Types of Bags

Types of Bags – An Ultimate Guide to 30 Bag Styles You Should Own

A bag is like a must-have accessory that serves both practical and aesthetic use cases. We choose bags for everyday use to simplify and carry on with what we want to do.

No women’s outfit is complete without a matching bag. It turns out that there are different types of bags for various purposes. Whatever your reason is for purchasing a bag, its beauty combined with unique functionality makes it an ideal accessory.

Types of bags
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A bag is an essential accessory that women can’t live without. Bags are so popular that women are willing to pay any amount for their desired bag. 

If you’re wondering what types of bags you should try and the bag options available in the market for you, this comprehensive guide covers everything.

Everything You Need to Know About Different Types of Bags

Bags are not just an accessory but it is a style statement nowadays. Be it a party, dinner occasion, or carrying a laptop or phone, you cannot live without different types of bags.

Many designers have started designing elegant and chic bags for all purposes(Use woven labels and care labels to give branding to your bags). Here’s a guide on the different types of bags you should know.  


Travel backpack
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A backpack is a large bag that is used for carrying multiple items on your back. It is a popular type of bag among school and college-going kids and travelers to carry water bottles and food. 

These bags are water, stain, and wear-resistant, making them an ideal choice for bags for hiking.

This bag came with two handles and was carried over the shoulders. Backpack term was first used in the USA in the 1910s, but some evidence found that people were using it in the early 3300 BC.

Hand Bag

Handbags are another quintessential, medium-sized bag for women. These types of bags can be used to carry essential items while maintaining your style statement.

Belt Bag

Belt bag
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A belt bag is a micro bag that is attached to a belt. This bag is designed to be worn at the waist area. It has an attached leather purse, and it is often detachable, which gives it a dual-use case. 

Some brands use two different names for belt bags, such as fanny pack and waist bag.


Clutches are an ideal type of bag for parties. It is a small, hand-held evening bag that comes with detachable or no straps with minimalistic and concealed hardware. 

They are designed to carry under your arms, making an ideal choice for evening occasions to carry small items such as a phone, lipstick, credit card, etc.

Shopper Bag

Different types of bags
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A shopper bag is rectangular for types of tote bags that are used for shopping. They have long handles so that you can carry them with utmost ease. These types of shopper bags have different types of seams for sewing different patterns (Learn advanced sewing techniques to sew seams with utmost ease).

Bowling Bag

As the name suggests, bowling bags are designed to put bowling balls, but today it has become a style statement. Today, a bowling bag is a favorite fashion accessory as cabin bags or short travel bags. 

These bags got their names from their original use case in the 1990s. They are a medium-sized bag that comes with short handles and has a distinctive shape of a dome on the top. These bags can be found in textured, grainy finish and different prints.


Black briefcase
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A flat, container-shaped bag that can be used to carry laptops, books, documents, and other professional tools is a briefcase. The briefcase has its origin comes from the legal industry. They are made from types of leather material to give it a professional, polished look.

Bucket Bag

Shaped like a bucket or basket, a bucket bag is the one which comes with good capacity, rounded base, and top handles. They are a favorite for their versatile use and are made from leather material. 

These types of bags also have different types of zippers or snap stud button closure on the inside.

Camera Bag

Camera bag
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The camera bag is designed to be compact enough so that you can fit the camera into it. They are square-ish, structured, and padded bags. These bags have separate compartments for storing lenses, batteries, and memory cards. 

The camera bag was created for style-conscious women who wanted a more elegant way of carrying their cameras.

Coin Purse

The coin purse is another small bag that is used for carrying coins. Among all types of bags, coin purses are one of the smallest bags that are made from leather and have a magnetic snap. They can be carried with other bags or included in the handbag. 

One can also learn to sew unique coin purses on your own (Here are the top 10 reasons to start sewing clothes to match your coin purses). 


Different types of bags for women
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Another rectangular bag that comes with good capacity and two or single handles is a satchel bag. This bag has a long strap and can be hung on the lower part of the body. 

Satchel bags are made from soft materials such as leather. They have a front pocket and double-buckled top flap. 

Fanny Pack

A Fanny pack is a small bag or pouch which can be attached to a belt and worn around the waist. They are also known as a bum bag or waist bag and are designed to hold smaller items. 

Bum bags or fanny packs can be made from a wide range of materials and are often not detachable from the belt. 


All types of bags
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Rucksacks are another type of backpack. The name derives from the German word, “der rücken,” which implies “the back,” and “sack” means “bag.” 

Rucksacks often have a buckle flap and more outer pockets than a usual, traditional backpack. 

9 Types of Shoulder Bags With Pictures

Shoulder and crossbody bags are other types of small leather bags. Both of these bags are suitable for a wide range of occasions. Many designers use hang tags to customize these bags.

Types of shoulder bags
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Here are different types of shoulder bags you should know. These bags can be worn by a single belt on a shoulder. They varied from the traditional backpack and waist bag category.

Hobo Bag

The Hobo bag comes with a long flat shoulder belt so that it can be carried on women’s shoulders. These types of shoulder bags are spacious and come in larger widths than in height. 

Hobo bags became an “it” bag amongst women when Tom Ford released the Jackie bag under Gucci’s brand. Read more about different sewing threads types and tips if you’re looking to stitch your own Hobo bag. 

Muff Bag

Types of bags for women
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Muff bags are one of the exciting creations in the fashion industry. It has become a sensational fashion trend for women in the winter season. These bags are made up of fur and come with a zipped or open compartment for your hands to keep them warm. 

Muff bags can be made from either faux fur or authentic fur. Pair this bag with coats and woolens for a more stunning look.

Tote Bag

Tote bag
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The Tote bag is another large and spacious bag with two handles. It has an open-top compartment. A classic tote bag that remains popular in the fashion can be either a zipper-top bag or an open-top bag. 

An open-top tote bag is made from some eco-friendly materials such as recycled fibers. Some Tote bags are water-resistant, making them an ideal choice for everyday use.

Baguette Bag

The Baguette bag is another long, narrow handbag that has a similar shape to a French baguette. These types of ladies’ bags gained popularity in the early 20s when Sarah Jessica Parker styled the Fendi Baguette bag in the famous TV show “Sex and the city.”

Straw Bag

Types of straw bags
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These types of bags for women are also known as Kenya bags. The straw bag is a large bag that can be used at the beach. They are made from a wide range of materials and have straw and canvas for the style statement.

Fringe Bag

The fringe bag is one of the signature bags from the late 1970s. They are made from leather or suede that hangs down the bag. These bags can uplift your entire outfit and are suitable for all occasions. Some fringe bags also come with different types of ribbon

They are unique and playful types of bags. Fringe bags have the bohemian spirit from the late 70s to even today.

Accordion Bag

Accordion bags
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The accordion bag is another handbag or briefcase that comes with a long or short strap so that women can carry it by hand or just wear it on their shoulders. The length and size of the bag vary because the authentic accordion bag features expandable sides. 

These bags have a compartment that can be folded open and close just like accordion bellows.

Saddle Bag

The saddlebags are the types of crossbody bags that take its name from the fact that it was used for automobiles. It was also used as a pouch that hangs from either side of the saddle on the horse. 

These bags are small, horseshoe-shaped new handbag styles. Saddlebags are made from leather, and designers don’t choose any other material for these types of bags.

Quilted Sling

The fashion game was changed when quilted sling bags came into the industry. Coco Chanel is considered a serious trendsetter of the fashion industry. 

They first introduced these types of crossbody handbags in the 1950s. The quilted design is on a strict basis considered by Chanel. 

These bags are made from quilted types of fabric and often have decorative topstitched, eye-catching patterns (Learn more about the best sewing tips and tricks to make unique patterns). 

Today, many Chanel quilted bags come with a diamond stitch pattern (Read more about different sewing hacks to easily make patterns).

Enhance Your Look With These Different Types of Bags and Purses

Bags and purses are another category of small bags that are used for storing and accessing monetary items.  They are more than just carrying different accessories such as wallets, keys, and other small items. 

These types of purses and bags are the perfect combination of fashion and function, blending utility with style and sophistication. 

Here is a simple guide on different types of bags and purses so you can decide on must-haves for your closet.

Simple Purse

Types of purses
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A purse is a popular type of small bag that is used to carry money and personal items. One can find different sizes and lengths in a purse. Purses have a zipper on the top which can be found in all varieties. If you’re wondering how to sew a simple purse for yourself, start with these easy beginner sewing projects

Clasp Purse

A clasp purse is a different type of bag and purse that can be identified by two belt-like clasps that help fasten the purse close. These types of purses are made from various materials such as nylon, cloth, and leather.

Frame Bag

Types of bags list
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If you’re searching for a small handbag with a vintage-inspired style, then frame bags are ideal. They look like a coin bag that your grandmothers carried in the late 20s or 30s. 

An appealing feature of the frame bag includes a trapezoid or rectangular shape, a kissing lock closure, and a metal frame. Frame bags are relaxed types of bags and the metal frame helps the bag maintain its original shape.

Messenger Bag

The messenger bag is a classic handbag that was first used by bike messengers and mail carriers. These types of bags are ideal for scholars and executives because of their utility features. 

The thin and wide construction of a messenger bag offers ample space to keep a laptop or notebook.


Types of small bags
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The minaudière bag is a classic variation of clutch that is designed to wear to look formal at black-tie events. Minaudière small purses are styled with crystals, beads, or sequins for a more glamorous look. 

If you want to shop a bag for your next gala or ball, then minaudière bags are perfect. They can uplift your entire look.

3 Types of Sling Bags for Your Everyday Look

A bag is a woman’s best friend, and all types of bags are adorable. No matter where you go, a fashionable bag can change your entire look. One of the types of carry bags is known as sling bags. 

Types of sling bags
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A sling bag is another unstructured sewing fabric shoulder bag that women can wear across one’s body. These types of sling bags are available in a wide range of shapes, colors, and styles, each of which serves a different purpose. 

Just in case if you’re unsure about which sling bag to purchase, here are the types of bags list.

The Classic Sling Bag

If you’re tired of lugging around a heavy and large purse, then choose a classic sling bag. The classic sling bags have one end of the strap attached to the bag’s top part, and the other is attached at the bottom. 

These types of sling bags are often used for daypacks. They are bigger than a wallet and include interior pockets to store small items such as wallets, keys, phones, etc. 

Wallet Crossbody Bag

Wallet sling bag
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These are the perfect sling bags for a casual day out. Wallet handbags are similar to a classic sling bag, but they have additional wallets within a chain. 

They are used to store a cell phone and other bare essentials such as cards and cash. You can also hang your different types of scarves on the belt for a more stylish look. 

The Designer Sling Bag

The designer sling bag is a perfect sling bag for a date night or special occasion. Some women choose bejeweled designed sling bags to look more elegant and rich. 

These types of women’s bags can be found in different shapes and have a longer manufacturing process since they have some custom pieces.


There are different types of women’s bags out there in the market. One can find a huge variety in colors, shape, size, and design as well.

Having a good collection of bags can help you look stylish. Thus, women should consider the above-listed bags when going for the next bag shopping.

How many handbags do you keep in your closet? A poll published by MyBag for National Handbag Day concluded that 52% of people agreed on having at least four to 10 bags in their wardrobe. 

The basic bags that women should keep in their wardrobe are the tote, clutch, crossbody bags, and hobo bags for storing plenty of items. Get a stylish bag and pair it with a nice outfit to catch more eyeballs at any event.