24+ Sewing clothing patterns for beginners

If you’re just learning how to sew, you shouldn’t start with difficult clothing fabric patterns. You have to take projects on sewing patterns for beginners. As you become better, you can start to take more tedious projects. To learn fast, you should watch tutorials on clothing patterns online and follow the step-by-step instructions that are listed there.

After making your first item easily, you might be confused about the next thing to sew. That is why you have to consider sewing the clothing patterns listed below. They would help you improve in your craft.

Natty top

It is one of the perfect clothing fabric patterns to start sewing. It is quite comfortable. So you won’t feel stressed while making one. You don’t even have to fit a natty top. Since it can be made with different kinds of cute knits, you should just choose the one that will make you work faster. Natty tops can be made in different colors. You can always use those colors to bring out your unique style.

Tunic Tee

Apart from pj pants, there are other comfortable options that you can wear to the public. One of them is the Tunic tee. It’s quite easy to make. Even as someone that is still learning sewing patterns for beginners, you won’t find it difficult. Since the length is usually much, you can wear a sweater with your tunic tee.

Beach Wrap

With a beach wrap, you’re going to enjoy every bit of the summer. Unlike the other clothing patterns, you don’t have to sew much while making a beach wrap. You will just have to make them in different sizes. The same size can’t fit everyone.

Pajama pants

It is one of the easiest patterns to make clothes. With a few steps, you can make pajama pants for yourself. If you’re able to make it well, other people might even ask you to make it for them. So you can start to make money. You just have to make sure you add your contrasting stuff properly. It would help you mix coordinating fabrics with them well.

Simple Skirt

It is one of the easiest clothing sewing patterns. You can even sew them in different types. You just have to choose the style that is easy for you. During the summer, you can wear your simple skirts anywhere you like. Just make sure you measure yourself well while making one. That is how to sew a skirt that will fit you. With a nice hangtag, you can brand your skirts and make them easy for people to identify.

Pencil Skirt

Just like a simple skirt, a pencil skirt is quite comfortable. It can also stretch. That means it won’t feel tight on you. After making your skirt, you should make it fit your body. All you have to do is place the skirt inside out and place seams in the right places.

Maxi skirt

Even though you’re making a maxi skirt, you can still make it fit you. You just need a good sample. Try to copy the sample and make your own that way. If you don’t have a sample, you can watch tutorials on clothing patterns online. You should pay close attention to the measurements. When you improve, you will start making maxi skirts without the use of a sample.

Bohemian Maxi skirt

Different sections are combined to make bohemian maxi skirts. You can also choose to make them from two different materials. The materials are cotton and stretchy knits. The more you practice, the more you will get better. You can combine different colors and see what the result will look like.

Pillowcase Dress

If you love making sewing clothing patterns for kids, you should consider making a pillowcase dress. Even though pillowcase dresses look attractive and complicated, they are easy to make. At times, you might even make them without using a lot of materials. All you need is a real pillowcase. If you prefer to start from scratch, you can make one with cotton fabric.

Play-All-Day dress

Just as the name implies, play-all-dress can be worn by kids to play throughout the day. As someone that is still taking projects on sewing clothes for beginners, you might find it difficult to craft one from scratch. That is why you should use a sample. You can give it as a gift to your baby. If you don’t have one, you can make it for other babies.

Circle Skirt made of squares

It is one of the best patterns to make clothes. Squares are used to make circle skirts. Some people even refer to circle skirts as square circle skirts. Even though you might find it difficult to visualize how they look like, you’re going to understand the reason they are called circle skirts when you see one. After realizing how beautiful they are, you will gain interest in making them.

Back Romper

It is one of the best beginner sewing projects clothes. Little rompers are adorable. With the beautiful sunsuit, you can make your child appear as stylish as possible. The materials used in making back rompers are not expensive. You just have to cut and sew them well. If you want to sell them, you should make as many as possible.

Basic shorts

Shorts can be homemade. You just have to spare your time to make one. While making one for the first time, you can use a sample. The sample would be used to cut and stitch. Since simple shorts are made for babies, you don’t need many materials. Just make sure that you know the size of your baby before making one. Instead of being too big, it should be fit.

Kimono Top

During summer, you shouldn’t use cover-ups that are thick and heavy. That is why you should make a kimono top. It has lightweight. You just have to stitch a couple of things together. Within a short time, you can even make a lot of kimono tops. For a better style, you should combine a kimono top with nice jeans

Gathered Top

It is one of the most attractive clothing sewing patterns. Within an hour, you can make a beautiful gathered top. Since you can change the tie strap of gathered tops, it gives you a lot of options. If a ribbon is used, it would be a lot easier. To improve your branding and make your tops unique, you should start designing clothing labels.

Boxer shorts

You shouldn’t borrow boxers from anyone. Not when you can easily make one for yourself. There is a lot of cottons available. Just select anyone you like and use it to make a cute boxer. To determine the size, you can either measure yourself or measure one of your old boxers.

Maternity Pants

Since you’re not going to use maternity pants for long, you shouldn’t spend too much on them. If you have old jeans that you’re not using again, you can use it to make a maternity pant. You just have to follow two steps and get yourself a stretchy waistband. You can also purchase cheap materials from second-hand stores and use them to make maternity pants.


Skirts feel so comfortable on women. As they can be dressed up, they can also be dressed down. You can even make skirts in any color that you like. If you want to gift your friend a skirt, you should consider making one in her favorite color.

Circle skirt

Since skirts were invented, circle skirts have been popular. Even though they are always on-trend, they have never been out of style. With a few steps, you can put circle skirts together in different sizes. You should also make your circle skirt in a way that it can be easily adjusted. People love to adjust its fullness.

Skirt with pockets

The skirts are quite comfortable. With the addition of pockets, you would even become more comfortable in one. Instead of carrying your purse outside, you can easily put it in your pocket. With a few steps, you can add a pocket to your skirt easily. While doing that, you won’t only learn how to make clothing patterns. You would learn how linings are added.

High-waist Skirt

To bring out a perfect style, all you have to do is wear a nice tee on a high-waist skirt. To make your high-waist skirts better, you can add pockets while making them. If you’re not interested in making pockets, you can skip that. It would even cost you fewer materials.

Onesie Dress

If you’re too tall for onesies, you can make almost the same thing with another method. You just need the top of an onesie and a skirt. You can customize the skirt in any way you like. That is the best method to get more miles from your old onesies. The Onesie dress is arguably one of the perfect beginner sewing projects clothes.

Baby Skirt

Since you can make circle skirts in different sizes, you can also make them for babies. Unlike the ones for adults, you can assemble a baby skirt within a few minutes. To bring out a nice style, you should combine it with a t-shirt. If you have enough materials, you can make a lot of them and give out as gifts. To brand your t-shirts well, you should consider making customized care labels.

Tank Dress

If you don’t know the right dress to wear during the summer, you should consider a tank dress. Even though it looks complicated, you can make one easily. You just have to follow the right steps. As you’re learning how to make tank dress, you’re not only learning how to make clothing patterns. You’re also learning how to use bias tape. The tank dress is one of the perfect projects on sewing clothes for beginners