45+ Different Types of Necklines and Styles

There are no women in the world who don’t want to experience their dresses with different types of necklines. When hunting for your most flattering top, the first thing you notice is the neckline. It is easy to distract your attention toward other areas, but the right neck shape can uplift your entire look.

Necklines can either emphasize or deemphasize different parts of your body, right from shoulders to your collarbone.

From classy to trend boat neck to deep V and everything in-between, there are so many types of necklines available in the market. Knowing each neckline type in detail can help you narrow down your search for the perfect top. 

Read on to know different types of necklines and collars and understand how to choose the best neckline for every body shape.

Unleash Your Fashion Style With 19 Different Types of Necklines

When you go shopping, especially different types of dresses, you check the fabric, the size of the bust, bust line, and even types of polyester fabric used in it, but often forget to consider the most important style cut such as different types of necklines.

Necklines play an essential role in uplifting your silhouette. Choosing the right neckline cut for you can help you catch more eyeballs at the gathering and help you stand out from the crowd. The wrong neckline cut can degrade your entire look.

Below are different types of necklines to help you achieve sartorial excellence.

Straight Across

Straight neckline on wedding dress
Image Source: Pinterest

The straight-across neckline is known as “Strapless.” As the name suggests, this neckline stays straight across the neck. It starts from one shoulder, goes across the breast, and ends on the other shoulder.

These types of necks on dresses have sleeves that drop from the shoulder in the downward direction. It can give a sleeveless, stunning look. 

Many designers provide some invisible straps that drape across each shoulder. The primary purpose of these invisible straps is to hold up the dress without being obvious. 

Straight across necklines are used in making casual garments that you can wear at the beach with friends.


A neckline shaped like an alphabet “U” is called U-neck. These are the most preferred types of necklines for shirts across the globe. 

U-neckline is as wide as the base of the neck. Its low, circular neckline highlights the collarbone and lengthens the neck while creating a sleek, elongated look.  

Gathered Neckline

These types of necklines are the ones you find in blouses, long tops, etc. It has types of clothing aesthetics that sum up together on the dress. Get street-style sexiness with the gathered neckline cut.

Ruffle Neckline

Retro burda dress pattern
Image Source: Burda Style

If you’re shopping for a date night dress, then don’t forget to consider a ruffle neckline. These are different types of necklines on dresses that create a flowy design on the dress. This style holds onto the dress and looks effortless.

Decollete Neckline

This is a sort of deep neckline and is also referred to as a plunging neckline. It reveals the cleavage area, and the cut is wide enough at the shoulders.

Bib Neck

Many types of collars shirts come with Bib necklines. This neckline type features a collar or crew with an extra piece of sewing fabric that creates a U-shaped neckline sewn at the front. 

If you’re wondering how to sew Bib neckline at home, then read on these best sewing tips and tricks. Use custom woven labels and hang tags to personalize your clothing.

Scoop Neck

Who doesn’t like a deeper, wider neckline on a tee or a dress? A scoop neckline is a round and relaxed neckline that drops more than the regular

This flattering neckline is suitable for all body shapes and faces shapes as it helps uplift the style game and highlights the collarbone in an elegant way. You can customize the depth of the neckline.

Asymmetrical Neckline

Pattyboutik twist asymmetric neckline cold shoulder dress
Image Source: Topofstyle

Asymmetrical neckline has two different looks on the front and backside. This flattering neckline was popular in the late 80s for different types of wedding dresses. 

It can be customized and personalized with different types of sleeves on one side while leaving the other shoulder bare. Asymmetrical necklines can help you create a unique style statement and looks stunning when made from a plain fabric (types of textile fibers).

Boat Neck

The boat neck style is a nautical-inspired neckline. This graceful, wider neckline forms a horizontal front and back across the collarbone. 

It can draw attention to your shoulders and lower neck and give you an illusion of better posture. This neckline looks great with a simple yet elegant necklace top. Sometimes these types of neckline tops are known as bateau neckline tops.

Wrap/Surplice Neckline

Types of necklines
Image Source: Fashion and Cookies

Surplice or wrap neckline is designed with a diagonal crossed line on the neck and drawing attention to the waist. This neckline is often mistaken for a V-neck shape. 

The extra fabric from one side of the bodice crosses the other side at the front and is sewn with seam. Learn advanced sewing techniques to make different types of necklines for tops. 

Pair different types of scarves with surplice neck tops as they will help you look stunningly hot.

Layered Neckline

Layered necklines are the one that makes your dress look different than any other average dress. It is a flouncy design that adds more glamour to your dress. 

Shopping for a summer dress? Choose layered neckline summer dresses. One can learn to sew at home and make different types of clothes with this neckline type.

Spaghetti Strap

Different types of necklines
Image Source: The Thread Blog

These are different types of necklines that come with two thin straps that accentuate the bodice. The neck cut can be round or v-shaped and is quite open. Spaghetti strap neckline helps you flaunt your shoulders.

Halter Strap

Halter strap is a type of necklines women’s top with two straps attached at the back of your neck, keeping the dress in place. 

This helps uncover the upper back and leave the impression that nothing holds the dress or shirt. It emphasizes more on the bust or neck. Read 35 intermediate sewing projects to sew these types of necklines.

Off-the-shoulder Neckline

How to wear off shoulder top neckline
Image Source: Bewakoof

Wear these romantic and flirty off-the-shoulder neckline tops on a date night and showcase your bold shoulders on both sides. These types of off-shoulder necklines draw attention to your gorgeous face, collarbone, and shoulders. 

This neckline is ideal for those who have narrow shoulders. It is full dramatic and looks best when worn with a strapless bra.

Chinese Neckline

Want to give your dress a different look? Don’t worry. The Chinese neckline is a type of neckline that features a standing collar sewn on the garment. This neck cut will give you a magnificent look and prove to be the best for prom nights.

Deep V Neckline

Types of necklines for dresses
Image Source: The Rachel Whatever

Make deep types of V necklines your BFF for this party season. The deep V neckline forms a deep V and ends just above the waist. It is perfect for bringing drama to any look.

Halter Neck

If you want to highlight your sexy curves and draw attention to your pretty posture, don’t forget to try a halter neckline.

The halter neck flaunts a wide shoulder and creates the perfect balance between well-toned arms and broad shoulders. It is also known as mock neck cut, the variation of turtleneck that covers the neck, ending halfway to the jawline.

Want to sew different types of halter necklines at home? Don’t forget to read this guide on sewing threads, types, and tips. It will help you sew a fantastic halter top at home.

Square Neckline

Square neckline tops
Image Source: Bloglovin’

This retro-style neckline is the ideal balance of sexy and modest looks. It visually lengthens your neck and draws eyeballs to your collarbone. 

These types of tank top necklines have a straight cut that forms a square on the dress and holds up the bodice. Don’t forget to add this timeless beauty to your casual outings.

Tucked Neckline

This neckline is the one that sticks to your neck area. Opt for this office-style neckline and uplift your professional clothes. Learn some sewing hacks to sew this neckline without wasting much time. Give some spark to your work clothes today!

12 Types of Shirt Necklines to Upgrade Your Formal Look

Shirts are the most popular clothing item when it comes to work clothes. While making workplace clothes, craftsmen combine traditional hand tools and machinery with their passion and unique ideas.

Types of shirt necklines
Image Source: Vladimir Fedotov On Unsplash

But there are so many types of shirt necklines available in the market, so how do you choose the right one? In this section, we will cover everything about different types of shirt necklines that can uplift your work cloth look.

Shirt Collar

Shirt collar necklines are designed the same way as the collar of a shirt. Upscale your day outlook by combining this neckline with your dress, and have some fun.

Double Collar Neckline

Double collar style neckline
Image Source: Threads

An average outfit looks more interesting when the double collar neckline is sewn onto it. These types of shirts necklines are layered with two collars bonded together to form ideal office wear.

Puritan Collar Neckline

A puritan collar neckline is a wide collar that falls off the shoulder but still keeps you in the fashion game. These are the different types of shirt necklines that will upgrade your entire look in no time. 

Giving a ladylike appeal, a puritan collar neckline can either give or take away the beauty, so be careful while choosing this neckline.

Lapel Collar Neckline

Lapel collar neckline
Image Source: Pinterest

A lapel collar neckline can give your formal wear a sexy yet professional look. This neckline has folded flaps on the different types of shirts for women

These types of shirt necklines are added to give an aesthetic look. It also looks outstanding when paired with different types of jackets and uplifts your formal style.

Pointed Flat Neckline

Get ready to amaze everyone at the workplace by wearing a pointed flat neckline shirt. These are different tank top necklines that are adopted as formal wear. 

The pointed flat neckline will 100% prove to be a fantastic add-on for your formal wear. Pair these neckline shirts with different types of sweaters to create your own style.

Ascot Neckline

Types of necklines for shirts
Image Source: Pinterest

The ascot neckline features pointed wings and a long tie wrapped around the neck, adding more drama to the formal look. Forget your old formal style and start wearing your formal attire in a different way by sewing this neckline.

Crew Neck/Round Neck

Classic, simple and close-to-the-face shape neckline is amazing for formal wear. This round neck/crew neckline shortens your neck and focuses more on your bust. 

Brighten up your 9 to 5 style by wearing this catchy neckline. Avoid pairing necklaces of the same length as it will degrade your entire look.

Henley Neckline

Henley neckline shirt
Image Source: Smoothing Good Blog

The Henley shirt neckline looks like a crew neck shirt, but it has some buttons at the top that you can unbutton with ease and make it look like V-neck. 

When unbuttoned, it looks stunning under tank tops or with a crew neck t-shirt. Henley tops are long-sleeved tops and made from waffle-type fabric, so make sure you read on easy beginner sewing projects to make it in a perfect way.

Polo Neckline

The Polo neckline is just a combination of Henley and a round shirt neckline. It has a few buttons at the neck, which can be used to lose the collar. Wear polo shirt necklines on casual Fridays at work or while playing golf or tennis.

Choker Neckline

Choker neckline blouse
Image Source: Pinterest

This shirt neckline has a tucked neckline near the throat, giving you a too-hot-to-handle look. Choose this neckline when attending annual office parties.

Mock Neckline

Want to wear high collars at the office but couldn’t find the right one? Don’t worry. The mock neckline is a high collar neckline that goes all the way up. Choose this neckline and some spices for your casual days.

Mandarin Neckline

Mandarin collar shirt dress
Image Source: KSTYLICK

These types of shirt neck cuts are the one which has stand-up style collar design made on the garment. Mandarin neckline derives its name from the mandarin bureaucrats in Qing-era China that applied this as part of their uniform. 

Add this comfy, going-out glamorous neckline to your wardrobe.

Looking for a Different Wedding Dress Neckline? Consider These 14 Different Types of Dress Necklines

There are a lot of things that come in when finding an ideal wedding dress. One of the most important things to consider while shopping for different types of wedding dresses is to choose the right neckline.

Types of dress necklines
Image Source: Charisse Kenion On Unsplash

Different types of dress necklines help you highlight your face and can uplift your wedding day look. 

From traditional sweetheart necklines to empire jewel necklines, here are some of the breath-taking necklines you can consider.


Sweetheart neckline
Image Source: Wed2B

Sweetheart or semi-sweetheart necklines form a heart shape just above your bust and highlight the decolletage while giving you a leaner appearance. If you have a larger bust or are looking for more modesty, choose a semi-sweetheart neckline.


Looking for a longer torso with a slight or dramatic dip? V-neckline is an ideal type of neckline for wedding dresses. This neckline features sleeves or straps that create added flares and support your dress.

Plunging Neckline

Plunging neckline wedding dress
Image Source: BrideBox

Plunging neckline is made for those daring brides who want to flaunt their sexy flash of skin. If you’re thinking of wearing long sleeves on your wedding day, then adding a plunge is an amazing way to balance out your cleavage.

Illusion Neckline

Create a dreamy, romantic look for your big day with an illusion neckline. These types of dress necklines are made from lightweight, sheer fabric such as tulle to give an illusion of a strapless dress while supporting the bodice to the base of the neck. 

Make sure you check the care labels of sheer fabric while using it in your dress. This dreamy neckline for a wedding dress is the perfect blend of timeless romance and modern elegance.

High Neckline

Different types of dress necklines
Image Source: Pinterest

Opt for a high neck or turtleneck wedding dress for the regal bride look. A high neckline gives the most coverage, and sheer fabric and designs can be added to soften up the look. 

With different types of dress necklines available, this neckline will help you look like royalty walking down the aisle. Choose simple earrings to complete your look.

Sabrina Neckline

Get a look at the Duchess of Sussex, Audrey Hepburn, from Sabrina or Meghan Markle by wearing Sabrina style neckline wedding dress. 

This neckline extends from one shoulder to another and falls just under the collarbone. Opt for a simple necklace that doesn’t distract people’s attention from the neckline.

Jewel Neckline

Different types of necklines on dresses
Image Source: Pinterest

Jewel neck cut is known as “T-shirt” neckline, which rests above the collarbone sits on the base of your neck. 

In the past, jewel neckline was made to flaunt necklaces and bring attention to the jewelry. Famous figures like Michelle Obama and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis prefer these types of necklines. Choose a nice pair of drop earrings to uplift your look.

Portrait Neckline

If you’re a bride looking for a timeless look to cover arms and support their collarbone, then a portrait neckline is perfect for you. 

The portrait neckline is similar to the off-the-shoulder neckline, but it is made with more fabric than used in the off-the-shoulder neckline. With so much open space from the neckline to your face, a portrait neckline goes amazing with necklaces.

Empire Neckline

A white empire waist dress
Image Source: The Ever-Pretty Blog

Elegant and flattering, the empire neckline features an angular style that rests on the shoulders. This neckline can be customized based on your comfort of showing off the shoulders. Accentuates your neck and bust while showcasing your shoulder.

Queen Anne Neckline

Create a vintage and romantic-charm wedding day with a Queen Anne neckline wedding day. This neckline highlights a high collar in the back and a sweetheart in the front. 

Queen Anne of Britain made the style statement with this neckline in the 1700s. The royal of highness “Kate Middleton” prefers this neckline for her royal nuptials.

Cowl Neck

Cowl neck wedding dress
Image Source: Pinterest

The cowl neckline was first launched in the 1920s. It serves both as a hood and a collar. Pippa Middleton can be seen wearing this neckline day at the wedding of Catherine Middleton and Prince William. 

This neckline is best for brides who want all eyes on their faces. Keep your neck area free of jewelry to flaunt your wedding dress.


A keyhole neckline is a cut-out in the neckline. The keyhole neckline creates a hole-like design at the center of the neck area. These simple details reveal skin while supporting a high neck or halter neckline.

Sheer Neckline

Sheer neckline
Image Source: Samantha Gades On Unsplash

A sheer neckline is a transparent style that flaunts the collarbones in an amazing way. A sheer or semi-sheer fabric extends from the dress’s bodice to the neck. 

These types of dress necklines go well with drop, post, or dangly earrings.


Perhaps these are the most popular types of necklines for wedding dresses. This ultra-feminine neckline gives you a stunning look on your big day. 

Many jewelry options go well with strapless necklines. Choose bold earrings, and no necklace looks to rock your day.

One can also sew these types of necklines at home. Read these 10 reasons to start sewing clothes today!

How to Choose Different Types of Blouse Necklines

Just like any other part of apparel, the neckline for the blouse also matters. Different types of blouse necklines can either make or break your entire look.

Golden blouse design images that will complement most sarees
Image Source: Weddingz.in

Many neckline designs and styles are available in the market, so choosing the right one can be a challenging task. Here are some tips on choosing different types of blouse necklines.

Broad Shoulders

High neck blouse designs for pattu sarees
Image Source: Bling Sparkle

If you have a triangle body shape with broad shoulders, then choose Halter necklines, Closed round neck, or off-shoulder boat neck cut. 

The idea here is to make you look proportional. The blouse neckline length can be customized based on your preferences.

Face Shape

Wide necklines can offset the narrowness of the long face, whereas V-necklines can make it look more appealing. Scoop necklines and Turtleneck looks great on long face shape. Square or V-necks can be used to create an illusion of a longer face.

Small Bust

Types of neckline tops
Image Source: Pinterest

There are different types of necklines for blouses that suit women who have small busts. These women can carry low necklines with utmost ease and beauty. 

Bralette blouse with a V-neck cut or spaghetti strapped tube neckline can enhance the overall look.


Sleeveless blouses with a wide U-neck cut and sleek halter neckline look amazing on women with small frames. Deep sweetheart types of blouse necklines with apple sleeves and 1.5 to 2-inch shoulder straps can make your upper body frame wider.

Long Neck

Pam Hetlinger turtleneck top
Image Source: The Girl from Panama

Women with long necks can opt for turtle necklines or try their hands on racer-back blouse necklines. These types of blouse necklines can help beautify long necks and create a proportional look. Closed round neck cuts with long sleeves do wonders for this frame.

Heavy Bust

Heavy busted women can opt for scalloped U-neck cut or closed drop V-neckline blouses. Different types of blouse necklines like drop boat or medium sweetheart necklines can also uplift your look.

Hips Shape

Different types of necklines for blouses
Image Source: Bling Sparkle

Boat necklines look great on women with wider hips as they can offset the look of wide hips and follow the collarbone curve.


There you have it! A complete guide on different types of necklines with pictures. Use this information to make your own signature look.

Want to personalize your hand-made unique clothes? Don’t worry. 

Superlabel Store offers custom woven labels and hang tags so don’t forget to use it. Super quick, super easy!