35+ Quilts of Valor Patterns to Celebrate Independence Day

Whether you call it Independence day or the 4th of July, show your patriotism with a range of Quilts of valor patterns.

Patriotism is a pure form of love for the country and can take many forms. Many quilters try to express their feeling and gratitude for the service members who have served the country through quilts of valor patterns. 

Red, white, and blue is stitched into each block to make something meaningful that can honor their sacrifice and show their patriotism. 

There is something so heartwarming about patriotic quilts, and quilting has an impact on the whole American sewing community.

To help you choose from thousands of quilting patterns available in the world, we have to dig deeper into the stars and stripes and gather a wide array of quilts of valor patterns for beginners, novices, and experts. 

Let’s explore Quilts of Valor Patterns and make something out of it that shows sincere love for the country. 

History of Quilts of Valor Patterns

Before we jump to patriotic quilt patterns, let’s take a closer look at the history of quilts of valor patterns.

Do you know which is the oldest pattern in America? If you don’t know, we have done an extensive online hunt to find you the answer.

Puritans brought quilting to America. These quilts were not used as decorative pieces, but they were made of necessity. The quilts were keeping them warm during chilly winter nights.

Marth Howard Quilt is one of America’s oldest surviving whole cloth quilts. It was created between 1761 to 1787. 

Since then, many quilting designs have evolved and passed down generations-by-generations. Till the 1800s, actual quilt patterns were not discovered. Some of the popular patterns of that time were: 

Log Cabin

During the Civil War, when Abraham Lincoln was the president, the log cabin quilt pattern flourish. His inspiring story of growing up in a log cabin quilt encouraged many quilters to make a patriotic quilts. 

Lone Star

The lone star quilt pattern is associated with the Lakota Native American Tribes. These patterns replace the traditional buffaloe robe that was used in many ceremonies. The lone star symbol in the quilt represents the state of Texas before 1845. 

Lone star block quilt
Image Source: Quilter Blog

Bear’s Claw

This is a beautiful design that was created with a life-saving purpose. Many historians believe that the Bear’s Claw quilt pattern was used as guidance to find food and water while going through underground railroads.

Are you a beginner-level quilter who wants to try their hands on quilting for the first time?

Or an experienced quilter who wants to experiment with your quilting skills and make something useful? We’ve got you covered.

Check out these creative and innovative quilting pattern lists offered by Superlable Store:

32 Free Quilt of Valor Patterns You Can Make to Show Off Your Love for the Country

Now that you have understood the rich history behind the Americano quilt, it’s time to look at some charming patterns to create your own patriotic quilt.

Quilts of valor
Image Source: Stitch This! The Martingale Blog

The patriotic theme is made from a red, white, and blue color scheme in fabric sewing quilting. 

Gather your quilting supplies such as,

And, start exploring some amazing Quilts of Valor Patterns for the 4th of July. These patterns are perfect for the fourth of July, Labor Day, or any other occasion you feel is great for showing your patriotic spirit. 

Star Spangled Quilt Block

Summer quilts should be easy and breezy. That’s what star-spangled banner quilt pattern fons and porter are all about. 

Star spangled picnic quilt block
Image Source: Laugh Yourself into Stitches

This free quilt of valor patterns is a perfect June DIY project as it can help you make an amazing patriotic quilted décor for the Fourth of July. Its flying geese blocks are popular among many quilters. 

Use this versatile pattern to decorate your backyard for Independence Day BBQ or make a simple wall hanging. 

Army Star Paper Pieced Block

Similar to the Hexagon quilt pattern, the Army star paper pieced block is an attractive patriotic quilt. It is perfect for American soldiers on Labor Day, Independence Day, or Memorial Day. 

American Pinwheel Quilt

Every heart will beat for red, white, and blue when they will see this American Pinwheel quilt pattern. This pinwheel quilt pattern is easy to create. 

Three colors pinwheels quilt pattern
Image Source: Pinterest

It combines pinwheel and half-square triangle quilt pattern, making a perfect picnic blanket. The finished quilt size will be 93 x 103 inches long. 

American Flag Quilt

Get ready to showcase your patriotism with this Fourth of July quilt pattern. The American Flag quilt pattern by Diary of a Quilter features simple patchworks and red, white, and blue squares. 

With great size, this wall hanging pattern can be displayed in a vertical or horizontal direction. The finished quilt size will be 39 x 51 inches long. 

Patriotic Nine Patch Table Runner

Looking for a patriotic-inspired table runner pattern? Try this free quilt of valor patterns to celebrate this summer. 

Quilts of valor patterns
Image Source: Sewing with Nancy

It is a great Fourth of July quilt block patterns for beginners, and you can complete the entire quilt in one afternoon. 

Fourth of July Star Blocks

These quilt-as-you-go patterns are made by piecing together blocks to make a twin-size quilt. If you are thinking of making the 4th of July or any festive quilt, make sure you include this quilt of valor pattern. The finished quilt size will be 11 x 11 inches long. 

Red White and Blue Scrappy Skirt

Do you want to re-use red, white, and blue fabric scraps into something that shows off your patriotism? Choose The Polkadot Chair quilts of valor patterns that help you make a summertime skirt. 

Patriotic craft ideas
Image Source: Polka Dot Chair

American Flag Wall Hanging

The American flag wall hanging fons and porter quilt patterns are the perfect way to jazz up your Independence Day. This wall hanging features paper pieced star block with the firework border fabric. 

Independence Day Potholders

Want to make quilted potholders? Art Threads offer an Independence Day Potholders design. It’s time to use white, red, and blue fabrics and add an additional patriotic touch to your kitchen. 

Patriotic Dresden Mug Rug

The Patriotic Dresden Mug Rug from Road Home Quilting is perfect for celebrating Memorial Day or Independence Day. 

Patriotic dresden mug rugs
Image Source: Sew Crafty Crochet

These mug rug patterns also protect your table from hot beverages and can be used as table toppers. 

Let Freedom Ring

The Let Freedom Ring is an adorable patriotic pattern that combines applique and piece techniques. The finished quilt size of this quilt will be 96.85 inches square. 

American Dream

Another amazing and modern quilt of valor pattern is the American Dream. This pattern comes in three sizes: twin, crib, and picnic. 

Patriotic quilt patterns
Image Source: Quilt in a Day

Close to My Heart

Everyone loves to show off their love for the country. And, what’s better than the Close to My Heart military quilt patterns. 

The floral borders of this pattern give a feminine touch to the entire quilt. You can make 54 ½ x 68 inches long quilt using this pattern. 

Patriotic Starry Path

The Patriotic Starry Path quilt is all you need to scream your patriotism. The stars are the backbone of the quilt. 

Starry wonder patriotic sampler
Image Source: Little Quilts Blog

The starry design looks great in the boy’s bedroom. The finished quilt size will be 55 x 68 inches long. 

Antebellum Quilt

Want to try an adorable heirloom-style mini quilt pattern? Try the Antebellum quilt. 

Pam Buda offers an entire sewing series for making this beautiful pattern. You can use complementary colors to make beautiful wall hangings. 

One Star One Nation Mini Flag 

Want a small decorative piece but don’t want to create an entire quilt? Choose One star one nation military or army quilt patterns. 

This pattern is perfect for those who want to celebrate some victory with a small flag decoration. Using this pattern, you can make a mini quilt of 6 x 9 inches long. 

Whether you want to make a mug rug or wall hanging, use the one star one nation mini flag pattern. 

Stars a Waving

These are beginner-level quilts of valor patterns that look amazing and challenging as well. To make a throw-size quilt, you must choose this pattern. The finished quilt size will be 60 x 78 inches long. 

Four Star Salute Table Runner

The Four-star Salute Table Runner pattern is the perfect way to decorate your centerpiece table and flaunt your patriotism on the 4th of July. 

Four star salute table runner
Image Source: Pinterest

You can use this table runner for year-round American holidays. The finished quilt size will be 13 x 51 inches long. 

Blessed Jets

Pay homage to all American Veterans and Servicemen using the Blessed Jets patriotic quilt pattern. 

You can also use this pattern to make a beautiful, heartwarming gift for returning veterans. There are two sizes available for this pattern: throw and twin. 

Eleanor Burns a Quilt of Valor Pattern

This braid quilt pattern is easy to make. The Eleanor burns quilt of valor pattern can be used by making pre-cut strips or cutting the new fabric. 

Free quilt of valor patterns
Image Source: Pinterest

With this pattern, you can learn to create five different quilt sizes. 

American Valor Quilt Pattern

Gift your Veteran friend a special American valor quilt pattern. These applique quilt patterns are pieced and appliqued together to make a full-size quilt. 

Use a rotary cutter for patchwork. The finished quilt size will be 72 x 72 inches long. 

Star Spangled Banner Quilt Pattern

Using bright and clever colors, you can make a star-spangled banner quilt pattern. The finished quilt size will be 56 x 68 inches long. 

Star spangled banner quilt
Image Source: Debby Kratovil Quilts

Parade Rest Quilt

The Parade Rest quilt pattern features red, white, gold, and blue fabrics. Using this pattern, you can make a classic Pinwheel star block pattern to flaunt your love for the country. 

In Honor of Quilt

Honor and give comfort to your friend, relative, or any stranger who was touched by war. Let them know their service is appreciated by all. 

Military quilt patterns
Image Source: Stitchin’ Post

In Honor of Quilt, designed by Diane Tomlinson, is an easy and quick quilt of valor pattern. 

Patriotic Pillow Quilt

Summer is all about patriotic holidays in the USA. You can give a little country look to your bedroom décor with the Patriotic pillow quilt. 

This pillow quilt pattern features a patchwork square design and three woven or 100% cotton fabrics in khaki, cream, patriotic red, navy, and brown. 

Use this patriotic pillow pattern to make a vintage-style charming pillow piece. The finished quilt size will be 16 x 16 inches long. 

Ohio Stars and Rails Quilt

These quilts of valor patterns combine white, red, and blue patchwork with traditional piecework. The Ohio Stars and Rails quilt pattern is a beautiful patriotic pattern that you need to make a 69 x 69 inches long quilt. 

American valor quilt patterns
Image Source: QuiltVille’s Quips & Snips

Grand Old Flags Quilt

Living with Punks designed a striking strip quilt pattern. This pattern transforms a large block pattern into an attractive pattern and motivates you. 

The Grand Old Flags quilt pattern is perfect for patriotic day and everyday showpieces. The finished quilt size will be 75 x 75 inches long. 

Bursting with Courage Quilt

Denise Russel designed a gorgeous patchwork design. The pattern is popular as the “Rocky Mountain Chain”. 

Bursting with courage quilt
Image Source: Slice of Pi Quilts

Flags on Parade

Natalie Crabtree offers an intermediate-level quilt of valor pattern. This pattern combines Sawtooth, Ohio Stars, and strips. 

With this pattern, you can make an amazing quilt that celebrates the old glory. 


Quilts of Valor Patterns are one of the best ways to honor those who have served the country. These patterns also allow you to showcase your love for the country.

With a wide range of quilts of valor quilt patterns and ideas, the sky is the limit for the quilter. You can use the above-listed pattern list as a base and create your own unique pattern.

Be it a gift or home décor item. You can make everything and give it a touch of your love for the country. 

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Use the quilts of valor patterns to honor those who have served the country in the past.