35+ Free Panel Quilt Patterns You’ll Love to Try

Get a list of creative, free panel quilt patterns that will highlight your favorite fabric panel.

Quilting with fabric panels is the perfect way to add colors and give a refreshing look to any quilting item. Panel quilt patterns make adding pictures and designs to the quilting items easy. 

Using panel quilt patterns, you can be as creative as you wish and prepare large quilting items. The printed fabric panel patterns can also be used for smaller quilting projects.

Do you want to make your quilting project more attractive? Or are you looking for amazing panel quilt patterns? If yes. We’ve covered you.

In this article, we have prepared a complete run down on some amazing panel quilt patterns that any beginner or intermediate quilter can try at home.

Ready to get started? 

Introduction to Panel Quilts

Before we jump to some free panel quilt patterns, it’s essential to understand what these fabric panels are and what you can do with them

What Are Panel Quilt Patterns?

A panel quilt is an easy and fun way to add colors and make a fabric quilt at home. The panel is designed on printed fabric which can be used as a whole piece. These pieces are cut apart to make quilt blocks. 

Quilts made with panels
Image Source: Pinterest

Benefits of Fabric Panel Quilts

The following are the essential benefits of fabric panel quilts:

    • A fabric panel quilt is a quick and easy-to-make quilting project. You will just need to add borders.
    • They can be used for making dolls with outfits, books, and labels.
    • Fabric panel quilt patterns are great seasoned décor, table decoration, wall hanging, etc., items. 

Types of Projects That Use Panel Quilts

There are lots of panel quilt patterns available. When you start working with fabric panels, you often think, “What do I make with a panel quilt?”

Quilt panels can be used to make a variety of items. They can be used for doing some interesting projects. 

Here are some panel quilt pattern projects you can try with printed fabric:

    • A lap quilt
    • Creative fashions
    • Placemats
    • A baby quilt
    • Table runners
    • Throw pillows
    • Holiday décor
    • Wall hanging

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Use the above-listed free quilting patterns to try your hands on quilting. These patterns will allow you to use your creativity and free time at best. 

Tips to Consider While Working With Quilting Panels

When quilting with panels, it’s essential to keep things simple. The following are some tips and tricks to make your panel quilting project as smooth as possible.

Grandeur quilt finished
Image Source: Quilter’s Way Blog 

    • Spread out each layer on the flat surface before putting the next layer on it.
    • Pin or hand baste layers together so as to avoid any wrinkles.
    • Choose a surface that is sufficient for the panel and spread out layers.
    • You should avoid twisting or tugging when stitching the design on the panel.
    • Don’t forget to read the instructions/tutorials that come with panel quilt patterns. 

35 Free Downloadable Panel Quilt Patterns to Consider

There are a variety of panel quilt patterns available. From holiday quilts to wild-animal-themed quilts, there are different patterns available for everyone.

With panel quilts, you can make any size quilt at home. They are the perfect way to spend your afternoon and polish your quilting skills.

In this section, we have prepared tons of panel quilt patterns for quilting enthusiasts like you. Choose the pattern according to your free time and make a masterpiece quilt. 

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Check these amazing panel quilt patterns to polish your quilting skills. 

Textured Frames Quilt

Angela Walters offers a super easy panel quilt pattern. This pattern is made from Art Gallery fabrics and creates a textured frame. The finished panel quilt size is 62 x 70 inches long. 

Dream Big Panel Quilt

Do you want to bring a beautiful view to your home? Choose Whistler Studios’ Dream big panel quilt pattern. 

Dream big panel quilt tutorial
Image Source: On The Trail Creations

This pattern featured a hot balloon theme and was made from Windham fabrics. The finished quilt size is 27 ½ x 31 inches long. 

Birthday Panel Quilt

Nothing can be more special than a handmade birthday gift. Choose Heidi Pridemore’s birthday-theme panel quilt pattern and make your loved one’s birthday more special

The finished birthday panel quilt size is 50 x 70 inches long. 

Jungle-themed Panel Quilt

Does your baby love the jungle theme? If yes, then why not choose these quilt-as-you-go patterns

Studio 37 offers a beautiful jungle-themed panel quilt pattern made from Marcus fabrics. The finished jungle-themed panel quilt size is 50 x 56 inches long. 

Whispers of Home Quilt

Bring different styles of home patterns to your own home with the Whispers of Home patterns. 

Jean Katherine Smith designs this pattern. It is made from Windham fabrics so that you can make it home. The finished quilt size is 60 x 78 inches long. 

Bear Paws Panel Quilt

Do you love cute bears? Choose Whistler Studios’ another cute panel quilt pattern. This free, downloadable pattern is made from Windham Fabrics. The finished quilt size is 50 x 60 inches long. 

Bear and paws panel quilt
Image Source: Pinterest

Toys or 3D Items Quilt

Do you want to bring a 3-dimensional look to your home? Choose a 3D panel quilt pattern. To create a 3-D shape panel quilt pattern, you can choose toys or any item. 

Panel Quilt Bags

Do you have scrap fabric in your home that you no longer use but don’t want to throw it away? 

Panel quilt patterns
Image Source: A Bit of Scrap Stuff

Choose soft pink or neutral colors in a combination of half-square triangle quilt patterns to make panel quilt bags at home. The Bit of Scrap Stuff fame Melanie uses two panels to create a cute drawstring bag. 

Simple Checkerboard Panel Quilt

Do you have some knowledge of patchwork? If yes, choose this simple checkerboard panel quilt pattern and create a mesmerizing quilting item with borders at home. 

Panel Quilted Table Topper

Looking for quilted table runners patterns? Amy from Ameroonie Designs offers a holiday-themed table runner pattern. 

Festival of lights table runner sewing tutorial
Image Source: Sewing with Nancy

These table toppers can make your Christmas dinner more special and eye-catching. 

Varsity Panel Quilt

Riley Blake Designs offer another great vertical panel quilt pattern with simple borders. This is a sports-themed panel quilt that is 56 x 64 inches long. 

It also looks like a classic t-shirt quilt. You can use the varsity panel quilt pattern if you are a big fan of Basketball, Hockey, Volleyball, Football, etc. 

Panel Quilt Wall Hanging

Designed by Christopher Thompson, this panel quilted wall hanging pattern is all you need to decorate your nursery. This pattern is easy, time-saving, and can be completed in a limited time. 

Panel quilt wall hanging
Image Source: Pinterest

This panel quilt pattern allows you to express yourself in the unique way possible to decorate your newborn baby’s nursery. Use smaller scale prints for a better-finished look. 

Panel Quilt Pillow

Flamingo Toes offer a stylish panel quilted pillow. This vintage pattern is made by cutting one big image into a centerpiece. The center panel quilt patterns can bring any room a vintage, classy vibe. 

If you choose a classic car quilt pattern, then it can bring a retro look to your room while showcasing your love for cars. 

Mix and Match Panel Quilt Pattern

Want to upcycle old panel quilt patterns? Choose a mix and match panel quilt offered by Amy Smart. 

Mixmatch quilt pattern
Image Source: Pinterest

Apart from 10 x 10 inches long pre-cut squares, it has cotton solids and vintage whites. The finished quilt is 56 x 63 inches long. You can use pastel or gray colors to make this quilt at home. 

Applique the Pieces on Panel Quilted Pillow

Do you love applique quilted items? Try applique panel quilted pillows. In this pattern, panels use large-scale images and prints, creating larger items with smaller parts. 

These applique quilt patterns can be made in soft florals, vintage-style prints, watercolor toile prints, or classic polka dots. 

Heart’s Desired Panel Quilt

This pillow quilt is all you need to bring some motivation to your life. This heart quilt pattern uses seven coordinates to make a masterpiece quilt. The finished quilt size is 72 x 90 inches long. 

Free panel quilt patterns
Image Source: Esther’s Quilt Blog

Multiple Panels Quilt Pattern

My Ahoy offers a “cheater” print pattern. This mermaid collection is designed alone or stitched together to make a larger size quilt. 

For all repeating patterns, you can use this technique on panels. 

Dino Multiple Panel Quilt

Another multicolored panel quilt pattern by Missouri Quilt is Dino multiple panel quilts. 

The pattern features multicolored dinosaurs, green plants, brown rocks, and mountains covered with green and brown textured borders/panels. The finished Dino multiple panel quilt size is 36 x 44 inches long.

Novelty Patriotic Eagle Panel Quilt 

Do you want to use old fabrics and make something out of them? Try the Patriotic eagle multi-panel quilt pattern. 

These quilts of valor patterns feature a bald eagle and an American flag on a white and blue background with white stars and borders. It is made from 100% cotton fabric, and the finished quilt size is 24 x 44 inches long. 

Snowman and Friends Multi Panel Quilt

Don’t forget to try this adorable winter special multicolor panel quilt offered by Diane Kater. 

Snowman quilt panel pattern
Image Source: Pinterest

It has a repeating border fabric that showcases a snowman, penguins, or polar bear. This panel quilt pattern is perfect if you love holiday fabrics and prints. 

Peace, Joy, & Love – Holiday Panel Quilt

Holidays are all about spreading happiness. This panel quilt pattern is what you need to spread joy and love this holiday season. 

It features snowflakes, berries, mistletoe, and other aspects of the Christmas season. The finished quilt size is 24 x 44 inches long. 

Petals Panel Quilt Pattern

It is easy to make a panel quilt pattern. It features Hoffman fabrics and big flowers. You can use two different color panels to make a beautiful petal panel quilt pattern at home. The finished quilt size is 52 x 58 inches long. 

Flower quilt free sewing pattern
Image Source: ModeS Blog

Nova Star Panel Quilt

These horizontal panel quilt patterns are part of flower panel quilts. It is made from two panels. 

Log Quilt Panel Pattern

Castilleja Cotton offers this log cabin quilt pattern. It is made using simple pieced border blocks. 

Log quilt panel pattern
Image Source: Pinterest

The pdf version of this pattern is available for download, and you will require advanced beginner-level quilting skills to make this pattern at home. The finished quilt size will be 60 x 72 inches long. 

Whispering Pines

Whispering pines is a free downloadable panel quilt pattern. With this pattern, you can learn how to add beautiful borders and create a mountain-like quilt at home. The finished quilt size will be 28 x 44 inches long. 

Tranquil Views

The 3D window panel quilt pattern is amazing. It uses sashing between the cut blocks to create a window effect. The finished quilt size is 56 ½ x 62 ½ inches long. 

Fractured quilt pattern
Image Source: Northcott Fabrics


Want to make a centerpiece using panel quilt patterns? Choose a ladders pattern. This pattern helps you make a 55 ½ x 79 ½ inches long quilt top. To help quilters, the pattern comes with fabric requirements. 

Dorothy’s Journey Panel Quilt

Want to make a whimsical quilt top? Try Dorothy’s journey panel quilt pattern. 

Panel quilt patterns tutorial for beginners
Image Source: Sarana Ave

This panel quilt pattern requires an eye for detail, making it perfect for beginners to learn new things. The finished quilt size is 56 x 66 inches long. 

Secret Window

Want to make a small wall hanging for your home? The secret window is the pattern you need to make a beautiful wall hanging. 

This panel quilt pattern helps you learn how to make a dainty 25 x 38 inches mini quilt. 

Scattered Leaves

Falling leaves look amazing and impressive. This simple scattered leaves panel quilt pattern helps you add fun leaves to your design. You can choose two different sizes and make a quilt at home. 

Scattered leaves quilting pattern
Image Source: Pinterest

Center Panel Quilt Patterns

These panel quilt patterns are people pleasers. As the name suggests, the effect of a center panel on a quilt is noticeable. The border around the design amplifies the pattern. 

Fractured Panel Quilt Patterns

The Colorworks line offers fractured panel quilt patterns. The borders of the fractured quilt pattern are pieced and can be completed in one go. 

Scenic snowfall fracture quilt
Image Source: Quilting Land

The coordinating fabric is used to make this amazing quilt. 

Attic Window Quilt Pattern Using Panels

Make a fabulous quilt using the Attic window quilt pattern. This pattern is quick and easy to make and has maximum impact. 

Downloadable panel quilt pattern
Image Source: Quilt Inspiration

You can start making the quilt using any pre-printed fabric panel and then piece it together with strips to create an illusion of viewing through the window. The finished quilt size is 65 x 43 ¼ inches long. 

Deer Panel Quilt Pattern

Are you a wildlife lover? If yes, then this deer panel quilt pattern is for you. You can make a rustic wall hanging using a deer quilt pattern free. 

The pattern comes with detailed instructions for fabric. The finished quilt is a simple design emphasizing gorgeous print and is 56 x 64 inches long. Use black and brown fabric to make a deer panel quilt pattern at home. 

Paradise in a Bloom Quilt Pattern

This beautiful pattern by Judy Niemeyer is all you need to make an amazing panel quilt at home.  

Paradise in bloom quilt pattern
Image Source: Sew-ciety

It has the best colorway and design arrangement that will mesmerize your guest. The finished Paradise in bloom quilt pattern size is 69 inches square. 


Fabric panel quilts are a great way to start quilting. There are many different panel quilt patterns available to choose from. It all depends on your plan of making something out-of-the-box.

The above-listed panel quilt patterns can help you improve your sewing game and let you use your imagination to make something amazing for your home.

Let us know which panel quilt pattern you are working on today!

Happy quilting!