30+ Free Jelly Roll Quilt Patterns to Love and Make at Home

Ready for some fun and easy free jelly roll quilt patterns that use pre-cut jelly roll fabric?

The quilt patterns using jelly rolls are easy to make at home and give you immense pleasure in making something on your own.

In quilting terms, jelly rolls are just a collection of forty fabric strips that are pre-cut at two and half-inch in height, and they are 44 inches long.

These rolls are beautiful, and they can save you lots of time and effort on cutting and matching the fabrics.

There is no doubt that your quilting project will be amazing when you use jelly rolls. Do you love to quilt different styles and designs? Then, jelly rolls are perfect for you.

In this article, we will help you find out some amazing, free jelly roll quilt patterns that are easy to make at home, and the end result will be mesmerizing. 

Whether you want to make a jelly roll race quilt, simple strip quilt, or any other design, you will find the best pattern in this list.

Let’s start. 

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Jelly Roll Quilt Patterns: What Is It, and Why Do People Love It?

Before we jump to look at the best jelly roll quilt patterns, it’s essential to know the basic information about the jelly rolls. Understanding the jelly rolls better will help you ease your quilting project and boost your confidence while quilting.

Jelly roll race quilt
Image Source: Angie Juda 

The following is the basic information any quilt lover should know before looking at the various quilting patterns.

Introduction to Jelly Roll

A jelly roll is a kind of pre-quilted fabric strip package. Most jelly roll packages contain 40 strips of pre-quilting fabric in a variety of colors and prints. 

Each fabric sewing quilting is two and a half in wide, and they are 44 inches long. So when you make a quilt from this jelly roll, you will know the end results will look great. 

Since all fabric pieces are cut to size, jelly rolls make it easy to speed up your quilting project. If you don’t want to spend ages cutting the fabric for sewing, then jelly rolls are perfect for you.

Moda Fabrics introduced jelly rolls to describe their rolled packs of pre-cut fabric from their designer collection. The best thing about jelly rolls is there are hundreds of ways you can twist, turn and combine strips to make unique jelly roll quilt patterns.   

Other Names of Jelly Rolls

The jelly rolls were introduced by Moda fabric, but other companies are also selling them using different names. Here are a couple of examples:

Jelly roll quilt patterns
Image Source: Home is where my story begins…

    • Moda – Jelly Roll
    • Robert Kaufman Fabrics – Roll-Up
    • Riley Black – Rolie Polie
    • Free Spirit – Design Roll
    • Island Batik – Strip Sets
    • Wilmington Prints – 40 Karat Gems 

What Are Jelly Rolls Used for?

The common use of jelly rolls is for quilting. Apart from it, jelly rolls can be used in many other sewing projects. Here are some popular jelly rolls projects:

    • Table runners
    • Throw pillows
    • Blanket
    • Bags
    • Fabric pouches

When you are done making gorgeous free quilt patterns using jelly rolls, you can use the extra scraps to make any of the above smaller quilting projects. 

Where to Buy Jelly Rolls for Quilting?

Jelly roll fabrics are available at a number of nearby fabric stores. Some popular jelly roll stores include: 

    • Moda Fabrics
    • Hoffman Fabrics
    • Riley Blake 

Other sources include,

    • Etsy
    • eBay
    • Cotton patch that is popular for Moda jelly roll quilt patterns

If you don’t want to purchase jelly rolls and prefer to go for the DIY route, then you can make perfect jelly rolls at home from the fabric you already have. 

Just pick your scrap fabric and start cutting it into two and half-inch wide strips. DIY is the ideal way to use scrap fabric found in your home and leverage quilt kits 

Why Do Quilters Love Easy Jelly Roll Quilt Patterns?

If you are a quilter, you will love to use fabric scraps like charm packs, jelly rolls, layer cakes, etc. 

Jelly roll quilt tutorial
Image Source: Pinterest

These fabric scraps help you save time on cutting the fabric and speed up your sewing time, making quilting much easier.

There are many reasons why quilters love easy jelly roll quilt patterns and jelly rolls. Here are some of them: 

Variety of Fabrics

Jelly rolls come in 40 strips. Since strips come in a variety of colors and prints, it’s easy to combine different fabrics without worrying they won’t match. 

Jelly roll strips landscape
Image Source: A Quilting Life

Faster Quilting

Even though you prefer to cut your own strips from scrap fabric, jelly roll strips can make things a lot easier. 

The pre-cut bundle of a charm pack and jelly roll quilt patterns allows you to spend more time on actual sewing. It saves your time from the tedious, repetitive work of cutting the fabric. 

Quick Piercing

Since jelly roll strips are the pre-cut package, you don’t need to spend time measuring and cutting the individual pieces of the fabric. 

They are life-savers if you are not familiar with the process of cutting the fabric. 

4 Top Tips to Consider While Working With Easy Jelly Roll Quilt Patterns Free

Having a basic knowledge of jelly rolls is good when you want to start quilting. 

How to make a fabric strip rag quilt
Image Source: The Crafty Blog Stalker

Before you start sewing or quilting, consider the following essential tips on easy jelly roll quilt pattern free. This will prepare you in advance to make your quilting project much easier.

Take a look at the top tips. 

Do Not Prewash Your Jelly Roll Strips

When preparing jelly rolls for sewing, do not wash those strips. The pre-cut fabrics should not be washed. 

If you do so, you will end with lots of mess of frayed fabric strips. When the jelly roll strips are washed, the precut fabric may shrink. 

So it is advisable to put jelly roll strips in a lingerie bag before throwing it away. 

Press the Strips

Once you take our jelly roll strips, make sure you press them. Since they are cut on the bias, they will be prone to stretching and distortion. 

Jelly roll strip quilt quilt along
Image Source: Bloomeric Fabrics

You can press them before you start sewing using the best sewing machine for quilting to prevent those issues. 

Check the Width of Your Jelly Roll Strip

Another important tip to consider for easy jelly roll quilt patterns-free is the width of the strips. Not all jelly roll strips are of the same size. 

When you purchase a package, the strips are pre-cut into two and a half inches wide, but not all strips are of the same measurement. 

Accurate strip sets with a jelly roll
Image Source: Aqua Paisley Studio

Before choosing from 100 free jelly roll quilt patterns, you must measure your strips first. The jelly roll strips have a pinked edge. 

Make sure you do not cut this part of the strip, as it will change the entire measurement of your strip. 

Save Some Extra Strips

When you sew a quilt, you will be left with some extra strips. You can save them and use them to make quilt binding. Check our guide on how to bind a quilt for more information. 

Jelly Roll Strip Quilt Patterns: Size Chart

Now that you are about to go through different jelly roll strip quilt patterns, it’s important to take a look at the size chart. 

This will help you avoid complicated math work and allow you to understand what you need to start quilting.

Quilt Size Number of jelly rolls Size in inches
Baby quilt or crib 20 strips 32 ½ by 50
Lap 40 strips 50 by 64
Twin 70 strips 64 by 88
Queen 105 strips 86 by 93
King 120 strips 104 by 93

33 Amazing Free Jelly Roll Quilt Patterns to Consider

If you are tempted by jelly rolls, then you are in need of some amazing and creative jelly roll quilt patterns. Jelly roll quilts are a fun and easy project. They are super pleasing to the eyes. 

There are so many free jelly roll quilt patterns available that you can make at home with limited quilting thread and other supplies.

Free jelly roll quilt patterns
Image Source: SewingIsCool.com

In this section, we have prepared the complete list of different jelly roll quilt patterns. Be it for Christmas or just a regular day. You can use these jelly roll patterns and make gorgeous pillow covers, table runners, pc covers, etc.

The best thing about these jelly roll quilt patterns is that they are free, downloadable, and hand-selected for readers just like you.

Take a look at the best jelly roll quilt pattern and start quilting. 

Jelly Roll Quilted Table Runner

The Fat Quarter Shop offers this free jelly roll quilt pattern. They are perfect for kitchen consoles and kitchen essentials. You wouldn’t stop thinking of cupcakes and vanilla essence when you look at it. 

Easy diy quilted table runner
Image Source: Diary of a Quilter

It is also an absolute gifting idea for your special one who loves to organize and set up easting space. This jelly roll heart quilt pattern is also best for Valentine’s day. 

You can learn heart quilt pattern to sew cute heart shapes and make the perfect gift. 

Wonderful Jelly Roll Quilted Tablet PC Cover

The real fun for the crafter relies upon making non-cliché goodies. This jelly roll quilted table PC cover pattern is perfect for craft lovers. 

It is functional and an amazing way of protecting your computer. 

The best thing about this pattern is you can use those extra strips and follow the instructions offered by Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom to make an adorable accessory for yourself and your loved one. 

DIY Jelly Roll Quilt Floor Pillow

We love to purchase colorful pillows for chilling in the summers. Don’t waste your money on store-bought pillows. 

Jelly roll floor pillow
Image Source: Make Magazines

Learn to make colorful floor pillows using jelly rolls. See Stars Quilting offers the adorable, most comfortable, and large-sized jelly roll quilted floor pillow pattern that you will fall in love with. 

This vibrant color floor pillow pattern presents a fresh vision. 

Batik Jelly Roll Braid Quilt

These gorgeous batik jelly roll quilt patterns offered by Reanna Lily Designs can just uplift the look of your living room. 

You will need a batik jelly roll to make the classic French Braid quilt. Gather the strip pieces together to make a beautiful quilt top that you and your guest love. 

Full Moon Jelly Roll Quilt Pattern

Are you a full moon lover? Do you like the aesthetics of the night sky? If Yes, this jelly roll quilt pattern is for you. 

Use the Dresden Quilt Block method and make the moon and apply a beautiful applique to your quilt. Read our guide on how to applique on a quilt

The perfect night sky background can be created with pre-cut fabric strips. 

Choose navy, blue and white colors and enjoy the artsy moods of this creative jelly roll quilt pattern. Snug in and enjoy the night’s sleep with this amazing moon quilt pattern. 

Quilt-as-you-go Strip Quilt

If you want to finish your DIY quilt project in less time, then choose this quilt-as-you-go quilt strip pattern. This pattern is offered by Sew Can She and comes with detailed instructions for making top quilt and backing. 

Quilt as you go strip quilt
Image Source: Quilting in the Rain

To learn how to quilt-as-you-go pattern, you will need to use quilt backing fabric. When you finish working on the quilt top, the back and quilting will also be done, and you will be left with binding. The quilt-as-you-go patterns will allow you to learn new sewing skills and techniques. 

Blueberry Pie Jelly Roll Log Cabin Quilt

This blueberry pie jelly rolls log cabin quilt pattern is necessary for every quilter. 

Fill your living room with vibrant colors by choosing these free log cabin quilt patterns using jelly rolls. 

You little boy will become your biggest fan when you replace his room’s dope pieces with this log cabin quilt pattern. 

Umbrella-shaped Jelly Roll Quilted Table Topper

Bless your patio table with the quilted table runner patterns offered by Moda Fabrics. 

With this jelly roll quilt patterns-free moda, you get a chance to spice up your patio table with pop colors, keeping in mind the umbrella shape. This pattern is perfect for all intermediate-level sewers. 

You need to have some experience working with the jelly roll quilts to bring the summertime palette to your outdoor table. 

Ins & Outs Jelly Roll Quilt

Jo’s Country Junction offers another beautiful jelly roll quilt pattern. 

This is a cost-effective and sustainable way of adding bright colors to your dull interior. The ins and outs jelly roll quilt is a customizable quilt pattern, so make sure you use your creativity and play with the color combination to make it unique. 

Jelly Roll Strip Tube Quilt

Do you want people to appreciate your quilting skills? Choose A Bright Corner’s strip tube quilting pattern. 

Strip tube guilt
Image Source: A Bright Corner

This pattern doesn’t require you to use any particular strip tube rules. Any quilting angle ruler will work. 

Don’t forget to use beautiful, color-coordinated fabric strips with vibrant and bright tones. It will help them stand out from the background and give a 3D effect. 

Magic Jelly Roll Quilt

Want to make a quilt that can be given as a gift at a Baby shower occasion? Choose Piece and Quilt’s magic jelly roll quilt pattern. 

It is simple and takes less time than other jelly roll quilting projects. The magical technique of cutting and piecing the fabric will bring out the best baby quilt. 

Scrappy Granny Square Jelly Roll Quilt

Do you love quilting as much as you love science? If yes, then you know a granny square is a sort of blanket made of an integral structural unit. 

Bonnie and camille jelly roll quilt block
Image Source: Quilting Cubby

These half-square triangle quilt patterns are made of multiple fabric blocks. This is the perfect pattern of quilt blocks for beginners. 

Jelly Roll Twist Shortcut Quilt

The Fat Quarter Shop offers another classic jelly roll twist quilt pattern. You can combine fun-patterned strips with plain blocks to make an eye-catching quilt at home. 

Diagonal Strip Quilt

The cluck cluck sew offers a step-by-step tutorial for making diagonal strip quilt patterns. Use the tube method to make blocks. 

Diagonal strip quilt tutorial
Image Source: FaveQuilts

While making this jelly roll pattern, you will face many stretchy edges but don’t worry. The end results are amazing. 

Kisses Quilt Pattern

Do you want to take a short mental break? 

Choose this kisses quilt pattern that can be quilted, including repetitive piecing. Use 20 printed and 34 solid strips to make this fantastic pattern. 

Jelly Roll Jam Free Quilt Pattern

Make this amazing jelly roll jam quilt pattern using simple squares. The Fat Quarter Shop offers a complete tutorial on cutting and chain-piecing the fabric. 

Easy jelly roll guilt patterns
Image Source: Pile O’ Fabric

Free Scrap Plus Quilt Pattern

Want to re-purpose the scrap fabric? Choose this free jelly roll quilt pattern. It is the perfect way to repurpose scrap fabrics. 

Make sure you organize fabric scraps by colors to create a beautiful rainbow pattern. 

To-the-point Jelly Quilt

Choose these baby rag quilt patterns by Stitchery Dickory Dock. 

First, make small square blocks out of fabric strips and prepare triangles. Cut them in a diagonal way and put them together to make a quilt top. 

Striped Chevrons Quilt Top

Another beautiful quilt pattern that can be made by using scrap jelly rolls is the striped Chevron Quilt. Once you sew together the fabric strips, you will need to cut them at an angle to create a beautiful diagonal look. 

Striped chevrons baby quilt tutorial
Image Source: Pinterest

Jelly Roll Rail Fence

The “Material Girl Quilts” offer the amazing jelly roll rail fence quilt pattern free. 

To make a quilt, you will need first to create jelly roll blocks and alter the direction of the blocks. Want to make a larger quilt? You will need to use the finished size of 72” x 78”. 

Cozy Posy Triangle Quilt

The jelly roll quilt patterns Missouri star pattern is not as complicated as it looks. These 3 dudes quilt patterns free are made by cutting some classic angles using a ruler. 

Easy Herringbone Quilt

Another adorable baby quilt pattern offered by Hello Melly Designs. You use your favorite colors to make a herringbone design

Easy herringbone quilt pattern
Image Source: Adventures of a DIY Mom

Sugar Almonds Jelly Roll Quilt

Want to use jelly rolls in a unique way? The “Sugar Almonds” jelly roll quilt pattern is perfect for you. 

It includes an attractive design that is made by placing the jelly roll strips in the center of attraction. Use single or multiple jelly roll strips to create a unique and bright quilt pattern. 

Jelly Roll Braid Quilt

Another braid quilting pattern using jelly rolls. This jelly roll quilt pattern is made by using colorful batik jelly rolls. 

Jelly roll braid quilt
Image Source: Pinterest

It is the perfect way to add bright colors to your bedroom or living room. Once the strips are sewn together in an ever-lengthening braid pattern, you can trim the excess braid strap or learn how to tie a quilt

Ravishing Rail Picnic Quilt

All children and adults love to see the fun primary-colored picnic quilt. You will need to separate the jelly quilt pattern into four amazing colors and piece them into a bright quilt pattern. 

Cinched Jelly Roll Quilt

This is another quilt pattern that is made from scrap fabric strips. Choose this pattern to combine simple quilting with block accents. 

The panels can be highlighted with any block design. The best thing about a cinched jelly roll quilt is that it is quick and easy to assemble. 

Gobble Chain Quilt

Are you thinking of making a king-size bed quilt? Choose a Gobble chain quilt using jelly rolls. 

Quilt patterns using jelly rolls
Image Source: Pinterest

If you know how to baste a quilt, this pattern is perfect for you. It highlights warm fabric and bright and pastel colors for decorating different schemes. 

Race to the Finished Jelly Roll Quilt

The jelly roll race quilt patterns are the fastest way of making quilt tops. You can use your doodle art to add some flair on top of the design. This pattern takes just an hour to make a gorgeous quilt. 

Scrappy Stocking Ornaments

Christmas is the best season to showcase your quilting skills. 

His and her scrappy christmas stockings
Image Source: Moda Fabrics

You can use yarn, ribbon, and extra batting to make these beautiful jelly roll Christmas quilt patterns. The scrappy stocking ornaments are made by putting together Christmas-relevant jelly roll scraps. 

Christmas Utensil Holders

If you are looking for super fat Christmas quilt patterns, then choose this Christmas utensil holder pattern. You can make a heart quilt pattern using  jelly rolls on various kitchen utensil holders. 

Christmas Drawstring Gift Bag

This layer cake quilt patterns for making a Christmas drawstring bag is popular among girls. 

Best jelly roll quilt patterns
Image Source: Confessions of a Homeschooler

The best thing about this pattern is that the entire drawstring bag is made from just six jelly roll strips. It is easy to make and takes less time to prepare the entire quilt. 

Bargello Jelly Roll Quilt

The jelly roll bargello quilt pattern free offered by Today’s Quilter Magazine comes with unique design options. 

The Bargello quilt pattern using a jelly roll is perfect for using small fabric squares. This pattern is easy to sew and has a huge impact on the finished quilt. 

DIY Seaside Squares Lap Quilt

If you know how to square up a quilt block, then you should try the DIY seaside squares lap quilt pattern at home. 

Easy jelly roll quilt patterns free
Image Source: Quilt for Lovers

Using jelly rolls in a creative way, you can make an outstanding quilt. The pattern is impressive and requires minimum supplies like a rotary cutter, fabric strips, walking foot, etc. The pattern features 6” x 6.5” squares. 


Jelly roll quilt patterns are one of the best ways to spend your afternoon. Whether you are a beginner or intermediate sewer, you can choose jelly rolls to make a beautiful quilt.

The above listed are some of the best jelly roll quilt patterns that will inspire you to try your hands-on quilting and start sewing.

This was all about jelly roll quilting patterns. Choose the pattern that allows you to use your creativity and help you finish the process in less time possible. 

Once you make a gorgeous quilt using jelly roll, you can head to the Superlabel store to place your order for super customizable and easy-to-design,

With Superlabel Store, you can learn how to make a quilt label, give a personalized touch to your handmade items, and help them look store-bought. 

Superlabel Store encourages all home-based sewers and sewing professionals to boost the professionalism of their handmade, homemade clothing items.

Enjoy the quilting process and have fun.