13+ sewing hacks

13 sewing hacks – If you’re into sewing business, you have to know how to sew fast. Since you can only accept new projects after completing the old one, your speed matters. If you’re not fast enough, it would affect your sales negatively. Even if you sew for fun, you shouldn’t waste too much of your time on your project. As a result of those things, everyone needs to learn sewing hacks.

As you should learn easy hand sewing hacks, you should also learn the others. The right sewing hacks guarantee speed in completing projects. Difficult projects would also look easier to you. No matter how fast you want to sew, you shouldn’t skip important steps. The reason is that it might affect the result of your project. To improve and become faster in sewing, you should study diy sewing hacks and tips listed below

Use magnets to corral your pins

A magnetic wand is an important item that should always be in your sewing kit. The main use of a magnetic wand is to snap pins. Since pins are tiny, it is easy to misplace them. The magnetic wand makes it easy and fast for you to find lost pins. You would even need it more if the carpet is used on your floor.

Glue magnets are useful for people who sew. While you’re working, you can use them to hold the pins that you’re not using at that moment. While seaming, pins can be easily lost when you remove them. With a glue market, you can avoid that.

Plug your iron and lamp in the same place

If you use iron while sewing, you can forget to put it off. It is a common mistake. If care is not taken, such a thing can lead to a fire hazard. You shouldn’t take risks. If you are not sure of when you switched your iron off, you should go back to check. With simple sewing hacks, you can easily avoid that.

Plug your iron and other equipment in the same place. Your light should also be connected there. So whenever the light is on, you will know that majority of your equipment is still actively working. Instead of switching off the equipment one after the other, you should use a single switch that connects everything. When the switch is off, you will be sure that all your equipment is off and safe.

Experiment with pin alternatives

Even though everyone uses a pin, it is not the best option for every project. If you’re working with hard fabrics, you will find it hard to penetrate. On the other hand, pins also slide out on fabrics that are too light.

Apart from straight pins, you can use clothespins, basting stitches, safety pins, and a lot more. It is one of the greatest diy sewing hacks and tips. Even though pin alternatives might not be as effective as pins, they would help you to complete your project faster. With care labels, you can brand your product better.

Prepare your fabrics before use

To work faster, you should prepare your fabrics before sewing. If the fabrics are too much, you should cut out the size that you want to use.

When you’re done with your projects, you might find it difficult to shrink.  That is why you should do it before you start. It is part of the stages involved in processing fabrics. It is also important to wash your fabrics before sewing. After washing, you should dry and keep them in a cool and dry place. It is one of the sewing hacks for jeans. Make your jeans unique and easy to identify with customized hangtags.

Make use of the right tools

If you’re using sub-standard equipment, you won’t be able to finish your project on time. You might even get stuck in a particular stage. You don’t have to start spending on expensive equipment and machine. You can always make use of simple tools like hemstitch and the likes. They won’t only save you a lot of time, you will find it easy to use them. You can even buy a lot of those simple tools and keep them. They would end up as profitable investments.

Whenever you’re purchasing new tools, you shouldn’t only think about that moment. You should think about the next few months or even years. You should also buy only tools that can make you work faster. It would help you to progress.

Brace all buttonholes before you cut

Instead of making buttonholes with your hand, you should use a machine. Since buttonholes are used in jeans, it is one of the sewing hacks for jeans. It would help you save time. Even though machines are effective, they can cause problems while in bad condition. If the seam ripper on your machine slips, you will face a lot of problems. In the process of solving them, you might waste a lot of time.

After sewing buttonholes, you should use a seam ripper to open them. While doing that, you should avoid the stitches at the end. If you mistakenly cut their bar, you will get your project ruined. You won’t even be able to fix your buttonhole with a machine anymore. You will be left with no option other than to fix it by hand. You can easily avoid those things. You just have to slide your pin ahead. Your seam ripper would be stopped by the pin. Then your stitches will be left the same way.

Make use of Pincushion cuff

It is one of the easy hand sewing hacks. While working, you shouldn’t put too many pins in your mouth. Instead of that, you can make a pincushion. Place the pincushion on your wrist and start working. From sewing shirts to combining pieces, all your work would be much easy if you use pincushions. It is one of the best sewing hacks for shirts. If you need custom woven labels on your shirt, you can start to design them here.

Avoid cutting stripes when you fold your fabric

If you find it difficult to line up stripes, you shouldn’t fold your fabric while cutting out patterns. Instead of doing that, you should line up points. Those points should be the ones in your pattern. The pattern can be your neckline top or anything else. When you line up your points well, you will get a reference point whenever your pattern is flipped to another side. The stripes would be left in a symmetrical shape.

Keep all your tools close with a knife strip

If you’ve attended cooking shows, you would have seen knife strips. It is also possible that you have a knife strip in your kitchen. To properly maintain metallic tools like scissors, you should use a metallic strip. For more efficiency, you should add a magnet to your strip. It is better to use a heavy magnet. To reach the strip quickly, you should place it beside you. It can even be on the wall. Since a lot of tools are used in making shirts., it is one of the best sewing hacks for shirts.

You should get an extra ironing board cover

You have to wash your ironing board cover frequently. That is how you can prevent the movement of stains from one project to another. If you have a lot of projects to work on, you won’t be patient enough to stop working till you wash your ironing board cover. Getting an extra ironing board cover is one of the best diy sewing hacks that you can practice.

Make use of a mat

Even though scissors can cut well, there are other faster means of cutting. If you make use of a rotary cutter and a mat, you could cut much faster and easier. Unlike when you use scissors, your fabric won’t flex when you use a rotary cutter. That means that you’re going to cut more accurately.

Whenever you want to cut a straight line, you should use a ruler. Rulers won’t only help you cut faster, they would help you get a better result. If you don’t like using rulers, you can use scissors. Just make sure that the blade is sharp and in good condition. To stop your pattern from sliding off, you should use weights while working.

Make use of zig-zags

To create gathers, you can use several methods. As you can use a sewing machine, you can also ensure that the tension is well adjusted. With flexibility, your gathers can be shifted. For instance, you might want to add more size to the back of your skirt. You can even decide to increase the size of the hips of your skirt. All you have to do is lay a string. You can lay just a single line. After it has been laid in the seam, sew it with a zig-zag stitch.

For the best result, your zig-zag stitch should be a long one. When you want to gather them, all you have to do is pull your floss at the end. The gathers can always be shifted and adjusted. To put them in the right place, you just have to stitch a few lines. It is important to maintain straight stitching.

Make use of matchsticks

No form of diy sewing hacks should be difficult. If you take time to study or watch tutorial videos, you will always find easy ways to sew. When a button is stitched to a fabric flatly, it won’t pass the buttonhole easily.  You should craft some thread. While crafting them, you should make sure that there is space for movement. It would be better if the space is little. Then you can start to sew the stitches. If you want the height to be perfect, you should put a matchstick under.