Leaf Embroidery: 30+ Patterns of Leaves Using Different Stitches

Learn different ways of doing leaf embroidery with additional design ideas to try at home. 

For decades, embroidery has played an essential role in decorative clothing pieces. Hand embroidery enhances the beauty of any fabric and allows crafters to use their creativity at best. 

In the past, women used to decorate their clothing items with different hand embroidery designs. They used to push their limits and bring to life extraordinary designs using needles and threads.

One of the most important patterns of hand embroidery is a leaf. Embroidery leaves are the biggest part of hand stitching.

Leaves are used in a border, wreath designs, and even picturesque settings. They can enhance the beauty of any embroidery pattern and bring natural patterns to life. 

There will not be a single embroidery pattern that doesn’t include leaves. Leaf embroidery is a basic yet essential part of any embroidery.

There are many ways to embroider a leaf. If you are a beginner, then you must learn to embroider leaves. If you are wondering how to embroider a leaf at home and use it as a base for your complicated embroidery patterns, this article is for you.

In this article, we will help you understand different ways to embroider leaves, along with a list of leaf embroidery ideas that you can try at home. 

Gather your basic embroidery supplies and start learning something amazing. 

10 Benefits of Hand Leaf Stitch Embroidery That You Should Know

Before we jump to the leaf embroidery section, it’s important to understand the reasons behind hand leaf stitch embroidery. 

We all are so busy these days that it’s essential to think about yourself and find a way to relax. Hand embroidery is one of the most relaxing activities. 

Newly wed couple holding embroidery
Image Source: Melike Benli On Pexels

It is a creative skill that is preserved and passed for centuries, from one generation to another. Why is it so popular? Why should one go for hand lead stitch embroidery? 

Here are a couple of reasons to learn hand embroidery leaf patterns and all the benefits associated with hand embroidery

It is Good for Mental Health

Hand leaf stitch embroidery can,

    • Reduce anxiety
    • Help your brain recover from the injury
    • Help alleviate stress
    • Lower blood pressure
    • Keep you away from chaotic thoughts of daily life 

Many people use hand embroidery as a therapeutic method to improve emotional health and mental health. 

It Allows You to Express Yourself

Are you the one who doesn’t like to talk to people? Just stitch. Hand embroidery and leaf embroidery are the perfect way to reflect your thoughts, feelings, and embroidery ideas

Woman embroidering on tambour
Image Source: Aliona Zueva On Pexels

Start stitching up what you feel and think. Your small embroidery piece, full of ideas and imagination, can express a lot to people. It can also become a significant revolution. 

It Makes You Smile

There are many hand and leaf embroidery designs available. You can choose any that makes you smile. When you see the final outcomes of all together stitches, you will feel the sense of accomplishment that will make you smile. 

It Boosts Your Confidence

Hand and leaf embroidery design can bring back your self-confidence and help you regain the sense of being able to do something creative. 

Faded floral embroidery wreath
Image Source: A Little Happy Place

The more embroidery pieces you make, the more you know what you are capable of. A simple embroidery thread and needle combined with stitches can bring you a specific “healing.” 

It is Easy and Fun

The best thing about hand embroidery is that it is easy to learn. Anyone can learn to embroider beautiful pieces. 

The ease with which you can embroider fabric and the satisfaction and joy you get from it can help you learn more valuable embroidery skills. 

It is Inexpensive

Hand embroidery is a cost-effective hobby. With basic embroidery supplies, you can start making beautiful pieces. It is worth investing money as you will get the pleasure and knowledge from it. 

Leaf embroidery
Image Source: Clover Needlecraft

Once you master basic concepts of hand embroidery, you can level up and invest in some advanced embroidery tools to try your hands on complex embroidery patterns

It Enhances Your Creativity

When you start learning a new skill, you need to follow some rules and guidelines. If you want perfect outcomes, then you have to follow the foundational concepts. 

With hand embroidery, there is no right way to do it. You can just learn some basic hand embroidery and simple leaf embroidery concepts and use your creativity to make your own pattern. 

There is no limitation to how you can create hand embroidery leaf patterns. Just use your mind and imagination power to make a masterpiece. 

All About Embroidery Leaf Stitches – 27 Different Ways to Make Them

Embroidery flowers and leaves are an essential part of embroidery designs. For a good reason, leaf design embroidery is used to make a botanical effect. 

There are many ways to make leaf embroidery. Different leaf embroidery stitches are used to create various leaves. Do you wish to learn how to embroider leaves? 

Do you want to embrace embroidery leaves made from different stitches? If yes. Then this section is for you.

Simple leaves embroidery
Image Source: Pinterest

In this section, you will find from easy leaf embroidery to complicated leaf embroidery stitches.

The 27 stitches listed below are just a part of what you can make by combining different stitches with texture. Use your creativity and imagination power to make a unique embroidery leaf using embroidery thread and stitches. 

Chain Stitch Embroidery Leaf

This simple embroidery leaf stitch is a wonderful way to make spiky leaves. The center is done in a smaller stitch, and leaves are embroidered with longer embroidery hoops. 

Chain stitch leaves with gradient
Image Source: Pinterest

When doing chain stitch, don’t pull the loops too tight. The distance between two embroidery points decides the length of your leaf. 

Backstitch Embroidery Leaves

Backstitch is one of the easiest stitches to make any flower embroidery pattern. You can use this stitch to outline the leaf and leave the negative space in the center. 

You can also combine satin stitch to give an embroidery leaf border on messy edges. The backstitch embroidery can be used for stems and leaf veins

Fishbone Stitch Embroidery Leaves

The Fishbone leaf embroidery stitch is best for filling the leaves. This leaf embroidery uses straight stitches and produces a large vein upside-down effect. 

Open fishbone stitches
Image Source: Stitch Floral

You can customize the length of the stitches to meet your needs. Use a fishbone stitch with a backstitch to make a beautiful Malone leaf embroidery curtain. 

Cross Stitch Embroidery Leaves

If you are looking for a leaf stitch embroidery tutorial that contains flowers and leaves, then cross stitch is perfect for you. This leaf embroidery stitch is done on an open weave fabric so that you can keep track of your stitch count. 

Fly Stitch Embroidery Leaf

The fly stitch embroidery leaf is similar to fern leaf embroidery. It features the veins in a leaf. You can use a disappearing heat-sensitive embroidery pen to draw this design. 

Leaf fly stitch
Image Source: Sarah’s hand embroidery tutorials

It will help you control the outline. Graphite pencil can also be used, but you will see the outline at the end. 

Satin Stitch Embroidery Leaves

The satin stitch embroidery is everyone’s favorite leaf filler. This is perfect for filling small leaves and getting a 3D effect. 

Since a single thread is sewn at the end, you can stitch veins inside the leaf. Based on the different thread types, you can customize the size and density of satin stitch leaf embroidery. 

Using satin stitch for small leaves is good as you might catch long strands. The oak leaf embroidery is made by using a satin stitch. 

Stem Stitch Embroidery Leaves

This leaf embroidery is used for creating a rope-like outer border. Stem stitch is also used for stems that are textured and thick. You can use various color threads to highlight a beautiful texture. 

Make sure you sew stem stitch in a diagonal direction so that you can get the thicker rope. 

French Knots Embroidery Leaf stitch

This leaf stitch is used in clusters for making small embroidery branches or leaves. 

French knot cluster flowers
Image Source: Hopebroidery

For larger French knots, you can do more twists before putting the embroidery needle through the fabric. If you have some patience, then you can make an entire tree or banana leaf embroidery. 

Fern Stitch Embroidery Leaves

Fern leaf embroidery stitch is a popular leaf embroidery among crafters. This delicate and simple leaf embroidery looks nice when done on curved lines. 

Fern stitch leaf embroidery creates small triangles that look like chicken feet. A fern stitch is perfect for you if you are a beginner trying your hands on easy leaf embroidery. 

Couching Embroidery Leaves

Couching is not a popular leaf embroidery stitch, but it can be used when you want a chunky style. You can also use a couching leaf embroidery stitch for thick stems and outlines. Use the same type of floss or thicker yarn to do the surface stitch. 

Couching stitch tutorial
Image Source: Create Whimsy

Seed Stitch Embroidery Leaves

You can use seed stitch as random leaves filler. It looks beautiful when done in small stitches. Seed stitch combined with a backstitch border can enhance the overall look of the leaf. 

This stitch can also be used under satin stitch to create a raised and padded look. Don’t forget that seed stitch is sewn in an up and down pattern. 

Buttonhole Stitch Embroidery Leaf

Looking for a stitch that can give your embroidery leaf a nice, edgy look? Try Buttonhole leaf embroidery stitch. You will need to start from the center and reach the edges for the buttonhole stitch. 

Buttonhole stitch leaf embroidery
Image Source: Pinterest

In the end, make sure you pull down the thread and needle to create a knotted edge. The buttonhole stitch embroidery leaf is perfect for making wide-shaped leaves. 

Running Stitch Embroidery Leaves

One of the easiest and fastest leaf embroidery stitches is running stitch. The running stitch is done in up and down motion and can be as short or long as you want them to be. 

Many embroiderers use running stitch as it can help create simple yet eye-catching embroidery pieces. 

Feather Stitch Embroidery Leaves

Use feather stitch to make free-flowing flowers and embroidery leaves. If you have an eye for detail and concentration, don’t hesitate to go after the feather stitch embroidery leaf. 

Feather stitch variations
Image Source: Stitch Floral

It is done in four rows, so drawing rows and embroidery leaf design is best before you start doing the actual embroidery. 

Herringbone Stitch Embroidery Leaf

The herringbone stitch embroidery leaf is great for filling small leaves. You can use this leaf embroidery stitch on the back of the fabric to create a shadow effect. 

Using different variations of herringbone stitch, such as open herringbone stitch and closed herringbone stitch, you can make 3d leaf stitch embroidery. 

Lazy Daisy Stitch

Want to make simple embroidery leaves? Use lazy daisy stitch. It is another way of doing simple chain stitch embroidery where many single chain stitches are secured by straight stitch. 

Lazy daisy stitch leaf
Image Source: This and that…my random thoughts

The lazy daisy stitch was used in history to make easy daisy flowers, and the name “lazy daisy” is derived from it. 

Long-tailed, double lazy daisy, spider lazy daisy, tulip stitch, bullion head lazy daisy, etc., are variations of lazy daisy stitch embroidery. Use any variation to make lazy daisy free embroidery designs

Stick Leaf Embroidery

Stitch leaf embroidery stitch is just a simple straight stitch or combination of the fly stitch. It can be used to make simple leaves. 

Granitos Stitch Leaf Embroidery

The Granitos stitch leaf embroidery is used to make small leaves and petals. “Granitos” refers to a Spanish word that means “grains.” 

Granitos stitch leaf embroidery
Image Source: My Craft Works

A simple straight stitch is used as a base with the combination of small stitches around to make Granitos stitch leaf embroidery. The gold leaf embroidery is done by using Granitos stitch. 

Blanket Stitch Reverse Leaf Embroidery

Blanket stitch is used to create the reverse effect. The stitches face outside of the design, creating a thorn-like effect. It is also best for making small embroidery leaves. 

Texture Leaf Embroidery with Weave Stitch

Do you want to opt for an unusual leaf embroidery stitch look? Choose texture leaf embroidery with weave stitch. You will need to gather your thread and start weaving the leaf embroidery pattern up-down and back and forth.  

Make sure you stitch into the embroidery fabric at the end of each row; otherwise, your needle will stay above the fabric. 

Free Style Embroiderer Holly Leaf

Thinking of adding a touch of hand embroidery on special Christmas gifts or kitchen towels? Use free-style embroidery stitch. This holly leaf embroidery combines two simple stitches to make festive embellishments. 

Embroidered holly leaves
Image Source: Big B

The free-style embroidery leaf can not just be used for Christmas decor. You can use this as a base and use your imagination to make beautiful berries, leaves, embroidery greenery, etc. 

Rose Leaf Stitch

This leaf stitch can be used to make embroidery buds or shaded leaves. This leaf embroidery is perfect when you want to embroider flowers or gardens using small roses. 

Pot Leaf Embroidery Design

Want to make something beyond just simple leaves? Try pot leaf embroidery design. This leaf embroidery stitch is simple yet creative. It helps you relieve your stress. You can make leaf embroidery and pot using a combination of straight stitches. 

Hand embroidery leaf patterns
Image Source: Craftsy.com

Ginkgo Leaf Embroidery

Ginkgo leaves have an interesting shape. This Ginkgo leaf embroidery design features a fantastic shape with veining within the leaves. 

It was inspired by an old Art Deco embroidery pattern and transformed into a modern leaf embroidery. 

The Ginkgo leaf embroidery pattern is designed to fit 4, 5, 6, and 8-inch round hoops. You can use the pattern along with chain stitch, reverse chain stitch, and double running stitch and learn to make leaf stitch embroidery step by step. 

Fall Leaf Embroidery Pattern

All maple leaf embroidery is done using a fall leaf embroidery pattern and stitch. It uses a combination of French knots, split stitch, running stitch, and straight stitch to do embroidery maple leaf. 

How to embroider autumn leaves
Image Source: The Pigeon Letters

Use these stitches to make a beautiful pillow that you can put in the living room and let your guest appreciate your hand embroidery skills. 

Four Leaf Clover Embroidery Design

You can stitch a four-leaf clover embroidery design onto a loved one’s cuff, shirt, hat, or scarf and send them your wishes. 

To make this four-leaf clover embroidery, you need to download the ready-made template and buy thicker fabric and embroidery floss. You can combine center stitches to make these beginner embroidery patterns

Laurel Leaf Embroidery Design

Another popular embroidery leaf stitch is the Laurel leaf embroidery design. This three-color embroidery design is made using satin and embroidery fill stitches. 

Laurel leaf embroidery pattern
Image Source: Pinterest

You can use the ready-made laurel leaf embroidery template available in the market and customize it as per your needs. 


Leaf embroidery is a pretty simple stitch. It is an essential part of all embroidery designs. 

Learning embroidery leaf stitch can help you make fabulous leaves for your embroidery patterns. They can enhance the beauty of your embroidery piece while bringing a natural look.

You can use the above-listed embroidery leaf stitch ways and ideas to produce beautiful designs at home. There are some leaf embroidery designs and stitches available that can be done using an embroidery sewing machine

Once you master hand embroidery, then you can move to machine embroidery. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to give a professional touch to your embroidery masterpieces. Use woven labels, care labels, and hang tags from the Super Label Store. They are super customized, easy to design, and affordable labels designed to give wings to your small business.

Once you are familiar with leaf embroidery and stitches, you can try your hands on learning, 

Happy embroidery!