round neck t-shirts suit any body type.

High Neck T-shirt

Types of tee shirts
Image Source: Pinterest

A high neck t-shirt is an excellent choice for the winter season. It looks great with jeggings, jeans, and joggers. 

Ladies, you can also wear high-neck t-shirts for casual get-together occasions. Accessorize it with trendy yet minimalistic earrings and short heels to finish your look. Different types of shirts for women can also be worn over high neck t-shirts.

Camouflage T-shirt

Here is another t-shirt for women that has become a must-have outfit nowadays. A camouflage t-shirt is also known as a military t-shirt. 

This t-shirt is perfect for holidays and casual get-together occasions. They can help you look as well as funky.

What Are the Types of Material Used for Making Different Types of T-shirt Cuts?

Types of t shirt sleeves
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The material of the t-shirt can help you decide its fit and washability criteria. It can also help you know if it is suitable for print or not. Here is a collection of materials which is used for making unique t-shirts.


Organic white cotton tee shirt
Image Source: Tshirt Wholesaler

Many t-shirts are made from 100% cotton fabric. Cotton is ideal for t-shirts since t-shirts should be comfortable to wear and breathable enough in the heat.

Cotton t-shirts can give you the required softness, enough breathability, and affordability as well. Various types of cotton fabric are used in making types of v-neck shirts and tees, so you should check the t-shirt’s fabric before purchasing it. 

These t-shirts also come with hang tags so that you can get to know more details of the brand and material. 


Lycra is a stretchy material that is added to the t-shirt to give it an ideal athletic fit. This material is used in making athletic clothing that fits on the body and allows easy movement.


Different types of tee shirts
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Rayon is another human-made material that is obtained from combining cotton blend and other woody plants. It was made as a cheaper version of silk to give a smooth feel. 

Just like polyester, rayon is ideal for making sports t-shirts. Some rayon t-shirts also come with care labels to give you proper guidance for the wash.

Cotton Blend

Since shirts made from 100% cotton tend to shrink, t-shirt manufacturing companies have started adopting cotton blend material. 

It is a combination of cotton and some other material like spandex or polyester. Cotton blended t-shirts are comfortable just as cotton t-shirts.


Different types of neck shirts
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Polyester is a synthetic fiber that is utilized for making sports t-shirts. These types of polyester fabric are quite more breathable and don’t show wrinkles as the fibers hold their original shape.

Jersey Knit

There are many different types of t-shirt cuts made from jersey knit material. These types of textile fibers have a single knit made on one flat side and the other piled side. 

Jersey knit t-shirts are durable and comfortable to wear. Any type of t-shirt cut made from Jersey knit material is breathable and used to make Polo t-shirts.


There are different types of t-shirts for men and women. A T-shirt is a universal outfit that can be worn on any occasion. Right from office wear to casual and party wear, t-shirts are made for every event. 

The best thing about a t-shirt is that it can be modified in a million ways to create a nice silhouette. If you want to sew simple t-shirts, then start with these easy beginner projects

Make sure you keep your wardrobe updated with the above-listed t-shirt style and pattern so that you can look trendy and stylish.