Types of Shirts for Women

56 Different Types of Shirts for Women – Style Guide That You Should Consider

Women love clothes, and the way they reflect or change their moods can tell you a lot about their obsession with clothes. Best clothes can help you make an eye-catching first impression and tell the world something about yourself even without saying anything.

Types of shirts for women
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In today’s click-and-buy society, women’s choices are overwhelming. Women give a lot of consideration while choosing the best outfit. If you take a close look at women’s wardrobe history, then you will see that it has an elaborate clothing line. 

Sometimes heavy dresses, delicate laces, and choking corsets are almost impossible for working women.

In 1920, some educated and elite women made a “revolution” with their “boyish” dressing in trousers and shirts. Since its initial launch, designers have come up with new styles, types, cut, fitting, print, and design in women’s shirts (using woven labels and care labels for branding purposes). 

Different types of shirts for women offer the best coverage to their upper body and different comfort levels. Here we’ve prepared a comprehensive guide on different types of trending shirts and tops for women.

The Ultimate Guide on Different Types of Shirts for Ladies

In the past, working women were forced to wear heavy, average-looking woolen clothes. Woolen garments are not suitable for humid climates and also take time to wear. Women were looking for more comfortable, elegant, and effortless steal shirts from men’s wardrobes. 

Types of tops
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Men’s shirts have no beauty and are created in plain colors with a loose fit. Designers started getting inspiration from these shirts and came up with different types of shirts for ladies (Learn more about hang tags to create your brand). 

Right from making changes into sleeves, material, cut, fit, and style, numerous types of female shirts launched till today. The following list is a complete breakdown of the most trending types of shirts for women.

Long Shirts

Long shirts for women
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Why should you wait for spring when you can get that look now? Long sleeves with flower print shirts are refreshing and beautiful for those gloomy weather. You can also sew these types of shirts on your own. Here are the top 10 reasons to start sewing clothes for yourself. 

These shirts have a front open panel and have long sleeves to uplift your mood. Women can wear it as a shirt dress or as a tunic to send some positive vibes.

Dress Shirts

Women’s dress shirts are button-up shirts that look like men’s dress shirts. Any type of formal or casual shirt is considered a dress shirt. These dress shirts can also be categorized as button-up dress shirts and blouses

Women’s button-up dress shirts are ideal office-wear shirts. Women choose this shirt when they want to look formal without being too formal. Tuxedos, oxford shirts, and spread-collar shirts are known as button-up shirts.

Spread Collar Shirt

Black shirts for women
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The spread collar shirts are another great choice in shirts. These female types of shirts get their name from the spread or distance the collar prints. Spread collar shirts are less formal than tuxedo shirts, but you can wear them at business meetings. 

Tuxedo Dress Shirt

Tuxedo dress shirts fall under the white dress shirt category. These types of shirts for women have a pointed collar and a pleated front. They are fitted, stripped-down versions of men’s tuxedo shirts. 

A tux style is ideal for the hospitality industry, so it’s good to wear a white tux shirt while bartending or serving food. You can also buy one for some swanky occasion.

Casual Shirts

Casual shirts for ladies
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Casual shirts are the ones which you wear while meeting friends at the coffee shop or just when you’re lounging around at home. 

The best thing about a casual shirt is that you don’t have to compromise on style while choosing the utmost comfort. T-shirts, casual preppy, and sleeveless shirts are some of the common casual shirt styles or also known as types of tops.

Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are not just for men. They look good on women as well. Apart from being the ideal outfits for tennis or golf games, polo shirts are comfortable and suit any situation. If you’re looking for long sleeves in polo shirts, choose Henley.

Tunic Shirts

White tunic shirt for women
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Tunic shirts are classic and trendy shirts for women. They have simple designs but reflect a solid feminine pattern. These shirts come in different lengths—right from hips to knees. 

The loose-fitting and the length create a nice-looking silhouette for all body types. Tunic shirts are one of the favorite shirt styles enjoyed by women but never worn by men.

Button-down Shirts

Now you can driveway ‘Monday blues’ with soft-colored button-down shirts. These classic shirts are suitable for office wear to keep up with your male colleague and prove that you are equal to them. 

Button-down shirts come with cuffs and a white button panel. Get ready to rock your look with button-down shirts. You can wear it with denim or trousers.

Checked Shirts

Types of blouses and shirts for women
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Checked shirts are always trending in women’s fashion. With a unique combination of style and design, these checked shirts are a good option for office everyday wear and girls visiting the college. 

Women can wear this shirt with denim, a pair of trousers, or even shorts for creating an eye-catching look. These types of shirt styles women adore and wear on a daily basis.

Denim/Jeans Shirts

Denim shirts are always in fashion. Women who want a rugged look should opt for denim shirts. These shirts can be worn beneath the top or worn as a button-up style. Denim shirts look great on all-age women, so buy them today.

Crop Shoulder Shirts

This shirt can be found in checks and gives a stunning look due to the crop shoulder style. It is a basic shirt style, yet many women desire it most. If you’re a woman with sexy cuts and shoulders, you must have these types of shirts in your wardrobe.

Flower Printed Shirts

Types of tops for women
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The flower printed shirt is another attractive shirt style that many women adore. These shirts are outstanding outfits for women, and you can wear this shirt with a tube top inside. Flower-printed shirts can help you stand out from the crowd.

Tri-Colored Chequered Shirts

This top cum shirt is an ideal choice among women because of its webbed design on the backside. Tri-colored chequered shirts can be found in a combination of the three best colors to match evolving demand among women. 

Choose these types of casual shirts in black and grey color so that you can wear them with any jeans or shorts.

Shirts with Back Cap

These types of shirts have a cap attached at the back, giving a sassy look. They are informal shirts that are cool for outings, and casual get together. You can get the utmost comfort by choosing these shirts.

Night Party Ladies Shirt

Different types of tops
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Night party ladies’ shirts are the ideal choice for prom nights at the college. They can be found in satin fabric and bright colors with a golden button on them. 

These shirts have a perfect entangled butterfly cloth pattern on the collar, which can give the gorgeous look you want for your prom night.

23 Types of Tops Every Women Should Have for Sassy Look

Have you ever walked into your wardrobe and spent more than 10 minutes trying to decide what to wear? For women, it’s a kind of daily activity. 

Women’s wardrobe is full of fashionable clothes. Just look at the girls from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. or ‘Sex and the city.’ No matter how varied their personality is in each show, but at the core, they all love fashion so much.

Whether you are a jeans and tee kind of woman or someone who loves to experiment with different styles, you are always on the lookout for a different outfit. No matter how many different types of tops you already have in your wardrobe, they never look sufficient. 

Call it our nature or just a general rule; we don’t like to repeat our clothes. Here are different types of tops for women aligning with the latest trends and styles.

Crop Top

How to wear crop top
Image Source: Teen Vogue

Ladies, if you’re planning to show off your beautiful belly, then a crop top is perfect for you. Just think of it as a regular top cropped or cut short so that you can reveal your belly. 

Right from casual outings to effortless stylish college looks, crop tops fit everywhere. They are types of tops fashion that are available for every shape of women and in every size.

Tank Top

Now you can beat those summer heat with these gorgeous-looking tank tops. A tank top is another type of top that is made of ribbed cotton fabric. These close-fitted tops got their name back in 1920

Back then, they were considered as bathing suits that can be worn in swimming pools or tanks. They have a low neckline and can be found in shoulder straps of varying widths. Now you can flaunt your beautiful arms with a sleeveless tank top. Team up with blue jeans and your favorite sneakers.

Cami Top

Types of female tops
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What is a summer closet without silky-soft, breezy, and comfy tops? Cami top is a fashionable type of top with a square or round neck and spaghetti strap shoulders. You can wear these tops with boyfriend jeans, style them with miniskirts and shorts. 

Pair your Cami top with a jacket for a bar-hopping look, and wear the top on a basic t-shirt for a casual outing.

Tunic Top

Types of dress tops
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Tunic tops are high-low hem garments that reach the mid-thighs and have an overlapped v-neck (Learn advanced sewing techniques and sewing hacks to sew different types of neck styles). 

They are simple-styled tops and come in some eye-catching, elegant prints and patterns. Wear it with ‘Dhoti’ or ‘Churidar’ and turn up the fusion fever of your OOTD. 

Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone wore tunic tops in the song ‘Chor Bazari’ from her movie ‘Love Aaj Kal.’


Peplum tops are another cute garment for women that has long sleeves and an elasticated pattern below the bust with short gathered sewing fabric. If you want to hide your belly fat but still want to look fashionable and sexy, peplum tops should be your ideal choice.

Cold Shoulder Top

Cold shoulder top
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The cold-shoulder top regained its popularity back in 2017. Since then, it got its momentum in 2018, and if you believe in celebrity look, it’s not sitting on the sideline in 2021. 

Pick these tops for your closet, and you’ll never be disappointed. Owing to its cut-out detail on the shoulder, these cold-shoulder tops can turn any boring outfit into an eye-catching one. 

The neck pattern can vary from top to top (Read best sewing tips and tricks to make different patterns). If you want to look trendy, then choose a chick style with a subtle dash of sexy look. 

Shirt Style Top

The shirt-style top has always been every woman’s favorite as it looks good on any body shape. Choose from full sleeveless, sleeveless, half button-style, or full-button style. These shirt styles will never disappoint you.

Layered Top

Layered blouse top
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If you want to carry a cute chick look, then choose layered tops. These tops are another excellent choice for a dressy day at work or college. They are the perfect choice for those ‘I have nothing to wear’ days and help you save from a mental breakdown. 

Layered tops have a flare woven in the middle part that adds a more elegant style. Pair this top with light hues to beat the heat.

Trending Choker Top

Chokers were a crazy fashion trend in 2016. As the necklace trend started losing its huge fan base, choker tops made their comeback. They are nothing but a regular top that has a V or round neckline. 

Choker tops also have a small strip of fabrics from the same pattern attached at the top. These tops look like you have worn a choker with your top. 

With these types of female tops, you can leave all your worry about wearing different accessories since the choker can take care of it.

High Low Top/Asymmetrical Top

High low tops are also known as Asymmetrical tops since they have an irregular hemline. These top’s lengths vary between waist and thighs. 

You can wear these high-low hem pattern tops to carry your elegant look to your workspace. Pair it with fitted bottoms to get a sexy and bold look.

Hooded Top

Hoodies for women street style
Image Source: The Fashion Tag Blog

You can wear hoodie pattern tops for a casual outing or a picnic. These types of tops clothing give you more comfort and a tomboyish look. The best thing about hoodies is that you don’t have to accessorize them with anything. 

Blouson Top

Blouson tops are different types of tops for ladies that have a fitted or elasticized waistband. These blouson tops look perfect for a casual outing. 

They also look best with wide-legged pants or skinny jeans. A blouson top comes in 3/4th length full-sleeves, or you can also learn to sew some statement-making sleeves.

Boxy Top

Types of female shirts
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As you guessed, boxy tops are box-shaped tops. These are loose-fitting tops that look perfect when styled with skinny pants. Boxy tops can give you an easy-breeze look without even compromising the latest top style. 

Women who have petite upper bodies should choose boxy tops. Make sure you style it with a slim-fitting skirt, ankle-length jeans, or high-waisted regular jeans.

Cape-Style Top

Now you can own a perfect top design with a half cape pattern until the elbow or extended to the pelvic area. This top is a must-try top style since it sits around the waist and is suitable for all body types. 

Cape-style tops can be worn just like a T-shirt since it has no separate tie-ups or fastening details. These tops are ideal for the summer season.

Cinched-Waist Top

Types of tops women rust red solid cinched waist top
Image Source: POPxo

For the last couple of years, street-style mavens and designers have been talking about waist tops. A cinched waist top can help you flaunt your beautiful shoulders in summer. 

These tops can be laced-up, knotted, ruched, or just gathered fabric—anything that can help create a curvy waist.

Tulip Top

Another perfect choice for the summer season is Tulip tops. These tops have an overlapping pattern on the front side that looks like an envelope. 

They also have sleeves with turned hems on end. Choose these types of tops for a relaxed and comfortable fit.

Fitted Sexy Top

Different types of shirts for ladies
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A fitted sexy top is also known as a bodycon dress. They have a body-hugging style that is versatile and easy to style. 

You can pair different types of women’s tops that have body-fitted style with baggy pants, sling bags, and sneakers for a street-style look. Fitted-sexy tops are intended to flaunt one’s body shape, and that’s why many women love them.

Halter Top

Thanks to backless-ness and tie-up neckline, halter tops can help you look stunning on any occasion. These top styles are popular among millennials because of their versatility and bold sex appeal. 

You can style this top with a wrap-around skirt or distressed jeans and turn everyone’s head in your direction.

Trendy Strips Tops

Striped tops for women
Image Source: StyleFavorite.com

There are different types of tops available for women, and strip tops are one of them. They have a narrow or string-like strap that is designed to show more skin. 

Strip tops are a bit longer than usual tops, and they look best when paired with high-waisted jeans and skirts. Most strip tops are made from silky or satin types of fabric. The straps are made to help heavier body shapes look and feel sexy and more attractive.

Batwing Top

Batwing tops got their name from the design of the sleeves, which look like the wings of a bat. These tops have a loose top section, and the mid to bottom section becomes tighter. Batwing tops fit snugly on the hips and waist, making them look great when worn with shorts, capris, or jeans.

Built-in Bra Top

Built in bra summer yoga top
Image Source: KiraGrace

Built-in bra tops are one of the most trending tops from fall 2018. This top has a structured and padded bust that is shaped just like a bra. Different types of bra are sewn inside it, and that’s why they are called built-in bra tops. 

If you’re wondering how to sew this style, then here are easy beginner sewing projects for you. You can wear these tops without having to wear different types of undergarments and bras.


Ditch your old, drabby sweaters this winter and opt for this stunning piece of clothing instead. The kaftans are made to keep you cozy and warm on those cold winter days. They have a striped design with a high neckline and kimono sleeves. Pair it with bright-colored trousers or skirts with ankle-length boots.

Cape Sleeve Maternity Tops

Different types of womens tops
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While maternity fashion has taken popularity worldwide, Cape sleeve maternity tops are trending tops among soon-to-be moms. 

Nothing is better than having a cape sleeve maternity top for a soon-to-be mom. These tops can give utmost comfort and chic during those tough times.

5 Types of Dress Tops for Any Occasion

Women nowadays are more conscious about what they wear, how it looks, and what is trending in fashion. Long before Christ, dress tops have been chosen for a long time. 

The Greeks were the first who introduced these types of tops for women. If you’re a woman, you know how important it is for you to wear a comfortable outfit in the workspace.

Working women need dress tops for everyday wear. They choose clothes that are comfortable yet offer a classy and formal look at the workplace. Well, different types of dress tops offer the comfort you’re looking for. You can mix and match it with different bottoms to make you look fabulous. 

Here are some of the classy dress tops women should have in their wardrobe.

Plain Sleeveless Tops

High neck sleeveless layered top
Image Source: Styles At Life

With plain sleeveless tops, you can achieve a simple look and show a feminine fashion sense. These types of dress tops have a high-low pattern, giving you an elegant look. 

They are an ideal office-wear choice since they blend with edgy western fashion and have a classy statement.

A-line Boat Neck Top

These classy and elegant office-wear tops are sure to make a long-lasting impression. A-line boat neck top has a boat neck style and a gathered waistline to hide that bulky look. You can also learn to stitch different neckline styles. Start with these 35 intermediate sewing projects.  

You can wear these types of dress tops with denim trousers. They are made from types of polyester fabric, thus, making them an ideal choice for casual days.

Lace One-Shoulder Top

With distressed jeans and navy blue leather bag
Image Source: Styleholic

Women should have this beautiful yet fully-bloomed flower-like dressy top in their wardrobe. Lace one-shoulder tops are ideal for those confident women. 

These dress tops have a single lace sleeve and a frilly layer that add a feminine charm to your personality. Make sure you avoid wearing accessories on these tops and let the top alone speak for your style.

Net Long Top with Embroidery Design

Another dressy top that has a net and super-net fabric in it is known as a Net long top. These tops were trending high in the early 2000s. 

While many of us think they are gone, it is back with a bang and new, unique variants and patterns. You can look super stylish and exemplary with these net long tops. The embroidery design on the net fabric adds more elegance and beauty to your entire look.

Long Sweaters

Sweater dress for women
Image Source: Petite Dressing Blog

When it comes to dressing tops for workspace, women prefer dressy tops, but that is not the case anymore. Long sweaters are another fashionable long top available in the market for working women

These dress tops have a turtle neck and come with a short sleeve so that you can wear them on different types of shirts. Long sweaters reach till the knees, and you can wear them with different paint styles and boots to look fabulous at work.

9 Types of T-shirts for Women & How to Wear Them

There is nothing so versatile and comfortable as t-shirts for women’s wear. Regardless of whether it is for regular college wear, casual outings, parties, or office wear, a t-shirt plays an essential role in women’s wardrobe. 

Types of tshirts for women
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Different types of t-shirts for women are available in the market with different styles, designs, and patterns. Explore all types of t-shirts today.

Basic T-shirt

Types of female tshirts
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Basic t-shirts are those t-shirts that have a certain pattern and color throughout the shirt. These types of t-shirts for females are ideal for creating a simple yet classy look. 

Basic t-shirts are versatile enough to go with any casual type of clothes. Women should have some basic t-shirt colors such as white, black, and navy blue in their closet since these colors are perfect for any occasion.

Embellish T-Shirts

Embellish t-shirts are ones that are decorated with something other than ink. These t-shirts are popular among women since they are decorated with sparkles, rhinestones, bows, lace, and studs. 

Embellish t-shirts have loose-fitted decorated items, so you should purchase these t-shirts from a reputable manufacturer.

Graphic T-Shirts

Types of tshirts for ladies
Image Source: Brooke Cagle On Unsplash

Graphic t-shirts are other types of t-shirts that have some printed images on the fabric. They are popular among teenagers and young girls. 

The designs on the fabric can be screen printed or dyed directly onto the t-shirt. Different graphics, including logos, tour dates, lyrics, can be used to print on band and concert t-shirts. Sometimes designs can be on the front or backside or both sides.

Boyfriend T-Shirt

Those younger girls who love funky and fun designs will love this lovely boyfriend t-shirt. These are casual and comfortable types of t-shirts for women that can help you make a unique style statement among your friend’s group.

Extra Long T-Shirt

White oversize t shirt for women
Image Source: Bewakoof

Women nowadays have started loving loose and long t-shirts. This extra long t-shirt is a new style and trending among women. 

These t-shirts come in round necks and have short sleeves, making them a perfect choice for women who like basic style. You can wear extra long t-shirts for casual outings, friends gathering occasions or just wear it on regular days.

Round Neck T-Shirt

Round neck t-shirts are the ideal choice when you’re looking for an elegant and classy look. These t-shirt styles come with a minimalistic design and give you a contemporary vibe. 

Wear round-neck t-shirts with black jeans or printed palazzo for a more classy look.

Polo Neck T-Shirt

Different types of tops for ladies
Image Source: Philippe Oursel On Unsplash

The polo neck t-shirts can give you that edgy and sleek appearance. When you wear a simple polo neck t-shirt with skinny black jeans, it can give you that sassy and youthful look. 

With the collar neck, vibrant colors, and short sleeves, the polo neck t-shirt makes it a perfect choice for women who’re looking for some mesmerizing look.

Loose Crop T-Shirt

While crop tops are trending in women’s wardrobes, loose crop t-shirts are making their way in women’s fashion. Loose crop t-shirts are an essential fashion statement associated with a phenomenal look. 

These t-shirts can give you a comfortable and relaxed fit. They are suitable for women who love to look bossy and unique with wild contemporary vibes.

Plain Collar T-Shirt

Polo collar t shirt for women
Image Source: Sell Merch

Plain collar t-shirts are other semi-casual t-shirts that can be worn for office parties or semi-casual days. They are the perfect combination of polo collars and plain t-shirts. 

The collar of this t-shirt is made from thick cotton-blended fabric, and it is not stiff, unlike formal types of shirt styles womenswear.

4 Best Types of Long Sleeve Shirts Women Should Have

Different types of women’s shirts are essential for different occasions. Whether it be a formal meeting or just a casual get-together, shirts are essential for women. Each shirt style is different and intended for different occasions. 

Types of tops fashion
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Women should have a better understanding of what type of shirt sleeves they should wear on particular occasions. There are two main shirt sleeves women choose – short and long sleeves. Here’s a simple guide on different types of long sleeve shirts women should keep in their closets.


Gypsy refers to the women who belong to a traveling group. They have a free lifestyle, and so her choice of shirts. Gypsy long sleeve shirts are loose-fitted shirts that come with puffy sleeves.

Sailor Shirt

Sailor top for women
Image Source: Pinterest

Actual sailor’s uniforms inspire sailor shirts. These long sleeve shirts have a broad collar and a tapering v-neck. In the past, women were used to wearing these types of long sleeve shirts to create a unique, eye-catching look.


Types of long sleeve shirts for women
Image Source: Elijah M. Henderson On Unsplash

A sweatshirt is a different type of shirt a female chooses for a casual look. They are designed to keep you warm on those cold days. Sweatshirts are made from different types of cotton fabric, fleece, and polyester fabric. They also have front zippers, hoods, or pockets.

Oversized Button-down Shirt

White button shirt for women
Image Source: Marie Claire

These different types of shirts womenswear to get a flattering look. Oversized button-down long sleeve shirts are made from rich material. 

They are perfect for a woman who has a large chest since the shirt manages to lie flat on the body. When you wear this long sleeve shirt, you will feel like giving off a borrowed-from-the-boys look without even looking bulky.


In the past, shirts were designed for men, but today it has evolved, and many women accept them as a go-to-wear outfit. Different types of shirts are available in the market, so ladies, it’s your turn to look for the best shirt for every occasion.

Make sure you keep the above-mentioned best-looking shirt styles and types in mind before going shopping. This will help you in making a more informed purchase decision. Remember, you should choose a shirt type that offers utmost comfort, suits your body shape, and doesn’t make you look like an ugly piece.

Women’s shirts are introduced to give you a classy, bossy, and elegant look. The boring shirts have evolved with time and become more trendy and creative for those who love experimenting with their look. 

So, whether it’s just a casual meeting with friends or an important meeting at work, you can choose shirts from a wide range of styles, colors, fit, and types. Get the most comfortable type of shirts today and be ready to catch most eyeballs.