Sewing projects old jeans

Almost all men and women love jeans. From blue to acid wash, people love jeans in different colors. Some people even prefer tight jeans, while others go for flared ones. Jeans trousers are the most durable trousers out there. Since it has a strong nature, a lot of people use it for heavy work. You shouldn’t throw away your old jeans. Even if it is worn, you can still put it to better use. If you’re confused about what to do with old jeans, you should study the tips listed below

Rag Rugs

If the solid material in your jeans is not much again, you should turn it into a rag rug. To make a rag rug, you don’t need any sewing skills. You’re not also going to make use of any tool or machine. All you have to do is cut the jeans to make it plain and long. To make it plain, you’ve to remove the pockets, zips, and all other fastenings on the sewing projects old jeans. Then you can proceed to make a braid.

Boho Skirt

If you’re confused about what to make with old jeans, you should consider making a boho skirt. There are several methods that you can use to convert your pants to a skirt. First of all, you have to learn how to make jeans into short. The length to which you cut off the legs would determine the length of your skirt. Just make sure you don’t cut them up to the Zip and pockets. After that, you can proceed to stitch fabric to the jeans. Even though cotton voile is good, it is too light, and it can be transparent.

Coin Purse

If you don’t want to convert your jeans to another wearable material, it can still be used for other things. One of them is a coin purse. You don’t have to use much material in this case. All you have to do is cut off the back pocket. After that, you can simply add a zip.

Cuff Bracelets

No matter how much of your sewing projects old jeans are left, you can make a cuff bracelet. You just need to measure your wrist and cut out denim of its size. To make it more attractive, you should overlap the bracelet. You can close your cuff bracelet in any way that you like. Just make sure that you make it neat. The most common closure methods are snaps and leather lacings. Learning how to make cuff bracelets is one of the main ways of learning how to recycle jeans

Pocket Placemats

With a few steps, you can convert your recycled denim sewing projects into a placemat. The first step is to cut a lot of rectangles out of your jeans. The size of the rectangles that you cut will be equivalent to the size of your placemats. To make your placemat neat and durable, you should join two rectangles together to make one. You can join them by stitching the edges. After that, you can proceed to cut your back pocket and place it on your placemat.

Coil coasters

If you want to know how to recycle jeans, you can start by making Coil coasters. Unlike the ones listed above, you will need a sewing machine to make coin coasters. Only thick denims are also recommended for making them.

The first step is to wrap a cotton cord with your denim. When you want to start stitching, make sure you use a denim needle. The reason is that other needles won’t take much time to get damaged when you’re using them on a strong material like denim. You should also use a heavy thread. Then you can start to join the loops.


To make an applique, you have to cut your denim into different shapes. The shapes depend on the sample that you’re copying. If you’re not copying any sample, you can decide the shapes that you want to use. Then you can layer the fabrics and make use of the holes that are already there. Those holes can be used to create different styles.

Hot pads

You’re going to need your back pockets in making a hot pad. After cutting them off, you should cut two rectangles out of the main denim material. The size of rectangles that you will cut depends on the size of the hot pads that you want to make. You can proceed to join a cotton material with the rectangles by using pins.


If you don’t know what to make with old jeans, you should consider making a gardening apron. You’re going to need three materials. They are sturdy fabric, waistband, and denim back pockets.

First of all, you have to learn how to make jeans into short. After cutting the legs of your jeans, you should cut off the zip and back pockets. Only the waistband should be left. So you’re going to assume that the back of your jeans is the new apron. Then you should stitch the edges of your apron. You’re going to be left with a nice edge, and it would be difficult for your apron to fall.

Denim Flowers

If you have small bits of denim, you can use them to make a flower. To make it easier, you should get a flower to use as a sample. Then you can outline that flower and apply it to your recycled denim sewing projects. You should use a colored thread to join your outline. After cutting out a lot of flower pieces, you can join them together by stitching.

Market Bags

If you don’t know what to do with old jeans, you should consider using them to make bags. No matter how damaged a jean is, there would still be fabric inside. That is why you can always use old jeans to make durable bags. Instead of shopping with a big basket, bags made with jeans can be used. It would even look more attractive if you make it well.

Keepsake Quilt

Even though denims are strong and thick, it can still be quite comfortable. To make a quilt, you can cut squares out of your denim and join them. If you cut out the pockets of your denim and add it to the squares, your quilt would appear more beautiful. You just have to arrange the squares in a good pattern. Since denim is quite thick, you should always use a denim needle.


Even though denim can fray, it won’t fray as much as other materials. That is why it is perfect for making ornaments. If you’re going to make a lot of them, you can ask people to join you. All they have to do is cut and stitch. It is important to know that only adults should handle heavy stitching. Since denims are strong and rough, kids won’t find it easy to do heavy stitching on them.


All cushions are made of tough materials that can be washed. Since denims have those properties, it can be used as a material for cushions. Instead of throwing off your old jeans, you can convert it to a cushion. After you cut off the legs, all you have to do is join the ends. If you want the cushion to last, you should keep in away from the sun. Too much contact with sunlight can make the cushion to fade.


Your old denims can be used to craft toys for kids. If you’re making a big toy, your sewing projects old jeans can make the teeth or claws. In a case where you have enough material, you can even use denim to craft a new cat toy. Whenever you make toys for your pet, you should monitor them properly. If a toy is damaged, you have to take it away from your pet immediately. Your pet might choke when trying to play with a damaged toy.