How to Make Gloves at Home: Tutorial With Pictures and Sewing Patterns

Custom hand-made gloves add drama to your entire look. Learning how to make gloves at home will help you experiment with your own style.

Gloves are the most overlooked piece of attire, but they are the most important. They can uplift your formal wear or add some drama to casual outfits.

Gloves are types of clothing aesthetics that please everyone. You can choose to wear soft felt gloves, winter gloves, or simple cotton gloves and protect your hands.

If you love to customize your closet, then there will be nothing like making handmade gloves. The best thing about gloves is that you don’t need to seek assistance from the tailor. You can make them at home.

You need to pay attention to some designs and pattern-making things while making clothes at home.

Wondering how to make winter gloves at home? 

In this comprehensive guide, we will help you understand how to draft a pattern for gloves and sew at home, along with some amazing gloves patterns.

Ready to make your own gloves? Let’s begin. 

How to Make Homemade Gloves: Understand Glove Compartments

Gloves are essential winter wear. When learning how to sew gloves at home, it’s essential that you understand the basic parts of gloves. 

This will help you understand the different pieces and fit of the hand. If you have a better understanding of separate compartments, then you can learn how to make handmade gloves in an easy way.

Red winter gloves
Image Source: Eskay Lim On Unsplash

Here are the main compartments of gloves. Apart from these gloves compartments, many sewers are familiar with the cuff and quirks. 

Familiarize yourself with the below-listed compartments for sewing gloves at home. 


Tank is one of the biggest parts of gloves. It is palm-shaped or hand-shaped. In many gloves sewing patterns, the tank is split into two different pieces, but it could also be a single big piece. 


The fourchette is the glove piece that covers the space between fingers. It provides utmost comfort and is functional in the gloves. 

Parts of a glove diagram
Image Source: Homenish

When you learn to sew gloves, make sure you attach the fourchette between the front and back of the tank pieces. 


This is a separate piece from the entire glove piece. When learning how to make handmade gloves, make sure you attach them at last. 

How to Make Handmade Gloves: 9 Sewing Patterns to Consider

Now that you know different pieces of gloves, it will be easy for you to understand different glove sewing patterns.

Gloves are the types of clothes or accessories that everyone needs. The problem with buying gloves from the store is that sometimes it doesn’t fit you and can be expensive. 

Do not spend hundreds of dollars on buying gloves from the stores. Learn how to make handmade gloves at home with the below-listed glove sewing patterns.

How to make gloves
Image Source: Pinterest

There are many patterns available as per the skill set. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or expert sewer, you will find a suitable gloves sewing pattern and can make your own gloves at home.

Check these glove sewing patterns. 

Free Winter Gloves

Want to know how to make winter gloves at home? Choose this easy-to-sew and simple winter gloves pattern offered by You Made My Day. It takes just an hour to complete. 

The step-by-step instructions and easy-to-follow tutorial will help you make winter gloves at home without any hassle. 

You can give a personalized touch to these winter gloves by heading to Superlabel Store and placing an order,

Superlabel Store encourages all sewing enthusiasts to boost the professionalism of their handmade, homemade clothing items. Don’t forget to place your order for labels. 

Easy Gloves Pattern

So Sew Easy offers another free glove sewing pattern. Fleece fabric is used for making this glove pattern as it is a well-insulated fabric and feels soft on the skin. 

They are also easy to work with. This pattern comes with different size options so that you can make gloves for children and adults. 

Fingerless Fleece Gloves

Melly Sews offer this cut fingerless fleece gloves pattern. These glove patterns are amazing as you can type a message while wearing them. 

The fleece fabric is used for making these gloves as they are cozy, comfortable, and easy to sew winter clothing items. It also gives you full protection from cold. 

Simple Gloves

Want to know how to make simple gloves? This glove sewing pattern is offered by Made By Barb.

It features a timeless look and gives you plenty of warmth when you tuck them into a coat or long sleeve jumper. 

The pattern is downloadable and can be completed in less time. This pattern is perfect for someone who has little to no knowledge about gloves.  

Simple Sweater Gloves

Nothing can be more interesting than upcycling clothes like winter sweaters. We all love to repurpose our old garments. 

DIY easy fingerless gloves
Image Source: Make It Handmade

If you have an old sweater that you no longer wear but don’t want to throw away, it’s time to turn it into beautiful gloves. 

This free sweater gloves sewing pattern is easy to sew and comes with detailed instructions, so you don’t need to go here and there to find the information. 

If you have different types of fabric in your home that you no longer use, you can use them and make amazing gloves. 

Sleek Leather Gloves Pair

Want to know how to make black gloves using an amazing leather material? Choose this free leather gloves sewing pattern. 

Black leather gloves
Image Source: Viktor Bystrov On Unsplash

The pattern comes in Medium to XL sizes. This is the must-have gloves pair you should have if you are a biker or love to go on a long ride. 

Baby Gloves

Baby clothes and accessories are expensive. Why waste money on baby gloves when you can make them at home? 

This baby gloves sewing pattern will help you make cute gloves for your little one. It will help protect their delicate skin from any type of scratching. 

This gloves sewing pattern is free, easy to follow, and simple to sew. Use some stretch fabric and elastic and start making baby gloves at home. They can be the perfect gift for a new parent. 

An Affordable Faux Suede

Suede gloves are expensive but don’t worry. You don’t need to buy it from stores now. Learn how to make gloves or suede at home with this affordable gloves sewing pattern. 

Affordable faux suede gloves
Image Source: Pinterest

It highlights elegant and stylish gloves. You can use shiny fabric for making these gloves. 

Winter Ski Gloves

Whether you are throwing snowballs or on the slopes, these winter ski gloves will keep your hand warm. You will need heavy-weight fabric to make these gloves. 

Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Make Gloves at Home

Gloves sewing can be a tricky DIY project if you don’t have proper instructions. While learning how to make gloves at home, you need to pay special attention to different parts of gloves.

Without drafting the right, comfortable gloves pattern, your DIY project can turn into a disaster.

Assorted color gloves
Image Source: Marina On Pexels 

Want to know how to make gloves at home? These step-by-step instructions will help you draft glove patterns and sew gloves at home.

Start making gloves at home. 

Supplies You’ll Need

    • 4-way stretch fabric
    • Needle with 10 size
    • Matching thread
    • Sewing machine
    • Pins
    • Fabric Scissors
    • Marker
    • Seam ripper
    • Paper Scissors
    • Pattern paper
    • Ruler 

How to Draft a Glove Pattern

Learning how to make hand gloves is an easy DIY project, but taking the right measurement and drafting patterns need more attention.

There are so many components that you need to consider while taking measurements. It also differs from person to person. 

Without the right measurement and drafting of the pattern, you won’t be able to sew gloves at home. 

Here’s how to draft a glove pattern. 

Hand Tracing

This is one of the easiest ways to draft a glove pattern. Just take a paper and start drawing vertical lines on it. 

How to make your own gloves
Image Source: Glove Affair

These lines will become your guideline while tracing the hand. Now place your hand on the guideline with your arm straight. 

Start tracing around your hand and measure the length of your hand. You also need to measure hand circumference. Start wrapping a tape measure around your hand and take the measurement.

Glove Body Drafting

Once you have traced your hand on the paper, you can start drawing a line on the side of your pointing finger. 

Draw a straight line between the ring finger and middle finger and start cutting on the line. Check how wide the glove body will be. 

Start calculating the difference between the hand circumference and flat hand. Divide them on an equal basis on the front and back pattern.

Glove Back Pattern

The next step of how to make hand gloves is to prepare the back pattern. You need to increase the four-finger height by 0.07 inches and draw the top carves. 

Next, draw horizontal lines at the 90-degree on the guideline. Start from the top of the thumb and end at the pattern’s center. 

Measure the glove length from the wrist and start drawing the line along with the pattern. Add 0.78 inches for hem allowance and cut out the gloves pattern.

Glove Front Pattern

So now you have the back pattern of the glove, you can place it on the sheet of paper and start drawing the front pattern. Just follow the same process, and you will get the perfect front part of your glove.

How to make gloves at home
Image Source: Harlequin’s Blog of Interest 

Thumb Pattern

To make a thumb hole, you need to trace the side of your thumb on the paper and measure it. Use a ruler and measure the width of the base of your thumb. 

At the last, cut the upper part of your thumb pattern.

Fourchette Pattern

For the fourchette pattern, you need to take a new paper sheet. Start drawing horizontal lines and trace all four sides of the fingers. 

Start drawing the line at the back and top of the tracing and measure 0.39 inches on the top side. Draw a pattern and make sure the tracing is within the sketch.

Red glove and pattern
Image Source:

With these steps, you will have all the pattern pieces with you. The basic glove’s pattern is ready to turn into beautiful, comfortable gloves. 

Fold the Fabric

Now that you have learned to draw gloves patterns, the next step is to choose the fabric and fold it so that the front side of the fabric is facing in. 

Put your paper pattern on the fabric and see if it fits in the perfect way. Make sure it doesn’t have wrinkles on it. 

Pin Pattern to the Folded Fabric

Once you have placed the paper pattern on the material/fabric, you need to pin it so that the paper pattern and fabric stay in place. 

How to sew basic gloves
Image Source: Creative Kids Couture

Start inserting one pin every two to three-inch all around the edges. Add one pin to each of the fingers and thumb. 

Trace Paper Pattern on the Fabric

The next important step of how to make homemade winter gloves is to trace the paper glove pattern on the fabric. Use a fabric marker and start tracing the pattern on the wrong side of the glove fabric. 

Remove Pins From Paper Pattern and Insert Them Into the Fabric

Now you need to remove all the pins from the paper pattern and insert a pin every two to three inches on the fabric edges. This will help you secure the fabric while sewing.

Ensure the fabric doesn’t have any wrinkles and is smooth on both sides. 

Sew a Straight Stitch

Use a sewing machine and set it to a straight stitch. Place the fabric under the presser foot and lower it on the fabric. 

How to make winter gloves
Image Source: Instructables

Secure the edges by sewing back and around the sides. Start sewing the gloves considering the pins and marking lines as guidelines. Do not sew on the glove’s opening. 

Finishing Touch to Gloves

The next step of how to make cotton gloves is to give finishing touches. Pull out your fabric from the sewing machine and start cutting the excessive fabric. 

Make sure you cut around ¼ inch from the stitches. Till this stage, you will have a basic structure ready. 

Hem the Gloves Openings

It’s time to open a piece of the glove. Start folding around half-inch fabric at the glove fabric and use a straight stitch to sew the folded edges. 

Cut out any excess fabric you come across while hemming the folded fabric. 

Repeat Process for Second Glove

Once you finish sewing the hem on the one glove, you can wear it. Now for making the second glove, you can follow the same process. 

It is ready to give you the utmost comfort in the winter.

Wool liner gloves
Image Source: Cheap snow gear

With this step, you have just completed your tutorial on how to make gloves at home. 

How to Make Costume Gloves: Decorative Ideas

Now that you have finished learning how to make costume gloves, you can wear them anywhere.

How to make costume gloves
Image Source: Dents

Do you want to add some drama or a professional look to your handmade gloves? Here are some decorative ideas you can try at home. 


You can affix an applique to your gloves before sewing the gloves. Just use a hot iron and attach the appliques to the tank. 

Trim the excess appliques. Make sure you carry this applique or embellishments on both sides. 


Gloves shine brighter with embellishments like beads, sequins, or rhinestones. You can use hot glue and start sticking the beads on the gloves in a way that creates an eye-catching pattern. 

How to make simple gloves
Image Source: Christian Science Monitor


Embroider gloves are popular among women. If you love embroidery and know how to do it, then you can use it on your handmade gloves. 


Gloves are an amazing way to add drama to your winter style. They are excellent for keeping your hands warm. 

Learning how to make gloves at home can be a bit complicated, but it’s worth the result. If you are a big fan of handmade items, you should learn to make gloves at home. 

The DIY gloves sewing project gives an opportunity to beginner and intermediate sewers to polish their skills. 

Once you finish making gloves, you can try other creative DIY projects at home. Here are some amazing tutorials and step-by-step guides offered by Superlabel Store. Learn,

Happy sewing!