Skirt Sewing Patterns

Instant Skirt Sewing Patterns: 10+ Quick Sewing Projects

There are so many skirt sewing patterns and designs in the market now that it is hard not to find one that you like. But what do you do if you don’t have time for all of the hemming and fabric prep? Skirt sewing patterns are the answer!

Do you want more skirts in your wardrobe without having to break out the sewing machine? There is no need for extra fabric or time-consuming measurements with these easy skirt sewing patterns. 

This blog post will show how simple it is to create instant skirt sewing patterns in different styles that will help save you time when getting ready for any occasion—all from scratch! 

Types of Women’s Skirt Sewing Patterns

Skirt sewing patterns
Image: Trendy Pins

Before jumping onto skirt sewing patterns, we must discuss the different skirt types most patterns are based on. Depending on whichever style you prefer, you can choose a skirt pattern that will suit your needs.

Pencil Skirt

A pencil skirt is a long, narrow, straight-cut piece of clothing that closely fits the body for you to wear with high heels or boots. It hugs the body from just below the waist to about midway down the thigh and then stops abruptly. 

It features an elastic waistband plus a zipper closure on one side. The skirt usually has a split up the back seam and sometimes down each side.

Designers often make the top of this skirt style with spandex or elastane, but you can also find them in wool fabric. 

This type of style looks great on taller women since it will show off their legs beautifully! The length will vary according to personal preference. They can range anywhere from just above the knee to about an inch below it! 

Purpose: office wear, clubbing attire

A-line Skirt

An A-line skirt is fitted smoothly around your body without gathering at the waistband. This makes it perfect for curvy women who want their shape shown off instead of hidden inside too much material. 

An A-line skirt is typically straight at the top half but has fuller volume through its wide bottom panels or hem. It falls directly from the natural waist with less fullness than other styles such as flares and circle skirts which are flowier. 

This silhouette looks great on most body shapes while also providing a comfortable fit because it’s not too tight around your waist like other fitted skirts can be! 

The skirt has this name due to its shape as it resembles the English letter “A”—fit at the top and loose at the bottom as it falls.

Flared Skirt

A flared skirt is a style that continues to be popular. It’s the perfect choice for women who want to wear skirts but don’t like anything tight against their stomachs while pregnant or nursing. 

It also gives you more freedom of movement than other styles because there are no buttons or zippers. This is also a plus point for beginners who do not know how to sew well.

The flared skirt has plenty of fullness in front and back panels at its hemline for a flattering look. The skirt is perfect for more curvy women and those who want an extra pop to their outfits. 

Flares typically reach the top of your shins or right above them; however, you can also wear them much shorter if you prefer a mini skirt look. They are a little more casual for day wear, but you can dress them up with heels or wedges to make them appropriate for an evening outing.

Wrap Skirt

The Wrap skirt is one of the most simplistic skirts to make. You can make a wrap skirt from just about any fabric that will keep its shape without much fuss (e.g., cotton). 

Wrap skirt patterns provide a flattering fit for most body types. They come in two basic styles: wrap-over and wraparound.

Wrap over skirts close with either buttons or zippers on the front, while wraparounds tie at the side seams to form an A-line silhouette that hugs your figure. 

Beginners may find this skirt a bit difficult to deal with since it features zips and buttons. But with a few sewing hacks, you shall be able to master the art of sewing a unique wrap skirt in no time!

Mini Skirt

Mini skirts are an excellent choice for those seeking a more youthful, sporty style. You should sew a mini skirt with a jersey or knit fabric that has some stretch to it and fits closely at the top

The hemline will typically end just below your upper thigh; however, you can also wear them much shorter if you prefer a miniskirt look.

This common garment type usually features an elastic waistband, so it’s easy to slip on and off and straightforward construction techniques, which require no sewing expertise whatsoever!

Gathered Skirt

A gathered skirt is an elegant yet easy-to-wear addition to any wardrobe.

A gathered skirt is a type of short skirt that has fullness added at the waistband, and it typically falls just below your knee or right above your knees. 

You can wear this style with a fitted blouse to create a simple belted look and pair it with leggings for more casual outings. 

The construction process for this garment requires you to know some sewing tips and tricks; however, there are plenty of tutorials online which simplify the steps needed for creating such styles from scratch!

Easy Skirt Sewing Patterns UK

Skirts are a great sewing project because it’s amusing to mix & match patterns and textures when making them. It only takes one yard (or meter) for most skirt designs—which will leave plenty left over for other DIYs like bags, purses, and hats. The possibilities are endless!

Below is a list of all the simple skirt sewing patterns you must try out, especially if you’re a beginner learning to sew

They’re all categorized under the skirt pattern types mentioned above, so you can scroll down to the skirt category you want to sew. 

What’s best is that some of them are skirt sewing patterns free of cost! So, if you’re looking for patterns to reproduce and sell online, these are the patterns to try today! 

A piece of advice: If you decide to use any of these patterns for your dressmaking business, do not forget to add a woven label such as a custom hang tag or care label to your skirt before putting it for sale. You can either purchase different types of woven labels online or DIY one yourself at home.

Pencil Skirt Patterns

    1. Pencil Skirt by My Handmade Space—Easy Sew Skirt Patterns Free 

Free pencil skirt pattern
Image: Sew Your TV

The pencil skirt by My Handmade Space is one of the most fabulous free sewing patterns for beginners that covers all your “chic skirt for an expensive date” needs. The pattern features two darts on the front and back.

With a flattering shape and easy construction, this beginner sewing pattern is also perfect for experienced sewists looking to make their skirts the way they want them!

The free pencil skirt sewing pattern by My Handmade Space is available for download as a PDF in sizes 6-14 (US sizes). 

You can make it from lightweight woven fabric like polyester chiffon or cotton voile, or heavier materials like wool suiting if you’re feeling more wintery! 

They also have some great tips on adjusting the length of your skirt should you need one shorter than knee-length.

This sewing pattern comes with instructions and illustrations that are easy to understand, so you won’t need to worry about being confused by any of the steps. 

Note: You would need to sign up via an online form to receive the free skirt pattern

You can pair this skirt up with a buttoned shirt as in the picture above. You can use a full-sleeved buttoned shirt sewing pattern to sew one at home.

      2. Misses Pants and Skirts by Simplicity 

Easy skirt sewing patterns
Image: Sewing Pattern Review

The Misses skirts and pants sewing pattern by Simplicity is one of the most versatile patterns for skirts available in today’s market. 

You can use the general instructions to make a basic pencil skirt with elastic at the top hemline, and a figure-hugging silhouette with a slight slit in the front instead of waistband gathers. 

This allows you to have more control over how your fabric will drape when making this style and give it some shape.

The pattern is one of a kind since it offers six different sewing patterns in one! You will be able to sew:

    • A traditional pencil skirt with four variations: 
      1. long thigh-high slit skirt with one dart by the waistband
      2. above knee-length slit skirt with one dart by the waistband
      3. Long pencil skirt with no slits and two darts by the waistband
      4. Mid-thigh pencil skirt with no slits and two darts by the waistband

You can download this pattern here.

      3. Gorgeous Pencil Skirt with a Bow by My Littlest Studios

Skirt sewing patterns free
Image: The Little Studio

This elegant pencil skirt is a free pattern inspired by the vintage sewing pattern styles, and it features a cute bow in the front. 

This is a project that you can complete in one evening if you have enough experience. By the end of the project, you’ll have enough fabric leftover from the pattern to make matching bow headbands. 

This skirt pattern also serves as a sewing pattern for kids and is perfect for mothers looking for ways to dress their little girl up without spending too much time on it. The skirt is best for women of all ages.

The pattern is easy enough for beginners but still has plenty of detail that will please intermediate sewers as well. 

The bow-tied front makes it more versatile than just your basic fabric-and-elastic skirt when paired with an elegant lace top or blouse. The skirt goes from casual daytime wear to dressy evening gown, essentially any event that speaks elegance and grace.

The pattern includes instructions on creating this look using knit fabric such as denim or jersey, in any color combination imaginable.

Pattern name Elegant Pencil Skirt With Bow Detail

Fabric Requirement

1 yard

Fabric Suggestion

Knit fabric; denim, jersey, or fleece

Time of Completion

One day

Sewing materials

    • Sewing machine
    • Thread
    • Needle
    • Scissors
    • Fabric marker
    • Tape measure


    • Partywear
    • Office wear
    • Night out partywear
    • Date skirt

A-Line Skirt Sewing Patterns Online

    1. A-Line Skirt by Sew Mag

Simple skirt sewing patterns
Image: Sew Mag

This A-line skirt sewing pattern by Sew Mag is perfect for confident beginners looking to make a classic skirt with a fun twist. This pattern is available in sizes 0-20 and includes instructions on using any fabric ranging from cotton, silk, polyester, or linen.

This A-line pencil skirt is slightly challenging for novice sewers since it features zips and darts that many beginners may have difficulty dealing with

There are also two contrasting pockets stitched side by side, opposite each other. 

The length of the skirt goes just above the knee, but you can customize it to be longer or even shorter, depending on your preference.

The sewing instructions for the pattern are all available here. You would need to log in before you can download the pattern pieces.

Pattern Name A-Line Skirt

Sewing Materials

    • Petersham ribbon (curved)
    • Concealed zip
    • Coordinating thread
    • Sewing machine
    • Scissors
    • Needle 

Fabric Choice

    • Cotton
    • Silk
    • Polyester
    • Linen
    • Knit fabric

Fabric Requirement

    • Main fabric—1.2m
    • Contrast fabric—30cm

Cutting Guide

    • Cut the front skirt on one fold
    • Cut one pair for the back skirt
    • Cut one pair of pockets in contrast fabric.


    • Tiny waist measurement: 68 cm
    • Medium waist measurement: 72 cm
    • Large waist measurement: 76 cm

Seam Allowance

1.5 cm throughout (unless stated otherwise)

      2. Reed Skirt by Grainline Studios

Women's skirt sewing patterns
Image: Grainline Studios

The Reed a-line skirt pattern offers versatility with ease. This skirt pattern features four different pattern views: 

    1. View A: This is a mid-thigh length skirt with a front button closure and inset pockets on the sides.
    2. View B: View B is a more extended variation of View A that has the same style and features but falls below the knee
    3. View C: This pattern requires a bit more expertise as it deals with a center-back zipper. Instead of inset side pockets, it has two front patch pockets and a turned hem.
    4. View D: View D features a skirt pattern that falls below the knee mid of the calf. It has the same style with invisible zip and patch pockets as View C.

There are two size variations of the same pattern. One is a plus-size pattern with sizes 4-13, while the other is for women with 0-18 sizes.

The pattern is available in two formats:

    1. As a downloadable PDF file, you can print either at home on A4 paper or at a copyshop on A0 sheets. You will receive a download link via email once you’ve paid for the pattern online.
    2. As a paper pattern that has a tissue pattern inside an envelope accompanied by a full color-printed instruction booklet. Grainline Studios delivers the pattern directly to your doorstep.

Flared Skirt Sewing Patterns

    1. Gabriola Skirt by Sewaholic Patterns

Long skirt sewing patterns
Image: Sewaholic Patterns

The Gabriola is a timeless and flattering design that will see you through the year with its versatile skirt silhouette. Explore two lengths, unlined and casual-elegant textures, plus A-line versatility to make the most of your stash. 

It’s quick and straightforward to make with its center-back zipper, flared skirt style, and yoke panels. 

The pattern features two views—View A and B. Choose a single button or hook and bar closure in View B for extra modernity. 

Download the PDF pattern now from Sewaholic patterns for $13.99 only. It is available in sizes 0-16. 

      2. Midi Tiered and Flared Skirt Sewing Pattern by SwimStyle

Designer skirt sewing patterns
Image: Swim Style

Are you tired of wearing the same maxi skirt time and time again? Join the trend to create flare skirts unique to you with this Midi Flare & Tiered Skirt Sewing Pattern. 

You can make a comfortable yet flattering style for yourself or any of your friends who deserve something special, now at an affordable price.

The pattern features two skirt styles. One is a flared skirt with an asymmetrical hemline, and another is a 3-tiered skirt with a semi-fitted silhouette. Both are great for beginners as there are no complicated notions like zippers involved.

The waist sash is a part of the skirt that brings life to it and makes it all the chicer. These are perfect for women who are always on the go and create a feminine, sophisticated look every time!

The pattern is available for download as a PDF file in A4 and US size prints. 

Wrap Skirt Sewing Patterns

    1. Lily Wrap Skirt Sewing Pattern by Designer Switch

Lily wrap skirt kristen
Image: Designer Switch

The Lily Wrap Skirt is the perfect addition to any wardrobe you can whip up in a day. This versatile and easy to construct skirt follows simple pattern pieces that look amazing when cut in various fabric prints or textures. 

The Lily Wrap Skirt is the true definition of a new-school classic. The wrap-around style of this skirt offers a flattering, fluttery A-line shape.

The decorative front cross-over wraps are held together by hook and loop tape to keep it all tidy and in place. You can swing it around for a different look, too, to reveal the contrasting fabric used underneath.

Fabric suggestions for this pattern are all woven fabrics with no stretch:

    • Lightweight cotton
    • Different denim types
    • Linen

With cutting and sewing tasks appropriate for more experienced sewers, we recommend this to be suited to skilled beginners who opt for a supervised session with their crafting guru’s help or those who sew independently using our detailed tutorials.

Here’s why this skirt pattern is a bit more advanced than a beginner’s play: 

    • Complex sewing and cutting tasks.
    • Requires use of a sewing machine
    • Requires seam and topstitching 
    • Difficult fitting and complicated pocket placement

The pattern is only available for download as a PDF.

      2. 8746 Misses’ Wrap Skirts by Simplicity

Simplicity tie waist skirt pattern
Image: Simplicity

Not sure what to wear? With the 8746 Misses wrap skirt pattern by Simplicity, you’ll be two steps ahead of all your fashion needs. This Misses wrap skirt pattern features skirts of varying lengths, from mid-thigh to below the knee. 

The slightly longer length is professional for work while still being classy enough for a quick stop at an event before heading back home—or out again!

The D-shaped closure rings hold the wrap front on the side neatly, allowing the skirt to drape down the waistline in an a-line variation.

Available in sizes 6-14 and 14-22, this pattern offers designs of varying measurements perfect for any body type!

Mini Skirt Sewing Patterns

    1. Wonder Mini Skirt by Foldline

Easy skirt sewing patterns online
Image: Foldline

The wonder mini skirt by Foldline is by far the most practical skirt we’ve come across. With inset pockets made invisible by criss-cross drapes, the pattern sets the standard for all other skirt patterns for women.

Although the skirt is short, it covers you nicely without exposing too much skin. The pockets are great to keep your essentials like keys and cards safe. 

This skirt is a beginner-friendly project but may require some supervision since it deals with facings, invisible zips, and many folds. 

This couture pattern is available in nine different sizes, from size 32 to 48. 

Since the skirt requires minimal fabric and you can sew it using any material, you can create it by upcycling old clothes you don’t wear anymore.

Fabric suggestions for this project are:

      • Cotton
      • Jacquard
      • Denim
      • Wool
      • Linen
      • Jersey

      2. Short Skirt Pattern #5430 by Lekala Sewing Patterns

How to sew a skirt with a pattern
Image: Lekala

The Lekala sewing patterns have introduced a feature no other pattern company online has. The short skirt pattern comes in the following sizes:

      • Small
      • Medium
      • Large
      • Extra large
      • 2X large
      • 3X large

But if you do not want to go for one of these pattern sizes, you are available with the option to customize a pattern size just by entering a few measurements in the form given on their site. 

The pattern instructions are available in three different languages: English, Russian and German. 

The site also allows you to view a pattern preview once you’ve put in your bust, hip, and waist measurements in the form. You can also compare your custom size pattern with other patterns. 

What’s more, is that you can choose the printing settings and format yourself. The available print format options are as follows:

    • A4/A3/A2/A1/A0
    • Letter/Legal/Tabloid
    • Wide PDF/PDF 24″/PDF 36″

Gathered Skirt Sewing Patterns

    1. Gathered Maxi Skirt by Alexis Bailey—Long Skirt Sewing Pattern free

Easy skirt sewing patterns free
Image: Hello Alexis Bailey

Gathered maxi skirts make an appearance every year, whether you make them from cotton or chiffon.

This gathered maxi skirt pattern follows a straight skirt pattern but gathers the fabric up in a row of pleats. It’s perfect for showing off prints or fabrics with lots of texture.

This free tutorial from Alexis Bailey will show you how to make this gathered maxi skirt sewing pattern—and it only takes about an hour! This is a simplistic project that you can make at any time for almost any occasion. 

To help keep things easy on yourself, try using elastic thread to gather the fabric instead of pins when making your version at home. Who says you need special tools?

We love that these simple tutorials allow us to mix up our look while still sporting something comfortable, perfect for running errands after work! 

The Alexis Bailey blog has written instructions with pictures for each step to help you better visualize what you’re supposed to do. The project will work better if you choose a pleated fabric like she did, eliminating the hassle of pleating the skirt yourself.

If you do not have a pleated fabric at home, you can do it yourself in a few simple steps. Watch this Youtube Video on DIY Pleated Skirt to learn how to put pleats in a skirt.

      2. Viscose Skirt 124 by Burda Style

Long skirt pattern
Image Source: Burda Style

The viscose, designer skirt sewing pattern by BurdaStyle is another chic long gathered skirt with a full button front that you can wear to a beach party or even a formal event. 

This project is best for a confident beginner who can work their way around buttons and fluid fabrics. The fabric recommendation for this skirt is viscose rayon, but you can make it in silk as well. 

The pattern features a traditional long maxi skirt that falls mid-calf, above the ankles, but you can adjust the length of the skirt and make it shorter or longer according to your preference. 

Pattern name Viscose skirt 124

Available sizes

44, 46, 48, 50, 52

Fabric recommendation

Viscose rayon or any fluid fabric

Skirt length

37 and a half inches

Expertise level

Confident beginner

Sewing Patterns for Skirts Free Online

All the skirt patterns that we’ve listed in this article are beginner-friendly and would give you a basic idea of how to sew a skirt with a pattern. 

If you want to take it up a notch, you can use these patterns to create different dress sewing patterns. You can do so by attaching a blouse to the skirt you made or merging two different patterns to create a unique design. 

But for that, you must first learn how to make sewing patterns.