Types of Lace

37 Gorgeous Types of Lace for Clothing and Home Decor – Lace Trims, Style, and Patterns

Can you imagine the types of lace that make your clothes more attractive were once made by hand? The beautiful and intricate lace fabric is all worth the labor. Bobbin lace and needle lace were some of the common types of making handmade lace.

Nowadays, most of the laces are made on machines that make it affordable fabric for everyone. Today, you can find lace fabric in almost all outfits. Right from your nightwear to party, wedding gowns to formal clothes, lace is everywhere.

Woman wearing white lace
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Lace is a high-quality and breathable fabric that represents delicate luxury and soft gentleness. It’s a beautiful accessory and trims for designing delicate and fashionable outfits. Lace can also be used as the main sewing fabric or just a piece of decoration on another fabric.

Today, we will dip into different types of lace – a gorgeous and sheer fabric that can be sewn by using advanced sewing techniques and help you conquer any fabric.

From basic to delicate embroidered net lace, there are many types of lace to choose from. Check out this guide to understand more about lace fabric and how to sew them.

16 Different Types of Lace and How to Sew Them 

Lace fabric has been in fashion for quite a long time. They are used in transforming your simple, boring outfits into unique, eye-catching wear. Many designers have played with different lace patterns and come up with clothes that are popular in fashion today.

Lace and sheer fabric
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There are different types of lace used for various purposes. If you’re wondering, “what are the different types of lace?” Then here is the list of 16 different types of lace.

Chantilly Lace

Chantilly lace
Image Source: Fashion History Timeline

This timeless and classic lace got its name from a Northern France city. Chantilly is a lightweight lace that has a delicate floral design combined with different types of silk threads on a net background.  

The net or mesh is a delicate fabric, making it an ideal choice to stand out lace designs. The original Chantilly lace was sewn with black silk threads and had delicate scalloped edges. If you’re a designer then you can use woven labels to design your unique and custom woven labels for Chantilly lace. 

Today’s modern Chantilly laces come in a wide variety of colors. A Chantilly lace trim that has both edges scalloped is known as Galloon lace.

Lyon Lace

Lyon lace is a different type of lace fabric that is made from 100% cotton and weighs around 90 to 150 grams per meter. This lace is sewn on some lightweight tulle and bordered with cord threads. 

They have complex patterns and are made on looms dated back to the 18th century.

Embroidered Net Lace

Embroidered net lace
Image Source: Pinterest

This is a delicate lace with embroidery done on net or mesh material. As the name suggests, the floral embroidery is done all over the fabric.

The embroidered net lace weighs around 100 to 550 grams per meter.  Add some crystal, sequins, beads, ribbons, and satin embroidery to create a festive appearance. 

Embroidered net lace is famous for making gorgeous evening wear, bridal gowns, and fashionable haute couture gowns.

French Embroidered Lace/Alencon Lace

Another type of lace fabric comes with a net background and raised motifs with embellishing beads and cords. Motifs in Alencon lace are outlined with a heavy silk cord known as Cordonnet and create a raised outer edge on the net. 

Authentic French Embroidered lace and copies of this lace are available in the market. One way to identify the types of lace fabric is to look for fine fringe threads scalloped at the edges. The authentic French Alencon is around 36 inches wide, whereas the imitation varieties can be 60 inches wide. 

Genuine Alencon laces are made in France and look fantastic. They are pretty expensive but worth the money.

Corded Lace

Corded lace fabric
Image Source: EU Fabrics Blog

Corded lace is another type of lace that is outlined with a soutache cord to create a voluminous effect. The weight of corded lace is around 45 to 185 grams/meter. 

This lace is used in decorating any outfit, such as evening or wedding dresses.

Nylon Lace

This synthetic lace is popular nowadays due to its affordable price. They are made from natural woven fibers. Nylon laces have either scalloped or straight edges to give any boring clothes a refined and delicate look.


Cutwork border lace fabric
Image Source: Utsav Fashion Blog

It is a type of lace in which holes are cut on the base fabric and then reinforced with needlework. It is easy to make lace type and often has an automated process.

Elastic Lace

These stretchable laces are used for embellishing different types of underwear for women. Elastic laces are soft and affordable, and thus, they are quite popular in women’s undergarment fashion.

Lace appliqué

Types of lace
Image Source: trc-leiden.nl

Lace appliqué is a type of single motif which you can purchase as a piece rather than buying the whole fabric. Motifs are beautiful and can be appliqué to the garments with ease. Lace appliqué is one of the cost-effective ways to decorate clothes.  

Check these easy beginner projects to understand how you can sew different clothes with lace.

Sheer Lace

Different types of lace
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Sheer lace type has more holes than the fabric itself. This lace type should have a backing fabric when utilized for garments.

Smocked Lace

Smocked laces look eye-catching since it has rows of smocking to decorate any outfit. Since smocked laces are ready-made, it makes them easier to sew than making actual smocking.

Bruges Lace

Burges lace is another delicate and classic lace type. They are used in making veils and clothes.

Schiffli Lace

Schiffli lace fabric
Image Source: Pinterest

Schiffli lace is also known as Chemical laces. These are a man-made synthetic form of the embroidered net that later disintegrates, leaving the design exposed. 

Today’s modern factories disintegrate the background fabric with hot water rather than chemicals. You can identify imitation lace if it has a little fuzzy or fluffy look at the edges.

Filet Lace

Knotted net is used as base fabric in filet lace, and a needle is used for linen stitches across the knotted net.

Torchon Lace

Double torchon ground lace
Image Source: How Did You Make This?

Torchon laces are created with different bobbins in strips of 1 to 2 inches wide.  This is quite simple to make laces, and new lacemakers often learn to sew this kind of laces first.

Battenburg Lace

Battenburg laces are also known as ‘Milanese lace’ or ‘Tape lace.’  This lace is made with bobbins and tapes to create a new design.  

The original Battenburg lace was created with just one buttonhole picot stitch.

5 Beautiful Types of Lace for Wedding Dresses

There is lace for every bride. Some brides like comfortable laces while others prefer striking yet sophisticated laces. Whatever types of lace you imagine for your wedding dress, you can get it. 

Types of lace for wedding dresses
Image Source: Charisse Kenion On Unsplash

Laces add more charm to any type of wedding dress. Lace can transform your simple wedding gown into a charming and more dramatic one. Here are five different types of lace for wedding dresses you should know.

Knit Lace – Fit and Flexibility

Types of lace fabric
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Knit laces have tulle backing, which makes it a more flexible and breathable lace style. They are soft laces so that they can contour around the bride’s body with so much ease.

Eyelet Lace – Boho Aesthetics

Eyelet lace boho
Image Source: Martha Stewart

Eyelet laces come with small holes or circles, which adds a Boho touch to your wedding gown. These types of lace for wedding dresses give a vintage yet relaxed and modern look. 

Wedding gowns made from Eyelet laces are like a dream come true outfit for any bride.

Brocade Lace – Royalty Look

Types of lace trims
Image Source: Mariana Fernandez On Unsplash

Brocade lace is another wedding dress lace type that includes colored silk to make the gown look more aesthetic and elegant.  This lace type is often not considered by the brides who want a minimalistic look, but it can help you feel royal on your special day. 

The fabric is stitched using advanced sewing hacks to raise the threads to make it look more like an embroidered lace. Brocade lace is the best choice for wedding gowns. 

They are sometimes made with in-built types of bra to make wedding gowns more appealing. Feel lavish on your wedding day by choosing brocade lace gowns.

Guipure Lace – Sophistication and Structure

Lace wedding dress
Image Source: Anomalie Wedding Dress

Guipure lace is also called Venetian lace. This lace style was first encountered in Italy at the end of the 17th century. They have the finest cellulose and are made from high-quality silk threads. 

Since Guipure lace is a firm and stiff lace, motifs are connected with pleats or bars instead of the net or mesh fabric.

Point D’ Esprit – Vintage-Inspired Details

Point D’ Esprit is another lightweight lace popular among modern-era brides. These laces have oval dots scattered all over the fabric, making it look like net fabric or tulle. These vintage-style laces add volume to your look. It can look best when paired with a flirty and chic aesthetic.

11 Types of Lace Trim That Are Used in Fashion and Home Décor

Lace is an exquisite fabric that is made from natural substances such as cotton, silk, viscose, wool, and different types of polyester fabric. In today’s fashion world, you can find different types of lightweight and heavyweight laces. 

White lace trims
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The weight and trim also play an important role while choosing an ideal lace style. One should also be able to identify different types of lace trims to make an ideal outfit.

Below is the list of types of lace trim that one should know

Gathered Lace Trim

Gathered lace trim
Image Source: Lace Trim

Gathered lace trims are some types of laces curled together. You can identify this type of lace trim by its scalloped and ruffled look that is sewn together by a straight or single band. 

Gathered lace trims are one of the simplest to stitch types of trims. They are used to make unique objects such as flowers. You can find trims in wedding and prom gowns.

Beading Lace Trim

Another versatile lace trim in the fashion world is beading lace trim. These lace trims are famous for their minimalistic look. They have slits and openings at the middle of the band, including different types of ribbons or small trims.

Edging Lace Trim

Edging lace trim
Image Source: Pinterest

This asymmetrically shaped lace trim is popular in home décor. The one side of the edge is straight, while the second side is crafted with an open pattern. 

The lace edging is found in different types of dresses, fashionable scarves, blouses, and some vintage tablecloths and curtains.

Galloon Lace Trim

This lace has curved or rounded edges with an intricate and complex design at the center. Gallon lace design often includes leaves, flowers, paisleys, and crowns. 

The usage of this versatile lace trim is unlimited. You can just sew it around the hems of your bridal wear and drape it across the headband of your bridal veil.

Insertion Lace Trim

Basic lace insertion
Image Source: Wearing History@ Blog

This type of lace trim is identified by its band design that comes with an intricate and dainty pattern. It is also embroidered in between two different selvage edges. 

Insertion lace trim is used when you want to unite two types of fabrics into one. This creative way of trimming covers the stitched edges and makes your cloth more attractive.

Stiff Lace Trim

Stiff lace trim is used for crafting and home décor accessories. This unique lace trim is popular for its stiffness that keeps the trims into their actual shape. Many home centerpieces also contain stiff lace trim.

Stretch Lace Trim

As the name suggests, stretch lace trim provides you enough elasticity and a great appearance. They are one of the popular lace trims used in women’s undergarments.

Floral Lace Trim

Floral lace trim
Image Source: Thea Hdc On Unsplash

The lace pattern is one of the eye-catching factors of this lace trim. Flowers are considered motifs on floral lace trim. They are also designed in the shape of an oval or circle. 

The flowing and curving lines of floral can be fitted in the lace trim without much effort.

Ruffled Lace Trim

If a lace trim looks ruffled, then it is known as Ruffled lace trim. The lace trim is held together with one row of edging and stitching. They are used as an attractive border to enhance the look of the design.

Medallion Lace Trim

Medallion lace trim
Image Source: Lace Trim

These lace trims have a circular shape and look regal. Medallion lace trim is used in decorating eye-catching home décor and can be found in coasters, napkins, doilies, and blankets.  

Picot Lace Trim

The loops, along with the attractive edges, are one of the ways to identify picot lace trim. These both give an artistic charm to any fabric.

There are different types of lace trim for various purposes. Now, it’s your turn to decide which is suitable for your fabric and enhance its look.

How to Use Different Types of French Lace?

French lace has everything we look for: style, charm, and quality. The different designs and patterns offered by French laces are a blessing for modern brides and office-going women as well. They are versatile and help you in making clothes better with lace.

Types of french lace
Image Source: Empire Textiles

Not only brides, but everyone loves French lace. It is feminine and creates a unique style. Within a moment, you can go from innocent and modest to bold looks. When combined with satin, you can get an edgy and eye-catching look.

Here are some of the ways different types of French laces are used to improvised clothes.

Lace Sleeve Blouse

Romantic lace blouse
Image Source: Crossroads Trading

Lace sleeve blouse is ideal for those romantic occasions. Depending upon the silhouette and different colors, these blouses can help you look sexy and bold. 

This type of French lace is also used in collars, pockets, and trimmings, either in contrasting or matching colors.

Lace Lingerie

Different types of lace fabric
Image Source: Pinterest

If you’re searching for something more romantic, then what’s better than having lace lingerie? Sequins and beads are the types of French laces that are used in making soft and attractive lingerie. 

While choosing lace lingerie, make sure you consider the weight of the lace because it will be in direct touch with your skin. It can add glamour as well as be ideal for camisoles and slips that you’re going to wear above another clothing piece.

Little Black Dress

Chantilly and Guipure are the types of French laces that are used in making those iconic little dresses. They come in midi length and have fit-and-flare cuts with a cap or 3/4th sleeves.

Guipure and Wool Jacquard Jackets

What are the different types of lace
Image Source: Pinterest

If you’re looking for a more ladylike look, you should combine heavy lace with cozy material such as wool. Alpaca and camel hair jackets with a touch of French lace look amazing. Wool Guipure lace is ideal for winter clothes.

Lace Overlay Shirts

Chantilly laces are types of clothing aesthetics for overlay shirts. Guipure and Corded varieties bring unique texture, weight, and dimension. You can also use Embroidered lace fabric to sew types of skirts that can help you put in the spotlight.

French laces are ideal if you’re looking to create some amazing dresses. You can use french laces alone or combine them with other laces to turn a dull garment into an absolute masterpiece.

Top 6 Attractive Types of Lace Patterns Used in Women’s Dresses

Women love dresses a lot, especially when they are made from different types of lace fabric. Lace adds elegance and beauty to any dress. It is an intricate material that comes in different varieties. 

Types of lace for dresses
Image Source: Tom Pumford On Unsplash

Different types of lace patterns can be used in making unique dresses. From formal to casual and party wear, you can find different lace patterns in all dresses.

Here are some trending types of lace patterns used in women’s dresses.

Short-Sleeve Lace Dress

Blue lace dress
Image Source: Fashion Jackson

These dresses are made from dark-colored, small-designed laces and have short sleeves. These types of lace dresses come with high necklines to help you look stunning on any occasion. 

Short sleeve lace dresses also come in two layers of the laces at the bottom, which is scalloped.

Flare Sleeve Lace Dress

Flare sleeve lace dresses have excellent hollow cut long sleeves that are made from lace fabric and have different lace patterns. 

It is a distinctive type of lace pattern that looks amazing on everyone. The center part of the dress comes without any lining to give you a hollow effect.

Camisole Lace Dress

Camisole lace dress
Image Source: Pinterest

Camisole lace dresses are the ones that have thin shoulder straps and make you look sexy and bold. Most of the camisole lace patterns are found in bold colors such as red. This lace pattern dress is ideal for those romantic date nights.

Bar Dot Neck Dress

Bar dot neck dresses have a unique lace pattern, making it a typical ‘Prom dress.’ They are body-hugging dresses and have intricate lace patterns. Add a nice belt or just another lace belt to get a cute and elegant look.

Backless Lace Dress

Backless lace dress
Image Source: Redd On Unsplash

Make heads turn with these bold backless lace patterned dresses. The lace design in this dress is intricate and comes with open edges. Most backless lace dresses are designer dresses that come with hang tags

The backless lace dress is ideal for women who want to show off their sexy figures.  They also have an invisible zip at the backside, which is sewn in the lace to help you keep the dress in place. Try this backless lace pattern dress at parties, and you will be the talk of the event.

CutWork Lace Dress

Cutwork laces represent vintage style. The neckline of cutwork lace dresses can give you a well-fitted figure. The lace pattern is eye-catching and flares at the waistline. If you’re looking for a vintage-style lace pattern, then go for these dresses.

How Should You Take Care of Different Types of Lace Fabric?

You have already understood the different types of lace fabric and their uses. So, now it’s your turn to look for some fantastic ways to take care of this delicate fabric. Here are some ways to keep your lace fabric in top condition.

Hand Wash Delicate Lace Fabric

Types of lace patterns
Image Source: Treasurie

Since lace fabric is more of a netlike, it is not appropriate for rough handling. It should be hand washed with proper water temperature. Some special lace fabric also comes with a care label so you can also follow it. Follow these steps for common lace fabric:

    • Fill a bucket with clean, hand-warm water and put in a proper amount of detergent powder designed to wash delicate material.
    • Place the lace fabric in the water and apply gentle swishing on the fabric.
    • Apply many rinses until the water is clear.
    • Now do a gentle squeeze to drop excess water from the fabric.
    • At last, keep it on a dry towel.

Machine Wash

When putting lace fabric in the washing machine, keep it in ‘delicate’ wash bags and use a gentle and cool washing cycle. Do not forget to use gentle detergent powder designed for washing delicate fabrics such as lace.

Note that stockings and lace tights can lose some color, so you must wash them separately to avoid damage to other garments.

Caring Old Lace Fabric

Caring for old lace fabric
Image Source: Gin Patin On Pexels

It is essential to store lace fabric in a wrapped and acid-free tissue paper. Keep it in a dry and clean environment. Do not keep them in direct sunlight as it can damage your lace material.


There are various types of laces available in the market, but the above-listed laces are some you’ll find everywhere.

Lace can always help you in enhancing the look of any garment. Right from wedding dresses to décor and lingerie, lace is used almost everywhere. In this guide, we’ve tried to cover everything you need to know about delicate lace fabric. 

The above information will help you when you go out to purchase delicate lace fabric for your dress or home furnishing items. Purchase different lace patterns as per your needs, and you are all set to get many eyeballs.