35+ Creative Rag Quilt Patterns for Beginners

Making rag quilt patterns at home is a fun and easy-to-sew DIY quilting project. They are unique and make a great gifting option.

No special quilting skills are required to make different rag quilt patterns. You can just grab your quilting essentials, choose a pattern that works best for you, and make an adorable rag quilt on the weekend. 

In this article, we’ll cover

    • Introduction to Rag quilt
    • Benefits of Rag quilt
    • Different rag quilt patterns for beginners and intermediate quilters

So, let’s explore. 

Introduction to Rag Quilt

Rag quilts are different from traditional quilts in many ways. Rag quilts highlight the fabric edges, and they are made from simple squares instead of half-square triangle quilt patterns.

A brief understanding of rag quilt patterns and their making can help you choose the best rag quilt patterns for yourself.

In this section, we will help you get familiar with what rag quilts are and when it all started. 

What Is a Rag Quilt and Its History?

A rag quilt is believed to be started in the 1700s. The old homes were not well-insulated to bear the harsh and cold winters. To provide a solution for warmth and insulation, women began the initiative of a rag quilt.

Fabric strip rag quilt
Image Source: The Crafty Blog Stalker

A rag quilt is made with simple squares and leftover fabric. Read our guide if you don’t know how to square up a quilt block. 

The seams are clipped at standard intervals to encourage fraying. They are perfect for making curtains, blankets, and some draft stoppers under doors. 

All modern-day rag quilt patterns are used for making blankets, memory quilts, play rugs, and art quilts. A rag quilt is the best way of learning how to quilt-as-you-go patterns. 

They come in different shapes and sizes, and the preloved clothing—flannel shirts are used as batting.

The best thing about rag quilt patterns? With some determination and motivation, you can complete a rag quilt over a weekend. 

How It’s Made?

Unlike traditional quilts, rag quilts are quilted from small squares. Many squares are made up of three squares: the batting, the backing, and the top. The individual pieces are pinned together and quilted by machine or hand to form the quilt top 

Making quilt blocks for beginners is simple in rag quilt patterns. The blocks are cut from the top and back of the fabric. It is layered with a small piece of batting. 

It is then sewn together while leaving the seams visible on one side. Quilting is not required based on the batting and block size. 

Check out the basics of quilting instructions offered by Superlabel Store. This will help you while making a beautiful rag quilt.

Fabrics for Rag Quilt

Rag quilts got their name because the fuzzy frayed seam allowances show on the right side of the quilt. These are two to four layers of fabrics. 

Handmade baby rag quilt
Image Source: LifePharma FZE

When you choose rag quilt patterns, make sure you choose a fabric that will fray, so you can create a frayed effect on the seam allowance. Here’s a quick guide on choosing the right fabric for rag quilt patterns. 

Types of Fraying Fabric
High fraying fabrics Flannel, denim, woven cotton fabrics, or silk
Medium fraying fabrics Linen, high-quality quilting cotton, silk, or cotton sateen
Low fraying fabrics Stretch fabrics, fleece, or polyester fabrics

Benefits of Rag Quilt

The following are some of the unique features or benefits of rag quilt:

    • A rag quilt is a quick and easy way to make a quilt for kids or adults.
    • It can be made with or without batting.
    • A rag quilt is the best alternative to a traditional quilt.
    • Rag quilt blocks are sewed together with the seam allowances, showing the top side visible instead of hidden inside the layers.
    • The rag quilting method hides any little flaws in your quilting, cutting, or seams. 

30+ Different Rag Quilt Patterns for Beginners and Intermediate Quilters

Rag quilt patterns have exposed seams that fray when washed. This comfortable quilt is easy to make and can help you make an impressive quilt in no time. 

There are different rag quilt patterns available for beginners and intermediate quilters. You can choose any pattern and make a perfect gift for new babies, weddings, or gifts for holidays.

Rag quilt tutorial
Image Source: Piccola Studio

In this section, we have prepared a comprehensive list of some of the amazing, free rag quilt patterns that you can try over a weekend. 

All these patterns apply a quilt-as-you-go method, which means each piece of the fabric is sandwiched with backing and batting before it is stitched.

Once you know how to make rag quilt patterns and how to make a quilt label, you won’t be able to stop yourself from trying different quilting patterns. Don’t forget to check out the amazing quilting pattern list offered by Superlabel Store.

Let’s find out some adorable rag quilt patterns. 

Fuss Free Rag Quilt Pattern

Have you ever tried to make a soft rag quilt before? If not, here’s your chance. The fuss-free rag quilt pattern by Fiskar.com is all you need. 

Fuss free rag quilt pattern
Image Source: Pinterest

With this pattern, you can build confidence in stitching together squares and learn to make fraying edges. This is the perfect beginner-level rag quilt pattern you need when the weather gets chilly outside, and you need some warmth. 

Ragged T-shirt Quilt

Want to make something unique? Combine two different quilts, such as rag quilts and t-shirt quilt patterns, into one adorable quilting project

The ragged t-shirt quilt pattern includes detailed instructions on making a rag quilt using old t-shirts. 

This pattern is easy to sew with knit fabric as it eliminates the need for interfacing. Choose your flannel quilt patterns for the back and get started with quilting. 

Nathaniel Rag Quilt

Marcia from Sew Inspired offers an easy-to-make rag quilt pattern that keeps you warm on the coldest nights. 

This pattern is a creative, unique way to upgrade the standard rag quilt for bed, couch, and wall. The Nathaniel rag quilt pattern features an impressive design incorporating a square-in-a-square quilt using the basic framework. 

The finished rag quilt size is 46 x 46 inches long. 

Block-in-block Rag Quilt

Once you know how to baste a quilt, you can choose Block in Block rag quilt pattern by Quilt for Moda Bake Shop. For this pattern, you won’t need much material. 

Square block rag quilt
Image Source: A Vision to Remember

You will need a jelly roll pack, layer cake pack, and charm pack, and you are all set to make a quilt in an evening. The best thing about block-in-block rag quilts is that you don’t need to worry about precision. 

The exposed seams are a beautiful part of this pattern, and you can make this quilt in a wide range of colors. Want a more rustic look? Put your quilt in the washing machine to fray the seams. The finished quilt size is 55 x 55 inches long. 

Rag Quilting with Accuquilt

Do you want to make a rag quilt but don’t want to spend more hours on it? Don’t worry. 

Christian Tamez from Accuquilt offers a comprehensive video tutorial with a pattern that helps you understand how to cut, trim, and sew a quilt in no time. 

Reduce the time you spend in the initial stages of creating a quilt with this tutorial and pattern. 

Fall Rag Quilt

Fall rag quilt patterns are one of the best rag quilts made from beloved and fuzzy fabrics. 

Fall rag quilt
Image Source: Pinterest

Use flannel fabric found in your home and make the “It falls y’all” rag quilt. It’s an evening quilting project, and the finished quilt size is 1 x 1 inch long. 

Blooming Rag Quilt Pattern

Welcome this spring with a rag quilt that you have never seen before. A vision to remember offers a gorgeous and easy-to-make ruffled rag quilt pattern. 

With this pattern, you can learn to make a scrappy quilt that is going to bloom for years. Whether you want to make a comfortable lap quilt or wall-hanging, the blooming rag quilt pattern can do wonders for you. 

The finished quilt size of this pattern will be 117 x 117 inches long.   

Ragged Squares Quilt

If you want to start with a simple rag quilt, then you should choose a ragged squares quilt pattern. 

Rag quilt patterns
Image Source: Happy Quilting

Ragged squares quilt is a beginner-level quilt pattern that looks amazing in any color scheme. The patterns’ squares are easy to piece together, so you can learn to piece quilt blocks. 

You will also get an opportunity to improve your machine quilting skills with ragged squares quilt patterns as you will create an eye-catching texture for your quilt.   

Upcycled Denim Rag Quilt

Denim rag quilt patterns? Of course. Refresh all your old blue jeans into unique upcycled denim quilt patterns. These denim quilt patterns for beginners are easy to make and feature frayed seams. 

Upcycled denim rag quilt pattern
Image Source: Quilting

Use denim scraps and multi-colored fabrics to make an upbeat quilting pattern with a homemade feel. The upcycled denim jean quilt patterns come with detailed instructions and use a cathedral window quilt pattern to create a 3D effect on a printed fabric scrap. 

You can customize and personalize these jean quilt patterns for free with the number of rows you want and give it as a gift to your friend or family member. 

Quick and Cozy Rag Quilt

Learn to make the fastest and most cozy 54 x 72 inches long rag quilt with the Quick and Cozy rag quilt pattern. 

This pattern helps you save your time and make a cozy quilt for your grandkids. You can use layer cakes or any scrappy quilt leftover to make an easy peasy rag quilt. 

Ragtime Quilt

This is a classic rag quilt pattern that is colorful and made with the classic patchwork style. The size of this pattern makes it useful for babies and as a lap quilt for your kids. 

Rag time quilt
Image Source: Halle’s Hobbies

Don’t forget to add ruffle fringes to make this fringe quilt pattern. The finished quilt size will be 40 x 60 inches long. 

Thrifty Rag Quilt

Learn to make a rag quilt that looks soft and ready for cuddling. 

The thrifty rag quilt pattern is perfect for any occasion. Be it a new throw for the front room or a new blanket for kids. The thrifty rag quilt pattern is perfect. 

Floating Squares Rag Quilt

Rag quilts are popular because they are easy to make and last for years. If you are a soon-to-be-mom, then you must choose a floating square rag quilt pattern for your special little one. 

Floating squares rag quilt
Image Source: Sew Inspired Handmade Love

This pattern has a classic homemade look with a modern approach to piecing. The finished quilt size will be 64 x 64 inches long.   

Raggedy Basketweave Quilt

The Raggedy basketweave quilt pattern is the perfect combination of rag quilting, cheater quilts, and quilt-as-you-go. 

You will need to stitch fabric strips onto batting and backing for this pattern. The entire process takes an hour, and you can make a beautiful gift. 

Heart Stitched Baby Quilt

Give your love to your little one with the heart-stitched baby quilt pattern. This pattern combines amazing stitching and a soft rag quilt pattern to make a comfortable quilt. 

Heart stitched baby rag quilt
Image Source: The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking

The best thing about this pattern is the presence of perfect little hearts that are stitched in the fabric. Any new mother will love this heart quilt pattern

Nautical Adventures Rag Quilt

Take a journey to the high seas with the Nautical Adventures rag quilt pattern. This heartfelt quilt pattern is a perfect project to compliment a newborn’s nursery. 

Just follow the pattern instructions and use six-inch squares to make this unique sea-themed rag quilt for your baby. 

Striped Homespun Rag Quilt

Make a cute strip rag quilt pattern featuring cozy pink homespun strips. This pattern is great for the girl’s room. 

Rag quilt strips pattern
Image Source: Alanda Craft

Don’t worry about the comfort since rag quilts never fail to bring comfort and an aesthetic look. 

Denim Cathedral Window Pillow Quilt

Looking for blue jean quilt patterns for free? These denim quilt patterns for free use an old pair of jeans to make a patchwork pillow with a faux pattern. 

Choose a Denim Cathedral window pillow quilt pattern to make accent patchwork pillows. The finished quilt size is 18 x 18 inches long. 

Raggedy Christmas Quilt Table Runner

These Christmas rag quilt patterns bring a welcoming vibe of a rustic country home into your home. The raggedy Christmas quilt table runner is quick and easy to make. 

Christmas rag quilt
Image Source: Inspired Quilting by Lea Louise

Use your favorite holiday fabric and add charm to your dining room. If you know how to applique on a quilt, then you can use Christmas elements to decorate your table runner. 

Kitty, Puppy, Bear Rag Quilt

There are so many animal rag quilt patterns available. One of the best animal rag quilts is this kitty, puppy, and bear pattern. 

This is the easiest bear rag quilt pattern you can try at home. The pieces of the quilts are easy to sew together. 

Turtle, Caterpillar, Dinosaur Rag Quilt

These are another camo rag quilt patterns that your kids will love: the turtle, caterpillar, and dinosaur quilt. It has numerous caterpillars and a turtle with an adorable, cut dinosaur. 

Turtle rag quilt pattern
Image Source: My Quilting Store

Peacock, Hedgehog Rag Quilt

Another popular simplicity rag quilt pattern includes a beautiful peacock and hedgehog. Your little girls will love this pattern, and you can make a beautiful bed sheet for them. 

Lions, Stars, & Circles Rag Quilt

Want to make a unique animal rag quilt? Choose this simple rag quilt with animal patterns that include lions, stars, and circles. 

Lion rag quilt pattern
Image Source: Pinterest

This pattern helps you add different elements to your square quilt to make it look cute and attractive. 

Penguin, Butterfly, Frog Rag Quilt

This butterfly rag quilt pattern is perfect for making matching pillows out of fabric scraps. The pattern size can be customized as per your needs. 

Panda and Ladybug Rag Quilt

This panda-style teddy bear rag quilt pattern is perfect for little girls. You can make a beautiful, cute rag quilt using this pattern. 

Baby Elephant Rag Quilt

You can use 100% cotton flannel fabric to make a baby elephant rag quilt at home. This simple, easy-to-make beginner-level rag quilt pattern takes less time to complete. 

Elephant rag quilt
Image Source: Evening in the Garden Quilts

The finished quilt size of the elephant rag quilt pattern is 33 x 38 inches long. 

American Flag Rag Quilt Pattern

Celebrate the 4th of July with a unique, handmade rag quilt pattern. The American flag rag quilt pattern looks like a standard flag. 

Flag rag quilt
Image Source: Heather Handmade

This pattern is perfect for a small lap quilt or wall hanging. You will need red, white, and blue cotton fabric and some applique to make these applique quilt patterns at home.  

Combination Rag Quilt

Want to try your hand on a bit challenging rag quilt pattern? Choose a combination rag quilt that combines small and large squares and rectangles to make a quilt block. 

Jenna at The Flip Flop Barnyard provides detailed instruction to help you make this quilt in the simplest way. 

Square Frame Rag Quilt

The square frame rag quilt pattern is just like a simple square rag quilt, except the color squares are arranged in a way to create a series of frames that highlight the center. This pattern also includes some particular color templates to make an accent piece. 

Chevron Rag Quilt

Chevron rag quilt appears to be much harder than a half-square rag quilt. In reality, it’s just a series of squares and blocks arranged to create a chevron design. This rag quilt pattern is a border between color zigzag and adds extra fun. 

Chevron rag quilt pattern
Image Source: A Vision to Remember

Zigzag Rag Quilt

Want to make a rag quilt for the most important man of your life? 

Choose zigzag levi quilt patterns that feature blue jean quilt patterns in combination with colored fabrics. You can make a perfect throw quilt for staying up late watching movies. 

Chevron Chenille Blanket Quilt

The chevron chenille blanket is a modern-looking baby blanket quilt patterns that comes with two stunning sides. It has a unique quilt top and rag quilt on the reverse side. 

Chevron chenille baby rag quilt
Image Source: Aesthetic Nest


Rag quilts are all popular nowadays. Based on the rag quilt patterns, it’s easy to make and looks great. 

Just like regular quilts, you can make rag quilts in different block sizes and from a variety of fabrics. You need to ensure that instead of hiding the seams, you should leave them exposed on the outside and create a beautiful quilt out of it. 

The above collection of beautiful rag quilt patterns makes excellent handmade gifts and can be used as home décor items.

So what are you waiting for? Gather your quilting kits, choose the best rag quilt pattern and start making something great this weekend.

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Let us know which rag quilt pattern you tried on the weekend and how it looks. 

Happy quilting!