Sewing Crafts

Sewing Crafts: Useful Tips for Quick, Little, Personal Ideas―Are They The Best Gifts?

Sewing crafts have been known to man since the Paleolithic era, being one of the oldest textile arts. 

Since then, we’ve developed uncountable ways to benefit from it. 

We discovered several sewing hacks and invented a long list of intelligent sewing tools.  

We not only engage in sewing by applying it to practical, day-to-day usage but also for pure entertainment. 

Fun sewing crafts
Image source: Pinterest

Sewing crafts are great for gifts. It’s also an effective way to keep our kids busy. While they’re creating their new little worlds, you can focus on keeping the real one in order. 

Below, we are getting familiar with the lights and shades of sewing and crafts.

Sewing crafts―get inspired

First off, let’s get on the train of sewing crafts with this brief YouTube video. 

Do you remember Inspector Gadget and his set of surprising tools? 

The video below shows that you can quickly make something out of nothing with sewing fabric and sewing supplies.

With these tips, you can learn to conjure up, for example:

    1. a handy cap made of the bottom of a denim’s leg,
    2. a tiny play ball made of yarn,
    3. a smart bookmark, 
    4. a dogs bed (of an old sweater),
    5. a chic handbag,
    6. and many others;

For us, it sounds like a real incentive to break down the up-till-now-frozen creative flow that each of us keeps deep inside. 

Scroll through our innovative catalog of out-of-this-world ideas for sewing crafts projects. 

Sewing crafts
Image source: Blog Lovin

Popular sewing projects

In the table below, we’re tackling a few popular sewing projects. 

We gathered them thanks to Crafty Club and categorized them by their level of difficulty.

The abundance of best sewing tips and tricks and sewing crafts ideas online is indisputable. So you can also check:

The table below will come in handy for those who are already skilled at crafts and don’t want to go through the simplest projects anymore. We will help you filter these amatorial pieces out. 

Go to the “expert” column directly and focus on bringing these bright ideas to life. 

Moreover, the chart will appear helpful for enthusiasts who are getting their sewing adventure rolling only now. We indicate projects with the “easy” level of difficulty so you can take your time and get creative at your pace.

Scalloped sunglasses case sewing project
Image source: Positively Splendid

So, if you’re not ready for sophisticated projects yet, we’ve got you covered! Check the “easy” column in the table, and feel free to try more basic concepts at first. If you excel at sewing crafts already, pick “expert” and show us what you can do. If you’re somewhere in the middle, we believe that “intermediate” will be the best fit. 

Let’s have a look at the table below (created thanks to Crafty Club). It presents a few sew stitching cute ideas to get inspired by:





Learn here how to sew a scrunchie

Reusable tote

When it comes to re-using, get familiar also with the upcycle meaning and definition

Mermaid tail blanket

Baby bibs

Bento bag/market tote

Drawstring backpacks

Quilted coaster

Car trash pouch

Hanging phone charge station

Envelope pillow covers. 

If you want to discover how to start a pillow business, check out this blog. 

Pet leash

Stair bag

Laptop sleeve

Homemade heating pad

Kitchen apron

Reusable snack packs

Homemade hand warmers

Baby booties

Table runner

Toilet paper holder

Car caddy bag

Plastic bag holder

Bread warmer

Lunch tote

Hanging organizer

Pot holder

Phone charger holder

If you can’t wait to learn to sew new sewing projects for 2019, 2020, and 2021, keep reading because we have more! 

A few more popular sewing projects from the “easy” category:

    • fabric keychains,
    • hanging organizer,
    • placemats,
    • electronic cord organizer,
    • kitchen hot pad, and
    • swiffer rag;

A rich collection of “55 Easy Sewing Projects for Beginners” you’ll find on Positively Splendid.

from the “intermediate” collection:

    • hand sanitizer jacket,
    • passport holder,
    • beer coozie,
    • sleep mask,
    • chair cushion,
    • pencil pouch,
    • sofa caddy,
    • earbud pouch
    • hot handle holder;

Sewing and crafts
Image source: Handmade Charlotte

and also from the “expert” tranche:

    • fabric storage box, 
    • owl sewing caddy,
    • Voodoo doll,
    • handbag organizer,
    • makeup brush organizer,
    • bedside organizer,
    • hanging makeup roll,
    • reading pillow,
    • diaper bag;

Doesn’t it all seem exciting? 

Be sure to check Crafty Club to learn how to sew these sew stitching cute projects and surprise your friends and family. 

Also, Martha Stewart has a great deal of sewing art ideas to share; from stuffed paper hearts to sleep masks. 

Easy sewing projects
Image source: Sew My Place

Besides the links mentioned above and Crafty Club, you’ll find a stimulating list of projects on Sew My Place. The list is abundant in original ideas. 

We advise paying curious attention, especially to:

    1. secret pillow pocket,
    2. strawberry pot holders, and
    3. preppy dog collar;

Talking about strawberries, what about making a wet swimsuit bag covered from head to toe with watermelons?

Let’s see a step-by-step instruction to make this excellent idea happen. 

Sewing craft ideas
Image source: Make it Love it

Sewing crafts ideas―wet swimsuit bag

We came across the Make It Love It wet swimsuit bag project and couldn’t help but share.

We’re here to make you create the best of it. 

They say that sharing is caring, so “take and eat it.” Let’s all have a little self-made, pretty, and practical bag project in our summer closets. 

The most significant advantage of this bag is that it doesn’t get wet.

You can keep all your wet stuff inside, and everything else remains dry, not to say that this is what this project is made for (besides looking cute). 

What will you need to create it?

    1. sewing machine,
    2. a snap.
    3. basic sewing supplies,
    4. 1/3 yard PUL fabric
    5. 1/4 yard of the main fabric,
    6. 1/8 yard of coordinating fabric,
    7. a 9” zipper,

The PULL fabric is soft on one side (as the fabric does) and has a shiny waterproof layer on the other.  

Where to find PULL fabric? 

Check in the fabric store:

    1. in the utility section, or 
    2. in the cloth diaper section;

Or browse the stuff that you have at home and use, for example, an old waterproof mattress cover or linen. 

New sewing projects
Image source: Make it Love it

For the detailed instructions on wet swimsuit bag making, go to Make it Love it. Ashley is excellent at explaining every stage of this sewing crafts project development. 

And since we’re at watermelons and summertime, we couldn’t forget mentioning this tie-dye watermelon swim cover. It is going to steal every mom’s heart in an instant.

Look how Ashley from Make It Love It brings a dimension of the fantasy world into life.  

Cute sewing projects
Image source: Make it Love it

Sewing art ideas

We can create a bunch of amazingly useful things with a needle, thread (read about sewing threads types and tips), and sewing fabric.

Other than that, many sewing crafts serve for nothing but being an expression of one’s individuality. 

Fabric art for kids
Image source: Pinterest

In this case, we won’t share any practical tips because it’s not about being useful. 

Sewing art ideas are a way to take sewing scissors in hand and let your hands and mind dive into the magic of unconsciousness. 

Let us know if you reach your nirvana, as no one did before!

Selling your sewing crafts

Some people believe that you shouldn’t take money for it if you’re doing what you love. 

There is a weird conviction among people that hobbies should remain in this “sacred,” uncommercial state forever.

Let us tell you that we’re not among these people! 

We believe you deserve to earn on your marvelous sewing art ideas. We want sewing crafts to become your whole life and not only a part of it!

On Sew My Place, you’ll read “How to Make Money Sewing.” These 10 bright ideas will take your motivation from how to sew a button to different types of woven labels. And this is where we want you to be! 

Let’s see these ten ways to start a sewing business by Sew My Place:

What to do


Offer repair and alteration services

You say you know how to sew a button, and now what? Wouldn’t it be pleasant (and profitable) to offer your skill to a broader audience? 

Make garments for others

Nothing makes people as happy as finding a garment that fits their shape, size, and body type. With the ability to make that happen, you can shake this world in no time. 

Specialize in making home decor

If you’re over-the-top enthusiastic about making home décor items:

    • curtains, 
    • pillowcases, 
    • table cloths, o 
    • duvet covers,

don’t try to change your mind and go for it!

People need it and love it.

Become a sewing tutor

You won’t believe how many people want to start sewing but can’t afford sewing lessons and don’t know how to start. So be their first aid and earn. 

Sell your sewing crafts 

Read these simple tips to create “55 Sewing Crafts to Make and Sell” on DIY Joy.

How about building a business around making some type of sewing crafts well and selling it?

Are you:

    • a sewer, 
    • a quilter, 
    • embroiderer, or 
    • any other type of crafter? 

Do you keep all of your prodigious projects on the shelf or kill your family and friends with gifts with no occasion? 

Go out there and start sharing your joy with strangers. 

One thing that may come in handy at this stage are woven labels, care labels, and hang tags by Super Label Store.  

You can design them with a design tool on the page to create your unique projects of personalized labels.

You pick every part of the design, from its color to the shape and font to the frame. 

Custom clothing labels and tags

How to sell your sewing and crafts?

    1. Find a user-friendly online marketplace and set up a virtual store (for example, Etsy)

Work on it and wait for results. Be patient. They will come, but not in during the first week for sure. 


    1. Set up your site

It will be a little more complex than using pre-existing virtual spaces made for sales. 

We warned you. 

    1. Take quality photographs of your gorgeous hand-mades 

Use natural lighting and nice backgrounds. Post as many pics as allowed.

Sewing home decor
Image source: Sew My Place

    1. Write accurate descriptions describing materials and other crucial information. 

Be sincere but show off as well. 

    1. Interact with the audience. 

Always answer their doubts. 

If you don’t want to sell your sewing crafts online, you can:

    1. Check out the consignment shops in your area.  

Find shops that will sell your crafts for you. 

After the sale, they will give you a cut of the profits.

    1. Let people know that you’re into sewing crafts

You never know how your friends or family members can add to your sewing success.

Reach out to them and let the notice spread. 

Popular sewing crafts
Image source: Sew My Place 

That was a good start, wasn’t it?

And guess what? We have a few other ideas to make your sewing business skyrocket. 

Sew My Place advises to:

What to do


Offer a sewing machine repair service

If you acquire this skill, you help yourself out and earn some good income from offering this service to others. People prefer personal check-ups to those by random unknown specialists.

Set up a booth at a local farmer’s market

It’s a place where people go for quality. They want to catch the healthiest food on the market, and they don’t complain if it’s costly. That’s why it’s an effective spot to sell for craft vendors. People are willing to pay for hand-crafted quality products there.


It’s slightly different from sewing from scratch. Here, you focus on updating the current form of garment. It’s not a kind of service that you can get from anyone. Be unique and get recognized!

Build a blog and specialize

Don’t try to sell everything to everyone. It’s a disaster recipe. Instead, specialize and go for a particular group. Pick one audience: iPads covers? Baby clothes? Home decor? Choose one, develop your skill, and be consistent. 

Teach a class

You know how to sew, so why not set up a class?