Sewing for Baby – Projects and Ideas

Homemade baby clothes are gorgeous. You’ve also got lots of opportunities to personalize in all directions. And you don’t need a lot of fabrics to make many of these easy to sew baby items.

Are you running empty on ideas? Don’t be! From teeny tiny bibs to doggy pillows, we’ve got lovely things for your baby and a few DIY baby toys in the mix. There are also great ideas for your nursery décor. So, you’re in the right place.

Even if you aren’t sewing for your baby, every expectant mother would love these great sewing ideas we have cooked up. Ready to learn more about simple things to sew for a baby? You bet! Let’s start with some of the most gorgeous and easy baby sewing projects.

Crafts to Make for Newborn Babies

Hooded Towels

Hooded tools are one of the best newborn sewing projects. They also make the perfect baby shower gifts and are incredibly easy to sew. All you need are two or three fabrics of contrasting colors – possibly a monochromatic fabric for the body and a floral or patterned fabric for the edges. You can also add a bit of frill like sewing a pony or unicorn to distinguish the back from the towel’s front. What’s more, you can create a pair of washcloths to make a cute little package.

EarFlap Beanie

Earflap Beanie is one of the cute things to sew. It’s also a thoughtful baby shower gift. It helps protect the heads of newborns from chills and winds. You also don’t have to add any straps. You only need to create double-layer flaps, and your baby’s ears will be covered fully. What’s more, you can make them for babies of all ages. Adults love them too!

A Great Pack of Three

Bibs, baby clutch, and burp cloths are some of the common baby sewing projects. You can quickly sew some with co-ordinating solid flannel fabrics and regular quilting cotton to craft a lovely patchwork. It’s one of the best easy to sew baby items.

Baby Booties

Oh, how we love their cute little feet. Even better, great baby booties sure look so beautiful. You can make these great beauties for your little one. All you need is a stunning fabric print baby booty clothing patterns. You can always make them in any shade or color you like, and you can quickly put them together.

Fluffy Pillow

A doggy fluffy pillow cover is one of the best baby ideas to sew. All you need is a stretch fleece, loop tape, a big button, and hook, and you can create a fascinating pillow folded to look like a pet. Ensure that yours can fit around a standard sized bed pillow if you’re making it as a newborn gift.

Soft Star Pillow

Not a fan of a doggy pillow? You can make one shaped like a star with cute embroidered eyes. We recommend that you use felt, so your pillow is extra-soft and can keep your little one warm and comfy. Not sure where to get quality felt materials? Check out these stores for fascinating felt fabrics. Don’t forget to carefully choose your embroidery thread and some soft toy stuffing material.

Diaper Covers

Diaper covers never run out of fashion. In truth, you can change your little one’s bum about six times in just over an hour. That’s why they also make one of the easy baby sewing projects to try. You can also make them in diverse colors, textures, and sizes. So you can never go wrong with this DIY baby sewing project.

Nursery Storage Baskets

Homemade nursery storage baskets are not only cute but useful. You can also make them for baby showers or baby welcoming. They are also one of the most common baby sewing projects. What’s more, they don’t run out of fashion and can blend with your little one’s décor as she grows older.

Big Pocket Baby Pouch

Mama is always searching for more portable storage items. So, a big pocket baby pouch makes a super splendid shower gift. A big pocket baby pouch can store wipes and diapers on the go and fit into mama’s favorite handbag without fuss. If you’ve got tons of little fabrics, you can pair them together to make a vibrant and colorful baby pouch. It is one of the useful things to sew for baby.

Baby Quilt

A baby quilt is just so adorable and a great DIY baby sewing project. You can make one with a riot of trees, animals, and fantasies. With careful thought, when choosing the fabrics and colors, you can make a beautiful masterpiece that just might become the family heirloom.

Sock Monkey Baby Toy

Stuffed animals make cute toys, and monkeys are simply outstanding. Sock monkeys are one of the best baby ideas to sew.  What’s more, you can make an entire sock monkey family. From baby sock monkeys to papa and mama sock monkeys, it’s a great choice to give your little one great options to build their creative ability. Wouldn’t you love one for your little one? Make yours today.

Baby Foldup basket

A baby foldup basket is a lovely addition to your nursery décor. They are handy for storing a great number of items. What’s more, it’s one of the most simple things to sew for babies. You can also enjoy them long after the baby is grown.

Nappy Tote

A nappy tote is one of the super easy and cute things to sew for your baby. You can quickly put one together to hold just a few essentials. Don’t forget to add a handle on top and a pocket on the back for holding the really tiny bits.

Baby patchwork blanket

Do you have little scraps of fabrics of contrasting colors? A patchwork baby blanket is a great way to use them. It’s also one of the easy things to sew for baby. All you need is equal squares of everything. Consider making six rows by seven rows blanket, with each square about 5-inches. In the end, you will have 42-squares of awesomeness.

Baby Bow Tie

Not sure about the most traditional things to sew for baby boys? Bow ties are excellent. Your little boys will love so adorable in a beautifully patterned bow tie. They also make excellent last-minute baby shower gifts. What’s more, they can double as cure hair bowties. All you need is a little creativity to make a stunning one that fits the right atmosphere.

Baby Mittens

In the colder months, your little ones need all the warmth they can get. They can also protect your baby’s hands from well-intentioned women and small kids when they come to admire the new baby. You can easily make them from flannel if you plan to use them in the colder months. For summer, use lighter fabric pieces. What’s more, you can make them in just an hour, making them one of the easy things to sew for baby.

Concluding Thoughts

There are many more amazing crafts to make for newborns. But these are our favorite newborn sewing projects, especially because they make great showers and welcoming gifts too. Want to fully customize your gifts, then take a look at our custom woven labels.

Sewing for a baby is incredibly fun and can be easy to do too. Now you’ve got great newborn sewing projects at heart, go out there and start sewing stunning baby items.