Comfy and Trendy Overalls Sewing Patterns for Women

Explore various stylish and comfortable overalls sewing pattern lists to sew at home.

The popularity of overalls has been growing in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. They’re comfortable, can be worn with almost anything, and are stylish.

Do you also like overalls but don’t have a pair of overalls in your closet, just like most people? That’s because buying them means ordering them online or going to a store that carries them—unless you have time to do both, it’s just too much trouble.

The good news is now you can make your own pair at home! It’s not hard at all—it just takes a little bit of time and effort. Once you’ve got the hang of it, you will be able to make as many as you want for yourself and your friends.

In this blog post, we have covered everything about Overalls and prepared a complete collection of trendy and classic overall sewing pattern lists to help you sew overalls at home.

Let’s explore. 

Overalls Sewing Pattern: Introduction

Before we jump to the classic overalls sewing pattern list, it’s essential to know what these types of clothes are and from where they come. 

What is Overalls or Dungaree?

Overalls or dungarees are a type of clothing that both men and women can wear. They have pockets on the legs’ front, back, and sides. The Overalls sewing pattern uses different types of fabric such as denim, twill, corduroy, etc.

The word “overalls” is used in the United States and Canada. The word “dungarees” is used in Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, and Ireland. 

History of Overalls or Dungarees

The history of overalls or dungarees is long, but it’s not without its share of controversy.

Overalls for women

Image Source: Annie Spratt On Unsplash

The first overalls were made in England in the late 17th century. Farmers and workers wore them and had straps over the shoulders to hold them up. The straps were adjustable so people could wear them over their other clothes. This was necessary because people wore multiple layers during this time period.

In the early 20th century, overalls began to be manufactured in America and sold throughout the country. They were often made from types of cotton fabric and denim, which was durable and inexpensive. 

They were also called “dungarees” because they were an essential part of farm life—working with animals requires protection from dirt and mud!

The word “overall” comes from the word “over,” which means “on top of.” So overalls are just pants that are over your shirt (or not).

Today, we see them being worn by artists and musicians who want to give off a rustic vibe! People have also started wearing overalls everywhere: at home, at work, and even when going out at night!

Overalls became so popular that everyone wanted one pair for themselves. Now we’re here today with tons of companies offering different styles and options for every single person who wants one pair of overalls or two. 

Why Should You Sew Overalls/Dungarees At Home?

It’s simple: because it’s fun and rewarding! You can make a pair of overalls for yourself or for someone else. 

Overalls sewing patterns

Image Source: Style By Emily Henderson

You just get to choose the free sewing patterns for overall, the look and fabric that suits you best. Once you have made one pair, it won’t be long before you have a whole wardrobe of them.

Here are some other benefits of sewing your own denim overalls/dungarees: 

It’s Fun!

The process of creating something by hand is rewarding. It also teaches you a lot about the garment-making process. 

Customized Garment

You can make them how YOU want them! If you have a specific style in mind or want to try something new, you can create what you’re looking for without compromising on anything. 

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Sewing your own overalls/dungarees at home using free sewing patterns for beginners is more cost-effective than buying them from a store. You can save up to 50% on the price of buying ready-made overalls/dungarees. 

No Need to Go Shopping

You won’t need to waste your time or money driving around town looking for an outfit that will fit you in a perfect way because you’ll already have it! 

Waistup shot dungarees

Image Source: Cookie_Studio On Freepik

You can also save money by not having to purchase new clothing every time you grow out of your current outfit. 

Easy Tailoring

If you want to make your outfit unique, you should try tailoring it yourself, as it is easier than most people think. 

It will help you save money if you do not have to pay someone else to do this work for you. Read our article on “sewing hacks” to smooth your sewing journey. 

Save Time on Future Clothing Purchases

Once you’ve created one pair of custom-made overalls/dungarees for yourself or your child, you’ll never have to go through this process again! The next time they need new clothes, just pull out your sewing pattern and start sewing away! 

Denim overalls for women

Image Source: Morimiss Blog

Top 12 Sewing Patterns for Women’s Overalls

Overalls are a fantastic way to make a statement, no matter what kind of statement you want to make. They’re comfortable, practical, and affordable. 

Sewing them at home is easy—you don’t need any special equipment or materials.

If you’re looking for new ways to express yourself, this section is perfect for you. We’ve got a great selection of free sewing patterns for women’s overalls that you can use to create your own perfect pair. 

Ladies overalls sewing patterns

Image Source: Fashion Gum

You can choose from different styles, depending on your personal preferences and tastes. They all come with detailed instructions so that even beginners can try them!

Let’s explore these overalls sewing patterns. 

Jenny Overalls by Closet Core Patterns

If you’re looking for a versatile, classic pair of overalls that can be worn over and over again, you’re going to love this pattern! 

Women's overalls sewing pattern

Image Source: Closet Core Patterns

The Jenny Classic Overall is a classic design with a modern flair. The overalls are made from a durable cotton drill fabric, and you’ll be able to make these overalls in just a few hours.

These sewing patterns for women’s overalls are perfect for beginners and experienced sewers alike. 

It includes multiple sizes and detailed instructions on how to sew and adjust the fit of your overalls. They are best when you need a quick gift or want something cute to wear on the weekend. 

Kendrick Overalls by Hey June Handmade

Are you looking for a unique ladies overall sewing pattern that will make you feel like a total boss? Look no further than the Kendrick Stylish Overall Pattern by Hey June Handmade! 

This simple overall pattern features a comfortable, roomy fit that will keep you looking stylish wherever you go! This sewing pattern is great for beginners as it uses only basic stitches and easy-to-read instructions. 

Ophelia Overalls Pattern by Decades of Style

The Ophelia Overalls sewing pattern by Decades of Style is an excellent choice for sewing enthusiasts who want to make their own clothing. 

Mustard yellow dungerees

Image Source: Decades of Style Pattern Company

The overalls are made with a high-waisted band, which was popular in the Victorian and Edwardian eras. 

This baggy linen overalls sewing pattern also includes instructions for adding decorative buttons at the top and bottom of the waistband. The pattern comes in sizes small through large, making it easy to find one that fits your measurements. 

Willow Overalls Pattern by Pipe Dream Patterns

The Willow Pattern by Pipe Dream Patterns is a classic overall with a playful twist. This one-piece overall is designed to be worn over leggings or skinny jeans. 

It has an elastic waistband, pockets on the front and side seams, and a wide leg opening. This women’s overall sewing pattern allows you to choose between a straight leg or wide leg pant option as well as an ankle-length short or long john. 

Yanta Overalls Pattern by Helen’s Closet

This sewing pattern is a PDF that can be downloaded after purchase. 

Baggy overalls sewing pattern

Image Source: The Pug & Needle

This basic overall sewing pattern has interesting details, such as an optional pocket and several options for the waistband, including a tie belt, elastic waistband, or elastic casing with buttonholes for snaps. 

Otis Overalls by Sew Liberated

Look no further if you’re looking for a sewing pattern that will help you sew the perfect overalls for your plus-size figure. 

These sewing patterns for women’s overalls are designed to fit women who wear size 18-30 jean sizes. The baggy overalls sewing pattern also includes the best sewing tips and tricks to use it in the most efficient way. 

Burnside Bibs by Sew House 7

Sew House 7’s Burnside Bibs sewing pattern is a versatile, stylish, and durable bib that can be made in a variety of fabrics. 

Linen overall pattern

Image Source: Verykerryberry

The pattern features a pocket for storage, snaps for easy on/off, adjustable straps, and an adjustable closure at the neck. 

These bib overall sewing patterns are for novice and experienced sewists and will help you learn to sew the most useful accessories out there! 

Burdastyle Overall Sewing Pattern

This pattern is for classic denim overall. It is designed to be made from a single piece of denim and works well in medium to heavy-weight fabrics. 

It has adjustable straps and buttons down the front with an elastic waistband. This Overalls sewing pattern is available in sizes XS through XL. 

Tilly and the Buttons Mila Dungarees

The Tilly and the Buttons Mila’s Casual Dungarees Sewing Pattern is a modern take on a classic style. The casual dungarees are a simple but stylish little number that will be your go-to this summer. 

Easy dungerees sewing patterns

Image Source: So, Zo, What do you know?

This linen dungarees sewing pattern features a front button placket and an elastic waistband and looks great with sandals or sneakers. 

The dungarees are made from denim, with the option to add pockets if you choose to do so (the pattern does not include instructions for constructing your own pockets). 

Burdastyle Bootcut Overalls Sewing Pattern

A classic silhouette with a modern twist, this overalls sewing pattern is designed with a roomy bootcut leg that’s perfect for wearing over your favorite pair of sneakers. 

The pants have an angled waistband and two front pockets—one on the left and one on the right. The front piece is also designed with a slanted zipper at the waist for an extra touch of style. 

Turn Your Trouser Into Overalls

If you’re looking for a way to upcycling clothes, then you’re in luck! This overall sewing pattern will show you how to turn your pants into overalls.

Green printed overalls

Image Source: Cool Stitches

The best part about this overalls sewing pattern is that it’s super easy and can be completed in less than an hour. You don’t need any fancy sewing skills or expensive materials. 

Just a pair of pants, some fabric (we recommend denim), and a pair of scissors are enough. If you don’t have access to denim, try using sturdy cotton or canvas fabric instead. 

Greta Dungarees from Made My Wardrobe

Looking for a unique and comfortable new outfit? Are you just tired of wearing the same thing every day? Then this sewing pattern will help you create something that’s truly your own. 

They’re made from lightweight denim and have a relaxed, comfortable fit. The overall style of this women’s dungaree sewing pattern is inspired by classic American workwear

It is updated with details such as an easy wrap front and ties at the back, making it more contemporary than your typical dungarees

Baggy linen overalls sewing pattern

Image Source: Heathery Makes


Overall/Dungarees sewing patterns are a must-have for anyone who wants to sew their own clothing. If you are looking for a fabulous project to make yourself, they are the perfect option!

We hope that this article will help you find the perfect overalls/dungarees sewing pattern for your needs and help you get started sewing your own clothes.

Want to try your hands on creative sewing patterns? Check out our collection of,

Happy sewing!