Tutorial On How to Make Dog Clothes By Upcycling Clothes

Unlike human children – who want to wear new clothes every other occasion, you dogs also need clothes. Learn how to make dog clothes and give your fur friend a new look.

If you are a dog owner, you will know that your dog is essential to your family. Be it food, medicine, or veterinary care; you take care of their every other need.

The one thing that you need to pay attention to is the proper dog clothes. Dog clothes and accessories are popular nowadays. Many dog boutiques sell expensive dog clothes.

Learning how to make dog clothes from human clothes or fresh fabric is easy and takes less time to complete. You can start with simple patterns and then go on from there.

The DIY dog clothes-making project also helps you start your own clothing line from your home. You can sell handmade, adorable dog clothes from your home and grow your business.

Do not spend dollars on buying those expensive dogs’ clothes. In this article, we will help you learn how to make different types of dog clothes by upcycling fabric.

Ready to make an amazing outfit for your fur friend? Let’s go. 

How to Make Dog Clothes: 14 Adorable Dogs Clothes Patterns

You can make different types of clothes for your beloved pet, right from hats, shirts, sweaters, coats, pants, shirts, pajamas, and even boots.

Do you know the dog clothing industry is one of the biggest pet product industries across the world?

How to make dog clothes
Image Source: Karsten Winegeart On Unsplash

Before we jump to how to make dog clothes, it’s essential to understand the different dog clothes patterns. These DIY dog clothes patterns are easy. So, you don’t need to wonder how to sew them. 

Here are some of the amazing dog clothes patterns. 

Easy No-sew Dog Jacket

The first dog clothes pattern is the easiest and quickest sweater. Keep your pet warm by upcycling your old sweater and turning it into a cozy sweater. 

Adorable winter dog jackets you must buy right now
Image Source: Kristen Levine Pet Living 

This DIY dog sweater does not just keep your dog warm, but it will also help him, or her look cute. You can learn how to knit a dog sweater and give this DIY sweater a more personalized touch. 

Chic Dog Sweater

Learning how to make a dog sweater will be helpful to your dog in the winter season. This is an easy to sew pattern, and the results are fancy. Be ready to get praises with this DIY dog sweater. 

Dog Tutu Skirt

There are different types of tutu skirts available for women and kids. Why not use those patterns and make party wear for your beautiful dog? 

Large dog tutu
Image Source: Pinterest

This easy no-sew tutu skirt pattern will give your dog a super adorable look. 

Dog Shirt Pattern

Want to make a casual shirt for your dog? Bark and Biscuit offer a simple dog shirt pattern to help you get your dog ready for some special events. 

DIY Bow Tie Dog Collar

The bow tie is not an essential outfit, but it can uplift your dog’s look. The Spoon Flower offers the perfect bow tie dog collar pattern that you can make from fabric scraps. 

DIY dog bow tie collar
Image Source: Daria Dre On Unsplash

Dog Dress Pattern

Ahh! Who will say no to an adorable pink dog dress? Give your girl puppy a fancy dress using this beautiful, free dog dress-making pattern. 

To make a beautiful dog’s dress, you will need to cut a fabric that matches your dog’s waistline. Start sewing a Velcro of the same length as the dress’s belt. 

Use a tape measure to measure your dog’s neck to tail tip. Ruffle the edges of the pillowcase and hem the edges. 

Your beautiful dog’s skirt is ready, and you can sew it to the dress’s belt. Attach the bottom of the bib to the other side of the dress, and it’s ready to wear.   

Winter Coats Pattern

As winter starts, we begin preparation for the children. So why not make an amazing winter coat for your pet? 

DIY dog coat
Image Source: Pets Best

Winter is unkind to the dogs. Show some care to your beloved dog by making a warm and stylish winter coat. 

Bella Frill Dress

Do you have a small dog and are wondering how to make small dog clothes? A-one stop shop offers an adorable frill dress for your dog. 

Don’t forget to make this unique dress for your dog. This is the perfect party wear for your dog. 

Dogs Raincoat

This is another important dog clothes sewing pattern as it saves your dog from rain. 

Dachsund raincoat
Image Source: Rover

Just grab any reusable bag made of waterproof material like vinyl and disassemble it using a seam ripper. 

Trace the pattern on the bag and cut it out. Sew a seam around the piece and hem the belly band. You need to attach Velcro to the belly band, and the raincoat is ready. 

Dogs Basic T-shirt

Want to know how to make your own dog clothes like a basic t-shirt? Then this DIY dog t-shirt pattern for you. 

Mimi & Tara offer step-by-step instructions for making a simple t-shirt for the dog. The pattern is available for all sizes of dogs. 

Dog Pajama

Sometimes it gets tough to find the right fit for your dog’s pajamas. The free dog pajama pattern helps you make the right fit pajama pair for your dog. You can customize this pattern size as per your dog’s size. 

How to make dog pajamas
Image Source: Patchwork Pet

Pet Coat from an Old Plaid Shirt

The Sew DoggyStyle offers an amazing dog clothes pattern that can be made from an old garment that you do not wear anymore. 

It features a cute collar and buttons. If you find an old plaid shirt in your closet and do not want to throw it away, then you can use it to learn how to make a dog shirt pattern. 

Dog Hoodie

The rundown on how to make dog clothes from old clothes is incomplete without mentioning dog hoodies. 

How to make dog clothes tutorial
Image Source: Charlesdeluvio On Unsplash

This free dog clothes sewing pattern offered by Smart Dog Lover helps you upcycle your old hoodie. With just minor alterations around the arms, you will be able to learn to sew a charming dog hoodie. 

Tiny Puppy Sweater from a Recycled Sock

Did you just give your children a brand new puppy? Wondering how to make puppy clothes at home? Don’t worry. 

Cheap easy dog sweater sock
Image Source: Cut Out + Keep

This unique free sweater-making DIY project is for you. You can just use your old socks and recycle them into an adorable puppy sweater

This is one of the best ways to upcycling clothes and repurposing them into cute, small dog clothes. 

How to Make DIY Dog Clothes: Things To Consider

Now that you know different dog clothes patterns, you can try them at home. 

It’s time to understand some essential things that you need to keep in mind before jumping to how to make DIY dog clothes.

​​How to make dog clothes from old clothes
Image Source: RODNAE Productions On Pexels

Here are five things to keep in mind for your DIY dog clothes projects. 

    • Make sure the types of fabric that you use are breathable and comfortable.
    • Make sure the dog clothes don’t affect mobility.
    • Make sure the clothes fit their body type.
    • Check your dog’s temperature before putting clothes on them.
    • Do not cover their back area.
    • Don’t make them wear clothes for a longer time.
    • Don’t use any accessories like buttons, zippers, decorative metal items, etc., for the DIY dog clothes project.
    • Don’t make too tight dog clothes. 

Instructions on How to Make Dog Clothes Step By Step

The key benefit of making dog clothes at home is getting the perfect fit.

Want to give your pet a whole new wardrobe? The best thing is you don’t need to be an experienced sewer to make dog clothes. 

How to make dog pants
Image Source: Karsten Winegeart On Unsplash

Anyone with basic sewing knowledge and skills can get this done. Just grab your sewing machine as you are about to learn how to make dog clothes step by step.

In this section, we will show how to make a dog shirt pattern in detail. Let’s sew a dog’s shirt. 

Things You’ll Need

    • Sewing Machine
    • Measuring Tape
    • Safety Pins
    • Scissors
    • Pencil
    • Printed pattern
    • Paper
    • An old t-shirt 

Measure Your Dog

The first step of how to make dog clothes step by step is to measure your dog. Use a measuring tape and start measuring from the dog’s neck to tail. 

Make sure you take the proper measurement and note it down. Check out the below listed simple chart. 

Dog Size

Examples of Breed

Chest Girth (Inches)

Back Length (Inches)



Yorkshire, Chihuahua, Terrier, Maltese



<5 lbs


Miniature Schnauzer,

Shih Tzu,



5-10 lbs


Cocker Spaniels, Beagles,



10-20 lbs


Bull Dog, Boxer, Labradors



20-30 lbs


Doberman, Pinscher,

Golden Retrievers



30-40 lbs

In case you don’t have a tape measure, then you can just put your old t-shirt on the dog’s back and fold it as per the dog’s body shape. Leave the folded shirt as it is so that you can cut it. 

Cut Old T-shirt In Horizontal Direction

Now that you have the measurement for the dog’s shirt, it’s time to cut it. Lay the shirt on a flat surface and follow the measurements. Start can start cutting in a horizontal direction. 

Prepare the Body of the Dog Shirt

The next step of how to make easy dog clothes is to make the body of the dog shirt. Use a plate and place it over the shirt to cover half of the sleeve. 

How to make a dog shirt
Image Source: Sam Lion On Pexels

You can start from the bottom and follow and cut the plate to the sleeve. Make sure both the ends of the shirt are even. 

You can fold the shirt over, match the other side, and start cutting it. In the end, you will get the right measurement on both sides. 

Work on the Sleeves

This step depends on your dog’s arm. If you have a short arm dog, you can cut the sleeves right from the hem of the sleeves. If you have a German Shepherd-like dog, then you will need to keep the sleeves. 

Prepare Tummy Part of the Dog Shirt

Make sure the DIY dog shirts are comfortable for your dog. You will need to turn the shirt over and grab the front-facing part. 

Dog button up shirt
Image Source: Chompers and Sons

Start folding from the beginning of the armpit and cut it from the top part of the shirt. This will leave you with a cropped top. Use a safety pin to keep these pieces together. 

Sew the Dog Shirt

Now it’s time to sew all the parts of the dog’s shirt together.  Use a sewing machine and start sewing from the end of the shirt. Remove safety pins as you proceed. 

Voila! It’s Ready to Wear

Once you have stitched together all the pieces, you will get a beautiful shirt for your dog. It’s time you dress your dog in this DIY dog’s shirt and give them an adorable look. 

5 Simple Steps for How to Make Dog Pants/Pajamas

Many dog owners want to dress their dogs like “humans.” It can be used as a costume to keep their dog warm or just for fashion. There are many reasons behind it.

Dog’s clothes are incomplete without comfy pants or pajamas. They look super cute on the pet. Pants or pajamas can also help keep the diaper in place.

Dog pajamas pattern
Image Source: Mimi & Tara

Want to know how to make dog pants? Keep reading. 

Gather Your Materials

Here are some basic sewing materials you will need:

    • Scissors
    • Fabric marker
    • Sewing machine
    • Needle
    • Sewing thread 

Determine the Right Size

The first step is to take the right measurements for the dog’s pajamas. Decide which size will fit your dog. If you are learning how to make clothes for a chihuahua, then you will need 0-3 months of baby clothes.

Dog sizing guide
Image Source: Bitch New York

If you are unsure about the size, then you can use a measuring tape and wrap it around your dog—starting from the dog’s neck to his tail. 

Cut the Onesie

Once you have the correct measurements, you will need to cut and sew your pet’s PJs. Slip the onesies or old pajamas over the dog. 

Make sure the buttons or zipper run on the dog’s belly. Fasten the pajama and mark “X” over her tail. Most of your work for Pajamas will roam around the tail. 

Once you have marked it, remove the pajama and start cutting a small circle on the “X” mark. Make sure the hole is big enough to pull the dog’s tail.

Bonus tip: You should start cutting the small hole and enlarge it as needed. 

Hem the Edges

If your dog likes to chew the edges, it’s essential to hem the edges. The edges of the new PJ should be smooth. 

To do this, you will need to fold the back in 1/4th inch and start sewing straight. Don’t forget to follow the cut markings. 

How to make pet clothes
Image Source: WeAllSew

Use a sewing machine or sew the hems by hand. Everything depends on you. When you hem the edges of the pajama, it will look clean and professional. 

Ready to Wear!

Now that you have just sewed the pajamas for your dog, you should put them back on the dog to check the fit. Slide your dog’s tail through the hole and button up the pajama. 

With so much patience and few materials, you can make an adorable, small pajama for your dog at home. 

How to Make Dog Clothes for Winter like Coat And Sweater

If your dog gets cold, then you must learn how to make dog clothes for winter. It is an easy DIY project and will keep your dog warm on those cold days.

DIY puppy clothes
Image Source: Tuomas Harkonen On Unsplash 

The best thing about the DIY dog’s winter sweater project is that you can use almost any type of fabric or sweater and make a comfortable, cozy sweater.

Ready to make a cozy dog’s sweater? Let’s start. 

Things You’ll Need

    • Scissors
    • 1 yard of fleece or any warm fabric
    • Measuring tape
    • Ruler
    • Pencil
    • Sewing needle
    • Straight pins
    • Sewing machine
    • Matching thread 

Measure Your Dog Size

Since all dogs are not the same size, you need to take the proper measurement. This measurement will further help in drafting the dog’s sweater pattern.

How to measure your dog for clothes
Image Source: Rover 

Here are some areas where you need to take measurements:

    • Around the neck – where the collar sits
    • Around the chest and two-inch behind the front legs
    • From neck to tail 

Prepare DIY Dogs Sweater Pattern

Once you have the correct measurement, it’s time to draft a dog sweater pattern. Start drawing your first line on the top of the pattern and add eight inches to your measurement. 

Next, you will need to draw a downward line from the left point of your first line. Deduct two and a half inches from neck to tail measurement. 

Dog coat pattern
Image Source: Pinterest

Now start from the bottom of the neck to the tail line and take half the width on your dog’s back and draw a line.

Draw another straight line at the end of the back measurement to the top line. Take the right side of the top line and start drawing two and a half inches until you get a strap finished size of two inches. 

Connect the bottom of this with a straight line, and at the three inches down, draw a two-and-a-half-inch wide strap. Once you do this, you will have a basic pattern for a dog’s sweater. 

Cut the Pattern and Sew the Sweater

Now it’s time to cut your pattern. Lay your fleece fabric on the flat surface and put the pattern on it. Start cutting the pattern and fabric—one for the outer side and one for the lining. 

Now place the pieces together in a way that the sides face each other and start sewing. Don’t forget to leave four to five inches for the sweater opening part.

Turn the sweater pieces inside out and press the opening by 1/4th inch. Use top stitch on the opening of the sweater. If needed, you can use Velcro on the straps. 

Ready to Wear!

By this stage, you have completed your tutorial on how to make a DIY dog sweater. It’s time to style your dog into a DIY sweater you just made. This sweater will keep your dog warm in the chilly winter and help him look great. 

How to make easy dog clothes
Image Source: Karin Hiselius On Unsplash

How to Make Easy Dog Clothes: FAQs

Learning how to make easy dog clothes is helpful. It can help save money on expensive dog clothes while allowing you to polish your sewing skills.

Do you have more questions about making dog clothes? Let’s answer those. 

Is It Easy to Make Dog Clothes?

Indeed. Making dog clothes at home is one of the easiest and quickest DIY projects. Anyone with little to no sewing experience can just upcycle old clothes into amazing dog clothes. 

DIY dog clothing
Image Source: Marshalls Pet Zone

Can You Put Baby Clothes On Dogs?

Yes. You can use your baby clothes, make some minor adjustments, and upcycle them into dog clothes. Make sure you first decide which size will fit your dog. 

Should Chihuahuas Wear Clothes?

Yes. Chihuahuas get cold, and clothes can help them keep warm. You can learn how to make puppy cloth-like sweaters or shirts and wear them in cool, chilly weather. 

Is Putting Clothes On Dogs Cruel?

Putting clothes on dogs depends on your dog. If your dog hates clothes, then it will be cruel to force your dog to wear clothes.

If your dog loves to wear clothes, it’s great to make some amazing handmade clothes. Never force your dog to wear clothes, and do not keep the clothes on him for a long time. 

Can I Start a Dog Clothing Line?

Yes. If you want to start a dog’s clothing line, you need to decide your business type and direction. Once it is in place, you can work on your clothing products and build a solid marketing strategy to succeed in the dog’s clothing line business. 

Dog clothing sitting on chair
Image Source: Freepik


A dog is an important part of your family. Some people prefer to buy ready-made, expensive clothes from stores, but nothing can beat the pleasure of making something on your own. 

Learning how to make pet clothes allows you to show your immense love for your dog. This is not just like any other DIY project, but it helps you make something adorable for your cute dog.

The above information and step-by-step tutorial will help you make some amazing clothes like shirts, pants, sweaters, winter wear, etc.

Want to turn these handmade dog clothes into professional-looking clothes, head to Superlabel Store and place your order for super customizable and easy to design,

Superlabel Store encourages all sewing enthusiasts to empower themselves and start their own clothing line business. Read our guide on how to start a clothing line and launch your successful business.

Just gather your sewing kit essentials and get ready to upcycle your baby clothes into adorable dog clothes.

Happy sewing!