How to Triple Crochet

How to Triple Crochet for Beginners: How to Treble Crochet

Knowing how to triple crochet opens up a whole new world of crochet possibilities. The craft of crochet consists of creating textiles by forming interlocking loops of material (typically yarn) with a crochet hook.

Learning how to do a triple crochet (or how to do a treble crochet, since they’re the same thing) is essential for learning how to crochet.

How to triple crochet
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Unlike the process of mastering how to sew, crochet requires you to learn many different stitches in order to complete even basic projects.

This article will cover the following topics:

    • What is a triple crochet stitch?
    • What is a treble crochet?
    • What is a tr stitch in crochet?
    • How do you make a triple crochet stitch?
    • Beginner-friendly crochet projects using the triple crochet stitch

What is a Triple Crochet?

A triple crochet stitch is the tallest of the basic crochet stitches that form the foundation of most crochet projects. Every crocheter has their own definition of the basic crochet stitches, but generally they include the following seven stitches:

    1. Slip knot
    2. Crochet chain
    3. Slip stitch
    4. Single crochet stitch
    5. Half double crochet stitch
    6. Double crochet stitch
    7. Triple crochet stitch

How to half double crochet
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If you’re not familiar with all of the basic crochet stitches, review the table below.

Crochet Stitch

When It’s Used

Slip knot

Used to start most crochet projects (with the notable exception of the magic circle)

Crochet chain

Used to form the foundation that you will stitch into to create your crochet rows or rounds. Also used to make turning chains between rows of crochet stitches.

Slip stitch

A “joining stitch”, used frequently to join rounds when crocheting a circle

Single crochet stitch

Used to form the body of a crochet project; the shortest foundation stitch.

Half double crochet stitch

Used to form the body of a crochet project; the second shortest foundation stitch.

Double crochet stitch

Used to form the body of a crochet project; the second tallest foundation stitch.

Triple (treble) crochet stitch

Used to form the body of a crochet project; the tallest foundation stitch.

The triple crochet stitch is used in crochet patterns requiring a stitch taller than a double crochet, but based on the same basic design. If you look at the image above, you’ll notice that the texture of the triple crochet stitch is most similar to the double crochet stitch.

Fast Facts about the Triple Crochet Stitch

    • Difficulty level: Easy.
    • Time required: You should be able to answer the question, “How do you do a triple crochet stitch?” in about 10-15 minutes if you can confidently make the other basic crochet stitches. 
    • Type of textile created: Fairly loose
    • Openings between stitches: Long

Before learning how to crochet a triple crochet, it’s essential to know how to recognize it in a crochet pattern or crochet chart. Wondering what does “tr” mean in crochet? Read the table below.

Crochet Stitch Name



Triple crochet


Crochet symbol tr
Image source: Craft Yarn Council

Although these are the most common abbreviations for the triple crochet stitch, you might also see the following abbreviations or names:

    1. Treble crochet
    2. Tc 

We’ll discuss the name treble crochet in the next section. For now, it’s important to know that you don’t need to type “what does tc mean in crochet” into your search bar. The “tc” and treble crochet stitch are both the same as the triple crochet stitch.

 What is a Treble Crochet? 

Have you searched for information on the triple crochet stitch and gotten information on how to do a treble crochet stitch? That’s not a mistake! In US crochet terminology, the triple crochet and treble crochet are the same stitch.

The good news is that if you know how to triple crochet, you also know how to treble crochet stitch in US terminology.

However, it gets complicated when you consider that the UK uses completely different crochet terms than the US. What the UK calls a “treble crochet” is actually a US double crochet stitch. The UK calls the US triple/treble crochet stitch a double treble crochet.

Treble crochet UK US
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This sounds confusing at first glance, but the key takeaway here is that you should always check whether a pattern is written in US or UK crochet terminology. Nowadays, crochet designers often name whether they’re writing in US or UK terms at the beginning of the pattern. 

When that’s not the case, you have to investigate the pattern yourself to determine its origins. This is especially true when working with a vintage pattern. Follow the steps below to identify which terminology a crochet pattern uses.

    1. Check to see if the designer has indicated the terms used.
    2. Look for a single crochet stitch. UK terminology doesn’t use single crochet at all, so even one mention of single crochet means you’re working with an American pattern.
    3. Next, look for a half treble crochet stitch. Since the half treble doesn’t exist in US crochet terms, this is an automatic giveaway that the pattern is from the UK.
    4. If there’s no mention of single crochet, read through the other words used in the pattern. Some clues that a pattern is British include the words: “miss” stitches (instead of skipping them) and “gauge” (instead of tension).
    5. Finally, check how the different stitches are described in the pattern. If the “treble crochet” is described as a US double crochet stitch, you know the pattern is from the UK.
    6. You can refer to a conversion chart to “translate” the pattern into US crochet terminology.

US vs UK crochet stitches
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It’s not clear to crocheters why there’s a difference between the two terminologies. The difference between the two is clear, however.

The US terminology refers to the number of yarn overs when pulling up the first loop of a stitch. Alternatively, the UK terminology references the number of loops on the hook.

Don’t let this information overwhelm you. Check to see which terms your crochet pattern uses, and keep a conversion chart handy with your crochet supplies. 

As long as you’re working with a US crochet pattern, you already know how to make a treble crochet stitch when you learn how to triple crochet.

How to Triple Crochet for Beginners: Step-by-Step Instructions

Now that you understand that the US triple crochet is the same as the treble stitch, you’re ready to discover the answer to the question, “How do you do a treble crochet?”.

Before we dive into the instructions, let’s review some important tips:

    • Pick a beginner-friendly yarn. If you are learning to sew, you know that working with a different type of fabric can either make a project more approachable or challenging. Beginner-friendly yarns are smooth, pastel, solid-colored, and worsted weight yarns
    • Learn new stitches in a practice swatch. This will allow you to solely focus on mastering the new stitch without the added stress of having to change colors, increase/decrease, or weave in ends at the same time.
    • Chain four to create the turning chain for triple crochet stitch.
    • Never work in the first chain stitch away from the hook unless you’re following a pattern that specifically instructs you to.

How to do a treble crochet
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Now that you’ve got the right tools and techniques, follow along with the steps below to make your first triple crochet stitches.

    1. Create a foundation chain. Fifteen chain stitches is a comfortable starting place for your practice swatch.

Treble crochet instructions
Image source: Spruce Crafts

      2. Yarn over hook twice. Place your hook into the fifth chain stitch away from your hook.

How to do a triple crochet
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      3. Yarn over hook and draw the yarn through the stitch. As this point, there should be four loops on your hook.

How to triple crochet for beginners
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      4. Loop yarn over hook and draw through two loops. There should only be three loops left on the hook now.

Crocheting treble stitch
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      5. Again, yarn over hook and draw through two loops.

How to treble crochet stitch
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      6. Once again, loop yarn over the hook and draw through the final two loops on the hook. Count only one loop still on the hook.

Treble crochet instructions for beginners
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      7. You have just completed one treble crochet stitch. Continue your row, and don’t forget to chain four to create a tall enough turning chain between rows.

Treble crochet stitch
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Congratulations, now you can confidently answer the question, “How do you crochet a treble stitch?”. Remember that the treble crochet and the triple crochet are the same stitch in US terminology.

If you want to watch and listen to instructions, follow along with a triple crochet tutorial video like the example below.

Beginner-Friendly Crochet Projects with the Triple Crochet

Now that you know what the triple crochet is and how to create the triple crochet stitch, it’s time to start putting that knowledge to use! Discover your next crochet project in the list below.

Crochet Dishcloth

How to crochet a triple crochet
Image source: Easy Crochet

Keep it simple and functional with this crochet dishcloth pattern. This easy crochet pattern only uses two steps: the single crochet and the triple crochet. You can keep them solid-colored or switch colors to add a bit of texture. Add a custom care label and these could be your crochet store’s next best-seller.

Triple Crochet Diagonal Scarf

Scarf triple crochet diagonal
Image source: Crochet Patterns 09 Blogspot

This adorable triple crochet diagonal scarf pattern requires just a few different stitches. Who wouldn’t want to bundle up in this colorful, textured scarf? Make this as a gift and add a custom woven label with the recipient’s name. 

Stitches required:

    • Turning chain / chain
    • Triple crochet
    • Double crochet

Crochet Beanie

Crochet beanie for beginners
Image source: Crochet Hooks You

After blankets and scarves, beanies are perhaps the most beloved crochet item. Who could resist this chic, cozy crochet beanie pattern

Don’t forget to add a custom hang label if you decide to sell a few! To create this beanie for yourself, you only need to have the following crochet skills:

    • Chain
    • Double crochet
    • Slip stitch
    • How to crochet in the round