Quilted Table Runner Patterns: Original Ideas for Quilted Home Décor

Dress up your table for a holiday or any season using these 35+ quilted table runner patterns. These table runner patterns are quick and easy to make.

A table runner is the centerpiece of the attraction. They can make your décor shine and provide a colorful touch to your dining table or kitchen table. Table runners are not just for decorating purposes, but they can also protect your table from scratches.

If you love to transform the boring look of your tables, then you have come to the right place. In this article, you will get a complete list of quilted placemat patterns. These patterns are free and sourced from the internet just for you.

Whether you want to just make a simple table topper pattern for a tea party or want to add quick color and style to your tables, you will enjoy working on these quilting patterns.

Make a few table runners and make the décor pop before hosting your next holiday party! 

Introduction to Table Runners and Quilted Table Runner Patterns

Before we jump to quilted table runner patterns, it’s essential to know the rich history of table runners.

Once you know the background, it will be easy for you to use pre-quilted fabric to make a beautiful quilting pattern for a table runner. 

History of Table Runner

Table runners were introduced in the Middle ages since medieval people were sloppy. People used to decorate tables with tablecloths which was a distinguished innovation.

Quilted runner table topper
Image Source: Helen’s Closet Patterns

The table and other accessories need to be protected from folks who create a mess. The table runners were introduced to protect the table and give a special touch to the table.

From the beginning of the 15th century, table runners became a significant part.

Table runners are sorts of long cloth that runs along with the tablecloth from one end to another. They are, in general, 6 to 12 inches longer than the table cloth, but sometimes they can be used with the same length.

There are many quilted table runner patterns available in which table runners serve as the placemat for the dining table and protect the table cloth from the spills. 

Types of Table Runners and Handcraft

The history of table runners comes with different types of table runners. These types are based on the material used. It varies from simple to fancy.

The popular materials used for making table runners in the past were cotton, polyester, linen, and silk.

The women started using the quilt backing fabric and quilt kits to handcraft the table runners to make the table runners fancier. With the modernization and introduction of machinery, different modern quilted placemat patterns were introduced. 

35 Free Quilted Table Runner Patterns to Consider

Now that you know about the table runners and their purpose, it’s time to explore some amazing quilted table runner patterns.

Table runner christmas patchwork
Image Source: Pinterest

Quilted table runners act as an extra layer of protection to your table and give it a nice, elegant touch. They can be made for every formal occasion, work great with year-round celebrations, and make your everyday meals special. 

Making table runners at home is a cost-effective way to hit the refresh button of your dining room.

No matter what style you are looking for, we have covered it in our below collections of quilted table topper patterns.

These table runner patterns are quickest and easy to make at home. With minimum supplies, you can begin your journey of transforming the look of your table. 

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Are you ready to explore the best free quilted table runner patterns? Let’s begin. 

Modern Maple Leaf Table Runner

Looking for modern quilted table runner patterns? Choose this Modern Maple Leaf table runner pattern. 

Modern maple leaf table runner
Image Source: I Finally Have Time

This pattern features bright and bold colors that can be appropriate for any decoration scheme at any time of the year. You will need to use half-square triangle quilt patterns and techniques to create the maple leaves for aesthetic home décor. 

This table runner pattern is the perfect quilting project for beginners and intermediate quilters. 

Rainbow of Hexies Patchwork Table Runner

Do you want to brighten up your room? Choose Rainbow of Hexie Patchwork table runners. This English paper-piecing pattern provides a retro and chic look to your dull home décor. 

This hexagon quilt pattern comes with detailed instructions so that you don’t get any trouble piecing a nice hexagon quilt into the right design. 

Peaks and Valleys Table Runner

Want to show off your quilting skills using a serious style of table runners? Choose the Peaks and valleys table runner pattern to uplift your dining room game. 

Quilted table runner patterns
Image Source: Shannon Fraser Designs

This is a quick and easy-to-make quilting project that you can complete in an afternoon. Consider making this table runner if you are hosting a party at home. The finished quilt size is 14 x 50 inches long. 

Strawberry Split Table Runner

These quilted table runners and placemats patterns are perfect for a seasonal flair of springtime picnic and tea time. 

The strawberry-inspired pattern is made by using charm packs and sandwiching quilting blocks. The finished quilt size is 45 x 14 inches long. 

Lickity Split Rail Fence Table Runner

This pattern is offered by Four Fat Quarters. It is an easy, quick, free, quilted table runner pattern created using a rail fence and narrow strips. 

Rail fence table runner pattern
Image Source: Abyquilts

This can be a fabulous addition to your dining room as it offers a nice, patriotic look. The finished quilt size is 16 x 36 inches long. 

Roasted Coffee Table Runner

Looking for elegant and expensive quilted table runner patterns free easy? Indulge in the beauty of this Roasted coffee table runner pattern that is made using batik fabric and fabric cutter to achieve a gorgeous look. 

This traditional quilted table runner pattern is the perfect combination of the pinwheel and square-in-square block pattern/technique. The finished size is 12 x 36 inches long. 

Heart Embers Quilt Block

This heart quilt pattern is perfect for making a stunning Valentine’s Day table runner. 

Joyful hearts quilted table runner
Image Source: Pattymac Makes

The two-tone design of this pattern will give a block a warm feeling and make your room more welcoming. The red and pink color hearts with a charcoal gray background helps glow this pattern more. 

Kentucky Derby Table Topper

This beautiful pattern is made by using jerseys and horseshoe appliques. 

The colors and design of the Kentucky derby table topper pattern are sure to bring your horse so much luck. The finished size is 29 x 29 inches long. 

Geranium Table Topper

Want to make a bright quilt pattern for a table topper? Choose a Geranium table runner pattern featuring heart-shaped petals and flowers. 

Geranium delight quilt
Image Source: Samelia’s Mum

These panel quilt patterns come with a patchwork border and are perfect for bringing the best of the outdoors to your table. Don’t forget to choose bright colors for making Geranium quilted table topper pattern. 

Vintage Autumn Table Runner

These fall table runner quilt patterns feature romantic purples, pale pinks, and fawn browns, autumn-inspired colors. 

Using charm packs and pre-cut fabrics, this pattern makes it an easier and more enjoyable experience. The finished quilt size is 20.5 x 20.5 inches long. 

Ocean Ripples Table Topper

Jo and Kelli Kramer’s offshoot ocean ripples table topper pattern is one of the perfect ways to use scraps and polish your quilting skills. 

Quilted placemat patterns
Image Source: Pinterest

In the afternoon, you can complete this table runner quilting project and learn how to combine different fabric colors to make an attractive table topper.

Candy Cane Christmas Table Runner

Christmas is the perfect time of the year to make and showcase quilted items. These DIY quilted Christmas placemat patterns are made out of cheerful colors and designs that make your Christmas brighter. 

You will need half a yard of the festival print fabric to try this pattern at home. The finished quilt size is 45 x 16 inches long. 

Christmas Hexie Table Topper

Another wonderful hexagon table topper quilt pattern is the Christmas Hexie table topper pattern. 

Christmas hexagonal table topper
Image Source: From My Carolina Home

This quilted table topper pattern is perfect for all holiday feasts. It is an easy and beautiful table topper pattern that uses holiday colors to bring a bright and cheerful look. 

Pinwheels and Holly Table Runner

Want to use traditional Christmas colors for quilting table runners? Choose Judi Harris’ fun-sounding easter table runner quilt patterns. 

This pinwheel quilt pattern is a combination of peppermint and fresh greenery. You will need to master pieces and appliqued techniques to make this charming table runner at home. 

Christmas Miracles Table Topper

Become a part of the season’s special events with the Christmas miracles table topper pattern. This pattern is also used as a Halloween table runner quilt pattern. 

Patchwork mountain quilt
Image Source: Pinterest

This beautiful snowball pattern is made by piecing together half-square triangles and festive fabrics. You can bring traditional comfort with modernity to your home by using this gorgeous table topper pattern. 

Simple Pinwheel Table Runner

Want to achieve a clean and simple look by quilting table runners? 

Choose Aby Dolinger’s pinwheel quilt patterns for a table runner and add traditional quilting flair to your dining room or kitchen. The pattern uses simple quilt blocks for beginners and can be used in other quilting patterns.    

Heart Strings Table Runner

Do you have red and pink fabric scraps that you no longer use? Time to repurpose them into making a beautiful valentine’s day table runner. 

These free fall table runner quilt patterns are the perfect way to show your dining room that you love it. 

Connie Campbell from Sew BitterSweet Designs offers a string quilt pattern lined with diamonds. The finished quilt size is 14 x 36 inches long. 

Pumpkin Table Runner

This perfect Halloween table runner quilt pattern is made using fabric scraps and pieced quilting blocks. 

Table runner pumpkin
Image Source: Green Fairy Quilts

Batik Strips Table Runner

If you know how to baste a quilt, then this batik strip pattern is for you. It is an easy and quick quilted table runner pattern. 

The pattern features a panel of two and a half inches wide batik strips. 

Octagon Table Runner

Created with Claudia offers free octagon table topper quilt patterns showing a signature block. This pattern is made using scrap fabrics of all shapes and sizes. The finished quilt size is eight inches long. 

Octagon table runner pattern
Image Source: Lori Miller Designs

Patriotic Quilted Table Runner

Celebrate USA day with this beautiful patriotic table runner quilt pattern. These quilt-as-you-go patterns are made using strip piecing and soft curves. 

The colors used in this pattern are perfect for enhancing the look of any table. The finished size of these quilts of valor patterns is 20 x 62 inches long. 

Farmhouse Quilted Table Runner

This gorgeous scrappy table runner pattern features a perfect mixture of light and dark fabrics. The placement of the colors creates an amazing diamond pattern, affecting from down to the center, and the angles add extra interest. 

Farmhouse style table runner
Image Source: Carried Away Quilting

Reversible Quilted Table Runner

Who doesn’t love to make a quilt table runner that is reversible? The reversible quilted table runner pattern offers two great décor options in a single pattern. 

This pattern is easy and takes less time to complete. The best thing about reversible quilted table runners is that you can use them on two different occasions. 

Diamond Quilted Table Runner

Sew Today Clean Tomorrow offers another quilted Christmas table runner pattern free and easy to make. 

Modern quilted table runner patterns
Image Source: QUILTsocial

You can use print fabrics with solid colors to highlight the print on this lone star quilt pattern. The strips are quilted in a way that gives a diamond-shaped effect. 

Bargello Quilted Table Runner

The beautiful bargello quilt patterns are made using fabric strips to create an amazing movement and pattern. 

The construction of a bargello quilted table runner is simple straight lines. With this pattern, you will learn how to make many small squares and rectangles and cut out the pieces. 

Quilted Block Table Runner

Showcase larger quilt blocks of fabric with this table runner pattern. Use printed fabric panels or holiday print to bring a cheerful vibe. Read on how to make a quilt label and apply labels to your handmade quilting items. 

Free quilted table runner patterns
Image Source: Sewing with Nancy

Sunflower Table Runner

Want to try round quilted table topper patterns free? 

Choose the Sunflower table runner pattern that is made from fabric scraps in sunflower-themed colors. This pattern is the perfect way to bring a cheerful vibe to any space. 

Charming Floral Table Runner

The charming floral table runner pattern uses five-inch squares between two and a half inches wide fabric strips. These are other quilt-as-you-go patterns that can be prepared in no time. 

Charming floral table runner
Image Source: Quilter Blogs

Strippy and Bright Table Runner

Want to make a mini table runner? Try this pattern. A strippy and bright table runner pattern is made by trimming pre-cut fabric strips into rectangles. 

The bright blocks can be quilted together into a beautiful table runner. This pattern can also be served as a baby bed runner quilt pattern. 

Woven Colors

Another fascinating quilted table runner pattern uses woven colors. The bright prints and white squares create a woven look on the table runner. 

Ring of Posies

Applique quilt patterns with pieced flowers dancing in the circles is a Ring of Posies table runner pattern. You can use earthy blue, cream, and brown colors to make this long-lasting table runner pattern. 

Quilted table topper patterns
Image Source: Quilting Gallery

Prints of Egypt

Want to make a dramatic quilted table runner? Choose a global-inspired Prints of Egypt table runner pattern. 

This traditional quilted table runner pattern is a perfect combination of paisley and geometric prints

Log Cabin Table Runner

You can make a 12-block table runner using a log cabin quilt pattern and blocks in two different colors. Use purple, cream, and green colors to make this season-spanning table topper. 

Full table runner quilt pattern
Image Source: A Quilting Life

Appliqued Vines and Leaves Table Runner

Another simple yet beautiful table runner pattern is this summer season pattern. The applique vines and leaves are bordered on a solid background with a combination of summer prints. 

Cool Four-patch Runner

This is a versatile quilted table runner pattern. The four patches are basic blocks that beginner and experienced quilters can do. Leave ¼th inches for seam allowance. 

Modern quilted placemat pattern
Image Source: Magpie Quilts


This article was all about quilted table runner patterns and how women in the past era decided to innovate these.

Table runners are an essential mode of decorating tables for any occasion. It gives your table an elegant touch that is 100% unique.

The above listed are some of the quickest and easiest quilting patterns made by using fabric sewing quilting techniques. Choose any pattern, use your creativity, and make your afternoon worthwhile.

You might also like this creative quilting pattern collection offered by Superlabel Store.

Let your table define your understanding of the décor to your friends, family, and other guests!

Happy quilting!