Types of Belts

36 Types of Belts With Styling Ideas for Men and Women

From keeping your pants up to making a bold style statement, belts have secured their place in our wardrobe for thousands of years. They are the essential part of the outfit. When it comes to style, belts can either make or break your entire look.

Belts are one of the oldest parts of clothing that have a long history. They were dated back in 3300 to 1200 BC. Since then, people have started wearing belts with different outfits. 

Types of belts
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No matter your purpose of pairing a belt with your outfit, there are different types of belts available for both men and women. So many people are searching for the perfect belt for their outfit, so you’re not alone. 

To help you understand more, here’s a comprehensive guide on different types of belts and styles.

12 Types of Belt Buckles With Famous Styles and Decorative Details

Belts with different types of buckles have played a huge role in making a bold fashion statement. They have to be worn in the right way to create types of clothing aesthetics for a better look.

Various types of buckles are available in the market, and they are designed to give your belt a unique look. Understand different types of buckles before you purchase a random belt for yourself.

Screw Closure

Types of belt buckles
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Screw closure is a type of buckle that has a screw closure. These buckle closures are designed for fast and efficient use. The support provided is quite sufficient to hold up your different types of pants for a long day. 

These types of buckles are popular among men and used all around the world.

Clamp Closure

The clamp closure is a buckle that comes in two primary parts attached to the belt. One part is bigger than the other part so that the smaller one can fit into the bigger one and secure the belt from falling. 

They come in different cuts, colors, and designs to look best on formal occasions.

Tongue Buckles

Tongue buckle
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Tongue buckles are one of the unique design buckles that come with a metal pin and loop. The conventional buckles are made up of bar, frame, and prongs that come together to give you a reliable fit and easy buckle closure. 

Some classic buckles have a prong that is attached to the bar and slides through the holes in the belt strap.

Double Side

Double side belts are pretty different from single side belts. These buckles have a distinguished look and design that can add a punch to your casual outfit. The doubled-sided buckle is used on casual belts.


Reversible type of belt
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The reversible buckles have two different colors on either side of the belt. You can wear the belt on either side. 

If you don’t want to purchase many belts or buckles, you can go for a reversible belt buckle as it goes perfectly with any outfit.

Frame Style Buckle

Frame style buckles are one of the oldest buckle styles. These buckles have a simple square frame with a prong attached to one side of the frame to fasten the belt. 

Specific frames come with a more curved edge if they’re built on thick material such as leather. Frame-style buckles are designed to showcase the belt itself.

Clip Buckle

Clip belt buckle
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The clip buckle is designed just like a dished plate. The belt has a hook that can be attached to the other end of the belt and it can be tightened near the bar. 

Three bars can be used to adjust the fitting as per your preferences. This buckle can be worn with a cowboy type of outfit.  

Pin Buckle

Pin buckles come with a loop and a pin on the back of the buckle. You can slide the belt via a belt loop fit as per your waist. They are used in everyday events as it gives a simple look.

O-ring/D-ring Buckle

O-ring belt buckle
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D-ring belt buckle
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O or D ring buckles are the types of buckles that form a shape of capital O or D. Just by adjusting the belt strap, you can tighten or loosen your belt using these stylish buckles. 

These buckle types are more of a casual style than a formal belt.

Auto Buckles

Two basic types of auto buckles come in men’s belts:

Auto-lock Buckle

There are many teeth stitched into the underside of the belt strap (learn advanced sewing techniques and sewing hacks to make these types of belts). The tab is designed to engage with teeth and locks in, just like how a zip tie works. 

A release mechanism is unique as it allows the belt strap to slide from its closed position when the button is pressed. You can choose this buckle type for your formal wear.

Auto Press Buckle

The auto-lock buckles that come without teeth are known as auto press buckles. In this type, the buckle itself has a locking mechanism that is used to adjust to meet the required fitting. Unlocking can just leave the belt strap-free.

Webbing Buckle

Different types of belts
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The webbing buckle contains a loop. The belt has a non-buckle end that can be put through the buckle on the opposite side and brought back to one side. This buckle style is easy to use and showcases a casual style so that you can wear it every day.

Plate-Style Buckle

Plate-style buckles are one of the unique styles as you can find them in different designs and elements. They are the type of flat buckles that comb over the belt strap. 

It has hooks that go through the front side of the belt strap. Plate-style buckles come with detachable straps and are paired with snap belts.

Tailor Your Look With These 7 Different Types of Men’s Belts

Men wear a belt for different reasons. They just go to a store, pick out a 4mm thick brown or black leather belt and call it a day.

Types of belts for men
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All types of belts have got huge recognition in men’s wardrobe. If you’re interested in turning your belt from just a functional accessory to a style statement, here are different types of men’s belts to step up your belt game.

Leather Belt

A leather belt is one of the most classic men’s belt styles. Leather material is durable, fashionable, and strong as well. The primary colors that are popular among men are black and brown leather belts. 

These belts are recognized as a standard for elegance and simplicity. Smooth leather belts can be worn with a good pair of denim jeans, and tuck your shirt into it. You can also find different subcategories under the leather belt style.

Dress Belt

Brown dress belts every man should have
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Whenever you think of a fancy dress, a dress belt also comes into your mind. Dress belts are made from a superior quality full-grain leather material. One can pick a classic single prong buckle or just opt for an automatic ratchet style for a more polished look. 

Some brands like Salvatore Ferragamo, Ralph Lauren, and Coach are the popular choice for dress belts.

Braided Belt

There are many options and styles available in the braided belt. You should find an elastic braided stretch belt, a braided leather belt, tri-color braided belts, and a cotton or polyester braid that comes with a metal buckle and leather accents. 

You can wear a casual or dressy braided belt for a special event.

Military Belt

Military tactical belts
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Military belts are also known as tactical belts or webbed belts. These types of mens belts are made from nylon material. They are flexible and can absorb sweat. Military belts can hold weight for men who have to carry tools and weapons. 

The tactical belt comes in different buckle varieties and doesn’t have holes. If you want to go through metal detectors, choose military belts that don’t have metal.

Casual Belt

A casual belt can be worn with different types of jeans, shorts, and other different types of outfits. Elastic belt, faux leather belt, leather belt, canvas belt, fabric belt and woven belt are all incredible options for a casual belt. 

You can find black, gray, tan, brown, and other unique colors in a casual belt.

Snap Belt

Different things come into your mind when you hear snap belts. Snap belts allow you to change the buckle to match it with a belt strap.  

These types of men’s belts also have a buckle that snaps together and looks like a seat belt.

Athletic Belt

Athletic belt
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Athletic belts are recommended to wear while lifting weights. They are used by wrestlers and boxers and have coveted wrestling buckles on the belt, which is reserved for championships.

11 Types of Belts for Women to Style Up Your Game in 2021

There are various styles and colors available for different types of belts for women. Belts can help women in completing their outfits while creating a slimming effect and flaunting their curves.

Types of belts for women
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The belts are a must-have accessory for women, which have evolved from its first launch. You can style belts with anything – be it a dress, a coat, an oversized t-shirt, or a pair of jeans. Every woman should have different types of belts in their closet to go well with every outfit. 

Learn more about different types of belts so that when you go shopping next time, you can have a better understanding of what type of belt will go well with your outfit.

Woven Belt

Belts for women
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Women’s woven belts come with a stretchable strap. They can add a pleasant touch to your casual look. 

These belts have a traditional one-prong buckle or also have double ring closure or can be used as a cinch belt. Woven belts are available in different vibrant colors and patterns, so choose your favorite belt style with ease.

Wide Belt

A wide belt is also known as a cinch belt. These belts do not fit through the belt loops.  They are designed to create a slimmer silhouette for women’s curves. A wide belt can be worn over tunic-style shirts, dresses, or cardigans.

They can be found in elastic blends, leather, and other elaborated patterns of gems and jewels. When you pair it with a solid-colored dress, a wide belt proves to be a great piece of accessories for all curvy women.

Leather Belt

Leather belt for women
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Along with the rest of your accessories evolving day-by-day, your belts are catching up as well. A leather belt is made from pure leather material. This belt is all you need to keep yourself relaxed in a nice pair of jeans. 

You can find it in different styles and colors such as black, brown, tan, and white. The common types of leather belts for ladies include grain leather, genuine leather, and suede belts.

Sash Belt

A sash belt is another type of waist belt. They are considered as a fashion-forward statement accessory for women’s wardrobe. A sash belt has a thick strap, and you can tie it around your waist like a sash. 

Sash belts are created for bridal dresses, so if you’re soon-to-be-bride, consider wearing sash belts on your most awaited day! Wear these belts on dresses, sweaters, or long shirts, and it looks like a style goddess.

Lace-up Belt

Lace up belt
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Now you can dazzle the retro look by just including a lace-up belt to your regular outfit. A lace-up belt can be found in a wide range of width so make sure you pick the one that suits your fitting and help you flatter your figure. A belt with less width is suitable for a fuller waistline.

Corset Belt

Corset belt
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Whether you want to keep it larger than life or like minimalistic things, this eye-catching accessory ranked on top when choosing belts for women. 

Corset belts lace up like a traditional corset, but a buckle, zipper, and hook can also be found on this belt. These types of fashion belts can create a slimming effect as it cinches up the midsection. 

Corset belts are made from high-quality leather and other fabrics. Wear these belts over shirts with pants and get the most eyeballs from the room.

Studded Belt

Studded belts are made from faux leather or leather material. These belts have a dark-colored strap decorated with metal studs. 

Belt straps are generally embellished with plastic or metal adornments that give a basic, flat belt structure and substance. The metal studs are pushed through the leather to create a nice-looking design. You can wear studded belts with high waist jeans, miniskirts, and dresses.

Metallic Belt

Metallic plate belt
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Metallic belts add an instant glimmer to any outfit. Consider these belts as a chic accessory and less as a belt. They are available in different designs and add a touch of glamour to your ensemble. You can wear metallic belts on plain cocktail dresses and long skirts.

Reversible Belt

If you’re unsure whether you want to pick a brown belt or black belt, then reversible belts are for you. Reversible belts are the ones in which two colors are rolled into one belt, looking like an ultra-utilitarian accessory for you. 

This belt comes with a rotatable buckle, enabling you to keep either side of the belt on the front side. There are more options available for women’s reversible belts than men’s reversible belts. 

Not just can you experience different colors, but you can also opt for a belt that includes varied textures and designs.

Garter Belt

Keyhole garter belt montelle
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A garter belt is one of the belts which you can wear as an undergarment. These belts can hold your stockings up and prevent them from sliding down. Wear garter belts under your wedding dress, bodysuits, or pair them with different types of shorts.

Bow Belt

One can’t discard the go-to party versions of belts. You can just jump on the trend by wearing a bow belt. It has a big bow on the front side, which is used to fasten from behind. 

As the name denotes, bow belts are accompanied by bow detail. You can find them in different colors, sizes, designs, and other elements as per your wish. You can start with these 35 intermediate sewing projects and learn to sew bow belts with ease. 

6 Types of Men’s Leather Belts [2021 Edition]

Gone are the days when leather belts were just used to tie your trousers. In today’s modern world, men’s leather belts are more than just an accessory. A leather belt resembles a symbol of elegance, class, and style. 

Dress belts for men
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Leather belts have evolved with time. There is a wide range of varieties and trends in leather belts that fit in different types of belts, fashion, occasion, preferences, events, and outfits.

When you decide to purchase a new leather belt, you’re looking for the one that not only looks great on you but also fits best and is built to stay last. There is nothing worse than having a belt that is uncomfortable to wear or something that you just have to throw out in a month or two because it shows signs of wear and tear.

All types of belts look similar at first glance, but there’s a massive difference between a high-quality leather belt and a regular leather belt. 

The ideal types of men’s leather belts are comfortable, have a great fitting, and make any regular outfit look sharper. Here’s everything you want to know about different types of leather belts for men.

Embossed Leather Belt

Embossed belt
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Embossed leather belts give a classy and trendy look to men’s waists. These belts are more durable, long-lasting, and comfortable to wear. Embossed leather belts are made from genuine leather material, adding a classy look to your outfit.

Genuine Leather Belt

A genuine leather belt has a strap that is made 100% from leather material. The straps are not made by combining different sewing fabrics or other synthetic materials. 

The leather is bonded or sewn together with unique designs to give it a formal look in this leather belt style (read more about sewing thread types and tips that can be used in making a belt). 

Black and brown are popular genuine leather belts among men.

Distressed Leather Belt

Types of leather belts
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A classic distressed leather belt is ideal for getting vintage and elegant looks. It has stitches around the edges which give it more strength (here are best sewing tips and tricks to understand more about it). 

The distressed leather belts are made with snaps so that you can change buckles, “snap on and off” to match it with your outfit. These belts will snap around the waist, giving a complete finished look to your entire attire.

Double Stitched Leather Belt

A solid and heavy double-stitched leather belt is inspired by western design. These belts are made from genuine Italian calfskin types of leather. 

They are genuine leather belts that have topstitched detailing and are available in contrast colors. If you’re wondering how to sew these types of detailing, start with these easy beginner sewing projects

It also has a single-prong buckle which adds an extra attraction layer for viewers.

Tooled Leather

Types of fashion belts
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Another popular leather belt style is tooled leather. These belts go through a stamping process which is used to add a design to the belt. Tooled leather belts can be worn in casual outfits.

Suede Leather Belt

Suede leather belts have a napped finish on one side of the belt, making them soft and pleasant. These belts can be found in brown, tan, black, and gray colors. Suede belt is ideal for casual wear.

Frequently asked questions

Do men and women wear belts the same way?

There’s a customary distinction between how men and women don their belts. Specifically, men tend to fasten their belts in a counterclockwise direction, while women often opt for the opposite: a clockwise orientation.

How do I maintain and clean my belts?

To maintain your belts, store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Clean leather belts with a damp cloth and leather cleaner, while fabric belts can often be spot cleaned. Avoid excessive bending to prevent creases.

Are braided belts considered outdated now?

Braided belts often evoke a sense of tradition, often linked to previous generations. However, this by no means signifies their departure from the realm of style. A timeless, brown, braided leather belt can wonderfully complement a breezy linen ensemble or outfits with a more relaxed fit, especially during the summer season.


There is some minor difference between men’s and women’s leather belts, but both can wear each other’s belts. Make sure you understand the significant differences to avoid any uncomfortable circumstances.

The above-listed types of belt clothing are suitable for everyone. Every man should have at least six basic belt types in their closet, while women should keep five belts that can go with any outfit. 

One can also make some simple belts at home. Here are top 10 reasons to start sewing clothes and belts at home. Use woven labels and care labels along with hang tags if you want to sell your homemade designer belts. 

Wide belts are one of the most popular belt types in 2021 for women. They can be paired with dresses, coats, and other high-waisted pants. So while purchasing belts for men or women, make sure you keep the above-list handy and consider the fabric so that you can make a more informed decision.