Top 35 Log Cabin Quilt Patterns to Try at Home

Do you love to quilt? Learn 45+ log cabin quilt patterns to start your quilting journey and make something unique.

Log cabin quilt is a jaw-dropping art that includes advanced quilt block techniques. The best thing about these quilting patterns is that they help you learn new things with each DIY log cabin quilt project.

Want to try your hands on some unique quilting patterns? Are you confused about where to start? Don’t worry.

In this article, we have scorned the internet to bring you the top log cabin quilt patterns. You will learn about the log cabin quilt, its history, variations, some essential tips, and patterns. 

Are you excited to begin? Here you go. 

What Is Log Cabin Quilt and Why Should Make a Log Cabin Quilt Pattern?

Before we jump to find the best log cabin quilt pattern, it’s essential to go back in time to understand the history of the log cabin quilt.

Let us walk you through a log cabin quilt and why you should make one.  

What Is a Log Cabin Quilt?

This is a sort of easiest quilt for beginners and intermediate quilters. Quilt blocks for beginners are also easy and require no particular pattern. As per your imagination, you can proceed.

It is also the most loveable and recognizable quilt pattern. The blocks are pierced by hand using pre-quilted fabric at the center of the fabric. 

Red and white log cabin
Image Source: Pinterest

The first log cabin Christmas quilt patterns were made with a red and yellow center square. The yellow square quilt backing fabric symbolized a welcoming light coming through a window. 

The traditional half log cabin quilt pattern was made from a lighter fabric, and the other half was made with dark fabric. 

The first log cabin quilt pattern appeared in the USA during the Civil war in 1860

Why Should You Make a Log Cabin Quilt?

All beginner-level quilters love log cabin quilts. It is one of the easiest quilts you can try at home. 

You can make a beautiful log cabin quilt at home with minimum quilt kits and quilting techniques. The structure of quilt patterns and block quilts are known as quilt as you go patterns”. 

5 Different Log Cabin Quilt Pattern Variations

The log cabin quilt pattern and structure of the blocks are the same. Once you know how to baste a quilt, you will see that there are many variations available for the log cabin quilt layout.

Log cabin blanket sew along
Image Source:

The following are some popular variations of log cabin quilt layout. 

Traditional Log Cabin

When a quilter thinks of a log cabin quilt pattern and block, he often thinks of a center block that is surrounded by light-colored strips on one side and the dark-colored stripes on the other side. 

A red center symbolizes the heart of the home

Courthouse Steps or Lanterns

The courthouse steps or lanterns are made when you use different colors to separate dour sides of the log cabin block. When the courthouse steps quilt pattern free or blocks are matched with similar colors, they look like lanterns. 

Courthouse steps quilt pattern
Image Source: Pinterest

The blocks can be merged with the same colors or fabric sewing quilting, or scrappy as required. 


When you use different colors around the center square, the log cabin block loses its traditional feel. That’s when you need to play a little with gradients. 

With this, the block will be made in the same way as all other log cabin quilt variations, but you can see the difference your colors make in the quilt. 

Scrappy Log Cabin Quilt Block

This is the perfect variation for quilters who want to implement all colors at once. You can make each block in a different color, using the rainbow’s hues of orange, red, green, yellow, indigo, and violet. 

Log cabin quilt patterns
Image Source: Stitched In Color

Think of all the possibilities of a rainbow color scheme. 

Experiment with the colors in a spiral inwards or outwards, warm and cool. With scrappy log cabin quilt variation, you will have lots of options to play with colors. 

Half Square Triangles Quilt

This is a bonus log cabin quilt variation. You will need to split nine patch blocks with half-square triangle quilt patterns to make half log cabin quilt pattern variations. 

Now create a straight line between dark and light fabrics, and your variation is ready. 

Top 6 Traditional Log Cabin Quilt Patterns to Consider

There are many options available for block layouts. The traditional log cabin quilt patterns are blocks that are placed in diagonal half in one color and another diagonal half in another color. 

They look like a half-square triangle in a quilt. These half-square triangle quilt patterns are 150+ years old, and several classic blocks have gotten their names.

Log cabin
Image Source: Kate Colleran Designs

Here are some popular traditional log cabin quilt patterns and blocks you can try at home. 

Barn Raising

Log cabin quilt patterns free
Image Source: Heartbeat Quilting

This is the common traditional log cabin quilt pattern and block layout. The design of barn raising quilt pattern looks great with different fabric styles. 

Straight Setting

This is the oldest design, but it can often look modern. When used with solids, it looks great. 

Pro tip: You can use blocks with high contrast between the dark and light sides. 

Flying Geese

Curved log cabin with triangles
Image Source: Studio Sew of Course

Flying geese create many dynamic movements. This traditional log cabin quilt is made by filling one or more “ducks” in different colors. 

For added interest, you can reverse the flying direction of the ducks. 


The zigzag lines in solids are known as Chevron. Choose high contrasted blocks to look the pattern busiest. 

Fields and Furrows

Fields and furrows log cabin quilt
Image Source: Kristin Shields

The fields and furrows are the classic layouts that can soothe your eyes with their long diagonal lines. You can use any scrappy fabric or low contrast fabric between the light and dark sides of blocks. 

Sunshine and Shadow

These classic log cabin blocks or layouts are made by grouping the blocks into four units. 

You can use the same color scheme for the sun or try multiple colors to make this 3D log cabin quilt pattern look busier. 

24 Best Log Cabin Quilt Pattern Free to Inspire You for Quilting Project

Log cabin quilt pattern free is popular among beginners and expert quilters. They are simple and leave a timeless charm.

If you need anything in your quilting skill set, then it’s a log cabin quilt pattern 12-inch block. These patterns consist of strips pieced around the center of the square. They are easy to sew.

Log cabin quilt block
Image Source: Generations Quilt Patterns

Once you have mastered the basics, you can use different color schemes to make unique log cabin quilt patterns free.

The followings are some popular log cabin quilt pattern pdf that any beginner or expert quilter can try at home. You will just need quilting thread and the best sewing machine for quilting

Easy Log Cabin Quilt Block

Log cabin quilt block pattern is challenging, but with this pattern, you will learn many new skills and start your journey on quilting projects. 

Once you learn how to square up a quilt block, you will be able to twist any design and make a beautiful log cabin pattern.   

Quilt As You Go Log Cabin Block

Learning how to quilt as you go pattern is perfect for beginner-level quilters. This pattern follows the traditional way of putting together a log cabin quilt. 

You can also try hand-piecing for the entire quilt block. Opt for whatever method you are comfortable with while making a log cabin quilt pattern. 

Celtic Squares Block

The Celtic squares block pattern offered by Judy Martin has everything you want in a log cabin quilt. It is elegant, understated, and unique. 

Celtic quilts
Image Source: AccuQuilt 

The various elements are tied together to make an interlocking ring. Read our guide on how to tie a quilt and how to bind a quilt.

The Celtic squares block pattern is the ideal combination of a complicated look without any complicated process. 

You can use an 11-inch block to make this DIY log cabin quilt pattern. Be it a full bed quilt, baby quilt, or table runners. You can’t go wrong with Celtic squares block. 

Sunshine On A Cloudy Day Table Runner

Want to add some brightness or a pop color to your kitchen? Choose this Sunshine on a cloudy day pattern for table runners. 

This pattern requires the traditional log cabin quilt for designing the base. It is a simple DIY quilt pattern and perfect for whipping up as last-moment projects. 

Hexi Log Cabin Potholders

Do you feel like your kitchen décor is a little drab? Try Hexi log cabin potholders pattern. It is the cheap and best way to brighten up your kitchen. 

Traditional log cabin quilt patterns
Image Source: Sleeping Dog Quilts

With this pattern, you will be able to learn how to apply the log cabin quilt technique on hexagon-shaped potholders. These cute Hexi log potholders make a perfect gift idea. 

Sunny Log Cabin Quilt

This is a 60 x 88 inches long log cabin quilt pattern made in sunshine and shadows pattern. You will need to choose one light to dark shade fabric and another dark to light fabric. 

If you don’t want to purchase the new fabric, then you can use fabric scraps found in your home and use the best color combination to make this twin-sized sunny log cabin quilt. 

Scrapalicious Improv Log Cabin Quilt

This is another version of quilt as you go patterns in which you can use your scrap drawer and start piecing the fabric together to make a log cabin quilt pattern. 

Curved log cabin quilt pattern
Image Source: Cheryl Arkison

When you improvise your fabric scraps, you will see how beautiful they look. 

Stitched Typography Quilt

A jaw-dropping quilt in black and white is stitched typography quilt pattern. You can apply applique and achieve a stunning look. 

Use personalized messages, quotes, or your favorite song lyrics to increase your word count and showcase your creativity. This pattern will take some time to finish, and you can start it on the weekend. 

Wonky Log Cabin Throw

Want to make a whimsical and cute quilt? Choose a wonky log cabin pattern. This log cabin baby quilt pattern is perfect for crib size quilt. 

Wonky log cabin quilt
Image Source: Bloglovin

Choose any fabric and lay it to create a fun pattern that your little one would love. The finished quilt size is 40 x 54 inches long. 

Scrappy Log Cabin Hearts

To create a beautiful valentine’s day throw, you can design 18 blocks and make a heart quilt pattern. This is a log cabin heart quilt block pattern free which can be made in 12-inch scrappy fabric. 

If you are a fan of jelly roll quilt patterns in pink, red, or floral prints, then you should choose this pattern. You can use your imagination and quilting skills to make the most out of these free modern log cabin quilt patterns. 

Modern Log Cabin Quilt

Do you want to make a modern log cabin quilt pattern? Choose this free pattern and make classy blocks with a dark background and some saturated prints. 

Modern log cabin quilt pattern
Image Source: The (not so) Dramatic Life

Log In, Log Out, Quilt.

This beautiful yet cozy cabin quilt pattern is made by stitching huge log cabin blocks in Courthouse steps style. You can also turn them into beautiful rags using rag quilt patterns. 

Harvest Table

The beautiful table topper pattern is made using lots of prints and the straight furrows technique. This pattern is perfect for making a table topper for Christmas parties. 

Curvy log cabin free pattern
Image Source: Thistle Thicker Studio

Vintage-Inspired Log Cabin Quilt

Do you want to make something vintage yet modern? Choose this Diary of a Quilter’s beautiful panel quilt patterns with aesthetically finished edges. 

You will need to opt for traditional log cabin quilting techniques for this pattern. The results are mesmerizing and impressive. 

Log Cabin Lone Star Pattern

Do you always dream of completing the lone star log cabin quilt pattern? The Stable Piecing Foundations offers a complete pattern kit that helps you style blocks into a lone star. 

Lone star log cabin quilt
Image Source: Pinterest

You can use different colored scraps in light and dark shades to make an entire quilt and borders. This lone star quilt pattern is also made from interfacing types of fabric. 

Star Log Cabin

A log cabin star quilt pattern offered by Moda Bakeshop features an eye-catching design for your home décor. 

If you plan to choose the best Christmas quilt patterns, then star log cabin is perfect for you. Learn how to applique on a quilt, and it can be a great table topper at the Christmas parties. 

Summer Cabins Quilt

Take a small break from traditional log cabin quilt patterns and use these amazing log cabin patterns to bring back your memory of lake gateways. 

Summer log cabin quilt
Image Source: Pinterest

It is also one of the best ways to leverage and turn summer cabin quilt patterns into log cabin baby quilt patterns. Use this pattern and make adorable summer cabins for your little one. 

Pineapple Blossom

This is another great DIY log cabin quilt pattern to showcase your creativity and repurpose scrap fabrics. 

The light fabric is placed in a strategic way to create a beautiful, shiny diamond pattern. Whether you want to go for a full-sized bed quilt or a small rag, you can use the Pineapple Blossom log cabin quilt pattern.

The pattern is quite complicated, and it might take a month or more for a beginner-level quilter.   

Lemon Bars Quilt

The lemon bars quilt pattern is simple and easy to sew. It is just a combination of simple squares and rectangles to create a springtime maze. 

The finished block of this pattern will be of 15-inches, and the finished quilt will be 75 ½ inches square. 

Pretty Pastels Baby Quilt

The pretty pastel log cabin quilt pattern is another beautiful baby quilt to make your little one’s nursery more peaceful. 

Baby log cabin
Image Source: Smiling Colors

This is easy to make a quilt pattern and requires less time to complete. Don’t forget to customize it as per your little one’s likes and dislikes. Use different quilting fabrics and make a special, handmade gift for your baby. 

Curved Log cabin Quilt

A curved log cabin quilt pattern is a beautiful quilting pattern that is made out of a stash. 

In this pattern, the log cabin blocks are designed in a way to create a mesmerizing look. You can go with a similar color scheme or choose different colors to give it a personalized look. 

Mod Cabin Quilt

The traditional patterns with modern touch become a chevron pattern in this super quick log cabin illusion quilt pattern. 

Mod log cabin quilt
Image Source: Center Street Quilts

This beautiful pattern speaks for simplicity and represents history with 32 finished blocks and a polished look. 

Log Cabin Cross Quilt Pattern

This is a free pattern offered by Irene of Sweet Seasons of Life. The log cabin cross quilt pattern can be used for making an amazing wall hanging or gift idea. 

This wall hanging in your bedroom or living room can protect your beautiful family. 

Diamond Log Cabin Star Quilt Pattern

Diamond log cabin blocks
Image Source: Cathy Marie Quilts 

The diamond log cabin quilt pattern offered by dunsterQuilts is a single-fabric border and corner pattern. This pattern comes with paper templates and step-by-step instructions, making it easy for any quilter. 


Log cabin quilt patterns are easy and loved by all beginner-level quilters. These quilting patterns are one of the best ways to spend your afternoon making something unique for your home.

If you have little knowledge of quilting structures and blocks, you can choose from quilts of valor patterns.

Do not hesitate to try something new! Use your imagination and gather your quilting essentials to begin your journey.

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