Sewing Basket

Sewing Basket Enhances the Charm of Sewing―See How to Take Your First Steps

From small to large, from wooden to catprint―your favorite sewing basket can exude quite a charm!

Knowing to sew is one thing. Having your cute little (or large) sewing box at hand puts you among pros at the first sight. Plus, this handy gadget helps you to organize your sewing smoothly. Is there anything better than charm and well-structured form mixed together?

Have a look at how this Vogue editor rediscovers the joys of the sewing basket

Sewing box
Image source: Quino Al on Unsplash

Why can’t many people sleep a wink when they’re about to choose sewing baskets boxes? The answer is simple. Whether you prefer a wooden solid XL sewing basket or Provencal floral sewing box made of fancy fabric―it says a lot about you.  

The sewing basket of your choice will reflect:

Mind that on your way from sewing hobby to successful sewing business the number of your sewing accessories will grow. Don’t bother with a lifelong choice of this item. This part of the game has many lives and you can always upgrade your sewing box avatar. 

If you’re a real sewing enthusiast, going from a small sewing box to an extra large sewing basket is just a matter of time. 

Where to buy sewing baskets
Image source: Omotayo Kofoworola on Unsplash

Sewing basket DIY

Given that our XXIst century is all about upcycling―let’s see how to make a sewing basket at home. The sewing box is visible enough to make a crucial part of your interior (check these sewing room ideas). Keep that in mind not to overdo with mixing styles.

Good old DIY never gets old. Read also a few wise words about upcycling clothes and sustainable lifestyle on Vogue

Ready to prepare an adorable, vintage small sewing basket? In the video below, you’ll see a quick instruction made by one of the sewing enthusiasts. 

Watch out! It’s full of pouches and buttons so it will make you melt in a blink of an eye. 

Having made such a sophisticated sewing box design leaves no room for modesty. Go on and equip yourself with hang tags to show your project off. With a little help from SuperLabelStore, your new sewing box will give off a vibe of utmost beauty and professionalism. 

Hang tags come in handy especially when you start selling your creations or giving them as gifts. Trust us on this one―putting your brand’s name on the professional hang tag is more than gratifying.  

Hangtag paper card design clothing

SuperLabelStore is also the best choice when it comes to custom woven labels and care labels. They will finish your garments with a subtle touch of luxury. Have a look at different types of woven labels and choose the best one. 

A brief glimpse at the full offer below:

Type of label Description
Custom woven labels  To create a custom label
Custom care labels  To create a custom label
Custom hang tags To create a custom label
Pre-made labels  A label without an option for customization

Did you like the vintage sewing basket kit DIY instruction above? Then you’ll fall for the next one as well. This vintage DIY idea presents a sewing-case transformation by APlaceToRoost.

Everything can become an empty sewing basket. Provide yourself a fair amount of creativity or internet access (or both) and you can turn every old case or remaining fabric into an adorable sewing basket.

It’s what you do with it that has the potential to change the story, for better or worse.

Empty sewing baskets
Image source: Vogue

Look at another historical case (1830!) that turned into an extra large sewing basket organizer with the help of do-it-yourself techniques.

This video takes some time to explain the transformation from the old outdated design to a new and useful one. Yet, be sure that it will be efficient at guiding you through the whole process. Get ready for a half-an-hour trip to the artisan land:

For a couple of FAQs or a response to the question “How to Make a Sewing Box From a Shoebox or Wood (9 Steps)” check this blog. There is never too much information you can have about this subject.

Sewing accessories
Image source: Vladimir Proskurovskiy on Unsplash

Sewing box comparison

According to Collins dictionary,

“Sewing basket is a basket used to store materials for making or mending clothes or other things, such as a needle and thread”. 

There’s a lot of variety when it comes to sewing boxes. A large sewing basket can contain both needles and fabrics. Yet, it’s only the case of a large sewing basket with compartments. Smaller, more nonchalant ones will be able to store only a couple of sewing accessories.

Gold scissors
Image source: Vogue 

Keep in mind that sewing basket designs are usually made for one type of thing: 

    1. sewing supplies, or 
    2. fabrics; 

Where to buy sewing baskets, and even more important: Which one to buy?

Given the multiplicity of proposals on the market, everyone can feel lost. That’s why we’ve prepared the table below to help you go through the decision stage. SewingMachinesView was helpful as a guide. 

Large sewing basket
Image source: Pinterest

Below, there are a few types of sewing baskets compared in the table. Thanks to this guide, you’ll be able to have a look at their most essential features. Make your decision accordingly. 

Here comes the first part!

a type/brand of a sewing basket description
bbloop Small Vintage Sewing Basket 
    1. Perfect size (or a bit too small for some) and a sturdy build, 
    2. Its design is modern and chic (cute fabric pattern and craftsmanship of quality) with a handle wrapped in a traditional style, 
    3. Quick and easy access,
    4. Affordable,
    5. It’s equipped with a plastic tray to organize all your accessories and it has an extra storage pocket
    6. Is armed with hinge-clasp locks for security
    7. Has a significant number of accessories (see below); 

If you aren’t on the sewing journey yet, think it over and start with easy beginner sewing projects to kick off with ease. 

Singer Vintage Sewing Basket

Second-best-rated on the market. 

    1. High quality and great design,
    2. An extra amount of space below the tray (yet, the whole sewing box, in general, is a little bit small). 
    3. The sewing kit includes a great number of accessories for a fair price;
    4. There is a removable plastic tray in each basket (exquisite for utmost organization),
    5. Compact size, size of a shoebox;

This filled sewing box popularity didn’t begin yesterday. It was acclaimed the best already in 2018 by DoYouSew

Dritz St. Jane Sewing Basket

Some enthusiasts say that this basket is the best option for a gift. It’s super-cute and stylish with a good solid construction that radiates high quality.

    1. It’s affordable, 
    2. It has a metal handle (color-coordinated) with black wood trim. 
    3. Not to mention a lift-out tray that helps to organize small sewing supplies.
    4. It comes in a bunch of basic colors: black, white, grass green, brown, and burgundy and in several assorted stylish and fun fabrics. 
    5. Thanks to its sturdy magnetic snap the closure is firm.
    6. It ensures plenty of room for sewing essentials;

This sweetheart is among the best-sellers so you better think twice before you go for another one. Take a look at the review at SewingLand to get a clear-cut view. 

SINGER Polka Dot Small Sewing Basket 

Whether you know how to sew or not yet, this polka dot darling is hard to overlook.

    1. A thrilling amount of sewing supplies;
    2. Many storage rooms are super satisfying, and the removable plastic tray helps to keep stuff in place.
    3. It comes in basic neutral colors:
      • red, 
      • brown, 
      • green, 
      • black, and 
      • white;  It’s not a one-season fashion, it’s durable, made to last,

      4. Like all the top onesit’s affordable, 

      5. The carrying handle confirms its pro-level status,

      6. A pleasing large capacity/yet pretty small as a whole

Now take a rest and get ready for the second part, cause we’re not done yet. 

Below you’ll see another three examples of sewing boxes worth considering:

a type/brand of a sewing basket description
Singer Sewing Basket Kit 7276 

Now sit cozily on your sewing chair and listen to what the next sewing basket idea has to offer. 

If you’re looking for a large sewing basket with accessories, you’ve just found one. The design’s central point is its excellent construction, durability, and high quality. What’s more to ask for?  

    1. It’s affordable,
    2. Pink-and-black fabric stands for a refreshing combination,
    3. Easy to use, easy to carry,
    4. Plastic tray to assist you to keep items in place.
    5. It has tons of accessories;
Relaxdays Large Wooden Sewing Box 

We’ve been waiting to show you this one. Finally a wooden project (what was once acclaimed as the only real sewing box). 

If you’re an experienced sewer check these 35 intermediate sewing projects and advanced sewing techniques.

    1. It’s made of light-colored wood, with quality craftsmanship, 
    2. Advantage or disadvantage: it looks pretty raw (or “unfinished” for those who like to whine),
    3. Five large compartments and a compartments organizer at your disposal,
    4. It has plenty of space included in a compact design,
    5. It’s lightweight and super easy to carry;
Michley Sewing Basket

The SewingSpider introduces us to another example of a spacious project of a sewing basket.

Not having enough room for your sewing supplies is a real no-no. Getting another one and carrying around both is the worst idea. All the accessories have to fit inside the box. Otherwise, it brings more problems than comforts.  

    1. This design is a classic made partially of jute. Its outer shell is covered in a natural scenery pattern. It’s an outstanding and innovative decoration among other sewing baskets’ patterns available on the market.
    2. It’s spacious (10. 5 x 8 x 6.7 inches dimension), which allows for carrying several sewing accessories, 
    3. It’s divided into two essential parts: 
      • tray on the above 
      • space below. 

      4. The division mentioned above gives you the possibility to archive the part of the sewing kit essentials that you need less. At the same time, the tray lets you keep everyday tools at hand. 

      5. Comes with a good number of sewing tools―41 pieces of sewing kit (see below);  

      6. This part is always exciting―a cute handle. It has a more charming look than regular ones because it’s wrapped with pure jute.

      7. Another delightful feature is that it has four tiny legs under it, so you can keep it on the ground. Why hasn’t anyone come up with this for the female purses’ purposes?

      8. This sewing box is collapsible―it makes carrying and storing easy and comfy; 

Sewing basket supplies

Each sewing box brand mentioned above has a set of sewings supplies. They usually include basics, but some, more sophisticated examples go into pro mode. Isn’t it another reason to learn to sew?

These sewing boxes consist of: 

    1. bbloop Small Vintage Sewing Basket 
      • scissors, 
      • tape measure,
      • needles,
      • needle threaded,
      • straight pins,
      • thimble,
      • stitch ripper, and
      • thread;

       2. Singer Vintage Sewing Basket

      • 8″ sewing scissors, 
      • ten assist handles, 
      • ten mini spools of thread, 
      • 100 dressmaker pins, 
      • pin cushion, 
      • needle threader, 
      • seam ripper, 
      • 60″ measure,
      • thimble; 

     3. SINGER Polka Dot Small Sewing Basket 

      • 100 dressmaker pins, 
      • seam ripper, 
      • needle threader, 
      • measuring tape, 
      • thread, 
      • thimbles,
      • needles,
      • ten mini spools of thread, and 
      • much more;

    4. Singer Sewing Basket Kit 7276 

      • 60″ tape measure, 
      • pin cushion, 
      • needle threader, 
      • 8 ” all-purpose scissors, 
      • ten assorted hand needles, 
      • ten mini spools of thread – ten yards each, 
      • 100 dressmaker pins – Sz 17 – 1-1/16″, 
      • seam ripper,
      • a thimble; 

    5. Michley Sewing Basket

      • 16 thread spools, 
      • 16 metal bobbins, 
      • thimble, 
      • measuring tape, 
      • two sewing machine needles,
      • needle threader,  
      • three hand needles, and 
      • seam ripper;

Sewing basket conclusion 

Can a small or large sewing box become one of the 10 reasons to start sewing clothes? Given their allure, it’s not out of question.

In the article above we’ve seen a lot―from wooden sewing baskets large to cat print sewing basket, from tiny to extra large rectangle sewing basket. 

What conclusions do we draw from this adventure?

A sewing basket is a must-have no matter if you are a professional or a beginner on the sewing ground. The crucial thing about the right sewing box is that it must fit you. Don’t care about the market tops. 

If you need an extra large sewing box for all your stuff but this season best is a delightful tiny basket, think twice. Fashion is fashion, but a sewing basket has to fulfill its function and serve you well. 

Also, keep in mind that you’re gonna get used to your sewing basket. 

Choose the one that will love you back.