A Guide on How to Make an Ugly Christmas Sweater in an Afternoon

Over the last couple of decades, people have shown interest in learning how to make an ugly Christmas sweater. An ugly Christmas sweater has embedded itself in the culture.

 An ugly Christmas sweater is a Christmas-themed sweater that can be tacky, gaudy, and looks funky. The more embellishments or decorative items such as tinsels, candy canes, presents, and reindeer, the uglier the sweater.

Whether for a house party or office party with colleagues, these tacky Christmas sweaters are at the heart of all festive celebrations. 

Are you spending huge money to buy these crazy Christmas sweaters? It’s time to save some money and use your creativity.

We are here to help you learn how to make an ugly Christmas sweater at home with the embellishments available. We have a bunch of DIY ugly Christmas ideas to help your season get cozier. 

Are you excited? Let’s start learning. 

How to Make an Ugly Sweater: 7 Features of Ugly Christmas Sweater

The ugly sweater Christmas sweaters were first featured on a Situation Comedian in the late 1980s. They were buttoned down on the front side.

The first mass production of ugly sweaters started under the name of “jingle bell sweaters” in the 1980s. While no one often takes the credit for ugly types of clothes, these ugly Christmas sweaters were getting popular.

Ugly Christmas sweater
Image Source: Pinterest

If you know how to sew different types of sweaters, then learning how to make an ugly sweater will be an easy task for you. Before we jump to making DIY ugly Christmas sweaters, let’s find out some essentials that make an ugly sweater.

Multiple Colors

The normal sweaters come in two tones, but Christmas is a festival with no shortage of bright colors. 

DIY ugly Christmas sweaters
Image Source: Seattle Goodwill

The ugly Christmas sweater should look unpleasant, and they set the benchmarks for ugliness. That’s why these sweaters are a mixture of more than three colors. The more, the merrier. 

Offends People On Purpose

Yes, you read it right! When learning how to make an ugly sweater, this is the first thing you should keep in mind. 

Whether you want to roast Santa or your friends, there is no better way of messing with people’s minds than wearing an ugly sweater. Mess with the moods but never with the beliefs. 

Christmas is a religious holiday, and you can get an opportunity to play with everyone, but watch out. It could turn into ugliness, and it’s not just about your sweater

Dangle, Twiddle bits

How can we miss the Christmas ornaments? They are the essential part of an ugly Christmas sweater. 

If you know how to knit a sweater, you know the types of ornaments that can be used for decoration purposes. The ugly Christmas sweaters are full of those ornaments. The more the ornaments, the easier it is to drive people crazy. 

A Turtleneck and Vest

The school librarian often wears the turtleneck and vest combo. This makes it ugly. That just means they can be added to your Christmas sweater to make it uglier. 

Ways to style an ugly Christmas sweater
Image Source: Mysteries of Style

Impossible to Ignore

This is the most important element of learning how to make an ugly Christmas sweater easy. The ugly Christmas sweater should be the ugliest for both men and women. 

When you know that people can’t stop staring at you, then you know that you learn to sew the ugliest sweater for Christmas. 

Makes No Sense

When you start learning how to make a simple ugly Christmas sweater, you need to keep in mind that the sweater doesn’t make any sense. 

The more Christmas theme and the weird item you put on the sweater, the easier it will attract the eyeballs. 

You can also learn how to crochet a sweater and then add some ugly and cute factors and elements. Make sure your sweater makes people smile and gross at the same time. 

Makes Your Granny Proud

What’s better than a DIY ugly Christmas sweater? It’s a dream for granny to see their child wear something cute that helps them laugh at the same time. 

Ugly Christmas sweater outfit
Image Source: Diary of a Toronto Girl

Snowflake embellishments and funky colors will bring a smile to your granny’s face. It’s best to use knitted types of fabric sweaters that were gifted to you by your granny. She will be very proud of you that you made something out of that gift. 

How to Make a Homemade Ugly Christmas Sweater: 19 Design Ideas 

Who would have thought that the weird and ugly innovation of the British and ancient Egyptian attire would become the most important part of the Christmas festival?

The ugly Christmas sweaters are popular at all Christmas parties. They are the attire that you can wear without any fear of judging. Be it your office or friends gathering Christmas festive parties; you can just wear these sweaters.

How to make an ugly Christmas sweater
Image Source: Sobhan Joodi On Pexels

Do you want to bring a smile to your friend’s face and annoy them at the same time? Then it’s time to look for some unique ugly Christmas sweater ideas. 

Save yourself from a long trip to shops, and learn how to make a homemade ugly Christmas sweater.

The following is a quick round-up of the silliest, funniest, and unique ideas for learning how to make an ugly sweater design. 

Crochet Ugly Christmas Sweater

Do you know how to make a crochet sweater? Are you crochet enthusiasts and want to showcase your crocheting skills this Christmas? 

Crochet ugly Christmas sweater
Image Source: Julia Larson On Pexels

Then you will love to learn how to make a homemade ugly Christmas sweater. It features crocheting with small knitted Christmas lights. Be as creative as possible and make this sweater the most attractive one. 

Starbucks Cup Ugly Christmas Sweater

Ah. Who doesn’t love Starbucks coffee and its beautiful cups? This ugly Christmas sweater design is perfect for all coffee lovers out. By using Starbuck cups, you can show your devotion to your long love of coffee. 

Construction Paper Tree Christmas Sweater

The main purpose of all ugly Christmas sweaters is to be as ugly and creative as possible. This ugliest sweater will be the center attraction of your party. 

Construction paper Christmas tree sweater
Image Source: Crafty Texas Girls

To start making it, just cut a tree pattern from construction paper and put it on your sweater using glue. You are all set to rock your parties. 

Kitten Ugly Christmas Sweater

Are you the cat lady or cat man? Whatever you are, you will love this ugly sweater design. This design is cute, simple, and features kittens. You can be more creative and make mini mittens inside which kittens can hang out. 

Total Christmas Tree Ugly Sweater

When you know how to make an ugly Christmas tree sweater, you need to be a genius and create a tree-like look. 

Clever ugly Christmas sweatersUgly Christmas sweaters diy
Image Source: Bored Panda

At first glance, this sweater looks like a simple green-colored and tinsel-decorated piece. Use some hot glue and put tinsel and other ornaments on your green clothes. 

Garland Christmas Sweater

Want to be the brightest at your Christmas parties? Choose this ugly Christmas sweater pattern. 

Ugly Christmas sweater diy sewing garland on
Image Source: Hello Rigby

Get some decorative items that can be found in-home during the Christmas season and put it on your sweater. You will be fighting like a star at a festive party. 

Wine To-Go Christmas Sweater

Learning how to make an ugly Christmas sweater fast couldn’t be easy without this design. Just get some glue, an old Christmas stocking, old sweater, and start attaching them. 

You will have a pocket in which you can put your beverages. Is it the craziest idea? 

Couple’s Christmas Sweater

Ugly Christmas sweaters are not just for individuals, but you can be creative and make the one that matches your loved one. 

Ugly couple Christmas sweaters
Image Source: Rodnae Production On Pexels

Walk to Christmas festive parties like a queen and King but don’t forget to bring smiles to the faces. The couple can wear these ugly Christmas sweaters at movie nights as well. 

Reindeer Christmas Sweater

This is one of the glorious Christmas sweaters. It has sparkles and funkiness as well. 

Just use felt and fabric marker or chalk to learn how to make a cute Christmas sweater ugly. You can use some pom-poms to illuminate the falling snow effect. 

Tacky Gingerbread Ugly Christmas Sweater

Christmas is all about laughter and some yummy cookies. We all love those delicious gingerbread cookies. So why not be a gingerbread man this Christmas? 

How to make an ugly sweater
Image Source: Amy Latta Creations

Start crocheting colorful gingerbread sweaters. The best thing about this ugly sweater is that it will keep reminding you of each of those delicious gingerbread cookies.

Bottle Cap Christmas Sweater

Get the creepiest and most annoying Christmas sweater on this festival by using the bottle caps. You must have a lot of bottle caps. 

Leverage them and create something useful for this festival season. If you know how to make clothes, then just sew lots of bottle caps on them, and you will be all set to wear the ugliest sweater. It is also the best way to recycle old sweaters. 

National Lampoon’s Christmas Sweater

Start making a squirrel sweater that crawls right up to your hair. This pattern is a little tipsy, but you can add some cheerfulness to it. Kids love squirrels, and someone wearing this sweater would be the center of the attraction. 

How to make a tacky Christmas sweater
Image Source: Lantern Club

Bearded Santa Sweater

Who doesn’t love Santa’s long beard? Just get the plastic Santa beard and some Christmas ornaments to make the ugliest beard Santa Christmas sweater. 

Home Alone Sweater

Are you Kevin Mcallister’s fan? Then this Home Alone sweater is just perfect for you. 

Ugly home alone Christmas sweater
Image Source: Pinterest

You can learn how to make a tacky Christmas sweater based on the Home Alone theme and gift it to your friends. They can wear it and watch their favorite film. Wearing something that you adore is a different feeling.  

Pom-Pom Anthro Sweater

The pom-poms are the essential ornaments of Christmas decorations. You can use those pom-poms to make your own ugly sweater. 

Pompoms ugly Christmas sweater
Image Source: Pinterest

Get the different color pompoms and sew or glue them on your sweater. You can also use the same colored pom-poms to stick to the party theme. This sweater will be less ugly, but it can give you a more stylish look. 

Lighted Rudy Sweater

This is the brightest ugly Christmas sweater you will ever see. The lighted ruddy sweater is made from some of the brightest tiny lights. 

Wrap them on your sweater in a way that your entire sweater is covered with lights. Give Santa the easiest way to find you in the crowd with the lighted sweater.

Ugly Sweater Onesie

Turn your Christmas cocktail party into a pajama party. These Santa-approved onesies are an excellent addition to your festive attires. 

Just take some Christmas-theme ribbons, hot glue, and a patch. You will all set to transform your boring sweater into something that everyone asks you, “where did you buy that one?” 

No-Sew Ugly Sweater Slipper Socks

Not just your upper body but the toes also need to be ugly. Get more ugly with the no-sew ugly Christmas slipper socks. 

Use a pair of red socks and some available supplies in your home, and start making some ugly socks. These tiny babies are perfect gifts if your friends have organized gift exchanges at the party. 

Ugly Candy Cane Sweater

This is one of the simplest and ugliest sweaters you can wear to any Christmas party. All you want is a plain, old sweater, some candy canes, garlands, and ornaments, and you will be all set to make an ugly Christmas sweater. 

DIY candy cane ugly Christmas sweater
Image Source: J’s Everyday Fashion

How to Make a Last-Minute Ugly Christmas Sweater: 7 Quick Design Ideas

The best thing about Christmas is ugly Christmas sweaters and ugly Christmas parties. What started out as a family joke has now become an essential part of the festival.

If you cannot prepare your ugly Christmas sweater in advance and don’t want to buy it from the store, then this section is for you.

Dissatisfaction from snow Christmas couple sweaters
Image Source: Gpointstudio On Freepik

Here are some ugly Christmas sweater ideas you should keep in mind while learning how to make a last-minute ugly Christmas sweater. All of these ugly Christmas sweaters are easy to make and take less time so that you can enjoy your ugly Christmas party with your friends. 

Abominable Snowman

Nothing can beat the creepiness of a snowman. Bring that creepiness to your Christmas sweater making. This will be an adorable yet spooky garment that your friends couldn’t take their eyes off. 

Elf Sweater

Another idea for how to make a last-minute ugly Christmas sweater is to use an elf. Be a Santa’s no #1 helper this Christmas. 

Ugly Christmas sweater ideas
Image Source: MorningChores

This Elf ugly Christmas sweater will be an eye-catcher. You can learn how to sew a hat and wear it with this Elf sweater. It’s optional, but you can go all in. 

Holiday Cheermeister

Be the best cheer of this Christmas. This sweater is a must-have if you are the biggest fan of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

Christmas Wreath

Want to make something sparky and funky? This Christmas festival, learn how to make a Christmas sweater tacky with supplies found in your home. 

How to make an ugly Christmas sweater easy
Image Source: Pinterest

This will be quick and easy to make a DIY ugly Christmas sweater design. Just get some Christmas ornaments and decorations and start making your ugly Christmas sweater. 

A Christmas Tree Hoodie

Everyone loves to wear a hoodie or types of shirts. So why not turn it into an ugly Christmas sweater. Just take a green color hoodie and Put some stars on the top of it. Make sure you make it as tacky as hell. 

Tinsel & Bows Sweater

Christmas is incomplete without some tinsel and bows. Do you have the leftovers from decorations? 

DIY tinsel and bows ugly Christmas sweater
Image Source: Pinterest

Get the bows and trim your collars to put them on your hoodie. Use them and learn how to make a last-minute ugly Christmas sweater. 

Stuffed Animal Sweater

This is one of the best ideas on our list of how to make an ugly Christmas sweater cute. Keep your cozy friend with you this Christmas, and dazzle your attire.

Now that you know different patterns, designs, and some ugly ideas, learning how to make an ugly Christmas sweater look good will be easy for you.

Whichever design you choose to make in the next step, you must use custom woven labels and hang tags from Superlabel Store to give your DIY ugly Christmas sweater a personalized touch.

Features of Superlabel Store’s labels:

    • Super customizable
    • Super easy
    • Superior quality

Just pick your design, upload it, and you will be all set to get your own labels. 

How to Make an Ugly Christmas Sweater: Tutorial with Picture

With Christmas approaching, it’s time to pull out your old, worn-out sweaters. Nothing better than upcycling your clothes. 

There are different ways to do that but making an ugly Christmas sweater is the best. It’s more often a way of upcycling clothes that you no longer wear or use.

When starting to learn how to make an ugly Christmas sweater, you need to understand that this DIY project is all about using your creativity. 

Woman decorating Christmas tree with lights
Image Source: DCStudio On Freepik

Use old ornaments, gift wraps, Christmas decoration items, candy canes, etc. These items will give your DIY sweater a new look and help you treasured vintage Christmas vibes.

Learning how to make an ugly sweater cute is a quick and easy DIY project. Take this project and complete it in one afternoon. It’s 100 percent perfect for cheering up your holiday season.

Skip the idea of buying expensive, ugly Christmas sweaters from shops. Make your own ugly Christmas sweater with the below-listed step-by-step instructions. 

What Will You Need

The following are a couple of things you will need to begin your DIY project on how to make an ugly Christmas sweater at home.

​​Ugly Christmas sweater tutorial
Image Source: Kwon Junho On Unsplash

    • Hot glue gun
    • Garland
    • Ornaments
    • Scissors
    • Ribbon
    • Fabric Paint
    • Plain sweater
    • Glitter
    • Gift wrap bows 

Trim the Sweater with a Garland

The first step is to get your favorite sweater and snip the metallic garland into the collar length. Measure your collar and cuffs and then hem the sweater. 

Not sure about the clothing line? Read our guide on how to make a clothing line. Then, start cutting the garland for the exact fit.

You need to attach the garland using the hot glue gun. Don’t forget to add a dab or two that can secure the ends. For a funky look, fluff the garlands and clear any tinsel from the sweater. 

Arrange Gift Wraps, Bows, and Ornaments

Now it’s time to place bows and other ornaments across the sweater. Scatter the items in a way that creates a random effect. 

Use hot glue and apply it to each piece to attach it to the sweater. Once it has dried, you can decorate the sleeves and back of the sweater. With this, you will have a nice Christmas look. 

Attach the Candy Canes

Once you have arranged the ornaments, it’s time to work around candy canes. Use hot glue to start filling the space between the bows and ornaments. Just unwrap the candy canes and scatter them on the sweater.

Pro Tip: 

Want your ugly Christmas sweater to last for several festive seasons? Apply a clear coat of shellac or nail polish on the candy canes before gluing them.

You can also use candy canes on the sleeves and back. 

Start Making Ribbon Bows

Want to make the ugly sweater more ugly? Use ribbon bows. They are simple and easy to make. 

Just take some patterned ribbons and glue them together. Use your fingertips to squeeze the paper toward the center part. 

With this technique, you can prepare a lot of bows in various colors and let them dry for some time. 

Glue on the Bows

The next step of how to make a Christmas sweater design is to apply glues to the bows and attach them to the sweater. 

Press the ribbon downward to get a lasting hold. Make sure you secure the sleeves and add a lot of bows to make it look like the busiest part. 

Paint Snowflakes

Get the fine fabric paintbrush and start painting some cute, simple snowflakes. Add some glitter on the top so that it can shine brighter, and let them dry before you start working on the backside.

 You can also use white paint or stencil to paint snowflakes. 

Ready to Wear!

Voila! Your super ugly Christmas sweater is ready to wear. Style it with an underrated bottom pattern and Santa hat. 

You are all set to head out to your friend’s Christmas party.

How to make an ugly Christmas sweater fast
Image Source: Brother

Don’t forget to use care labels from the Superlabel store to put the washing instructions on your DIY ugly Christmas sweater. It will help you preserve your sweater for a long time.

You can also host some ugly Christmas sweater-making parties at your home and see how people use their creativity to make the best of the old clothes.

Once you know how to make an ugly Christmas sweater, you can try learning


An ugly Christmas sweater has now become the most popular part of Christmas parties. Everyone looks forward to seeing what others are wearing. 

Have you ever thought that a family tradition or joke would be so popular?

This DIY project is not just any other project where you can make some items and use them. It is about using your creativity to make something out of the box. 

The above-listed information on how to make an ugly Christmas sweater will help you give some ideas on the design/pattern. You can use it and make something amazing to wear this Christmas. 

The scope for creativity is unlimited. So be as creative as possible. 

Happy learning!