Types of Dresses

56 Best-loved and Beautiful Types of Dresses – A Dress for Every Occasion

Women love dresses a lot. Whether you call them frocks, gowns, or dresses, they have worn a lot of them. All types of dresses come in different lengths and styles, such as long, short, tight ones, and loose ones. It’s true that different dress styles affect your personality.

You may have worn many different types of dresses throughout your life, but do you know what any of them are called? Do you know what are the different types of dresses women wear? 

Today, different types of dresses are available in the market with different types of fabrics, materials, sleeves pattern, and necklines. Our different types of dresses guide can help you know the names.

5 Different Types of Dresses for Women

A basic design of one-piece material comes in many variations. Various cultures contribute their own design, style, and pattern across borders and oceans to reach foreign shops and designers. Dress designs from Japanese, French, India, China, and various Caribbean cultures have become popular around the world.

Just when you think that the dress styles and patterns are over, designers from around the world come with a new idea and present a unique style from the piece of cloth. 

Typical clothing materials used for dresses are silk, cotton, polyester, lycra, lace, leather, satin, and muslin.

A-line Dress

Christian Dior introduced A-line Dress in 1955. A-line dress follows the A-line Silhouette and snugly fits around the shoulder and flares out through to the hem. It is best suitable for the pear-shaped figure.  It looks like a triangle with the bottom being broader than the top and giving the capital letter A shape. The wider hem makes it easy to walk so that you won’t require slits.

The a line dress
Image source: The Fashion Folks

Apron Dress

The apron dress can be instantly recognizable and has an ancient origin. These types of dresses are also known as pinafore and are usually linked with Viking clothing. Apron dress comes in a sleeveless pattern and is often seen in movies as a common fashion choice. 

Some designers feel that apron dresses are a modern invention and it is an interpretation of Viking clothing. The dress is styled with a full type of skirt with a bib that is extendable to the chest. It also has straps that go above the shoulders.

Types of dresses
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Asymmetrical Dress

Asymmetrical dresses can be found in many variations, and thus, it is suitable for all body types. These dresses came into the market when Roy Halston released a series of dresses that featured hemlines in the 1970s. Since then, asymmetrical dresses are hot in the fashion world. 

Baby Doll Dress

A short adorable dress with a fitted bodice and loose skirt is known as a baby doll dress. This dress was used as a nightgown before it came into a regular dressing category. 

In the early 1960s, baby doll dresses became daywear due to the quick adoption of long sleeves and high waistlines.

Different types of dresses
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You can find a wide range of dresses under this category. Ball Gown dresses are the classic silhouette. Due to its fairytale look, it is popular among women for wedding dress choices. You can find mermaid or princess-cut styles in ball gown dresses.  

These dresses were trendy in the early 1800s and generally worn during a celebration called “throwing balls”.

Ballgown dress
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7 Types of Dress Styles for Every Women

Dresses are one of the essential garments which come in different styles and types. With so many trends coming into the fashion world on a daily basis, there’s a dress style to suit any body type. Different types of dress styles are available according to the length, shape, cut, sleeve, occasion, etc.

Balloon Dress

The Balloon Dress is a type of dress that is styled with a full-length skirt. The bottom part of the skirt is narrower than the upper part of the skirt and thus, gives a balloon effect. In addition, the skirt’s fullness over the band creates a round and puffy look on the body. 

If you’re looking for advanced sewing techniques to sew these types of dress styles on your own, then you will need a lot of fabric.

Bouffant Dress

Bouffant Dress is a typical full-length dress style. It comes with various bodice styles and has lots of ruffles. The full skirt poofs out from the waist to the end length and makes it a bouffant style. The designers attached multiple layers of fabric along with care labels to achieve this dress style. 

Bouffant dress
Image Source: Fashion Dresses

Denim Dress

Denim dresses are casual types of dress styles as they are made from denim fabric. Different types of collars, sleeves, button-ups, or different types of zippers can be added to denim dresses. These types of dress styles can be found in pinafore style with the use of denim fabric.

Kaftan Dress

Kaftan dress is the most popular dress style worn around the world because it’s comfortable, loose, and looks pretty. They are associated with Middle East, Turkish, West, and North African clothing. Kaftan dresses are made from different bright-colored fabrics, and the pattern is made from one piece of fabric. 

One simple types of neckline cut is given in the Dress to help you wear it from your head. They are worn to the ankle, and you can wear them on the beach.

Tropical red kaftan dress
Image Source: Passion Jilie

Kimono Dress

Kimono dress has played a massive role in Japanese fashion for over 1000 years. They represent Japanese culture and are made from different sorts of material. Kimono dresses are loose, robe-like garments that can be tied with a belt known as obi. 

This dress style is still worn in Japan for special occasions such as weddings, conferences, and events. The different colors and patterns available in Kimono dresses have special meaning, and thus they are expensive.

Blouson Dress

Blouson dress style creates a blouse effect, but it has an attached skirt. They are styled with a fitted/cinched waist along with a loose bodice that will create a billowing effect. If you’re looking to wear a loose dress, then Blouson dresses should be your choice.

Types of dress styles
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Cocktail Dress

If you’re attending semi-formal events, maybe at your office or some conference, then a cocktail dress will help you catch everyone’s attention. 

Women were trying to break the long skirt fashion trend in the 1920s and found short hemlines. Since then, cocktail dresses are playing a huge role in the fashion industry. 

You will not know a single woman who doesn’t have a cocktail dress in her wardrobe. Cocktail dresses are knee-length dresses and made from fabrics such as satins and silk. Women can now wear fashionable dress styles while having a cocktail.

5 Types of Women Clothes: A Trending List

Many countries have their own form of apparel for women, but some types of clothes play a vital role in women’s clothing. Every woman has different types of women’s clothes available in their wardrobe. You can learn to sew these dresses or buy them from online stores. 

Tube Dress

Tube dresses are figure-hugging types of women’s clothes. They come in tight-fitting and cut in a tube shape. Many women prefer this sort of clothes to make an entrance in the crowd. They are the ideal choice for looking seductive and sexy without compromising on keeping the body cool. One can amplify their best features by wearing a tube dress.

Designer grey bandeau dress
Image Source: Styles At Life

Coat Dress

A coat dress came into fashion in late 1914. These types of women’s clothes are similar to blazer dresses. It resembles an overcoat with lapels.

T-shirt Dress

If you’re stepping out for a simple brunch date or the movies, then a t-shirt dress is your outfit of the day. The T-shirt dress is designed with a simple round neck and has a loose-fitting silhouette sitting just above the knee part. 

They are much like a regular t-shirt and suit any body type. Just be a little more creative and paint your canvas for any season.

Types of dress cuts
Image Source: Pumps & Push Ups

Strapless Dress

As the name suggests, a strapless dress has no straps. Now, one can show off their gorgeous shoulders by wearing strapless dresses. In the 1930s, the designer named Mainbocher launched this dress type.

This type of dress fits around the bust area with the help of elastic. If you want to look elegant for the evening events, then you should wear strapless clothes. It can additionally be styled with a t-shirt if you’re not comfortable in showing your skin.

5 Different Types of Dress Cuts You Should Know

When purchasing dresses, women not only prefer the dress’s color, types of fabric used, and pattern, but they also check the cut of the garment. Different types of dress cuts are categorized into casual, formal, and workwear. So don’t make the mistake of selecting the wrong cut for the wrong event. There are different types of dress shapes available for every body type.


Bodycon Dress is a tight-fitting dress that hugs your figure. They are often confused with bandage dresses. However, there is some minor difference in both of these categories. Bodycon dresses are often made from any fabric, such as stretchy material. 

Bandage dresses provide support for the body curves, but bodycon doesn’t. These types of dress cuts are ideal for a night out.

Fashion types dresses
Image Source: Pinterest

Empire Waist

The empire waist dresses became popular in the 18th century. This type of dress cut is inspired by classic Greece and is worn by women in Jane Austen’s novel. Women who have smaller top body parts should choose this dress type as it will create a good illusion of your height by pinching your abdomen’s top area and flaring at the bottom area. 

In addition, these types of dresses have a low neckline and work well to make heavy-looking women look thinner.

Wrap Dress

As the name suggests, the wrap dresses highlight a front part by wrapping one side of the dress on the other side and tie the fabric at the back. 

Charles James first introduced the wrap dress in the 1930s. After that, many designers started creating their own styles and hang tags from Charles’ basic wrap dress style. 

The fabric used for this type is an essential part as it has to be able to drape. If you have an athletic body structure, then this dress type is perfect for you.

Wrap dress
Image Source: San Ideas


Peplum dresses are for those who love some playful style. The circular peplum frill is added at the waist, which gives the dress a unique look. 

The peplum dress’s fit and flare silhouette come from Greek antiquity. These types of dress cuts emphasize hips and add height to your figure. In addition, it lets your legs look long.


If you want to look slim, then sheath dresses are for you. Sheath dresses have straight-cut fits at the waistline to flatter the hourglass figure. These types of dresses are most appropriate for office events as they put your gorgeous curves in the spotlight.

Jaime Shrayber Calvin Klein floral print sheath dress
Image Source: The Real Fashionista

Beautiful and Comfortable Types of Summer Dresses for Ladies

There are many variations available for different types of dresses for women according to the season. Summer is one such season where everyone wants to wear some comfy dresses. The below-listing of different types of summer dresses will help you update your wardrobe and beat the summer heat. Here is the complete guide on the different types of dresses list for you. 

Printed Dress

Summer is the season when people wear different prints. Printed dresses are finding their way back to reach your wardrobe in the summer season. A sleeveless dress along with a low neckline allows air to touch your body and keeps the body cool on a warm day. 

You can also prefer to wear it on some casual occasions because prints are never out of fashion.

Types of long dresses
Image Source: Dress Up Buttercup


It is important to have a couple of sundresses in your wardrobe during the summer. The sundresses can be loose-fitting, sleeveless dresses especially designed for summer. 

These types of summer dresses have long flowing silhouettes and are made from summer-friendly fabrics such as cotton or silk. They are also available in beautiful floral fabrics.

Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are a hot choice among women, according to WhoWhatWear. They are informal ankle-length or full-length dresses which you can wear at the beach or by the pool area. Maxi dresses are often relaxing and most suitable for a casual setting. 

You can wear sandals along with maxi dresses to give a blast look, and everyone will wish they can look as stylish and comfy as you.

Ten must have maxis for summer
Image Source: Bishop & Holland

Off-shoulder Dress

Off-shoulder dresses are another popular choice among women to flaunt their slim shoulders and neat arms in the summer. So if you want to flaunt your shoulders and arms but don’t want to go for the stripless look, then an off-shoulder dress should be your ideal choice.

Maxi dress
Image Source: Celebrity Style Guide

Marine Striped Dress

The women highly prefer marine striped dresses in summer. They are simple and comfy dresses that give form-fitting and help you stand out with the cool blue stripes. Marine striped dresses are made from friendly summer fabric and give you comfort.

6 Different Types of Long Dresses for Ladies – Discover What Suits Your Personality

Long dresses are always in demand and have remained a preferred choice among women for a long time. Different types of long dresses enhance your look and style. Designers are trying to find new styles and designs for long dresses to keep them in the trend. Start exploring different long dresses to enhance your beauty with the best sewing hacks.

Debutante Dress

Debutante dresses were popular in the past. It was believed that the women who wear debutante dress show that she is about to “debut” in the society for a marriage. The debutante balls became popular in the USA in early 1900 when Queen Charlotte introduced young women at the royal court. 

The debutante dresses are simple strapless gowns but give a classic look. These types of long dresses are found in soft pastel colors. You can wear debutante dresses with white gloves to give it a royal look.

Debutante ball gown dress
Image Source: Pinterest


Mermaid dresses are also known as fishtail dresses since they have a unique shape. These types of long dresses are fitted through the bodice, hips, and waist. This dress got its name from its wider part at the bottom of the Dress, which resembles a mermaid’s tail. The flares can fall from the knee area. 

The first mermaid dress was designed in the 1930s by Marcel Rochas. You can often find this type of long dress in formal wear or on the red carpet area at weddings.

Mermaid gown
Image source: Pinterest


Granny dress is most associated with long nightgowns. These dresses come in loose-fitting with long sleeves and have a high neckline. Laura Ashley popularized the granny dress in the 1950s and made its way back to California.

Types of casual dresses
Image Source: Litton Button Diaries

Long Sleeve Dress

Long sleeve dresses are a wonderful choice for the winter since it comes with a sleeve that covers your arms – right from shoulder to wrist. This dress features long sleeves so you can stay warm and trendy during the winter.

Sack-Back Gown

Sack-back gown was popular in the 1700s, but it has disappeared for a long time. They are also known as a robe a la Francaise. These types of long dresses were attractive because of the back pattern, which is two box pleats that reach at the bottom to form a train.

Sack back gown
Image Source: Pinterest

Tutu Dress

The tutu dress is a long-length ballet dress in which the skirt is always made of tulle.

Pastel tutu dress
Image Source: Pinterest 

4 Types of Short Dresses All Women Should Have

Short dresses have remained in fashion for over a decade now. The mini length remains an ideal choice between 1970 to 1990. The different types of short dresses can be worn on different occasions to look attractive and sexy. Remember, while buying a short dress for yourself, you should first consider the comfort level and then go for the trend. Here are different types of dresses for women. 

Little Black Dress

LBD or little black dress is the iconic dress on the entire types of dress list. No dress list would be complete without these stunning “little black dresses.” These types of dresses are widely popular among women and are considered a must-have dress in the wardrobe. 

They are your go-to Dress for any occasion, and you can style them according to your needs.

How to wear a bodycon dress
Image Source: Stylish By Nature By Shalini Chopra

Skater Dress

If you have a skating figure, then skater or skating dresses are for you. The two-piece skating dresses were common until the 1960s. After 1970, skating dresses became popular with some decorations. 

They are long-sleeve dresses with short skirts and tight-fitting bodies. Many skaters wear these types of short dresses to show off their personality and dressing style.

Topshop gingham skater sundress
Image Source: Covering The Bases

Fit and flared Dress

Fit and flared Dress has a fitted bodice with a flared skirt. You can find it with or without a seam at the waist. For a pear-shaped body, these types of short dresses are popular.

Pencil Dress

Try to impress someone special by wearing a pencil dress. It works. These types of short dresses are straight up and down types of Dress. They are simple yet give a classy look. 

They don’t have frills or flounce and are nipped at the waist and a hem just below the knee, which creates a slim pencil look. As they are short dresses, you can easily walk and carry yourself gracefully.

4 Latest Types of Casual Dresses For Women

Modern fashion is one of the fastest-growing trends in the industry. Casual dresses are made for office wear, but it doesn’t mean they should be boring and dull. Every year, designers launch some new styles by using woven labels and different types of casual dresses that women can wear in the corporate world. The casual dresses should make you feel relaxed and comfy.


As the name implies, shirt dresses are like long shirts. Shirt dresses are popular among working women because of their loose-fitting. Chrisitan Dior introduced the first shirt dress in the 1950s as part of his “New Look” collection. 

These types of casual dresses look like men’s shirts or t-shirts. It can be worn with a stylish belt to highlight the waist. These types of dresses are made from denim or cotton fabric with elbow-length sleeves.

Chambray shirt dress
Image Source: AkkiDokie

Sweater Dress

The sweater dress is a knitted, long-sleeve dress that is made to look like a long sweater. Sweater dresses can be found in different lengths, and it is ideal for all body types. 

Some designers make it in a bigger size to give a blousier effect. You can style it with boots during winters.

Blazer Dress

Blazer dresses are the ideal choice when you talk about casuals. This Dress is styled from the front with a double-breasted, giving you the blazer look. It looks like you’re wearing a men’s blazer but can be worn by women in an office environment. 

This type of casual dress style is versatile, and you can wear it in any season.

Shift Dress

A shift dress is popular among office-going women because of its short, simple yet attractive style. If you have a lean, column-esque body, this Dress is perfect for you because it looks straight. 

This Dress hangs from your shoulder and thus, most suitable for a slender figure.

All types of dresses
Image Source: The Fashion Tag

3 Fashion Types of Dresses You Should Keep In Your Wardrobe

Fashion is all about finding ways to style up the dressing game. Different fashion types of dresses help you choose a broad category of dresses in the future. 


Sporty dresses are known as athleisure. These types of dresses include leggings and oversized sweatshirts. You can wear sporty dresses at the gym to style up your clothing routine.


The bohemian dresses are soft and floating dresses that represent the hippy era.  They often include earth tones, prints and accessories, and natural fabrics and dyes around the world. They give you a feminine look with easy-to-wear and loose dresses.

Types of maxi dresses
Image Source: Nicole Geri on Unsplash


Grunge dresses originated in the ’80s and ’90s in Seattle. These fashion types of dresses are inspired by grunge music and sculpture and feature plaid flannel shirts and oversized knits.


Punk fashion is inspired by the punk rocker styles of the ’70s and ’80s. They include many subcultures where each represents its own style codes. 

The common theme for these types of dresses includes provocative messages, customization with safety pins & patches, and band logos.

3 Types of Maxi Dresses You Can Wear Everywhere

Maxi dresses can be found in different categories according to the fitting. They are effortless and breezy, making them an excellent addition to any wardrobe. While some argue that different types of maxi dresses go in and out of fashion, designers are trying their best to maintain women’s wardrobes.

Strapless Maxi Dress

Strapless maxi dresses are sleeveless dresses that don’t have any kind of fastening on or around the shoulder. These types of maxi dresses are fastened above the bust area to prevent them from falling. It additionally comes with a built-in types of bra that supports the bust.

Strapless red maxi dress
Image Source: Pinterest

Halter Neck Maxi Dress

A halter neck maxi dress is similar to the strapless dress, but it comes with a strap. The strap is sewn (check the best sewing tips and tricks) on the chest area and covers the way to the back of the neck. 

The strap can be a single or two separate pullovers that wrap around the neck and join with a button. If you want to show some part of your back, these types of maxi dresses are perfect.

Drop Waist/Low Waist

Drop waist or low waist dresses waistline falls around the waistband of low waisted underwear. It creates a sense of balance between the upper and lower parts of the body. 

You can also customize your dresses as per your needs by simply learning from this “easy beginner sewing project.”

3 Types of Mini Dresses for All Body Shapes

Mini dresses are appropriate for women who have long height. Different types of mini dresses are available in the market which can help you look beautiful and stunning. 

Lace Dress

Lace dresses can be feminine, and when made in bold colors, they make a style statement. These types of mini dress styles are used in sewing different types of wedding dresses. The flash-colored sewing fabric is used in the front and back of the Dress.

Types of dress shapes
Image Source: Daniel Irwin on Unsplash

Peasant Dress

The peasant dresses are long or short sleeve dresses with loose-fitting. The top neckline is elasticized and gives a drawstring effect. The neckline is set off the shoulder to give it a classy look.

Tiered Dress

Tiered dresses are made from overlapping many layers. They come in different lengths and create many hemlines in the skirt of the Dress. These types of mini-dresses came into existence in the Victorian era. 

Victorian dresses were made from different fabrics and found in many colors. These dresses were popular in the 1980s and are still in demand.

3 Beautiful Types of Sleeveless Dresses Women Needs Right Away

Sleeveless dresses can be worn at a club or friend’s party. Different types of sleeveless dresses are designed to bring out your best features and hide your imperfections. All you can do is to choose the right style, fabric, and pattern that can help you draw everyone’s attention or simply check the 35 intermediate sewing projects to get the best idea.

Pleated Dress

In pleated dresses, the pleats start from the waist and draw everyone’s attention towards the lower part of your body. These dresses are perfect for any body type. Even if you don’t have attractive curves, pleated dresses can help you build curves through pleats.

Narrow Straps

Narrow straps help divert one’s attention from the arms towards the middle part of the body. These dresses can help you look bold and beautiful. It can be found at any length.


The V-neckline is the most attractive neckline. V-neckline dresses are stunning and help you look slim and taller. These types of sleeveless dresses make your neck look longer.

Different types of dress styles
Image Source: Pinterest

3 Different Types of Straps on Dresses You Should Consider Wearing

Straps are an excellent way to frame your profile with a small piece of fabric. Just like sleeves, straps can come in any type of fabric. Different types of straps are useful in connecting the front of the bodice to the back of the bodice. If you’re wondering how to sew clothes, here you can find the “10 reasons to start sewing clothes.”

Spaghetti Straps

Spaghetti straps are used for decoration, making sure your Dress stays straight without putting the straps during fitting. This strap type is ideal for brides who like a strapless dress but don’t want completely open shoulders.

Lace Straps

Lace straps are made from a small piece of fabric. Different types of straps made from lace fabric help in giving the classic yet modern look.

Dresses for women
Image Source: Thomas AE on Unsplash

Satin Straps

Satin straps are preferred by women who want to look bold. These straps are made from satin fabric and give a glossy look.


Dressing is another way of communicating your personality. The types of dresses you wear can show your personality type and a lot more. With so many different types of dresses available in the market, make sure you choose the most suitable one for your body and give you more comfort. Some dresses never go out of style, and some keep changing. Choose the best Dress to level up your dressing game and look stunning, perfect for every occasion.