30+ Free Pinwheel Quilt Patterns for All Quilting Enthusiasts

Look at some classic and pretty pinwheel quilt patterns to design a new quilt for pillows, table runners, etc. 

Pinwheel quilt is a classic quilt pattern that has been around since the early 1800s. It has a significant history and looks amazing on another quilt block.

Pinwheel quilt patterns are quick and easy to make. You can sew a batch of pinwheel quilts in no time.

Want to brighten up your home with a little extra touch to your decoration?

In this article, we will help you learn

    • What is a pinwheel quilt block?
    • History of pinwheel quilt block
    • Popular pinwheel quilt patterns free 

What Is a Pinwheel Quilt Block?

Nothing is classier than a pinwheel quilt block. The pinwheel quilt block pattern was introduced in the early 19th century in America. Since then, this pattern has become popular among quilters.

A pinwheel quilt block is also known as a classic pinwheel or windmill quilt block pattern. They are super quick and easy to make. You just need your basic quilt kits, quilt backing fabric or pre-quilted fabric, quilting thread, and the best sewing machine for quilting a pinwheel block.

If you are new to quilting, then the pinwheel quilt blocks for beginners are great. 

History of Pinwheel Quilt Block or Windmill Quilt Pattern

Pinwheel quilt blocks represent the water pump windmills found in farms or small villages on the Oregon trails. Water was essential for day-to-day usage and power tools. 

Pinwheel block was introduced during the early 1800s. Before the 1800s, quilts were sewn for practical purposes such as room dividers and window covering. They can be folded and placed on a chair or sofa, and once a quilt is torn, it could be cut and made into a baby quilt.

Pinwheel quilt patterns
Image Source: Sister’s Choice Quilts 

A pinwheel or windmill quilt pattern is easy and pays homage to life while preserving windmills that help survive the pioneer life. 

Regardless of the pinwheel quilt’s history, it has become popular today. It’s simple, easy to make, and versatile. 

How Is a Pinwheel Quilt Block Made?

Pinwheel quilt block pattern is a part of four patch families and made with simple half-square triangle quilt patterns. The dark shade fabric sewing quilting represents the windmill blades rotating around the block.

The blade points are joined at the center, with the broader part of the windmill facing the outside edges.

Pinwheel quilting assembling
Image Source: Wee Folk Art

All pinwheel quilt pattern variations are drafted using a 2 x 2 grid. If you want to determine the fabric’s cutting size, then you can use the HST blocks and cut your fabric.

For example, for a six-inch block, you will need to divide the block size by two and add seam allowance, giving you four blocks, each of 3 ½ inches unfinished HST units. 

Cutting Chart for Pinwheel Quilt Blocks

When you think of using a pinwheel quilt block pattern, the first thing that comes to your mind is the measurements. 

Knowing the quilt measurement and finished size will help you design the right quilt. We have done all the hard work on your behalf and prepared the right cutting chart for pinwheel quilt blocks.

Use the following cutting chart for all pinwheel quilt blocks. 

Starting Squares (in inches) Trim HSTs to (in inches) Finished Block Size (in inches)
6 ¼ 2 ½ 4
7 ¼ 3 5
8 ¼ 3 6
9 ¼ 4 7
10 ¼ 4 ½ 8
11 ¼ 5 9
12 ¼ 5 ½ 10

Do you want to know how the above measurements were defined? Here’s the simple formula for you: 

    • Starting squares will be finished size + 2 ¼ inches (6 ¼ inches)
    • Now trim HSTs to finished size divided by 2 + ½ inches 

Color Values in Pinwheel Quilt Pattern

There are many color options available when it comes to making a classic pinwheel quilt pattern. Make sure you choose one darker fabric representing blades and the other for HST units. 

Free pinwheel quilt patterns
Image Source: Stitching

Two different fabrics add more depth to the quilt block. Feel free to be bold and scrappy and use your creativity to make a pinwheel quilt block. 

27 Popular and Classic Pinwheel Quilt Pattern Free 

You can’t start any pinwheel quilt patterns without some basic quilting information. Check out these comprehensive guides by Superlabel Store that will help you polish your knowledge of quilting. 

Now that you have foundational information, it’s time to look at some popular and beautiful pinwheel quilt patterns free. 

Want to relive your childhood days or want to go back in time? Here we have prepared a comprehensive list that contains different pinwheel quilt patterns for beginners and intermediate quilters.

How to make a pinwheel quilt
Image Source: Ivory Spring 

Choose unusual, popular quilting patterns and make a stylish quilt for your home and your little one. 

Pinwheel Star Block

This stars and pinwheels quilt pattern is popular as the two-colored star. The pattern has a pinwheel quilt at the center of a star. 

Triple Framed Pinwheel Quilt Blocks

If you know how to square-up a quilt block, then the Triple framed pinwheel quilt block pattern is perfect for you. You can piece three triangles together using small half-square triangles and borders and create a large-size quilt. 

Triple block pinwheel quilt
Image Source: Pinterest

Lucky Pieces Quilt Block

The 1920s and 1930s inspire lucky pieces of quilt block patterns. These quilt-as-you-go-patterns feature the combination of two quilting pinwheels and stars. 

The lucky pieces quilt blocks are perfect for beginners as they use easy-to-make HSTs to create a modern yet classy look. 

Flying Geese Pinwheel Block Pattern

The flying geese pinwheel block pattern is the perfect combination of flying geese and pinwheel quilt patterns. 

Pinwheel quilt patterns free
Image Source: Why Not Sew?

This pinwheel quilt pattern will help you learn how to make a geometric quilt with a pinwheel at the center with the right arrangement of flying geese. 

Jolly Pinwheel Quilt Pattern

Do you have lots of jelly bars at home that you no longer use? It’s time to pick them. The jolly pinwheel quilt pattern is easy to make and takes less time to complete. This weekend pattern 

Pinwheel Doll Quilt

This free pinwheel quilt pattern is ideal for your little one. The pattern features a center panel that is pieced from small-sized pinwheel blocks. 

Doll pinwheel quilt
Image Source: Vanessa Christenson

Use this pattern and make an amazing pinwheel quilt for your little girl’s doll. 

Patches and Pinwheels

Create adorable pinwheel quilt patterns that your daughter can’t take her eyes off. 

The best thing about patches and pinwheels quilt patterns is that they can be given as a gift to both girls and boys. All you need to do is change the color of the quilting fabric

Pinwheel Table Runner for Beginners

Do you love quilted table runner patterns? Want to make something unique? Choose a pinwheel table runner pattern and make a fantastic table runner for special dinner parties. 

Christmas pinwheel table runners
Image Source: Bernina Blog

Use holiday fabrics and combine them with unique pinwheel quilt patterns to spice up Christmas dinner parties. 

Chevron and Pinwheel Pillowcases

Chevron and pinwheel quilt is ideal for making those cozy pillowcases. This pinwheel quilt pattern can be used for embellishing the edges of your homemade pillowcases. 

Grand Pinwheel Tree Skirt

The best thing about the Christmas festival is lots of decorations. The Grand pinwheel quilted tree skirt is a large-size pieced pinwheel. 

Pinwheel quilt pattern variations
Image Source: Sew4Home

It is made with holiday fabrics such as red velvet. This pattern prepares you to give a sophisticated look to your Christmas tree. 

Patriotic Pinwheel Quilt Runner

Do you have lots of red, white, and blue fabric scraps in your home? It’s time to reuse them. The patriotic pinwheel quilt runner is all you need if you want to showcase your love for your country. 

Love Notes Table Runner

Choose a love notes table runner and show your love on a special dinner. This traditional pinwheel and heart quilt pattern is perfect for making Valentine’s day table runners. You can finish this pinwheel quilt in a single weekend. 

Spinning pinwheel quilt pattern
Image Source: Quiltineering

Spinning and Spiraling Christmas Pinwheel Quilt

The Spinning pinwheel quilt pattern is one of the best fat quarter quilt patterns. At first glance, it might look complicated, but it’s easy to make. 

Use the yuletide fat quarter and create all blocks of spinning and spiraling Christmas pinwheel quilt. 

Summer Pinwheel Quilt

Polkadot Chair offers this pinwheel quilt pattern. This is another super simple pinwheel quilt pattern that is perfect for summer. It features printed fabric and a 10-inch pinwheel quilt block pattern. 

Pinwheel quilt for summer
Image Source: Polka Dot Chair

Prairie Pinwheel Baby Quilt

The Cloth Parcel pinwheel quilt pattern is made with snowball and pinwheel blocks. It is a generous-sized baby quilt pattern that is sewn by prairie points and a checked border. 

Vintage Modern Pinwheel Quilt Pattern

Pinwheels look more like stars than actual pinwheels. You can add hand quilting inside the pattern using Perle cotton and chunky stitch. 

Vintage modern pinwheel quilt
Image Source: Moda Fabrics

Wind Sail Mini Quilt

The wind sail mini quilt pattern offered by Craftsy combines both traditional and paper piecing. It uses a classy pinwheel pattern that has been a favorite among quilters for decades. 

Double Pinwheel Quilt Pattern

The double pinwheel quilt pattern is a simple strip pattern for creating pinwheel blocks. It is a one-block pattern that doesn’t require trimming or squaring up the blocks. 

Double pinwheel block
Image Source: Kate Colleran Designs

The block is the basic four patch meaning it comes with four sections. Each square is divided into a quarter square triangle. 

Stars And Pinwheels Quilt Pattern

This easy-to-make stars and pinwheel quilt pattern by Missouri Quilt Co. is made using 10-inch squares of precut fabric. 

Use a ruler and cut two strips, each 2 ½ inches wide. The two strips will need to be again cut into 2 ½ inch squares. 

Disappearing Pinwheel Quilt Block Pattern

Jenny Doan offers the disappearing pinwheel quilt block pattern from Missouri Quilt Co. This disappearing pinwheel quilt pattern is made from 10-inch pre-cut fabric squares. 

Disappearing pinwheel quilt
Image Source: Heartbeat Quilting

A simple block is cut into nine pieces, rearranged, and sewn together to get a unique look. “Hickory Road” layer cake from Jo Morton for Moda Fabrics was also used. 

Bargello Pinwheel Quilt

If you love bargello quilt patterns, then you must try this quilt. This pattern is the perfect combination of bargello with pinwheel effect. 

You can use your preferred color scheme to make a gorgeous bargello pinwheel quilt at home. The finished quilt size will be 60 x 60 inches long. 

Pinwheel Parade Quilt

This is another amazing pinwheel quilt pattern to help you use your fabric scraps like crumbs. Susan Arnold of Quilt Fabrication designed the pinwheel parade quilt pattern. 

Pinwheel parade flat by quilt
Image Source: QuiltFabrication

You can use the rainbow scrap challenge (RSC) and add this pinwheel quilt to it to make an eye-catching pattern. The finished quilt size will be 52 x 68 inches long. 

3D Pinwheel Potholders

Erin from Schlosser Designs offers a fun and easy way to uplift the look of your kitchen. This 3d pinwheel quilt pattern will help you create an energetic quilted potholder. It allows you to play with different pinwheel quilt variations to pop up the fabric. 

The quilted potholders are decorative items, so you can hang them in your kitchen or give them as a sweet gesture to your friends. 

Pinwheel Tessellation Quilt Pattern 

The pinwheel tessellation or twisted pinwheel quilt pattern is an unforgettable quilt. The pattern is made in red, white, and black colors and has perfect cut shapes that stand out. 

Windmill quilt pattern
Image Source: MaryQuilts.com

These applique quilt patterns are offered by Sizzix Quilting, and Applique dies. 

Wonky Pinwheel Pattern

This pattern is perfect for you if you know how to quilt as you go. The DIY wonky pinwheel pattern is the perfect combination of the valor of quilt patterns with the pinwheel effect. The disorganized arrangements of the blocks are the highlight of this pattern. 

Disappearing Double Pinwheel Quilt Pattern

The disappearing double pinwheel quilt pattern is one of the best pinwheel quilt designs you will ever come across. It’s a regular pinwheel but has twice the effect. 

Double disappearing pinwheel block
Image Source: DIY Ways 

Jenny from Missouri Star stitches up a beautiful quilt block and then cuts it into pieces. The pieces are rearranged and mended so that they can give you a detailed and eye-catching look. 

Pinwheels On The Point Quilt Pattern

Another Missouri Star pinwheel quilt pattern you must try is the pinwheel on-point quilt pattern. This is a simple and easy-to-learn quilting pattern that comes with detailed instructions. 

The yardage and simple 2 ½ inches strips are combined to make amazing pinwheels on point quilt pattern. The finished quilt size of this pinwheel pattern is 58 x 74 inches long. 


Since the 19th century, half square triangle quilts like pinwheel quilt patterns have been popular among intermediate and advanced quilters.

Pinwheel quilt blocks allow you to be as creative as you can and let you make a traditional yet modern pinwheel quilt block pattern.

As you have seen, pinwheel quilt blocks are easy to make and take less time to complete. Various free pinwheel quilt patterns are available, and the above list will help you choose the best.

You can build quilt blocks using the same fabric patterns or use your creativity to change the pattern. Use contrast color fabrics and make a pillow, baby quilt, table runner, table topper, or anything. 

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Let us know which pinwheel quilt pattern you are working on. Your stories can inspire others to use their quilting skills and start their own clothing line.

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Happy quilting!