Learn How to Make a Drawstring Bag in a Day

Wondering how to make a drawstring bag and use it every day? Drawstring bags have become popular in the last decade because of their versatility and customization. These bags have a long history and can be found in various sizes, colors, materials, etc.

One can carry these bags for multiple purposes and on different occasions. According to the experts, users prefer drawstring bags because these bags allows them to customize as per their lifestyle.

Drawstring bags can be made from any number of materials such as cotton, burlap, mesh, nylon, polyester, canvas, etc.

With so much popularity, learning how to make a drawstring bag can be an excellent project for those who are just starting to sew. Drawstring bags are easy to make and can be completed in less time—from start to finish. 

In this article, we will help you understand the different uses of drawstring bags, how they differ from traditional bags, some popular sewing patterns, and step-by-step instructions for making drawstring bags at home.

Just determine what size and fabric you want for your drawstring bag and get ready to experiment with the fabric combinations and make something useful. 

How to Make Cotton Drawstring Bags: How It Differs From Traditional Bags

Drawstring bags are handy to carry essential items with you while walking. 

These bags were first introduced in the 14th and 15th centuries and depicted Egyptian hieroglyphs of men with small pouches tied around their waist.

Over the years, drawstring bags evolved and became popular among men and women. People started using drawstring bags in their day-to-day lives to carry the essentials. 

How to make a drawstring bag
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In the 19th century, drawstring bags gained popularity as a betrothal or marriage essential due to the amount women spent on customizing and embroidering them.

In the mid-1980s, Prada launched a black nylon cinch bag, and these bags spiked a buying craze. Today, these versatile bags are used by everyone—right from college students to industry professionals.

With so much rich history, it is essential to learn how to sew drawstring bags at home. But before you know how to make cotton drawstring bags at home, it is essential to understand how it differs from other traditional bags.

Here are some of the reasons behind its uniqueness. 

Difference Traditional Bags Drawstring Bags


Normal, traditional bags come with complicated zippers and clasps that can not work as required when you are in a hurry.

Drawstring bags are easy-to-access. You can just pull the top of the bag to open it and pull string to secure your bag.

Mobility A traditional bag is bulkier and hard to carry for a long time.

Drawstring bags are easy to grab and go. They come in a smaller size, which makes them portable. 


Traditional bags can not be customized. Drawstring bags are super customizable. You can use woven labels and hang tags from Super label Store and make a bag with your desired color, logo, etc.
Security Traditional bags can drop out items because of multiple zippers. When you learn how to make cotton drawstring bags, you can see they can be cinched tight at the top, making them secure.
Compartments Different types of bags come with multiple compartments, which can be time-consuming while finding your item. A drawstring bag has one compartment, making it easy to find an item.
Space Saving Traditional bags are bulkier and require more space. A drawstring or cinch bag lies flat and can be tucked into smaller spaces.

How to Make a String Bag: 11 Uses of Drawstring Bags

There is a variety of drawstring bags available. You can learn to sew these bags in different colors, sizes, fabric, etc.

Having an understanding of the different uses of drawstring bags will help you while learning how to make a string bag at home.

How to make a string bag
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Here are some popular uses of drawstring bags. 

Gym Bags

Many gym enthusiasts use drawstring bags to carry gym clothes. These bags help you carry your clothes as the bag size is not questionable. 

What are drawstring bags
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Learning how to make a string bag will help you carry your swimming costumes and towels without any unnecessary attention. 

Kids School Bag

Drawstring bags make a perfect school bag for the kids. When learning how to make a tote bag, you can use some decorative items to add fun to your kid’s school bag. 

Use your creative ideas so that your kid can have a fun time with the bag, and you can see them wearing your creation every day. 

Everyday Use

Drawstring bags come with lots of benefits. They can be your perfect cleaning kit or anything that you wish it to be. 

How to make a pouch bag
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They are super flexible and customizable so that they can fit your every need. They are also the perfect way to try your hands on upcycling clothes

Toiletry Travel Kit

When you are traveling and want to make sure that you carry all the toiletry items with you, you can use drawstring bags. 

It can help you separate your toiletries from other items. Drawstring bags have enough space to accommodate different items of all shapes and sizes. 

Gift for a Future Wolf Packer

Do you have a younger sibling, cousin, or a close friend who loves sporting wolfpack? Then, give them drawstring bags to carry their essential items. 

Lunch Bag

Going on a picnic and want to carry your lunch with you? Don’t worry. You can keep your meal within your reach while traveling, so you don’t have to go through your backpacks. Drawstring bags can also be helpful here. 

Bento drawstring lunch bag
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Trash Bag in the Car

Drawstring bags can be made in different sizes. As per your need, you can customize them and use them. The small drawstring bags can be hung on the back of the seat and used as a trash collector

Book Carry Bag

Are you a book lover? Want to carry your books with you while traveling? Use drawstring bags.

How to make a cinch bag
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They can be your perfect storage for books. Be it a small notebook or heavy novels, drawstring bags can be used to store them. 

Cycling Carry-all Bag

Learning how to make a mini drawstring bag is helpful. You can carry your small items when you are riding a bike or cycling. 

Since you will be riding and using both hands to navigate, having a drawstring bag can be helpful in this case. 

Toy Container

Kids love to have lots of toys, but this can be annoying when you don’t have proper storage. With drawstring bags, you can store your kids all toys in them and keep your house clean. 

DIY denim bucket toy storage bag with drawstring
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Strong Toys Items

If you are parents with kids who have lots of toys, the drawstring bag can be helpful to you. You can use a drawstring bag to store toys while keeping your house clean and organized. 

How to Make a Drawstring Bag: Tutorial With Pictures

If you know how to make clothes, then you will see how easy it is to make a drawstring bag. These bags are super easy, and even beginners can learn to make them at home. 

Knowing how to make a drawstring bag at home will help you polish your sewing skills and allow you to upcycle different fabrics. 

​​How to make a bucket bag
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To make a drawstring or cinch purse or bag at home, all you need is some types of cotton fabric, a sewing needle, and ribbon or string for pulling purposes.

Check out our instructions on how to make a drawstring bag step by step. 

Supplies/Equipment/Tools You’ll Need

DIY drawstring bag tutorial
Image Source: Pavel Danilyuk On Pexels

    • ½ yard fabric
    • One 2/3-yard cotton cording or thin rope
    • Rotary cutter
    • Fabric turning tube, safety pin
    • Sewing machine
    • Cutting mat
    • Ruler
    • Tape
    • Thread and needle
    • Sewing pins
    • Iron
    • Scissors
    • Personalized care labels from Superlabel Store 

Choose the Fabric

The first step in learning how to make a drawstring bag at home is to choose the right types of fabric. The stronger or thicker the fabric, the longer your bag will survive. 

Don’t forget to consider the usage of your bag. If you want to carry heavy items, you may need to use a water-resistant fabric. You can also use any fabric available at your home and recycle it.

Tip: Scrap fabric is excellent for turning it into a drawstring bag.

While choosing different colors or patterns in fabric, make sure you match the sides and pattern. 

Choose the Right Drawstring

Another essential step in making a drawstring bag at home is to choose a nice piece of ribbon, string, or cord. Anything similar to that which holds well when pulled and tied can be used. 

Cut the Fabric

While learning how to make a fabric drawstring bag, make sure you cut the fabric in the same sizes. The finished size of the product depends on your choice.

DIY drawstring bag
Image Source: Cottonbro On Pexels

Bonus Tip: To reduce the sewing time, you can fold the fabric in half size and start cutting.

Small 5×6″ W6 x L7.5″ 18″
Medium 7×8″ W8 x L9.5″ 20″
Large 11×13″ W12 x L14.5″ 24″
Extra Large 20×26.” W21 x L27.5″ 33″

Turn the Fabric Wrong-side

Start folding the fabric about one inch at the top to make the hem. Follow this step for both the fabric. Pin the hem you just created and stitch along the hem at the bottom. 

Make sure you get the small and neat stitches as they will be displayed outside. When you finish making the bag, you will see that your drawstring will pass through this hem. 

Match the Two Sides of the Fabric With Your Hems at the Top

Pin both the fabric pieces or just fold them. Start stitching them along the sides and bottom or you can choose two sides and stitch if you are using folded fabric method. 

Drawstring casing tutorial
Image Source: Threading My Way

Don’t forget to leave the hemmed edges open for the drawstring opening. When you finish stitching the fabric, turn the bag inside out. 

Adjust as You Need

This is the most important step of learning how to make a pouch bag or how to make a cinch bag as you have just made a pouch and you are about to add the drawstring. 

Add the Drawstring

If you have ever tried to sew different types of clothes, you will know how to insert drawstrings. Get the ribbon, string, or cord, and use a darning needle, thread, yarn, or whatever into the hem you sewed in the above step. 

​​How to make a pull string bag
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Take a drawstring about twice the length of your bag opening. Do not pull it right away, as you will need some drawstrings on the other side of the bag’s opening.

Once you have threaded the drawstring through both the hems, you need to tie both ends into a bow or knot. 


Once you have tied your drawstring, you will see that it will close your pouch or bag if you pull the drawstring.

With that, you have created your own drawstring bag at home. Now you can use it to carry your essentials while traveling or store your items in it.

Simple white drawstring bag
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Wasn’t a DIY drawstring bag easy to do a project? 

So why waste your money on buying those bags from stores? With the above-listed instructions, you can learn how to make a drawstring tote bag at home. 

How to Make a Pull String Bag: Cleaning and Washing Instructions

Now that you have made a drawstring bag at home, you may need to know some cleaning and washing tips so that you can preserve your DIY project for a long time. 

Check out some essential tips or instructions for cleaning and washing your DIY drawstring bag. Keep them in mind while learning how to make a pull string bag.

How to make a drawstring tote bag
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    • Start filling your washing machine with warm water if your drawstring bag is made out of nylon fabric. If your bag is made from canvas or other fabric, you need to use cold water. Add some amount of detergent.
    • Now place your drawstring bag in a lingerie bag with a zipper closure. This will help prevent the strings from wrapping around the other clothes. Zip that bag.
    • Put that lingerie bag with a drawstring bag into the washing machine and turn your washing machine to a normal cycle. 
    • When it is finished, you need to remove the drawstring bag from the lingerie bag and put it in the dryer. 
    • Make sure your dryer is set to warm or permanent press.
    • At the end of the dryer cycle, remove the drawstring bag from the dryer and take out the lingerie bag. Don’t forget to shake the bag. It will help you remove any wrinkles. 


Drawstring bags are small bags that are adjustable and can be used to store your daily essentials. These bags are super flexible and customizable.

Drawstring bags are easy to make, and beginners with no sewing experience can also try making them at home. These bags can be a great addition to your small sewing projects. 

Our above-listed instructions and step-by-step approach will help you make a beautiful drawstring bag at home. While learning how to make a drawstring bag, you can also use some decorative items to make the bag look more attractive and appealing. 

It’s your own DIY project, so you can do whatever you want to do with it. Be more creative and see your creativity transforming into a wonderful, useful bag.

Happy sewing, happy learning!