Types of Ribbons

28 Types of Ribbon – Best Ribbons for Clothes and Home Decor With Picture

In the past, ribbons were affordable by rich people. This is not the case now. Ribbons are versatile items that no sewer or crafter can live without.

Ribbons are great for bringing fortune. Whether you want to wrap birthday presents, decorate different types of wedding dresses, or decorate chairs, ribbons can be used for almost anything.

Modern clothes, home décor, and gifts all come with ribbon embellishments. Ribbons are helpful as they bring beauty and grace to any occasion.

Assorted color thread roll
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Today’s ribbons are affordable by anyone, and due to their low cost, ribbons are used to make attractive bows, sashes, chair ties, wreaths, ribbon embroidery, fabric trims, etc.

Ribbon can be used to decorate a beautiful flower bouquet that can become a mesmerizing centerpiece. You can also use ribbons in a gift basket to fill the space with lots of beauty.

Both women and men have used ribbons for a long time. You can also find ribbon bow ties in men’s wear.

Ribbons are made from different types of fabric and can be available in just any color and pattern. This extensive guide will cover everything about the different types of ribbons you can imagine.

4 Different Types of Ribbon You Should Know

Ribbons are beautiful pieces that have been adored by many artisans and sewers for over a century now. If you are a novice sewer and want to know how to sew ribbons, then you will be amazed to know that there are different types of ribbons available in the market. 

Types of fabric
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Apart from just standard material and poly choices, you can find a wide variety of ribbons in a variety of colors and patterns.

Before we learn about different types of bows ribbons, you might need to understand more about basic types of ribbons. Here are four basic types of ribbons one should know.

Woven Ribbons

Types of ribbons
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Woven types of ribbons are those ribbons that come with narrow bands of cloth and have unique polished edges. These types of ribbons offer great flexibility and durability. Woven ribbons are great for making different types of clothes and home décor items.

Non-woven Ribbons

Non-woven ribbons are different types of ribbons that are made from textile yarns and plastics and bonded by adhesive. These types of ribbons can be curled and shredded with ease. Non-woven ribbons can be treated in a way to make them useful for gift wrapping and crafting items.

Wired Ribbons

Wired ribbons
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Wired ribbons are those ribbons that have fine wire attached at the edges. The flexible wire is attached to the sides so that when you fold it, it can still hold its original shape. 

Non-Wired Ribbons

Non-wired ribbons do not have any wire attached to the edges.

The above-listed types of ribbons can be further identified by pattern, texture, and embellishments.

21 Different Types of Bows Ribbon for Decorating Purposes

Many sewers, florists, and crafters love ribbons since they are worth adding to your craft projects and ease beginner sewing projects. There are different types of bows ribbons available in the market that sewers can be used in their sewing projects.

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These ribbons can be sewn into cloth by using some advanced sewing techniques. Here are different types of bows ribbons.

Grosgrain Ribbons

Grosgrain ribbons are one of the popular types of bows ribbons in the craft department. They are woven with thick lengthwise types of textile fibers and provide a little bit of elasticity. Its head-wearing fiber mixture makes it ideal for all craft projects. 

Grosgrain ribbons can also be used in some sewing projects since the hems can fit the body. These types of bows ribbons come in a wide range of colors and have unique ridges across their length. All in all, these ribbons are perfect for crafters.

Velvet Ribbons

Velvet ribbons
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Velvet represents luxury due to its plush, soft, and rich texture. Velvet ribbons have a cut pile on the surface, just like velvet fabric. They are classic winter trims that are used for colder months of the year, but you can store, press, and reuse them with ease. 

Given its lustrous elegance, velvet ribbons can be used as a decorative item on birthdays, holidays, and other critical celebratory occasions.

Satin Ribbons

Satin ribbons are soft and pliable silk, nylon, or types of cotton fabric ribbons with a shiny surface. Satin ribbons can be found either in single or double-sided shiny designs. This ribbon’s one-side satin has a matte finished surface. 

Single-face satin ribbons are pretty cost-effective, making them great for gift-wrapping. You can choose a double-face satin ribbon when you want to show both sides of the ribbons. 

They are ideal for home décor. Satin ribbons are versatile and come in a huge variety of colors, shine, and prints.

Lace Ribbons

Lace bows
Image Source: The Ribbon Retreat

Looking to add elegance and class to different types of wedding dresses? Choose lace ribbons. You can learn to sew lace ribbons on various handmade clothes by using some sewing hacks

Lace ribbons can also be combined with burlap to give a shabby feel to ribbon décor. Many types of dresses are decorated with lace ribbons.

Paper Ribbons

One of the cost-effective options for craft projects is crinkle paper ribbons. These types of ribbons can be turned in bows with ease, making them an excellent option for wrapping gifts.

Mesh Ribbons

Mesh ribbon
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If you’re putting some high-profile and classy events, choose mesh ribbons. These types of ribbons are used for décor and making different types of bras. Even though these ribbons don’t have high durability properties, they can still add elegance to all kinds of décor. 

Mesh ribbons can be tied with ease, and they add volume to wreaths and bows. Use mesh ribbons at Christmas to create cheerful table décor and seasonal wreaths.

Metallic/Zari Ribbons

Metallic ribbons are made from metal threads. These types of bows ribbons look amazing, but they are sort of stiff, making them great for craft projects rather than sewing projects. 

Metallic ribbons have different threads, some made from golden threads, and some mixed with other colors.

Tulle Ribbons

Tulle decorating ribbon
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Tulle ribbons are one of the light air ribbons that can give a fantastic appearance to décor items. You can find layered or double-up large bows. Some of the wedding venues and bride’s bouquets look amazing when decorated with tulle ribbons.

Burlap Ribbons

Burlap ribbons are also known as jute ribbons. They are made from the fibers of jute, hemp, or flax. Many craft and home décor projects looking to get a natural or rustic look can be decorated with burlap ribbons. You can mix up burlap ribbons with lace or satin fabric.

Silk Ribbons

Green silk bow tie
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Silk ribbons are one of the hand-dyed ribbons available to sewers and crafters. These soft and smooth ribbons can add more beauty to your dresses. 

Silk ribbons are used for delicate floral embroidery, and you must check the care labels of silk ribbons before washing or ironing them.

Organza Ribbons

Organza ribbons are one of the lightweight ribbons for sewing projects. These types of bows ribbons are popular among fashion designers to create beautiful dresses for special occasions. They use woven labels and hang tags to give a personal touch to these dresses.

These sheer, delicate ribbons come with wired edges to help you hold some fantastic shapes you want to create.

Organza is not ideal for a new sewer. If you wonder how to sew these ribbons on different sewing fabrics, check these 35 intermediate sewing projects for some motivation.

Poly Ribbons

Types of bows ribbons
Image Source: My Floristry and gardening blog

Poly ribbons are also popular as curling ribbons. These ribbons are made from synthetic materials and have a crimped or smooth surface.

Taffeta Ribbons

Taffeta is a woven ribbon that is made from translucent and lightweight silk, polyester, or rayon fabric. Even though these ribbons don’t have wire, they can still give crisp texture and hold their original shape. 

Silk taffeta ribbons and ribbon taffeta ribbons are some of the popular taffeta ribbons, but they are not available in the market.

Brocade Ribbons

Brocade ribbon
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Brocade ribbons are other decorative ribbons that are appropriate for heavy fabric. These ribbons have golden and silver threads running all over them. Brocade ribbons are best for decorating hatbands and other accessories.

Petersham Ribbons

Petersham ribbons are decorative trims that are used for decorating waistlines in skirts and dresses. These types of bows ribbons look like grosgrain ribbons, but this one gives more charm to your fabric.

Glitter Ribbons

Green glitter ribbon
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Glitter ribbons are used for sewing fabric and hair accessories. These ribbons have glittered threads, making them stiffer, but they are flexible enough to let you sew with any sewing machine. Glitter ribbons tend to be scratchy, so use them with some precautions.

Raffia Ribbons

Raffia ribbons are made from natural fibers. These types of bows ribbons are used for gift wrapping and giving a rustic look to décor.

Jacquard Ribbons

Jacquard ribbon belt
Image Source: The Ribbon Retreat

Jacquard ribbons have high durability and look amazing for decorating accents. These types of bows ribbons are named after the 19th-century weaver Joseph Marie Jacquard. These ribbons have the same pattern on both sides and come in inverse colors.

Picot Edge Ribbons

Picot edge ribbons are one of the cost-effective ribbons. These ribbons have delicate decorative loops that are known as picots. 

Picot edge ribbons can give feathered texture to your décor project. They are ideal for almost everything- be it tying bows or hanging ornaments.

Twill Ribbons

Twill ribbons
Image Source: Best Fabric Store

Twill ribbons are some types of cotton or polyester woven ribbons. These ribbons have a zigzag or diagonal weave that provides strength and support to your ribbons. You can use a twill ribbon as a base for binding the edges of your garment.

Organdy Ribbons

Organdy ribbons are lightweight and easy to sew ribbons. You can start with these easy beginner sewing projects to sew organza ribbons on fabric. Its thin and transparent texture can give you an elegant style statement. Organdy ribbons are made from cotton, silk, or rayon fabrics.

3 Types of bows ribbon Patterns

Apart from having different textures and properties, ribbons can also be categorized based on patterns and designs. Many printed ribbons are available in the market that can be customized as per brand or business.

Pink and yellow lace ribbons
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Printed ribbons are great for adding a personal touch to wedding dresses, different types of underwear for women, and even occasions. Different types of bows ribbons can be printed with patterns, logos, or polka dots. Here are some of the printing options available for you:

Floral Designs

Floral print ribbon
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Ribbons printed with floral designs are great for making summer dresses and winter items. Floral ribbons can blend with seasonal arrangements with ease, making them great for decorating Christmas tables.


Ginghams and plaid designs can add a wide range of colors to your crafts and different sewing projects.

Spots and Stripes

Different types of ribbons
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Stripes and polka dots are popular in different types of bows ribbons as they can add vibrant color to your fabric.

All About Types of Grosgrain Ribbon and Their Uses

Grosgrain ribbons are dated back to the 17th century. They were introduced when sewists started making these types of grosgrain ribbons to make different clothes such as jackets, dresses, and girdles. 

Types of grosgrain ribbons
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When pronouncing grosgrain, the letter “s” is silent. If you want to know the nature of different types of grosgrain ribbons, read this section.

Nature of Different Types of Grosgrain Ribbons

Grosgrain ribbons are thick and durable ribbons. They are made from diverse materials such as rayon, silk, or nylon.

When grosgrain ribbons are made from natural materials, they become much more breathable and have heat-resistant properties. Grosgrain weave is often used in nylon watchbands and seat belts to make sure you get a long-lasting design.

Uses of Different Types of Grosgrain Ribbons

Craft and Décor

Folded grosgrain flower
Image Source: The Ribbon Retreat

Grosgrain is considered one of the best types of ribbons for crafting and home décor projects. These ribbons are lighter and more flexible than other materials.

You can make different types of bows with ribbons, wrap gifts and embellish clothes.

Grosgrain and Korker Bows

Making different types of bows with ribbons is easy now. You can choose grosgrain to make Korker bows. Just wrap the ribbon on a wooden dowel and secure both ends with wooden garment pins. 

Put the wooden dowel on a baking sheet and let it bake at 250 for about 20-30 minutes in the oven.

Grosgrain and Clothing

Grosgrain and clothing
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There is a wide range of clothes you can make with grosgrain ribbons. Make sure you treat both the ribbon edges with some fray-check solution to limit frying from rough water.


There are a wide variety of ribbons available in the market. All types of ribbons look great for sewing and craft projects. You can find different varieties in ribbons beyond your imagination.

Ribbons are an excellent addition to your simple, dull-looking projects. You can use it in many ways, and there is no end to this.

Next time you give a gift to someone, decorate it with eye-catching ribbons or just enhance the look of your wedding dress with ribbons.