Men’s Sewing Patterns

Treats for the Sew Bros! 21 free men’s sewing patterns to update your or your mate’s wardrobe 

Sew bros rejoice! 

In this article, you will find many inspiring projects to make and it doesn’t matter if you are just approaching sewing as a new skill or you already know your way around. 

You will find men’s sewing patterns for beginners and for experienced sewers too.

Many articles have been written about female clothing patterns out there but with the increasing number of men being interested in sewing, George Clooney and Tom Daley included, it’s about time to dedicate a full article to men’s clothing sewing patterns as well!

Mens sewing patterns
Image source: The Academy

You will find the best men’s sewing patterns to experiment with different techniques:

Technique                    Tools                                                                                           Materials     


Sewing machine

Woven and Knit fabrics


1 pair of knitting needles



1 crochet needle



Leather glue, paint, strong thread, and needle

Leather, EVA material for outer sole

Here’s a list of cool DIY projects which will make you save precious time and energy instead of spending hours browsing.

You will find that all the following patterns are easy to get from their source and for free.

All the patterns can form a full look so you can dress from head to toe with hand-made clothing! How cool is that?

Most of them are quite basic styles that are easy to personalize with your selection of fabrics.

On SuperLabelStore you can find other interesting and inspiring DIY projects to download for free that suit everybody’s tastes and skills:

If you need, check also our guides to learn to sew and how to sew.

Now, without further ado, let’s discover these amazing patterns!

Arrowsmith Undershirt by Thread Theory

It’s just logical to start with underwear! 

This is a comfy sleeveless shirt that can go under your tops during the cooler seasons.

You can also make it in smart knits to wear in summer to go to the beach!

In the free pdf to download from the Thread Theory website, you will find the pattern and the instructions. You need to add the pdf to the cart, register on the website and check out.

For a tight-fitting effect, make your undershirt one size smaller than yours.

Remember that underwear and many kinds of tops are made with knit fabric that is stretchy. This makes stitching it tricky so this project is suitable for confident beginners or intermediate sewers.

Arrowsmith undershirt for men
Image source: Thread Theory

Men’s Basic Round Neck T-shirt by Tiara’s Closet

Another garment that can be worn under tops or by itself is this classic t-shirt by Tiara’s Closet

You can opt for the iconic white or anything fun your shop offers you!

Like the previous project, it’s suitable for beginners who already have handled stretch knit fabric

On the website, you will find written instructions too and the patterns come in sizes from XS to 5XL. 

Basic white tshirt for men
Image source: South China Morning Post

If you want the winter version of this t-shirt, then download this Men’s crew neck long sleeve T-shirt again by Tiara’s Closet.

The Darcy Boxer Shorts

This is a classic type of male underwear. It’s a good start for those of you who have never approached underwear before because, unlike other common undies, the Darcy Boxer Shorts are made with woven fabric and not knits.

In the free pdf file, you will find instructions to make the male version with an exposed elastic. If you have sensitive skin, you can follow the step from the female version guide where they show how to encase the elastic in the waistband.

Darcy boxers pattern
Image source: Measure Twice Cut Once

To download the pdf file, add the pattern to your cart and proceed as with a normal checkout.

Simon Shirt by Free Sewing

Let’s start with the shirts’ selection!

If you don’t know Free Sewing yet, well … prepare to be amazed!

It’s a website that offers not only free patterns of popular and classic garments but also a free fast and super easy-to-use system to modify the pattern you selected before generating the file to download.

You can adjust the fit and the style of the garment with just a few clicks!

Free mens sewing patterns
Image source: Free Sewing

So, for example, you can sew your classic dress shirt with a fitted effect thanks to the default back darts, or delete them before creating the pattern file for a looser shirt. You can add your own measurements and desired ease.

You can decide how details should look by selecting:

    1. cuffs type,
    2. hem style, 
    3. hem curves,
    4. yoke type,
    5. box pleats,
    6. back darts,
    7. split yoke,
    8. closure styles,
    9. collar styles.

In this way, you can generate many different versions of a men’s shirt sewing pattern!

In terms of fit, you can insert the measurements of your:

    1. chest,
    2. neck,
    3. biceps,
    4. wrists,
    5. shoulders,
    6. waist
    7. hips.

For a clearer view and easy use of this website, it’s better to use desktop mode.

So…what are you waiting for? Go sewing your Simon shirt and the other cool patterns Free Sewing offers you. Each pattern has attachments with instructions.

For more inspiration, read the SuperLabelStore blog on shirt sewing patterns.

Bowling/Camp/Cuban/Vacation shirt

A more laid-back version of the dress shirt is this other type that has many names but don’t worry, they all mean the same thing. The point is that it is more casual so used generally for holidays and other informal occasions.

It can also be a bit easier because the collar shouldn’t have the collar stand so it’s stitched directly to the front and back pieces. Some versions, anyway, can still have it.

To make such a shirt, you can either download a pre-made pattern from Melly Sews (but only in a Small/Medium size!) and follow her guides, or watch the YouTube tutorial below on how to make it from scratch.

Melvin Necktie by Ithinksew

If you want to dress up the Simon shirt for a full formal look, then you can’t miss this necktie by Ithinksew.

You need to register to the website to receive this free pattern that you can personalize with any fabric you like.

Once you downloaded the pattern, you can follow this video tutorial that shows the process of making the necktie!

Arsène Sweater by Phildar 

To keep you warm, knit this casual sweater! 

The level is intermediate and you need an aran yarn. The needles required should be between 4,55 mm and 5.50 mm wide.

Mens shirt sewing pattern
Image source: LoveCrafts

Go to the LoveCrafts page where you need to register for the free pattern! You will find many more men’s pullover sewing patterns.

Caron Adult Crochet V-neck Vest by Yarnspirations

For an easy crochet project, you shouldn’t miss making this fabulous vest that provides you warmth in spring when you want less coverage than in winter.

You can pair it with the Simon shirt for a dressy look or the Tiara’s Closet t-shirt for a more casual outfit!

Adult crochet v neck vest for men
Image source: Yarnspirations

The level is for beginners and you need a crochet needle 5 mm wide.

Download the free pattern from Yarnspirations.

Sweatshirt by Do It Urself For Free

For a sporty look, sew this raglan sleeve sweatshirt by Do It Urself For Free and pair it with the sweatpants pattern below!.

Sizes are from XS to XL. Knit fabrics should be used and there are no instructions included, so this could be considered an intermediate level.

Mens sweatshirt sewing pattern
Image source: Do It Urself For Free

Basquiat Trousers by Mood Sewciety

The first pair of trousers’ project is this Basquiat-inspired pattern by Mood Sewciety.

They have many original details reminiscent of the 1980s. Because of them, an intermediate sewer or a confident beginner can approach this DIY project. 

Apart from the fabric, you will need to purchase or recycle some metal buckets!

Mens clothing sewing patterns
Image source: Mood Sewciety

To receive the free pdf directly in your inbox you have to register on their website.

There are many sizes, you will find yours without a doubt!

For more trousers patterns, check the SuperLabelStore article on pants sewing patterns.

Sweatpants by Do IT Urself For Free

These are a classic style of sweatpants you can pair with the raglan sleeve sweatshirt above for a relaxed or sporty look.

There are no instructions and knit fabric should be used so it is an intermediate level.

There are many sizes you can choose from.

Mens sports pants
Image source: Do It Urself For Free

Weekender Short Pants by Craft Passion

It will be hard to wear anything else than this pair of shorts this summer and the next to come! Imagine it under the Holiday shirt … It’s the perfect combo to stay relaxed.

The level is intermediate but if you are a confident beginner you should make it as well!

CraftPassions offers the pattern in US size 8-10. If you are a smaller or bigger size, this could be the occasion to have a try at resizing a pattern because of the limited dimension of this type of garment!

Short pants free sewing pattern
Image source: CraftPassion

If you want more options, check the article on shorts sewing patterns on SuperLabelStore! 

Jaeger Jacket by Free Sewing

This suit jacket is perfect to pair with a shirt and a tie for a formal occasion!

You can always dress it down with a sweater or a sweatshirt.

Free Sewing offers you many details to change and personalize and a list of instructions. Still, it’s always a jacket and, as everyone knows, jackets are complex! Experienced or confident intermediate sewer can approach this project.

Jaeger jacket sewing pattern
Image source: Free Sewing

Dean Jacket by Mood Sewciety

Let’s start the selection of outerwear projects with a staple that will make you feel like James Dean (note that it’s a unisex pattern so you ladies reading can have a go too)!

It’s an intermediate level as there are several details that can require patience and skills.

You can make this jacket waterproof by choosing a water-repellent fabric or, if you don’t have experience with this type of textiles, with a more solid canvas.

You need to register with your email address to receive the free pdf pattern of this fabulous jacket in your inbox.

You will also find a written guide on the page.

Mens sewing patterns for beginners
Image source: Mood Sewciety

Bomber Jacket by Mood Sewciety

Another outerwear piece again by Mood Sewciety. 

It couldn’t be cooler with its reversible sides that actually make this garment a 2-in-1!

Check the pattern and the suggested materials, register to receive the pdf pattern directly to your email address for free  and go wild. 

Free reversible jacket sewing pattern for men
Image source: Mood Sewciety

Carlton Coat by Free Sewing

The previous jackets looked too sporty for you? 

This elegant Sherlock aka Benedict Cumberbatch-inspired coat might suit your style better then!

Carlton coat sewing pattern
Image source: Free Sewing

Check the free pattern now and start sewing. Gents, remember to lift that collar just as Benedict does!

For the ladies reading, don’t despair as there’s the women’s version too…it’s called Carlita!

Baseball Cap by Printable Treats

Let’s finish with more accessories!

If you like to wear a cover for your head to protect it against the sun and the wind, try to sew this baseball cap by Printable Treats! 

It is something you probably never imagined making yourself but have a try!

Knit Beanie by Yarnspirations

For the colder months, knit this cute beanie by Yarnspirations….you could even wear it over the baseball cap for an interesting style!

Mens beanie pattern
Image source: Yarnspirations

Leather flips flops by Leathercrafts Together

Last but not least, Leathercrafts Together offers a pattern and a video tutorial to make this cool pair of leather flip flops that are so stylish that they can be used like sandals!

The materials are not too difficult to find, even though you may need to go to a well-furnished fabric store or repair shoe store.

After making all these clothes, you will realise that it would be difficult to remember how to care for each of them. You’ve got so many different fabrics that need different care that you can’t remember them all! 

Attach custom care labels designed on SuperLabelStore!

Don’t forget your custom hang tags either! Designing them on SuperLabelStore is easy and fast.

Are you bored of all these ready-to-use patterns? Do you want to design your own clothes? Learn how to make sewing patterns on the SuperLabelStore blog! 

Remember to mark all your creations with your custom woven labels!