34+ summer sewing projects

During summer, there are fun sewing projects that you can do to make yourself busy every day. Since the weather would be a little bit cold, you will find a lot of people going out to swim. From cookouts to lounging, everyone would try to have fun during that period. If you’re not close to any one of those places, you should still get yourself busy.

Even if you’re close but you don’t just feel like going out, you can still have a great summer. You just have to check the list below. It contains summer sewing projects that can keep you busy.

Tote Bag

If you’re a beginner, you should take summer sewing projects for beginners. As you learn more, you can start to take more advanced sewing projects. One of the easiest fun summer sewing projects is a Tote bag. You can make a simple bag for yourself or sell it to people.

Phone Case

Since you would likely go to the swimming pool during summer, you need a phone pouch. Phone pouches would help prevent your phone from contacting dust and water. It’s also more attractive than plastic bags. Within a few minutes, you can make a great phone case for yourself.

Summer Tote

You can use a quality summer Tote for as long as you like. You would even find a summer tote more useful whenever you’re around water.  With a few steps, you can easily make one. You can also make it in any size. If you would like to put your towel, snacks and a lot of things inside, you should make a large one.

Beach Bag

Whenever you visit a beach, there is a high chance that sand will enter any fabric opening with you. You can easily avoid that with a beach bag. When deciding the size to make, you should consider the volume of things that you plan to keep inside.

Freezie koozie

With a good frozen treat, you won’t be affected by heat. Since some frozen treats can be too chilly, you have to make your own carefully. If you don’t know the steps to take to make one, you should get a sample.

Reversible Placement

With a reversible placemat, you can improve your style. Placemats can be made in different ways. You can even design yours in a way that it can be easily flipped. That means you would have more than one placemat in a single package.

Trash can

If you don’t take care of your car’s interior, it would look bad and untidy. By making a fabric trashcan, you can easily avoid that. You can even make it to be waterproof. A plastic bag should just be placed inside. Trash cans are reusable. You just have to throw away the waste inside regularly.

Lap Desk

To be comfortable while traveling, you should go with a lap desk. You can always use it while taking your snacks. It isn’t only easy to make; it is also affordable. You can make one with almost any fabric. You just have to cut out a small size.

Bottle Carrier

If there is one thing that you need everywhere, it is a water bottle. You can package your water bottle by placing it inside a fabric bottle carrier. To make one, you should put the size of your water bottle into consideration. Since bottle carriers are insulated, they will keep your drink cold.

Earbud pouch

Earpiece and earbuds tangle with other materials easily. To keep them in shape, you should make a case. As you can use leather, you can also use fabric. It doesn’t require many easy sewing projects clothes. So it won’t cost you much.

Eye mask

Since you might find it difficult to sleep while traveling, you should consider using an eye mask. You just need a small-sized fabric and two handles. You should use a material with elastic to make those handles. You can also make eye masks in any color that you want.

Sun Hat

With a sun hat, you can keep the sun off your skin. Since the hat is made with fabric, you can fold it easily. When you’re no longer using it, you can just keep it in your bag. It won’t take much space. Sun hats are also washable. If you use a quality fabric to make one, you can use it for a long period.

Reversible Headband

If your hair is long, it might come in contact with your face frequently. Whenever you’re busy, you might not be convenient with that kind of thing. That is why you should make a reversible headband. If you spend a lot of time making it, you can use it as a fashion item.

T-shirt Dress

If there is an old t-shirt that you don’t wear again, you can put it to better use. You just have to get scissors and try to be creative. In a short time, you can make a beautiful dress for yourself. If your t-shirt is short, you can make a tank top.

Simple Skirt

It is one of the fun sewing projects that you can take. While making one, you would take steps that would help you learn more about sewing. Simple skirts look good on women. If you make it well, people might even approach you and ask you to make one for them.

Towel tote

Whenever you’re sunbathing, you need a towel tote with you. You would feel great when you join a beach towel, pillow, and pockets together. It would give you the perfect summer feeling. If you don’t know how to make one, you can search for videos on YouTube.

Blanket containing pockets

You can use blankets in different places during the summer. As you can use them on the sand, you can also use them in parks. With a pocket, you can always keep all your valuable items safe. Since things are kept in your blanket, it would weigh down. Even on a breezy day, you can still use one.

Hooded Towel

You should always make sure that your kids don’t shiver. Immediately they are out from the shower, you can use a hooded towel on them. If you purchase the materials and make one, it would cost you less than when you purchase an already made hooded towel.

Bowl covers

You would likely be picnicking a lot of times during summer. While picnicking, bugs might come in contact with your food. With a bowel cover, you can avoid that completely. You can make a bowl cover with light or thick material. It depends on the kind of food that you want to use it to cover.

Beverage Koozie

During summer, you will likely be going out more often. Since you might not touch your drink or beverage for long, you need something that will keep them in a good condition. That is the reason you should get a beverage koozie. If you pour a cool drink inside, it would preserve the drink and keep it cool.

Citrus Coasters

With felt, thread, and needle, you can make a coaster. It is one of the fun summer sewing projects. Citrus coasters are handmade. To make your citrus coasters more attractive, you should use summer bright colors in making them. Since you are not going to use a sewing machine, it won’t cost you much to make citrus coasters.

Snack bag

You shouldn’t throw away every snack that you can’t consume at once. You can make a beautiful snack bag and keep it inside. You just have to stitch a few fabrics together. If you use a quality fabric to make your snack bag, it can be reusable. You just have to clean it frequently. You should use the light fabric in making your snack bags. The size should also be small. You can always keep one in your bag. It won’t take much space.

Seatbelt Pillow

It is quite uncomfortable to sleep in a car. Since you would lie down in a bad position, sleeping in a car can result in a neck cramp. With a neck pillow, you can easily avoid that. You can even make one with pockets. You would be able to keep your phone and other valuable items safely.

IPad case

iPads have a large screen. While traveling, it is important to use an iPad case. If you don’t, the screen of your iPad would likely crack if it falls while you’re sleeping. You can even make your case with beautiful material. It would be more stylish.

Brush Roll

As you can do makeups at home, you can also do them while traveling. With a quality brush roll, your brushes would stay clean and in perfect shape. Since everything would be in one place, you can easily find anyone of them.


It is the perfect cover for your bathing suit. Since it is lightweight, you can use it during summer evenings. The materials for making it are easily accessible. You just have to purchase them and make one.

Children sun hat

Just like the adult sun hat, you can make a children sun hat for your kid. Since you’re going to make it with a fabric material, it would be easy to fold the hat. It can also be washed. You just have to maintain it well. It can be used for a long period.

Boho dress

People sweat easily during summer. If you wear thick clothes, it might even become worse. One of the best solutions is to purchase a boho dress. Boho dresses are made with light materials. Even under intense heat, you will still be comfortable. From clubs to pools, you can wear a boho dress in almost every place.

Swim Wrap

Even though the swim wrap looks so simple, it is so functional. You can wear it on top of a bathing suit. Since swim wraps are made of light easy sewing projects clothes, you will be so comfortable inside. The demand for it is usually high during summer. If you can make a lot of them, you’re guaranteed to make huge sales.

Pillowcase Dress

Without a pillowcase dress, you’ve not completed a summer sewing list. Some people even refer to it as the perfect baby sundress. It is also one of the perfect summer sewing projects for beginners. With a few steps, you would be done with making one. As you can use a pillowcase to make one, you can also decide not to use a pillowcase.

Beach cover-up

Even though sheer fabrics easily fray, it is still the best fabric for some summer sewing projects. To make a beach cover-up, you have to purchase a fabric material and cut out a rectangle. The rectangle should be an oversized one. That is when it can be enough.

Beach cover-ups can be made in different styles and patterns. You’ve to put in your creativity. To make it stylish, you should consider adding trims and the likes.

Sunglass case

If you don’t take care of your sunglass well, it would become rough as time goes. With a good case, you can always keep it in good condition for a long time. There are different kinds of sunglass case. Some of them are felt cases, rhinestone cases, and the likes.

Elastic skirt

During summer, you are going to be uncomfortable if you keep wearing tight skirts. All you need to cope with the season is a loose skirt. While making one, you should ensure that the waist is made with an elastic material. You can even make them in different designs. You should also make them in different lengths. Some people love long skirts while others prefer short ones.

Sleep shorts

Just like boxers, sleep shorts are comfortable. It just looks feminine. Unlike the other summer sewing projects, you don’t need many designs and patterns while making shorts. You can just keep your work plain and simple. Before you make one, you have to take accurate measurements. People have different statures. The same size might not fit a lot of them.