21 Creative T-shirt Quilt Patterns to Repurpose Your Old T-shirts

Preserve your special memories in a personalized quilt and turn a stack of t-shirts using these amazing t-shirt quilt patterns.

T-shirt quilts made from old sports jerseys, printed tees, and other collectible garments are everyone’s favorites. Several family members would love to preserve their favorite t-shirts. 

What if there is a way to turn those tees into a useful, fun memory quilt?

T-shirt quilting is all about turning your old tees into a beautiful quilt at home. Even some quilters make money by making t-shirt quilts.

If you have lots of t-shirts that you no longer wear but don’t want to throw it away, then it’s time for you to make something out-of-the-box from it. 

In this article, you will understand the rich history of t-shirt quilting and explore some amazing t-shirt quilt patterns to try at home.

Get ready to tackle a quilting project that your entire family will love! 

An Introduction To T-Shirt Quilt Patterns

There is a reason why people love t-shirt quilt patterns. They are simple, personal, and filled with lots of memories.

T-shirt quilts are one of the best ways to preserve memories. Do you know who invented the t-shirt quilt? What’s the history behind it? If not. We’ve covered you.

How to prepare your t-shirts for quilting
Image Source: Millie’s Quilting 

In this section, we will shed some light on the rich history of t-shirt quilts and quilt backing fabric. Let’s start. 

Who Invented T-Shirt Quilts?

People have been making t-shirt quilt patterns for hundreds of years. Over the advancement in fabric sewing quilting and generations, t-shirt quilts have evolved.

Just like other innovations, the t-shirt quilt was introduced after WWII by many quilters around the world. The first t-shirt quilt was made in the 1980s and became popular for its patterned style. 

It was named a “Sample.”  That quilt was made using a uniform square block separated by sashing.

By the 1970s and 1980s, quilters saw increased popularity for a t-shirt quilt. While quilting enthusiasts were making beautiful sampler quilts, there were some challenges they faced, such as,

    • The difficulty of working with stretchy t-shirt material
    • Different sizes and shapes of graphics and logos
    • Different color blocks need to be balanced throughout the quilt.

To avoid these issues, modern-style t-shirt quilts were introduced. 

Why Was Modern T-shirt Quilt Introduced?

To overcome the issues the Sampler style quilt faced, the modern t-shirt quilt was introduced to quilters. Here is how the modern quilt has been solving each problem:

    • Avoid using non-stretchy fabric to quilt
    • You will need to work on a puzzle configuration to overcome the issues of different shapes and sizes of graphics and logos on a t-shirt.
    • The puzzle configuration also allows you to balance different color t-shirt blocks in a quilt.   

What Are the Different Styles of T-shirt Quilts?

There are different styles of t-shirt quilts available. Knowing which style works for you will help you make a unique quilt for yourself and your loved one. 

Here are some of the best t-shirt quilt patterns with different size blocks. 

T-shirt Quilt Style Stained-glass Style Puzzle Style Traditional Style with No Sashing Traditional Style with Sashing
Block size All different size blocks All different size blocks All similar size blocks All similar size blocks
Lined blocks Blocks are lined up in rows & columns Blocks are lined up in rows & columns
Puzzle blocks Yes Yes No No
Sewing Blocks are sewn using a thin fabric between blocks Blocks are sewn to each other using nothing between the blocks Blocks are sewn to each other using nothing between the blocks Wide sashing is used to sew together the rows and columns

21 Free T-Shirt Quilt Patterns for Beginners 

T-shirt quilts are one of the best ways to repurpose old t-shirts. Whether making memorable, handmade graduation gifts, adult blankets, or child-sized bed quilts, you can make everything with your old t-shirts.

T-shirt quilt patterns are easy to make and take less time to complete. They are easy to download and free patterns. You will just need to grab your quilt kits, pre-quilted fabric, quilting thread, and the best sewing machine for quilting

T-shirt quilt patterns
Image Source: Pinterest

For this section, we have sourced the internet to bring some of the best free t-shirt quilt patterns for beginners like you. 

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Now let’s take a look at t-shirt quilting patterns. 

Comfy College T-shirt Quilt

These free t-shirt quilt patterns for beginners are made with a zipper, an old t-shirt, and purchased pillow form. 

Comfy college t-shirt quilt
Image Source: MemoryStitch

The comfy college t-shirt quilt pattern is easy to make and requires few cuts and seams. This evening t-shirt quilt pattern is perfect for the student returning to college. 

The final pillow is comfy, cozy, and soft, making it an excellent décor for a home away from home. 

The Man Quilt

The man quilt pattern is another great way to repurpose your old t-shirts. These old tee shirt quilt patterns are simple to make and can fit any bedroom, living room, or any space.  

Expand your quilting abilities by making this t-shirt quilt pattern at home and see how you can go for different approaches to using scraps. 

This pattern also requires you to learn how to square up a quilt block and pieced technique. 

Simple and Easy T-shirt Quilt

Are you looking for just a refreshing DIY project? Choose this simple t-shirt quilt pattern free. It is the quickest way to upcycle cotton t-shirts. The finished t-shirt quilt size will be 41 x 48 inches long. 

DIY basic t-shirt quilt tutorial
Image Source: Baby Lock

Cuddle Cotton T-shirt Quilt

Are you spending money on expensive fabrics to make a t-shirt quilt? Stop doing that and try this cuddle cotton t-shirt quilt at home. This pattern is made out of old cotton t-shirts. 

It turns a soft cotton t-shirt into a beautiful and charming recycled quilt project. This t-shirt quilt pattern is a cost-effective quilting project for beginners. 

You can also consider it as a graduation present to bring a smile to your loved one’s face. 

Double-sided T-shirt Quilt

Another easiest t-shirt quilt pattern for beginners is the double-sided t-shirt quilt. You can use this t-shirt quilt pattern to give it as a birthday present to your beloved friend. 

Free t-shirt quilt patterns for beginners
Image Source: Pinterest

The pattern is easy to understand and simple to follow instructions for determining the dimensions of the quilt and sewing decoration. 

T-shirt Quilt Tote Bag

Who doesn’t’ love tote bags? Nothing can beat the satisfaction of making something on your own. 

Recycling old t-shirts to make a beautiful tote bag is one of the best ways to showcase your quilting skills to the world. 

Jane Skoch knows it well and introduced us to this beautiful t-shirt quilted tote bag pattern. It is a trendy and cost-effective quilting project for transforming old t-shirts into brand new tote bags. 

T-shirt Quilt Homemade Pillows

Country Woman Magazine for Favecrafts.com offers an amazing t-shirt quilting pattern for decorating your home. 

DIY shirt pillow
Image Source: Artzcool’s Blog

These simple pillow patterns show you how to use old scrap t-shirts to make a beautiful home décor item. You can finish this t-shirt quilting pattern in 30-minutes using one t-shirt. 

Memory T-shirt Quilt

The main purpose of t-shirt quilt patterns is to repurpose old t-shirts and preserve your memories in a beautiful way. This t-shirt quilt pattern is the perfect way to save your sentiments attached to old or small t-shirts.  

The memory t-shirt quilt pattern shows you how to cut out and create a t-shirt quilt from any or most tees you no longer wear.  

You can combine t-shirt logos and pieced techniques in various sizes to make a quilt that can be cherished for years. The finished t-shirt quilt size will be 82 x 87 inches long. 

Vintage Shirt Quilt Cushion

Use this traditional t-shirt quilting pattern to make a cushion from several men’s shirts. This pattern doesn’t require any experience working with zippers or button closures so you can make it in less time. 

The quilt blocks for beginners are easy to make. BY piecing together several fabric strips, you can make a couple of pillows at home. The finished t-shirt pillow quilt size will be 14 x 14. 

Good Sports T-shirt Quilt

If your little one wants to be a sportsman, why not make something that inspires him every day? You can use a sports logo t-shirt to create a personalized t-shirt quilt. 

Sports t-shirt quilt
Image Source: Come Stitch With Me, LLC

The sports t-shirt quilt pattern is an amazing way to use your baby boy’s old t-shirts to turn them into something that combines all of his memories in one quilt. 

Classic T-shirt Quilt

Just want to preserve your old t-shirts? Try the classic t-shirt quilt pattern and turn your child’s favorite t-shirts from schools, extracurricular activities, and sports teams into a memorable t-shirt quilt. 

Black and White T-shirt Quilt

We all have several black and white t-shirts in our wardrobe. Why not use some? 

Tee shirt quilt pattern
Image Source: Tamarack Shack

This pattern will help you unite your black and white t-shirts in a variety of themes and colors. You can use contrast print to bring movement to your quilt. 

T-shirt Quilt Blanket Pattern

It’s time to use an old t-shirt to turn into a beautiful blanket for your baby. There are so many old t-shirts at home that we don’t want to throw away. 

T-shirt quilt blanket pattern
Image Source: Madness & Method

This pattern gives you a chance to repurpose those t-shirts to make a treasured heirloom that can be enjoyed for years. The finished t-shirt blanket quilt size can vary from twin size to queen and depends on how many t-shirts you choose. 

Beachy T-shirt Blanket Quilt

Want to make a sand castle-inspired t-shirt quilt? Try a beachy t-shirt blanket quilt.  

The pattern features muted background and colors of the sea to help you make a summer-themed shirt quilt that shines bright in the sun. 

Chevron T-shirt Quilt

Combine traditional piecing techniques and t-shirts to make a not-so-traditional quilt. The chevron t-shirt quilt pattern is made using 21 different t-shirts and 12×12 quilt blocks. 

Chevron t-shirt quilt
Image Source: Pinterest

Radical T-shirt Quilt

Maryland quilters offer a flexible t-shirt quilt pattern that you can customize as per the fit size, shape, and t-shirt quantity. 

In a radical t-shirt quilt pattern, the background of the quilt is sewn first, and t-shirts are placed on top in any angle and order you wish. There are no rules that apply. Everything is just radical. 

Breast Cancer T-shirt Quilt

This t-shirt quilt pattern was made for a breast cancer survivor. The pattern is devoted to their race for the cure. 

Breast cancer quilt free pattern
Image Source: Sulky 

It is a queen-size t-shirt quilt pattern that can also be used as a birthday gift. 

Reversible T-shirt Quilt

You will love this how-to quilt-as-you-go pattern. 

The reversible t-shirt quilt pattern is perfect for beginners as it comes with step-by-step instructions. You can use your favorite fabric or pre-quilted fabrics to make this project real quick. 

Hawaiian Shirt Quilt Pattern

The Hawaiian shirt quilt pattern by Moda is an excellent beginner-level free pattern. These polar fleece quilt patterns feature cute collars and come with excellent instructions to make your quilting project as smooth as possible. 

Hawaiian shirt quilt pattern
Image Source: Stitch By Stitch

Shadowbox T-Shirt Quilt Pattern

Shadowbox t-shirt quilt pattern is all your need to turn your favorite old t-shirts into a memory that lasts a lifetime. 

Sashing, binding, borders, and backing materials and instructions are included in this pattern. 

Graduation Quilt Patterns

Is your little boy graduating soon? What’s a better way to use your son’s old or small t-shirt to make it into a beautiful graduation gift? 

Graduation quilt pattern
Image Source: Meg’s Quilted Memories

The graduation quilt patterns offered by FreeSpirit are all you need to make your son’s graduation day more memorable. This is a super simple t-shirt quilt pattern that can be completed in just one weekend. 

Don’t forget to leave some space for friends’ signatures on the borders. You can also use t-shirt quilt pattern books, jackets, boards, etc., as a graduation gift.  


Making t-shirt quilts out of your favorite old t-shirts is the best way to keep your memories for a longer time. Turning old t-shirts into a beautiful, useful quilt will also give your loved one a warm feeling.

T-shirt quilting is easy to make and takes less time to complete. The best thing about t-shirt quilting is that you can kill two birds with one stone and make your quilting project more enjoyable for you and your loved one. Do not throw away those old tees.

The above-listed t-shirt quilting patterns will help you preserve your old t-shirts as well as help you make a memorable gift that you can give to your loved one.

Relieve your old sports, printed, etc., t-shirts with this shirt quilt pattern.

Want to know some basics of quilting? Check the below listed comprehensive guides

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Let us know which t-shirt quilting pattern you choose to turn your old t-shirts into a beautiful quilt.

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Happy quilting!