20+ Free Quilt As You Go Patterns You Can Do on Weekends

Explore a range of quilt-as-you-go patterns and do a simple DIY quilting project in the afternoon! 

Quilt, as you go, is a popular type of quilting. It has several methods, and it’s easy for beginners to pick up this skill. If you are looking for complete knowledge on quilting and quilt as you go in-depth, you are at the right place.

Moving forward, you will understand what quilt as you go, the different methods used for the quilt-as-you-go patterns, and a couple of famous patterns you can make with this art.

Let’s start by understanding what a quilt is as you go patterns. 

What is Quilt As You Go Patterns?

As the name suggests, quilt-as-you-go patterns are a free and easy way to quilt fabric pieces together. It is best suited for beginners and people with no knowledge of quilting. 

In this method, there are ready-made fabric pieces that are already quilted, and you just have to sew them together to reach your end product.

While quilting requires you to get the different fabric sewing quilting layers, cut them, shape them, look for the quilt as you go patterns and quilt the fabric on top of each other, this method is pretty easy. You already have the quilt blocks for beginners or rows of quilted material with you. You just have to sew the individual quilts together. 

Quilt, as you go, is beneficial to make artistic pieces, as you can create each block with specific design and care. It is more manageable when working on larger quilting projects. 

Knowing about the quilt-as-you-go patterns, why not look at some of its benefits? 

What Are the Benefits of the Quilt-as-you-go-free Patterns?

The following are some of the benefits of the quilt-as-you-go free patterns: 


The focus of this technique is to quilt each block first and attach it to the main quilt backing fabric. This provides uniqueness to each block. 

Free quilt as you go along
Image Source: Pinterest

You can create different shapes, designs, and colors for each block and row in the item and stitch them together, giving the final output a vibrant and artistic finish.

In this way, each block becomes unique, and your overall design stands out from the other quilts that you’ve performed. You can create your own unique designs every time you follow this method, even using the same colors and fabric. 


Quilt-as-you-go free patterns are the easiest way to complete large quilting projects. When the focus is on individual items, you don’t feel like solving a large puzzle all at once. 

You can just take your pre-quilted fabric and start working on each block and row step by step, which promotes your creativity. Being creative and fresh, you can create beautiful designs for your project every time. 

When you begin your journey on how to quilt as you go, you will see that it’s the best choice as you don’t have to push large cloth pieces into your sewing machine. This saves your sewing machine from going down and makes the design manageable. 

Two Essential Methods of the Free Quilt-as-you-go Patterns

You might be excited to start your quilting journey, but before that, it is better to understand the two main methods of the quilt as you go.

Quilt as you go patterns
Image Source: The Seasoned Homemaker

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Here are two popular methods of the free quilt-as-you-go patterns: 

Joining Quilted Blocks

Joining quilted blocks is an easy way of accomplishing your quilt-as-you-go dreams. In this method, you quilt your rows and block on an individual basis. 

As the pieces get ready, you join them with other similar pieces to create the final output. While working on this method, you will feel like you are solving a puzzle piece by piece, and that’s the best thing about this quilt-as-you-go method.

Quilt as you go patterns free
Image Source: DIY Joy 

You can take your time behind each piece to customize it to perfection and only then add it to the final quilt. You can also join the quilted blocks from the back by sewing them together, making the seam disappear with straightening. 

Quilt and Flip

Another common method in the free quilt-as-you-go patterns is quilt and flip. As the name suggests, you quilt and then flip the fabric to hide the sewing but show the designs. 

This method gives the best results when working on smaller items, and you have strips of fabrics to be quilted together.

This method should be chosen when the batting is correct; otherwise, it might be tricky to get through.

Whether you follow the quilt and flip or join the quilted blocks method, here are some common things you should keep handy when working on a quilt as you go block patterns

5 Things to Keep Handy for the Easy Quilt-as-you-go Patterns

Keeping the below-listed things in mind will help you make your easy quilt-as-you-go patterns as smooth as possible.

Once you master them, you can opt for the below-listed, more creative, and easy quilting patterns offered by Superlabel Store.

Rotary Cutter

A rotary cutter is something that you should always have by your side. It is a cutting blade attached to a rotary circle, which is in turn attached to a handle that can be moved in any direction. 

Pattern poole quilt as you go
Image Source: Karolina Grabowska On Pexels

A rotary cutter is sharp and can help you cut through multiple layers of fabric, circles, and shapes with sharp edges at once. 


Quilting is done on the quilt-as-you-go mug rug patterns. It is a soft, fluffy, insulating fabric that provides much-needed insulation to your quilted items. No fabric provides insulation on its own, and batting is required.

Today batting is made from materials like cotton, wool, polyester, and even bamboo fibers. You can find it in your nearest fabric shop and keep some extra batting fabric handy in case you mess up some while cutting. 


The fabric here refers to the outer fabric that brings life to your quilts. This fabric covers the batting from both sides and provides the quilt with an aesthetic and vibrant look. 

Free quilt as you go patterns
Image Source: Diary of a Quilter

When choosing fabric for the easy quilt-as-you-go patterns, you should look for colors and patterns that would look good together after you sew them. 

Sewing Machine

A sewing machine is one of the essential items to complete the free quilt-as-you-go patterns for beginners. While regular quilting requires heavy-duty sewing machines, quilt-as-you-go patterns can be completed under the home sewing machine. 

As the blocks are smaller and you go piece by piece, the sewing machine is not used intensively throughout the project. Some simple sewing patterns and touch-ups can be given using hands. 

Basic Sewing Supplies

Basic sewing supplies like threads, scissors, measure tapes, chalks, etc., should be kept handy to make working effortless. 

Quilt as you go patterns for beginners
Image Source: Antoni Shkraba On Pexels

Chalks will help you draw a rough sketch of the design you wish on the paper, and you will require many different threads to complete the quilting across all pieces.

As your tools are ready, let’s begin exploring the free quilt as you go block patterns you can make by yourself. 

12 Fun and Done Quilt-as-you-go Patterns for Beginners

Quilt-as-you-go patterns are easy and take less time to complete. Now that you know the basics of sew as you go quilt pattern, it’s time to explore fun and done quilt-as-you-go patterns.

These patterns will help you use your quilting skills to make a unique quilt at home. 

Cathedral Window Pattern

The cathedral window pattern is one of the best and most artistic quilt-as-you-go patterns for beginners. Made entirely by hand and sheer determination, the pattern takes time to come to life, but you’ll love it every time you look at it.

Cathedral windows quilt tutorial
Image Source: SusieDDesigns Sewing & Crafts 

A Cathedral window is hard to build. You will need to cut squares of the same sizes and then quilt them on an individual basis. Once the quilted blocks are ready, stitch them to the base and then turn some adjacent sides in to make a different look. 

The best part about using these fun and done quilt-as-you-go patterns is that you can use all the different bits of fabric in your stash and still have a fantastic-looking quilted item. 

Floral Table Runner

Invite the spring season to your dining table with this floral table runner.  It is a one-of-a-kind quilt-as-you-go table runner pattern where you can best use your leftover floral fabrics.

Building this type of table runner is easy. Just measure your table’s length, and decide on a width for your table runner. After this, jump into your fabric stash, and find out different floral fabric strips. 

Give quilt as you go table runner patterns the batting material, quilt the strips with your favorite design, and stick them to the base layer while hiding the sewing lines to provide a seamless look to the finished item. 

Baby Rag Quilt

Looking to provide your baby with a warm quilt while you brush up and practice your quilting skills? Try out the baby rag quilt as you go patterns with sashing. 

There are no fixed sizes for the patches. You can even sew in any direction.

It is like a freehand quilt where you can build an excellent warm rag quilt for your little loved one. 

Quick Triangles

“Quick Triangles” is an easy-to-make quilt-as-you-go pattern and can be accomplished in a single day. 

Quilt as you go free patterns
Image Source: Bernina Blog

As the name suggests, in these half-square triangle quilt patterns, you’ll cut out triangles and quilt them individually to create a pattern.

Once the triangle pieces are ready, you join them together and form squares that can be stitched to the final layer. 

This easy pattern is good to make when you are looking to quilt something useful in a short time. You can use this pattern to create rugs or even baby crib mats. 

Summertime Place Mat

A summertime placemat is as vibrant and colorful as the summer. These quilt-as-you-go placemat patterns free is ideal for placing on the dining table during summer parties at your home.

Bring the beach effect to your dining table with this placemat, and use pastel colors to enhance the overall look and feel. 

You can quilt wavy patterns and other summer items to fill in the summer essence in this placemat. 

Christmas Place Mat

If Christmas is around the corner and you are looking to decorate your dining table, why not make a Christmas placemat? Placemats are generally placed under plates and cutlery to protect the dining table. 

As an art enthusiast, your place should reflect the art, and creating Christmas placemats is one of the best ways to show your quilting skills.

To make a Christmas braid runner quilt-as-you-go pattern, you’ll require the signature Christmas colors red, green, and white. Using these colors, you can build different artistic patterns and quilt Santa on the top layer to give a better feel. 

Rainbow Table Runner

As the name suggests, the rainbow table runner is a table runner made from rainbow materials. You’ll need multiple strips of all the different colors of the rainbow. 

Once you have the fabric, cut them, and place batting material inside them. Now close the ends, and quilt them. 

After quilting every piece, you should join the pieces together to have a vibrant and beautiful-looking table runner. 

Use this hexagon quilt-as-you-go pattern to decorate your home during holidays and give it much-needed energy. 

Puff Quilt

If you want to build a super soft quilt for your loved ones, here is a pattern Poole quilt as you go, which you should try. 

Puff quilt as you go pattern
Image Source: Geta’s Quilting Studio

The puff quilt is a quilt-as-you-go patterns-free in which every quilt is stuffed with some extra material. To have a successful go at this pattern, you will need lots of scrap fabric, batting, cutter, scissors, threads, and stuffing material.

Have your bottom fabric ready, and get started filling the stuffing material one after the other at each quilt. 

While many people like to build each stuffed piece and then sew it, you can do it in one go and save some fabric for other work. This type of quilt-as-you-go pattern will look fabulous as a floor mat or rug where you have to stand. 

Once completed, it is set to provide you utter softness every time you step on it. 

Diamond Pillow

Want to have a baby-like sleep every time you rest your head on the bed? Here is a diamond quilting pattern that will enhance your pillows and sleep. This is one of the simplest quilt-as-you-go patterns to try out as a beginner.

It just requires multiple fabric cutouts of different colors, and you need to stitch them side by side at a 45-degree angle. 

Create four bigger rectangles that suffice the size of your pillow, and then sew them together to have a diamond pattern. You can introduce as many colors and fabrics as you like, but try to find colors from your stash that look good together. 

Quilted Tablet Sleeve

Another pattern that is worth making with the quilt-as-you-go method is a tablet sleeve. At the end of this project, you’ll get a unique tablet sleeve that is personalized for your tablet with all the beautiful colors and patterns.

Quilt as you go placemat patterns free
Image Source: My Quilt Infatuation 

To build this free quilt-as-you-go log cabin pattern, you’ll need to measure your tablet first and cut/find fabric strips that are 1-2 inches extra when sewn together. 

Start by building the front of the sleeve by stitching the fabric pieces in the pattern you like. Keep adding the batting material, and create a quilted pattern. 

Scrappy Herringbone

Herringbone patterns are quite common when it comes to quilting with different fabric pieces. If you want to use your leftover fabric cutouts in a productive way, create a scrappy herringbone rug today.

To build this rug, you’ll require multi-colored and multi-patterned fabric cutouts. Once the cutouts are available, you’ll need the batting material to give the rug some fluffiness. 

No matter what size you are looking to build, this pattern is scalable, and you can easily stop when you have reached the desired height and width. You can also follow the same method and make your own quilt as you go pattern books. 

Santa’s Belly

Another Christmas quilt-as-you-go pattern to try out is Santa’s belly. In this free quilt-as-you-go tote bag pattern, you can make a complete Santa Claus figure to the waist using quilting. 

Quilt as you go tote bag
Image Source: Over the edge

You can then use it as a placemat or a decorative item near your Christmas tree.

To make the Santa’s belly pattern, you’ll need red, white, and black fabrics. You’ll need some matching threads, cutters, and a figure to reference. 

Make this tote bag live to its name by stuffing extra fabric around Santa’s belly area. Give these jelly roll quilt as you go patterns a soft to touch with some velvet or smooth fabric. 


Quilt, as you go, is all about creativity and exploring, so never stop exploring and trying out things that you feel might look good together.

The above-listed free quilt-as-you-go patterns will help you give some ideas on the design; based on that, you can create your own quilt. 

Whichever quilt as you go pattern you choose, it will bring some light to the place you put your project and even get you much appreciation. 

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We encourage all quilters to boost the professionalism of their homemade clothing items and start their own clothing line.

Let us know which quilt as you go patterns you choose and how it turned out. We’d love to hear about your experience.

Happy quilting!