Learn How to Make Shorts in One Hour (With Pictures)

Do you love to wear shorts in summer? Learn how to make shorts at home in just one hour.

Many trends come and go. Sometimes there are crop tops with mini skirts and sometimes mom jeans with boyfriend t-shirts. The one thing that has been in fashion for a long time is shorts.

Shorts are the most comfortable and stylish summer wear. They have been revolutionized and got a makeover by fashion designers over a period. 

Shorts have been a staple outfit for endless occasions. The right pair of shorts can also work for dressier circumstances such as a cocktail hour or office party. 

From A-line to high-waist and printed shorts, there are many short styles available that you can choose based on your body shape. 

Avoid visiting expensive stores to purchase shorts this summer. Let us help you know how you can make fantastic shorts at home.

In this article, we will help you learn how to make shorts along with some trendy shorts sewing patterns. 

Ready to make your own shorts? 

23 Amazing How to Make Shorts Patterns to Consider

Shorts are the types of clothes that will never go out of fashion. They are the perfect summer outfit that everyone can style.

Life is short, so wear different types of shorts!

Do you love to wear different styles of shorts? Are you spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on buying stylish shorts?

Blue denim shorts​​
Image Source: Engin Akyukt On Unsplash

It’s time to save your money! Before we learn DIY how to make shorts, it’s essential to know some amazing patterns.

The following are some of the latest how-to-make shorts patterns that you can learn to sew at home. 

Simple DIY Shorts

Do you feel like a challenge when it comes to how to make shorts from scratch? Don’t worry. The “With Wendy” simple DIY shorts-making pattern is a beginner-level shorts-making pattern. 

Anyone with basic sewing skills can follow instructions and make a simple short from the fabric. This short sewing pattern doesn’t involve a zipper, elastics, or buttons, making it easy to sew. 

High Waisted Shorts with a Matching Bustier

Once you know how to make shorts pattern with basic and simple elements, you can challenge yourself a bit more. 

High waisted shorts
Image Source: FashionBuzzer.com

The Sew Aldo’s high-waisted shorts pattern is all you need to make a simple, matching fitted bustier. You can play with this pattern, color, and fabric as you need. 

Asymmetrical Fabric Applique Shorts

Do you have an old pair of denim shorts that you want to transform? The Free People offer a simple way to upcycle your old shorts.  

Just use any scrap fabric and attach it to the shorts like an applique. Your new shorts are ready to wear! 

Hand Printed and Stamped Flag Shorts

Are you a patriotic person who loves to make theme clothes for Independence day? Want to be more creative? 

DIY american flag denim shorts
Image Source: StyleCaster 

Choose this “Idea Room’s” DIY stamped flag shorts sewing pattern. This pattern features an amazing hand-printed flag outline.  

They look super stylish, and your friends won’t take their eyes off these shorts. 

Sashiko Stitched Pockets

Do you love embroidery work? Want to leave needles and thread and try something new in shorts? Choose this Free People’s unique sashiko stitching pattern. 

The amazing embroidery work using simple off-white thread will catch everyone’s eyes. You can also add more custom details to the short’s pockets. 

DIY Flowy Pom Pom Shorts

Our DIY list on how to make shorts from scratch is incomplete without mentioning DIY pom-pom shorts. 

DIY pompom shorts
Image Source: Southern Curls & Pearls

The Pacifically offers an awesome shorts pattern that is wide-legged, flowy, and slit in a stylish and comfy way. 

With a little bit of customization and a combination of colorful pom-poms, you can learn how to sew DIY pom-poms at home. 

Denim Bow Pockets

Do you love to add details to your denim shorts but are unsure what to do? Choose this simplest yet unique pattern by Sophie Rae.  

Make a simple pair of denim shorts and attach denim bows at the back of the pockets to give it an adorable look. This shorts pattern is simple, cute, and easy to make at home. 

Hand Studded Denim Shorts

Want to customize your denim shorts in a way that wow your friends? 

High waisted studded shorts
Image Source: Runwaydreamz 

The Get Plenty offers an amazing customizable shorts pattern that will require a little more time and patience to complete. Just make simple denim shorts and customize them by hand. 

Floral Everyday Shorts with Pockets

Whether you choose floral or print, this shorts pattern is a must-have for summer. They are simple and easy to make. 

These comfy shorts can be made from different types of cotton fabric. It features pockets and an elastic waistband which makes it more comfortable. 

In just a few hours, you can make this super easy pair of shorts. 

Lace Pocket Cut Offs

Just take different types of jeans and turn them into sexy and elegant summer shorts. The how-to-make-fitted-shorts pattern looks great with frayed edges and cuffs. 

DIY lace jean shorts
Image Source: Shinies & Pretties

Use lace fabric to cover your pockets with a pair of scissors, and you can sew a beautiful bow or any pattern on the shorts. 

You can also use fabric glue to attach bows to pockets. It will hold up for a long time, even after washing. 

Lace Hemmed Shorts

Do you want to make lace hemmed shorts but wonder how much fabric to make shorts and hem the shorts? Just take a piece of lace fabric with the exact width of your shorts and refashion your simple shorts.  

Use fabric glue and attach your lace fabric to the shorts. The lace will give your shorts an elegant look. 

Lace hemmed shorts are easy to sew or no-sew shorts patterns that anyone can try at home

Fabric Paneled Shorts

Do you have different types of fabric in your home that you no longer use? Get those scrap fabric and use it to give a different look to your simple shorts. 

Easy to make summer shorts
Image Source: Pinterest

This is an excellent pattern for turning shorts with holes or other imperfections. If you know how to make clothes, then sewing fabric on the front panels of your shorts will be easy for you. 

It will change the entire look of your shorts and save your favorite shorts that may have any imperfections. 

Scalloped Edge Office Shorts

If you are lucky enough to be allowed to wear shorts in the office, then this shorts pattern is for you. It features scalloped edges, which look professional.  

This no-sew shorts pattern is made by cutting the scalloped edges with sharp fabric scissors. Don’t forget to take care of frayed edges. 

DIY Watermelon Shorts

Summer is all about watermelon, and what better way to turn your shorts into an adorable watermelon. 

How to make shorts
Image Source: Pinterest 

This easy-to-make, DIY shorts pattern requires a well-dyed watermelon-colored fabric and fabric pen so that you can draw watermelon “seeds” on your shorts. 

The best thing about this shorts pattern is that it is affordable, and refashioning old shorts will cost you less than $10. 

Cuffed Denim Cut-Off Shorts

Some shorts’ patterns can never go out of fashion. Learn to make these super stylish cuffed denim cut-off shorts at home.  

Just make simple shorts as you would, but instead of frying edges, you need to cuff them up about 1/4th to ½ inches. Sew the cuffs in place, or you can use fabric glue to keep them from fraying. 

Turn New Jeans into Worn Cut Offs

Have you purchased a new pair of jeans but don’t like them for any reason? Do not throw them. It’s time to turn your new jeans into worn cut-off shorts. 

How to make shorts easy
Image Source: Glamour

Just cut your jeans at any length. You can go shorter for daisy dukes and longer for knee shorts. Wash them and apply bleach to the shorts. 

Use sharp scissors to poke holes so that they look like worn shorts. 

Distressed Denim Cut-Offs

Distressed denim jeans and shorts can never go out of fashion. Ditch those expensive distressed shorts and learn to make one at home.  

This is an easy and fun short pattern. Cut off your jeans at your desired length and get ready to tear them. 

For the ultimate Instagram fashion influencer look, pair your distressed denim shorts with a stylish, sexy crop top. 

Embroidery Thread Shorts

All the great and expensive denim shorts are embellished with embroidery thread. Learn how to make a simple pair of shorts with embroidery thread using this pattern. 

DIY embroidered jean shorts
Image Source: Paper and Stitch

You can customize and play with the pattern and design. Just choose your favorite color and then embroider the sides and seams of your shorts. It’s all up to you. 

Summer Shorties

This is a great shorts pattern for super active baby girls. Sew simple yet cozy summer shorts for your little one so that she can move around with ease. 

Boxer Shorts

Boxer shorts are for men. They are super comfortable and a perfect handmade gift to the man of your life. 

This DIY boxer shorts pattern is easy to make and takes less time to complete. They can also be great for women. 

Big Boy Bermuda Shorts

Choose this super easy short pattern and learn how to make shorts from fabric for your little boy. This pattern features pockets and a classy fit, making it great for kids’ clothes. 

How to make shorts pattern
Image Source: Being Summer Shores

Boy Cargo Shorts

These free shorts sewing patterns come with step-by-step instructions and feature a roomy cargo pocket. 

Upcycled Denim Shorts

Upcycling clothes are sustainable for the earth and a great way to repurpose your old clothes. 

How to make a pair of shorts
Image Source: Cosmopolitan.com

Just choose any jeans that no longer fit you and follow this amazing pattern to turn old jeans into beautiful summer shorts. 

Step-By-Step Instruction For How to Make A Pair Of Shorts

There are many ways to uplift your look in summer, but nothing can beat shorts. Shorts are the perfect cooler outfit that can help you look stylish while giving utmost comfort. 

Learning how to make a pair of shorts not just saves your money from store-bought, expensive shorts but also allows you to use your creativity.

Now that you know different shorts sewing patterns, it’s time to start learning a basic shorts pattern. You can try your hands on more complicated and creative shorts patterns based on your comfort.

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In this section, we will help you with step-by-step instructions for making shorts at home. Just grab your sewing kit essentials and follow the steps. 

Supplies You’ll Need

The following are a couple of materials you will need to start making shorts at home. 

How to make shorts from scratch
Image Source: Kwon Junho On Unsplash

    • ½ yard of cotton fabric
    • ¾ inch elastic band
    • Matching thread
    • Scissors
    • Fabric marker
    • Iron and ironing board
    • Sewing machine
    • An old pair of shorts that fits you right 

Choose Your Fabric

The first step of how to make a pair of shorts is to choose the right fabric for shorts. Cotton, linen, and rayon will be great if you are making shorts for summer. 

You will need to use cotton or cotton blended fabric for most shorts patterns. 

Draft Your Pattern

Drafting patterns are an integral part of learning how to make women’s shorts. You can make simple yet stylish and comfortable shorts at home by just tracing the outline of your old shorts on a piece of paper. 

How to make elastic shorts
Image Source: Made By Rae 

To draft a shorts pattern, you must fold your shorts in half and ensure that the front pockets face outside. Now start tracing the outline of the shorts on paper. 

Don’t forget to leave one inch for seam allowance. You will also need to add 1.5 inches on the top of the pattern for an elastic waistband. 

Now cut the pattern with scissors. In the end, you will have a short paper pattern ready with you.

Pin, Mark, and Cut Out Your Pattern

Once you have cut out pieces of the shorts paper pattern, you will need to fold your fabric in half and pin the paper pattern on top of it.  

Make sure the longer side of the pattern is placed along the edges of the fabric. Use tailor’s chalk or fabric marker to trace the pattern on the fabric and cut the pattern out of your fabric. 

Repeat the same process for cutting the back of the shorts. In the end, you will have two separate fabric pieces of shorts pattern. 

Pin and Sew Seams Together

The next step of how to make flowy shorts or trendy shorts is to unfold the two fabric pieces. Line them together so that the right sides face each other and the wrong side faces outside. 

Bermuda shorts sewing tutorial
Image Source: Life Sew Savory

Use safety pins or straight pins and pin the rounded edges of each piece. These are the seams that you will be sewing together. 

Use a sewing machine and start sewing the rounded edges. Don’t forget to keep one inch for seam allowance.   

Flip the Shorts Over

Once you have sewn the seams together, it’s time to turn the fabric so that the seam sits in the center front and back of the fabric.

Bonus Tip: After sewing two pieces together, the stitched seams will be on the outer edges

You can rotate the shorts so that these seams are down at the vertical center and aligned with each other. 

In the end, these seams will become the crotch of your shorts. 

Sew the Inner Thigh Seams

Lay down your fabric so that the opening below the center crotch line can be seen. You will need to pin both sides and sew them together to finish each leg. 

DIY how to make shorts
Image Source: Made Everyday

Set your sewing machine for zig-zag stitch and add a one-inch seam allowance while sewing the sides together. 

Create a Waistband

Till now, you will have prepared the structure of the shorts. Now it’s time to work on the waistband. 

Start folding the upper edge of the fabric by leaving enough room for the elastic band. Secure it using a pin and sew the raw edges for the waistband. 

Insert the Elastic in the Waistband

Once you finish making a waistband case, it’s time to insert the elastic through the opening of the waistband until it reaches the other end. 

How to make fitted shorts
Image Source: Sum of their Stories 

When done, you can sew and close the opening of the waistband. Make sure the elastic waistband is of the same size as your waist. 

If you want to know how to make elastic shorts and sew the elastic band, read our detailed tutorial on how to sew an elastic waistband. This will help you learn and sew the elastic waistband in the best way. 

Hem Your Shorts

The last step of how to make a pair of shorts is to hem the bottom. Fold the bottom edges of each leg by one inch and use straight pins to secure it. 

Sew it to create a hem, and remove the pins as you proceed.

Make sure you don’t sew the front and back of the shorts. When completed, turn your shorts inside out, and it’s ready to wear.

Just iron your fabric shorts and pair them with a nice crop top or t-shirt for a stylish look. 


Shorts are the unexpected star of the wardrobe. You can look like a runway model if you know how to style them. 

As we continue to work from home, there are so many opportunities to make and wear shorts than ever before.   

Learning how to make shorts will help you save your dollars on expensive shorts and also allows you to make your own clothes.

Want to hop on to another creative sewing project? Don’t forget to check out the Superlabel store’s step-by-step tutorials on 

Flaunt your handmade clothing items and rock your unique style!

Happy sewing!