How to Crochet a Rose: 13 Simple Steps and Pattern Ideas

Do you love crafts and want to decorate your home with handmade items? If so, what’s better than learning crocheting?

Crocheting is a kind of knitting technique that can help you create a wide range of decorative items and clothing accessories. This technique was introduced for making clothing items, but it has been gaining popularity for everyday decorative items.

Crocheting a flower like a rose can be an excellent craft project for beginners. Crocheting rose is an easy, quick, and absolutely fun project. 

With simple and basic techniques, you can use a lot of variations in a flower’s size, shape, and even color. You can use your own crocheted rose as a home décor item or maybe gift it to a special person in your life. 

Whether it’s a red rose that shows your love or yellow color for friendship, you can make a variation in rose and gift it to the person. These versatile DIY crocheting projects are made using small patterns so you can finish them in less than 30 minutes.

In this article, you will learn how to crochet a rose with a basic pattern and limited supplies. 

How to Crochet a Rose: 12 Amazing Rose Patterns

Before we jump to how to crochet a rose, it is essential to understand different rose patterns people have been using from ancient times. 

Free crochet rose pattern
Image Source: Pinterest

Many rose patterns are available that can be used for bunting, gift tags, jewelry, clothing accessories, and even home décor.

Check out these 12 free crochet rose patterns and learn to use them in different ways. 

Simple Yellow Rose

Simple yellow crochet rose
Image Source: Maggie’s Crochet

There are many ways you can learn how to crochet a rose, and this pattern shows you some unique and easy options to do it. 

This free basic pattern will make you think of The Yellow Rose of Texas song. It is made in a long spiral row and stitched together to prepare the 3-D shape of the flower. 

Rose With Wired Seam

This beautiful rose pattern comes with a wired seam and leaves. It is the perfect crocheting pattern to give someone as a gift. 

It was crocheted using a medium-weight yarn and 5mm best crochet hooks. When you finish making this pattern, the rose and steam will be 4.5 inches x 10 inches. 

Layered Rose

Layered crochet irish rose
Image Source: GoldernLucyCrafts

Sweet Softies first designed a layered rose-free crochet pattern. It is one of the simplest and most amazing crocheting patterns that can be used as a dining table decoration item. 

To learn how to crochet a rose easily, you will need sport weight yarn and a 3.75mm hook. 

Rose Coin Purse

Have you ever thought of crocheting a small, beautiful coin purse for your granny? This is the perfect opportunity. 

Sonya Blackstone introduced the Rose coin purse pattern. With medium-weight yarn and a 4mm hook, you can start making a beautiful, tiny purse. 

Simple Origami Rose

Crochet flower origami with step by step
Image Source: Crochet Works

This free rose crochet pattern makes it a perfect home decoration item that is reusable. You can make beautiful long roses with medium-weight yarn and a 4mm hook. The finished rose pattern will be 6 inches in circumference and 3.5 inches tall.

Puff Rose Pattern

The next pattern is the puff rose pattern. It is another classic way to add some embellishments to your DIY crocheting project. You can make a beautiful handbag or winter-perfect blanket by joining lots of roses. 

Just four stitches like chains, double crochet, double treble crochet, and slip stitches are used in this pattern. Don’t know about chain? Here’s our guide on how to start a crochet chain

Crochet Multicolor Rose

Crochet rose flower
Image Source: TruenewsK

Are you bored of making single-color roses? Why not learn how to crochet an easy, pretty rose flower in multiple colors? This free multicolor rose pattern will help you with creating colorful crochet roses. 

It is super simple and easy to make. The rose flowers have an embellishment at the center, making them more beautiful. You can use pearls or sew any type of button or bead you want to keep at the center. 

Blooming Crochet Rose

Another blooming crochet rose pattern which can add more texture and color to your floral appliques. This beautiful rose pattern can be used as a pin for little girls or strung together on a garland. Add some color to your room or any outfit with this pattern. 

Flat Crochet Roses

Flat crochet rose pattern can be worked as a beautiful decoration item. By crocheting multiple roses, you can frame it as wall art. 

Crochet Rosettes

Giant crochet rosette
Image Source: Creative Jewish Mom

Want a classic rose design with a unique spin? This free rose crochet pattern is intended for making small rosettes and leaves. 

Using this pattern, you can make a bouquet for decoration that includes birthday décor, anniversary décor, or wedding decors. It can also be used to give a floral touch to any of your crocheting projects. 

Crochet Roses Doily

A cute yet terrific crochet pattern that can be used in contemporary homes. Roses Doily pattern was first published in Woman’s Day Magazine in the 1980s. 

The best thing about this pattern is that the roses are made with a bit of a 3D look, whereas the heart doily lies flat on the floor. 

You can learn how to crochet one color or multi-color roses that stand out. Read our guide on how to change colors in crochet that will help you do colorful projects. 

Rose Crochet Heart

Rose crochet heart
Image Source: Pinterest

Want to crochet a rose for a special occasion like Valentine’s day? What’s better than a rose heart pattern. This beautiful heart and roses pattern is sure to impress your lover. 

To make a rose heart pattern, you need to make one rose and attach it to a crochet cloche hat to give it a romantic touch for a date night. You can also make several roses and clip them together as bunting for a party.

All of these wonderful crocheting rose patterns will help you impress your partner or the guest who will see it as your beautiful home décor item. 

Whatever pattern you choose, do not forget to give your DIY crocheting project a personalized touch by using Superlabel Store’s woven labels and hang tags that are customizable and super easy to work with. 

How to Make a Small Crochet Rose: 10 Fantastic Décor Ideas

Why are so many people interested to know what is crochet? How do they use those crocheted items? This section will answer covering all of these questions. 

Crocheting is a favorite hobby of women these days. It helps them express themselves while opting for a relaxing DIY project.

Learning how to make small crochet rose helps you make beautiful, store-looking decoration items. Crochet rose to use it as eye-catching table décor, wall décor, party décor, or wear it in jewelry.

Want some more crocheting rose décor ideas? Check out the below listed some of the amazing décor ideas. 

A Crochet Rose Wall Art

Learning how to crochet a rose can help you give a new look to your room. It is a fantastic way to add some pop colors to any house room. 

Crochet flower wall art
Image Source: GoldenLucyCrafts

If you love wall art and crocheting, then you can combine both and make a beautiful home décor item. 

Rose Garlands

Want to fill your beautiful space with roses? Here’s a simple yet amazing décor idea that will add charm to your wonderful home. 

Rose garlands are made from a long piece of yarn. Learning how to crochet a rose for beginners will help you make small roses that you can attach to a yarn. It’s ready to hang anywhere. 

A Crochet Rose Pendant Lamp Makeover

A crochet rose pendant lamp can help you brighten up your home. With DIY crocheting rose patterns, you can make a beautiful, easy-to-make lampshade and shed light on your home. 

Cute Curtain Tiebacks

Curtain with rose curtain tie back
Image Source: Time 2 crochet-n-craft

Curtains are the perfect way to decorate your home. They are very simple to make, and you just need to match the color of yarn with the different types of fabric of your curtain. 

What if you can make your curtain more beautiful by adding crochet rose tiebacks? Hold your curtain back with crochet rose tiebacks to see how beautiful it looks. 

Vibrant Roses in a Vase

How about a bouquet of beautiful and vibrant roses? To make a rose bouquet, you can crochet each rose, start crocheting chains, and sew them on the base of each rose. 

Crocheted roses will make your home look more beautiful and attractive. 

Mobiles for Baby’s Room

The spiral of roses looks beautiful in a baby girl’s crib. The soft-color crocheted roses will bring your baby good dreams and positive energy. It will also help you represent your love for your beautiful baby girl. 

Adorable Coasters for Dining Table

Oval picot peaks doily
Image Source: Crochet ‘n’ Create

Introduce unique style to your dining table with handmade crocheting roses. Coasters with crochet roses help your dining table look clean, stylish, and modern. 

Rose Blanket

Crochet rose blanket
Image Source: Stay & Roam

Give your beautiful baby crochet rose blanket that she can adore for years. It can also be a kind of handmade gift to your close friends and family members that shows them how much you love and care about them. 

A Cute Pillow Décor

Crocheting a rose pillow cover is one of the easiest and simplest DIY home décor ideas. The beautiful roses in the front of the pillow cover make it more interesting. 

Cute Rose Pin

Crochet flower hair clips
Image Source: Annie Design Crochet

Another amazing décor idea with crocheting roses is gluing pins with roses. You can use these rose pins for your wallets, purses, jackets, or backpacks. 

They look cute and adorable. The best thing is you can remove it from one accessory and pin them on wherever you want. 

Instructions on How to Make Crochet Rose Flower Step by Step

A crochet rose is just like any other rose. The best thing about crochet roses is that they are handmade, quick, and easy for beginners. They are wonderful home décor items, or you can consider them in your small jewelry.

Want to crochet a rose but wondering, “how do I crochet a rose?” then this section of how to make a crochet rose flower step-by-step tutorial is for you. It is a beginner-friendly project and takes less time to finish.

How to crochet a rose
Image Source: Pinterest

Before going through the crocheting rose instructions, make sure you are familiar with some crocheting techniques like:

If you are now familiar with the above techniques, then here are some simple and easy steps of crocheting rose you can follow. 

Supplies You’ll Need

How to crochet a rose tutorial
Image Source: Karen Penroz On Unsplash

Here are some of the basic supplies you will need to crochet a rose. 

    • Choose Your Yarn
      • Decide how you are going to use that rose. If you are learning how to make crochet rose flowers step by step for a purse or scarf, then you want a special yarn. 
      • The best yarn for crochet is a worsted weight yarn, as you can see stitches. Since yarn comes in different qualities, you should ensure the texture of the yarn matches the texture of the item you will be attaching to.      
    • Pick Your Crochet Hook
      • The crochet hook depends on the type of yarn you choose. When you purchase a premium-quality yarn, the care labels come with the recommendation of crochet hooks. 
      • If you use a worsted weight yarn, then number five hook or size I will work. Just in case you don’t follow the hook size, your crocheting outcomes may not be as expected.

Crochet hook size chart:

USA English Metric
14 6 0.60
12 5 0.75
10 4 1.00
3 1.25
6 2.5 1.50
4 2 1.75
B 14 2.00
C 12 2.50
D 11 3.00
E 9 3.50
F 8 4.00
G 7 4.50
H 6 5.00
5 5.50
J 4 6.00
    • Yarn Needle and Scissors

Create a Slipknot

Start making a loop of six inches from the free end of the crochet yarn. Start inserting your crochet hook via the free end and the loop and pull it from the back to the hook. 

How to crochet a rose step by step
Image Source: Stitch & Story

Chain to 60 Stitches

When going to 60 chains, do not count your first stitch. For making one chain stitch, you should hold the hook in your right hand and loop the yarn over your left index finger. 

It is similar to crocheting a magic circle. Not sure how to do it? Read this how to crochet a magic circle.

Now you need to hold the slipknot end between your left hand’s middle finger and thumb. Pull the yarn from back to front, which will form the yarn through the hook loop. Keep repeating this to prepare the first row or the foundation chain. 

Chain Three More Stitches

At this stage of how to make crochet rose flower step by step tutorial, you need to add three chains on the 60 chains that you have made. This will help you maintain the height when you crochet rows. 

Close up woman crocheting
Image Source: Freepik

Start Double Chain

If you know how to crochet a circle, this step will be easy for you. To start double chaining, you need to insert your crochet hook into the fourth chain. 

Read our end-to-end guide on how to double crochet, and it will be easy to finish this step. Do not forget to insert your hook into the crochet chain and not close to your crochet hook. 

Don’t Forget to Count Your Stitches

This step is essential for crocheting any project. Make sure you count your 60 stitches once you finish the rows.

How to make a crochet rose
Image Source: Nightly Crafter

Turn Your Work

When it’s about turning your work, it means rotating so that the last stitch you worked on becomes the beginning of the following row. Learn how to decrease in crochet

Create a Scallop

You can skip one stitch and start double crocheting six times to the next stitch. Repeat it all the way across. 

To double crochet, you need to insert your hook under both of your loops and pull up. Get three loops on your crochet hook, pull through two, then yarn over and pull through two.

Secure the Scallop

How to make a crocheted rose flower
Image Source: My Giant Strawberry

At this stage of how do you make crochet rose, you can skip one stitch and start single crochet into the following stitch. Keep repeating this and start securing scallops across all rows. 

Bind Off

Cut yarn and wrap the left tail around your crochet hook and start pulling it through your loop. 

Start Giving Shape to Your Rose

Start wrapping and rolling your secured scalloped pieces so that the edges look like petals. Do not forget to keep the edges lined up as you roll because you will also have to secure them. 

By this time, you will be ready, and you need to shape the rose. When you start wrapping the scalloped piece, you will create a small ruffled rose. Repeat it until you create a shape you just want. 

How to make a crochet rose easy
Image Source: inews60s

Secure the Base and Work on Your Thread

Use an embroidery needle and take the tail from your scalloped piece. You will need to insert into the following row and pull it to tighten the ends.

Now use a threaded needle and repeat through the row’s bottom or base. Pass all the layers of the rose and keep working until you feel that the rose is secured. 

Finishing Up

Voila! You are just one step away from finishing your handmade rose. You can trim the remaining thread, and now it’s ready to use. 

Crochet rose tutorial for beginners
Image Source: Pinterest


Roses are beautiful. They can be a perfect home décor item or just a perfect gift for someone close to your heart.

What’s a better way to make it more special when handmade at home? Crocheting rose at home allows you to express your love and idea. It’s not just a simple DIY project but much more than that.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to crochet a rose at home. Be creative, use multicolor yarn, and the above-listed instructions will help you.

Happy crocheting!!!