20+ sewing crafts to sell on Etsy

If you want to make money from sewing crafts, you might have considered the best sewing crafts on Etsy. All items on Etsy don’t have the same level of demand. To sell well and make enough gain, you should offer items with high demand. Some of the best sewing crafts to sell on Etsy are listed below


It is one of the easiest to make. You can even make a lot of them in a short time. Different customers might demand different styles of headbands. When learning how to make them, you should learn a lot of styles. Since the demand is high, you’re going to make huge profits. You should design care labels for all the headbands that you’re offering for sale.

Clutch purses

There are a lot of petite bags that you can sell. As you can sell bridal handbags, you can also sell rocker clutches. You can even make your bags with any material that you like. The most common materials that people use are bead and leather.


You might be confused about how to create sewing crafts to sell on Etsy. If you’re not using a sample, you might have to create custom designs by yourself. It gives you the chance to work on your creativity.

Laptop bags

If your kid is in college, you can give him a laptop bag. Even as It is one of the best sewing gifts, it is also one of the things to sew and sell on Etsy.  Just make sure that you make a quality laptop bag. If the quality is bad, you might get bad reviews.

Stuffed animals

People love teddy bears and all other stuffed animals. Since a lot of mothers will purchase stuffed animals for their kids, make sure you check everything before selling. Any small uncovered part can result in a hazard. So you have to be careful.


Apart from students, a lot of people now use backpacks. As backpacks can be made from leather, they can also be made from fabrics. The majority of the people that use fabrics for backpacks always go for the one inspired by vintage. Within a short time, you can learn how to make backpacks and sell. It is one of the best sewing crafts on Etsy. Hangtags can be used to improve the branding on your backpacks.

Makeup organizers

Makeup organizers can be made in different forms. You can even make one in the form of a zippered pouch. If your makeup organizer looks beautiful and unique, you’re going to make a lot of sales on Etsy.

Shoulder Bags

Shoulder bags is one of the hottest things on-trend. If you can make them, you’re going to sell out quickly. To make your work unique, you should work on new designs. The most common designs are messenger bags and print purses.


Even though quilting is quite interesting, it requires a lot of energy. The size also matters. If you’re making a large quilt, you might even have to involve more people in the process. You’re also going to need a machine. If you’re working with hand, you won’t find it easy to make large quilts.


As individuals purchase pillows, interior designers also purchase them. If you want to build a big pillow sewing business, you should try and create designs that interior designers will like. You should always make use of bright colors. Bold florals can also be used.


When you’re making wallets, you have to use masculine styles. That is what will make potential customers purchase from you. All you just have to do is get your materials and assemble them.

Baby clothes

A lot of parents love to go for baby shoots. The majority of the time, they go there with the best outfit for their baby. Some of them even purchase new outfits. Baby clothes are one of the best sewing crafts to sell on Etsy. To brand your baby clothes and make them unique, you should design custom woven labels.

Embroidered Art

As some people love sewing by machine, others love sewing by hand. If you prefer hand sewing, you can work on embroidered art. You just have to improve on your stitching. When you’re done, you can place your work on a frame. People would see it easily.

Tote bags

A lot of people don’t purchase plastic bags anymore. They focus on sturdy totes. Tote bags can be used for a lot of things. As it is perfect for the gym, you can also take it to the library. To give various options to your customers, you should offer your tote bags in different sizes.


Aprons are one of the easy things to sew and sell on Etsy. You don’t even have to sew them to fit perfectly. Aprons can also be made in different styles. When you offer more multiple styles, you’re going to sell more compared to when you offer only one style.


The cost of making scarves is quite low. With a little fabric, you can make a lot of scarves in a few minutes. A lot of people sell scarves on Etsy. To make sales, you have to make yours unique. You can make use of fabric that is not common.

Upcycled projects

If you love turning old things into new in another form, you can work on upcycled projects. An example of an upcycled project is an old sweater turned into a cozy mitten. People that purchase on Etsy love uncycled projects. You just have to display your work.

Pet accessories

If you love pets, you can decide to start making pet accessories. If you don’t know how to make them, you can search Etsy. You’re going to see hand-sewn pet accessories. You can use them as a sample and add more things.

Kitchen Essentials

There are a lot of kitchen and dining projects that you can make. To get more sales, you can even offer them as a set. All you have to do is package all the kitchen essentials in one place and sell them together.

Holiday Décor

There are a lot of things that you can make and sell during Christmas. Some of them are stockings, calendars, and the likes. All those things are usually in high demand during that period.