Types of Shirts

The Ultimate Guide to Types of Shirts With Pictures and Names

Whether you’re a businessman, entrepreneur, or barista, there are different types of shirts men can own. It is essential to know which shirt fashion style is elegant and trending since the types of clothes you wear tells many things about you.  

Right from classic button-ups, different types of t-shirts, to a casual dress shirt, many shirt styles come in different varieties. The shirts can be categorized based on the cut, shape, size, collars, necklines, and type of fabric used. Some shirts are made for a special occasion, and you should have some stylish shirt types in your wardrobe for those special occasions.

Types of shirts
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With so many options to choose from, it can be pretty challenging to choose the right type of shirt for every occasion. 

If you’re looking for some help in determining what type of shirt to shop for, when to wear that shirt, and what basic shirt types you should keep in your wardrobe, keep reading this article.

These listings for the most stylish types of shirts for men will help you find the right fit and give you an appealing look (One can also learn to sew these shirt styles with ease).

12 Different Types of Shirts for All Occasions

There are different types of clothing made for different occasions. There is one piece of cloth that can be suited for every social gathering.  

You can wear a shirt at any time. Wear it when you meet your special friend, wear it at the funeral, wear it to a party, and wear it when you meet your business partner. Sounds exciting? Well, shirts are types of clothes that can be suited well on any occasion (Read 10 reasons to start sewing clothes for yourself).

With so many styles and types available in the market, finding the most versatile one becomes challenging. Don’t worry. Here’s a simple guide on different types of shirts you should stock in your closet to ensure you have a shirt for every occasion.

Aloha Shirt

Hawaiian shirt
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These loose-fitted types of casual shirts come in different prints that one should wear on beaches. 

Aloha shirts come with a convertible collar, bright, colorful prints, and have big pockets on both sides. The Aloha shirt’s patterns are inspired by the island staples, such as the hibiscus flower. They give a happy-to-go vibe, making them an ideal choice for beach vacation wear.

Baseball Shirt

Baseball shirts are the types of shirts for men that you can see on baseball players. These are simple shirts that come without collars. 

Casual Shirt

Casual shirts for men
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Casual shirts are different types of comfortable and carefree shirts. They give you a professional, elegant look. These shirts are loose-fitted and made from lightweight, textured types of textile fibers.  Casual shirts are suitable for offices or conferences. 

Short shirts are another casual shirt style that is shorter in length so that one can untuck it. They are made from different types of fabric than the smoother shirt fabric.

Dress Shirt

Elegant and simplistic, this shirt is the one you need when you want to impress someone.  Dress shirts can upscale your entire look at the event or a special date night. 

Dress style shirts are much thicker than usual shirts and come with a pointed wing or double cuff and cutaway collar type. These shirts are found in solid colors and are made from high-quality fabric. 

Men wearing tuxedos or three-piece suits should complete the outfit with a dress-style shirt. Pair it with cufflinks and bow ties to add class and elegance to your look. 

It is essential that you pick the right pair of shoes with these shirts as it will help in boosting confidence.

Oxford Button-down Shirt

Oxford cloth button down shirt
Image Source: Tuckerman & Co

John Brook first created the Oxford button-down shirt in the 19th century. These versatile and elegant shirts are ideal for any social and professional gathering. They are created from a classic, thick oxford fabric, which serves as a bedrock for over 120 years.  

They were initially available in lighter colors such as white and blue, but a darker hue is the perfect choice if you’re looking to wear them at a casual office event. 

These button-down casual shirts are available in different thicknesses and weights suitable for every climate situation. Opt for an oxford button-down shirt for all seasons since it fits the body with ease.

Cuban Collar Shirt

Cuban collar shirts are one of the coolest shirts you’ll ever find. With short sleeves and an open collar, these types of shirts for men are essential for summer. Cuban collar shirts help you look and feel fabulous with some open chest area. 

They come in a wide range of cool colors and designs, so you can buy them as per your occasion–be it holiday beach parties or regular casual wear.  You can also embrace a vintage look while being modern with rolled-up sleeves and trousers.

Flannel Shirt

Flannel shirts for men
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If you’re just nipping out for espresso in mid-December, then a stylish flannel shirt should be your choice. These shirt types will never go out of the trend, so men should stock this in their wardrobe. 

Flannel shirts are made from thick and soft fabric. They are warm, comfortable to wear, and last longer than you expect. They traditionally come in a checked pattern so you can pair them with a plain tee and elegant jeans to stand out from the crowd.


Another shirt type that looks like denim and offers the same flannel shirt look is the chambray shirt. They are one of the versatile shirts you must have in your wardrobe. 

These shirts are made from lightweight, breathable fabric. The fabric passes through a plain-weave process, making them an ideal choice for some busy days or warm nights. These types of shirt styles are versatile and types of clothing aesthetics for casual events. 

Pair it with the right shoes, belts, and chinos or pants that will upscale your overall look. You can smarten the overall look with a blazer and chambray, and the sky’s the limit from that.

Polo Shirt

Different types of shirts
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Polo shirts are another stylish piece of clothing that gives a comfortable vibe. These shirts are popular among athletes since they are made from woven fabric to protect the back area of the neck.  

They come with pointed collars and have several buttons on the neck. Find the right color to match your vibe since they come in a wide variety of colors—Right from soft spring colors to daring, bold colors.

Tuxedo Shirt

Types of shirts for men
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Tuxedo shirts are another type of shirt which you can wear on some formal occasions. They are paired with a tuxedo jacket and have a built-in bib that comes with pintucks. This bib can be visible on a shirt worn under the jacket.

In addition, you can style tuxedo shirts with formal ties or bow ties. These shirts from men are worth the money since they offer a stylish, elegant, and classy look.

Tunic Shirt

Tunic shirts are other long-length shirts that come with a slit neckline and Chinese collar or placket. Tunic shirts are made from the most comfortable fabric – cotton or linen. They are most popular in the traditional Asian men’s shirt style.

Henley Shirt

Eddie bauer henley shirt
Image Source: OnPointFresh

Going on a road trip but don’t know which shirts to wear? Don’t worry. Henley shirts are ideal for this. Henley shirts are the type of knit shirts. They are sewn with a short placket and have a round neckline (Read advanced sewing techniques to sew different styles).  

Henley shirts can be worn with jackets and sweatshirts (types of sweaters) for extra warmth. Right from the color, style, sleeve type, and fabric, different types of Henley shirts are trending, so choose a different variety and start stocking it in your closet.

5 Types of Button-down Shirts Every Man Should Have in Their Wardrobe

Button-down shirts are one of the hardest-used pieces of clothing in men’s wardrobes. They are suitable for occasions such as office events, casual drink time, and even on weekends. 

Different types of button-down casual shirts are made from soft, breathable fabrics and are available in many patterns and styles.

Button-down Collar Shirts

Button down collar mens shirts
Image Source: Henry A. Davidsen

These button-down collar shirts are classic all-American collar style shirts that can never go out of the trend. Button-down collar shirts originated in England in 1896 for polo players to secure their collar points. 

In this shirt type, each side of the collar is styled with a button or snap. It can be styled as casual wear without a tie or sometimes when one cannot iron point collars. 

Button-down collar shirts are ideal for a classic yet elegant look. When paired with chinos, casual jackets, or desert boots, they can upscale your look and attract many eyeballs.

Shirt Jackets Or Overshirts

If you know how to layer your look, then these modern overshirts are made for you. Overshirts are ideal in-between the weather when it’s freezing cold for a T-shirt but too hot for a coat. 

Shirt jackets or overshirts are worn on the top of the t-shirt, shirt, or button-down shirt. The simplistic, tough, outdoorsy, and rugged look, is the reason why men prefer this shirt type. 

Choose grey and blue colors for this shirt as they look nice for any night event and neutral shades are ideal for daytime activities.

Spread Collar Shirts

English spread collar
Image Source: Proper Cloth

Spread collar shirts are another button-down casual shirt type. The collars are spread away from the center placket, making a 90-degree angle. 

The width of the collars can fluctuate and has a 5” space between both points. These traditional shirts are styled with ties, dark jeans, top button undone, and cool sneaks.

Utility Shirts

Utility shirts are one of the oldest shirt types found in history. They have played a huge role in transforming our culture for a century. No matter if a particular brand or famous designer designs this shirt (must have woven labels and care labels on the clothes), it can be identified from its standardized military wear. 

The metal buttons, epaulettes on shoulders found in today’s shirt styles are inspired by old utility shirts. Due to the industrial revolution, we can see different pockets details and different styles in shirts. In this shirt type, the pockets were designed initially with the intention of keeping tools, pens, and supplies. 

Collars were buttoned down to avoid flipping them up so that laborers can focus more on work. If you’re looking for a military-type look, then go for utility shirts. They are versatile and give a timeless look.

Band Collar Shirts or Collarless Shirts

All types of shirts
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Band collar shirts are also known as collarless shirts, and they have been in demand since 1920. What differentiates this shirt from other types of the shirt is the neckband on the shirt which lays flat on the fabric. 

The band can be 1-inch wide, or different designers have customized it using hang tags and introduce their own style. Band collar shirts or collarless shirts are ideal for those hot summer days (Get the knowledge of different threads for the summer season, read sewing threads types and tips). 

Style this shirt by keeping the top of the button undone and wear a blazer for a modern look.  

7 Different Types of Shirts for Women in Fashion

Women’s fashion isn’t as simple as it looks. If you look into women’s wardrobes, you’ll find many different types of outfits, and each expresses its own story. In the 19th century, some educated women began a revolution to change their wardrobes. 

Designers have made considerable changes in creating stylish and appealing shirts for women. Different types of shirts for women give comfort and offer maximum coverage to the upper body area. 

Women’s shirts can be categorized based on cuts, styles, prints, and designs. You should know some trending shirts for women (Here are some easy beginner sewing projects to give you some motivation to sew shirts for yourself).

Cossack Shirt

Types of womens shirts
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Cossack shirts are all types of shirts appropriate for folk dancing. They are handmade shirts that come with detailed woven patterns near the collar, cuff, and hem. Cossack shirts can be worn with a tying belt around the wrist area to flaunt your features.  

Long Shirts

Long shirts are another type of refreshing shirt made for women. They look stunning in floral prints and are an ideal pick for any gloomy climate. The stunning prints can uplift your entire mood and give you a positive vibe as well. 

Long shirts are styled with long sleeves and have a front open button. These types of shirts are made from types of polyester fabric, and you can wear them on some casual occasions. Pair it with tight legging or denim to give a sexy look.

Formal Shirts

Formal shirt for women
Image Source: Styles At Life

If a woman is looking for some lustrous feel, then they can choose formal shirts. Uplift your professional look with these simple yet elegant-looking types of formal shirts and impress your colleagues. 

Some formal shirts also come with a printed area around the cuffs to make it look outstanding.

Summer Shirts

Looking for some types of clothes for men that can give you a soothing look in the hot summer? What’s better than summer shirts made from linen fabric? 

Linen summer shirts are one of the popular choices among women. These shirts can help you beat the heat on warm summer days. 

Linen summer shirts are high in demand since they offer relaxed fitting. Linen keeps the body sweat-free. Choose different types of bras from a wide variety under this shirt and start looking gorgeous in summer. 

Sleeveless Shirts

Sleeveless shirts for women
Image Source: Pinterest

Sleeveless shirts are another type of shirt for women which comes without any sleeves. Tank tops can be a similar version of sleeveless shirts. 

Sleeveless shirts give coverage to the edge of your inner shoulder. Tank tops – other types of crop tops offer minimum to less coverage and have narrow strips that hold the top. They are available in a wide range of high types of necklines or collars. Sleeveless shirts are suitable for warmer weather areas.

Western Shirt

A button-down shirt designed with a classic yoke and a pattern around the shoulder and neck area is known as western shirts. They are considered the style statement in the fashion industry. 

They come in long sleeves and have snap pockets that look attractive. Denim is the most common type of fabric that is used to create a western shirt.

Ruffle Front

Ruffle front shirt
Image Source: Pinterest

Ruffle front shirts are another type of tops that are made from gathering and attaching sewing fabric in the form of a shirt. They are also known as “pirate shirts” or “poet blouses.” 

Every ruffle shirt has flouncy frills, which are attached to the front side. There are various ruffle front shirts available in the market that have voluminous flair and are made from some luxurious fabric.

4 Types of Button-up Shirts With Pictures

Button up shirts are regular dress shirts that come with buttons to open and close your collars. The whole idea of button-up or down shirts centers around the collars. Collars are an essential part of clothing so they can make or break your look (Read best sewing tips and tricks to sew the best collar types and styles). 

The button-up shirt comes with a button that is placed between the two collar wings to give a formal look. Different types of button-up shirts are intended for business, professional wear. They can also have single or double pockets.

Formal Button-up Shirt

These button-up shirts are suitable for formal wear. Formal button-up shirts are made from rich and comfortable types of cotton fabric and have a button cuff. They are loose-fitting shirts which makes it easy to wear them on regular 9 am–5 pm jobs.

Smart Striped Button-up Shirt for Women

White and gray button down shirt
Image Source: TheUnstitchd.com

Classy striped button-up shirts are tailored with spread collars. Many women prefer pink color striped button-up shirts with a sleeveless look. 

A striped button-up shirt helps in highlighting the overall appearance. Pair it with denim for a striking look.  

Tie-neck Button-up Shirt

Another gorgeous and sexy button-up shirt for a woman is a tie-neck shirt. These button-up shirts help feature the upper part of the body with the addition of a collar bone and neckline created in the tie-type pattern (Here are 35 intermediate sewing projects to help you learn new patterns).  

These shirts are different from other shirt types since it creates a unique V-cut on the front side. Tie-neck button-up shirts can be paired with any type of pants for a glamorous look.

Long Button-up Shirts

Long button down shirt
Image Source: Le Fashion

Are you looking for a more glamorous look? Opt for long button-up shirts. These relaxed-fit, comfortable shirts have a tunic look and can be worn as a dress. 

Ladies can wear this shirt with matching leggings or denim for a more eye-catching look.

3 Different Types of Short Sleeve Shirts for Men and Women

Short sleeve shirts for men and women are no longer new in the market. Most people think that they are the regular type of shirts so you can wear them without any style and pattern. That is not the case anymore. 

Today, many designers are considering different types of woven labels and have come up with different types of shirt designs and patterns for short sleeve shirts. The new variety is fashionable and accepted across the world. Check out the three most contemporary styles of short sleeve shirts.

Plain Shirt

Basic plain shirt
Image Source: Pinterest

Plain shirts are the most popular types of short sleeve shirts in the market. They are suitable with any type of bottoms. The plain colors make it easy to mix and match with any style. 

Plain shirts come in many colors, allowing you to get more attention from people. These shirts can be paired with hats and other trendy accessories.

Printed Short Sleeve Shirt

Different types of casual shirts
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Here comes another gorgeous and demanding short sleeve shirt. Printed shirts are everyone’s favorite and help in depicting your colorful personality

These vibrant, jazzy, and eye-catching printed short-sleeved shirts are suitable for men who want to impress their lady. Printed shirts are ideal for a great evening BBQ event. Pair it with shorts and sandals for a more eye-catching look.

Checked/Tartan Short Sleeve Shirt

Tartan short sleeve shirt
Image Source: Ape To Gentleman

Tartan short sleeve shirts are a combination of plain and printed shirts. Whether you’re a man who doesn’t want to keep updating his wardrobe every two-three months or someone who has reserved a sort of nature for fashion, checked or tartan shirts can’t be forgotten. 

The perfect combination of maroon, white, and grey colored checked pattern enhances the overall personality. Checked or tartan shirts can be a good option for a cool beach party. Wear these short sleeve shirts with many types of jeans and grab everyone’s attention.

The above is just a list of three contemporary styles of short sleeve shirts one should have in their wardrobe. Many variations can be found in the market, so get yourself ready to buy the most comfortable short-sleeved shirt.


So, right from casual dress to formal shirts, you’ve now understood different types of shirts for women and men. Finding a shirt that suits your personality as well as keeps you trendy is a bit challenging. With proper knowledge of types of fashionable shirts, you can keep updating your closet according to the trend (Get yourself updated with the latest sewing hacks so you can also know how to sew a shirt for yourself). 

Choose shirts that are most comfortable to wear, made from high-quality fabric, and complement your body shape. Do not fall for random fashion tips; get the proper knowledge on what type of shirt you’re looking for a particular occasion. 

If you have got a business meeting or just a casual meeting with friends, there are different types of shirt styles for different occasions. Every man should have a different shirt for each occasion to impress everyone.

Just find the right style according to your personality, occasion, etc., and you’re all set for your next shopping adventure.