Kids Clothing Labels: The Ultimate Parent’s Guide

Use kids clothing labels to make customized clothes for your kids!

Clothing labels are important for several reasons. They are necessary for identifying the source of a garment, helping to determine its authenticity and value.

Clothing labels will also provide information about care instructions, washing instructions, and size. Some clothing labels may also contain information about the materials used in making the clothing item or where the product was made.

Whether you’re sending your kids to daycare, kindergarten, or school, labeling their clothes is the best way to ensure they’re returned to you.

It’s easy to get distracted in the hustle & bustle of the morning routine, but labeling your kids’ clothes will help keep them from getting lost.

Labels on clothing are also helpful if a child loses any cloth. It can save time and money (and stress) when you know what you’re looking for!

In this blog, you will learn more about kids clothes labels and how they can benefit you.

Let’s explore. 

Introduction To Kids Clothing Labels – Woven Labels

When your child comes back home from school, and you find that the shirt they were wearing yesterday is missing from their duffel bag, it can be a serious hassle to try and track down where they may have left it. 

Kid's clothing labels

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You may have to call all of the teachers and staff at their school and any daycare or preschool facility they attend.

If you’ve labeled their clothes properly with a name tag or even just a simple number tag, this process will be much easier (and faster).

Want to know more about kids clothing labels? Keep reading.

What types of Clothing Labels can you use?

 You’ll find various types of Clothing Labels that are used on different products. Here are some of the types of Clothing Labels that you can pick for your essentials.

Name labels

Name Labels are ideal for clothing items like t-shirts, swimsuits, socks, gym clothes or a school uniform that come without a clothing tag.

Shoe labels

Shoe labels look round in shape and are easily peelable. This label pack is sweatproof and very sticky.

Stick-On Clothing Labels

These types of labels are small in size and can be attached to the clothing tag of your cloth. These are highly used for clothing that is used for camp, school, picnic or daycare.

Clothing drawer labels

These types of kids’ clothing drawer labels are used to tag the kids’ drawers of the furniture.

Custom label option

Custom clothing label solutions are specially designed for those who want to make labels according to their choice and ideas.

What Are Woven Clothing Labels?

Woven clothing labels are made from one piece of fabric, with the label’s design woven into the fabric.

The backing is made from paper, plastic, or metal. It is made from different types of cotton fabric or polyester, though it can also be made from silk or wool for more expensive items like suits and coats.

Clothing labels for kids

The backings come in different shapes, sizes, and colors, so you can choose the one that best matches your needs. The fabric part of the label can be printed with any design you want—including your customized message!

Woven clothes labels for kids are some of the most popular types of labels for clothing. They’re durable, washable, and look great. They’re also very easy to apply to clothing. 

Benefits of Labeling Kids’ Clothes

Labeling your kids’ clothes is important for many reasons. First, it makes life easier for you. You won’t have to spend time digging through different types of clothes to figure out what belongs to who. With the best baby clothes labels, you can grab the right outfit for each kid and know it’s theirs.

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Labeling your kids’ clothes helps them learn how to care for themselves. When they’re older, they’ll be able to pick out their own outfits from the pile or even wash their own clothes. It all starts with using care labels!

Labeling your kids’ clothes teaches them about responsibility and independence. It gives them an early opportunity to learn how to do things themselves. 

They can also learn how to handle their own belongings without being told what to do every step of the way by someone else (which is not how we want them to think as adults).

Labeling your kids’ clothes is a great way to keep track of what belongs to whom and ensure that they don’t mix up their clothes or lose them. It’s also a good idea in case of emergencies, like if you have to take someone to the hospital.

By using the best stick-on clothing labels for your kids’ clothes, you will know which items belong to them or their siblings or friends. 

This can be helpful if your child has multiple sets of similar clothing or if they take after their mom and borrow each other’s clothes on a frequent basis! 

What Info Should Be Kept in Clothing Labels for Kids?

As a parent, you want to ensure that your child is always safe. It can be challenging to track them when they are out in public and you have more than one child. 

There are many ways to keep track of your child, including keeping information on the clothing labels for kids. 

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Classroom Number or Teacher’s Name

Put your child’s teacher’s name and contact information on the Clothing labels for kids. If your child is in daycare and their clothing is lost at school, then other teachers know to whom they need to return it. 

Parent’s Phone Number

You should also include your phone number and someone else’s phone number on the daycare clothing labels so that people can reach out to you if needed.

If there is no one else around who knows where to find them or how to contact them. This could be helpful for other people who may need assistance from them but do not know how to reach out for help without knowing where they are located at this point in time. 

Two Ways to Learn How to Label Clothes

Woven labels are a great way to customize your kid’s clothes. They’re more durable than printed labels and can be customized to fit your unique style. 

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Have you ever thought of how to label clothes? Here are the two most common ways: 

Hand-stitch the Label in Place

Hand stitching is ideal for small or irregular-shaped fabric patches on clothing. It’s also useful if you want to sew a label onto a delicate material that might rip or tear if you try to use an industrial sewing machine.

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You’ll need some thread, two needles, and a straight pin or safety pin to mark where you want to start sewing. 

Once you’ve marked where your stitches should go, use one needle at a time (one in each hand) to stitch through all layers of fabric until you get back to where you started marking. 

Machine Sewing

Another way of learning “how to label clothes” is to use a sewing machine.

Machine sewing is faster and easier than hand stitching, but it can be expensive if you don’t have a sewing machine at home (or don’t know how to use one). 

If this is the case for you, try looking into local sewing classes or community centers that offer them at a low cost.

If you’re machine-stitching woven labels or hang tags at home, there are a few things to be aware of.

    • First, make sure that your needle is made of stainless steel. If it is not, then it will rust and ruin the label.
    • Second, stitch with utmost care. If you don’t, you could end up with a crooked or uneven stitch that will show through the material on the backside of your product.
    • Last, before you start stitching, ensure that all of your threads are in order and laid out so that they won’t get tangled as you work.

Tips to Consider While Choosing the Best Kids Clothing Labels

If you’re the parent of a child, you know how important it is to keep them safe. That’s why we want to help you ensure that the clothing they wear is safe.

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We’ve put together a list of things to look for while choosing the best kids clothing labels. These are things that can help you keep your child safe while they’re playing and learning: 


Choose kids clothes labels that are durable, easy to wash and wear, and comfortable for your kids. It is essential to have a durable label sticker that’ll last long on clothes, backpacks, lunch boxes, water bottles, etc. 

Soft Material

The material used in the best kids clothing labels should be soft and comfortable against your child’s skin. You can test this by rubbing the label between your fingers to see if it feels scratchy or itchy. 

Fun Designs

When it comes to choosing fun designs for your childrens clothes labels, there are tons of options available! 

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From cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse to more abstract designs like hearts and smiley faces, there’s a little something for everyone here at Super Label Store. 

Fabric Colorfastness

This means that after washing, the color of the label won’t fade or run onto other parts of the clothing or into nearby areas like skin or other garments in the laundry hamper. 

It’s important if you have children who might be prone to spilling things on themselves or their clothes. Those stains are hard enough to get out once they happen! 

Resistance to Pilling

Pilling occurs when different types of fabric pile up due to friction caused by rubbing against itself or other pieces of clothing. 

Pilling makes clothes look old and worn out in a quick manner. That’s why fabrics must resist this effect as much as possible, so your child looks fresh even after lots of wear-and-tear from playing outdoors! 

Heat Resistance

Heat resistance means that fabric won’t melt when exposed to high temperatures, such as those produced by ironing boards or dryer settings. 

Design Your Own Custom, Washable Clothing Labels With Super Label Store

Now that you know the importance of labeling your kid’s clothes, it’s time to create custom name labels for clothes.

Head to Super Label Store and grab your customizable, easy-to-design clothing labels. We offer a comprehensive variety of labels and tags for all your labeling needs.

How to label clothes

Whether you’re looking for a basic label or one that will stand out and grab attention, we’ve got what you need. Our clothing labels are super easy to apply and remove, so there’s no worry about them coming off or being damaged during washing. 

If you want something more than just a typical label—like an iron-on logo or other artwork—we can help with that too!

We also have a variety of styles available, including round labels, rectangle labels, and oval labels. Our products are eco-friendly, and our pricing is more than reasonable!

Our labels are made from high-quality materials, so they won’t fade or rip like those cheap stickers you get from the supermarket. Since they’re made with high-quality materials, they can be washed over and over again without losing their color or shape. 

You won’t have to worry about them peeling off during the wash cycle—they’ll stay put until you decide to remove them yourself!

At Super Label Store, you can design your own custom clothing labels to meet your unique needs. 

Whether it’s for an individual child or multiple children who share similar clothing sizes (or even if all of your children wear different sizes), you can get your label. You can also customize the size of each label and choose from different colors and textures.

So go ahead: start designing today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to label children’s clothing?

We suggest opting for sew-on, iron-on, or stick-on labels when labeling your child’s school uniform. In contrast, markers tend to fade quickly, making them less ideal for effectively labeling your child’s clothing.

How to attach clothing labels?

There exist various methods for affixing clothing labels to your garments. Among these, sewing or ironing the label onto the fabric stands out as a commonly used approach. Just effortlessly peel the label off its backing and securely adhere it to the care label of the garment.

How to remove labels from clothes?

The method of removing a clothing label depends on how it has been attached. For labels that have been ironed onto the fabric, a commonly used approach involves reheating the label. This can be achieved by putting baking paper over the label and using an iron over it.

After a short period, the label should become easier to peel off. Another option involves utilizing a specialized vinyl letter dissolvent to remove the label. In the case of labels that have been sewn onto the clothing, a straightforward method is to carefully undo the stitching to detach the label.