How to Crochet a Ball or Sphere: Tutorial With Pictures

For many of us, crocheting is a major piece of our life puzzle. Crocheting is a relaxing retreat from everyday life.

This amazing piece is curled up in a classic crochet pattern. Do you wonder whom you should thank for it? Not just for the pattern purposes, but who got this metaphorical yarn ball introduced for the first time?

Tracing the origin of this beautiful craft is difficult, as it was originated in different locations. Before the 1800s, the proof of crochet was not found in Europe, but it was there in Chinese dolls and South American ceremonial attire.

Crocheting is an easy slip loop, but numerous stitches can be done by varying the number of hook loops and how they can be integrated. Men and women in many countries have practiced this versatile and rich craft.

This article will cover the following topics:

    • Ways to use crochets

    • Tips and techniques for crocheting

    • Supplies you will need to start crocheting

    • Step-by-step instructions for how to crochet a ball or sphere

How to Crochet a Ball: Ways to Use Crochet Ball

Crocheting balls at home is simple and easy to sew projects. Knowing how to crochet is an essential skill that you don’t realize you need, but once you know it, you won’t stop.

How to crochet a ball
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Have you ever wondered what is crochet and how it can be used? There are many uses of crochet balls. Here are some of the ways you can use crochet balls. 

Sensory Toys

These are important for early childhood activity and development purposes. Sensory toys are proven to help stimulate the brain and improve a child’s sensory processing. They are amazing toys for babies, toddlers, and those with autism.

Stress Balls

Crochet lavender stress ball
Image Source: Kari-Elyssa Designs

Stress balls are used for relieving stress and improving the muscles in the hands. They are also popular as hand exercise balls.

Dog and Cat Toys

All kinds of pet toys are expensive but learning how to crochet a ball is inexpensive. You can create several pet crochet balls at home that look like a store-bought.


Crochet spheres or balls can be used for making cute and amazing Amigurumi squishable characters and animals. 

Hacky Sacks

Hacky sacks are not just a fun activity but have several proven health benefits. It can improve your heart while boosting strength and endurance. 

Christmas Ornaments

Handmade crochet christmas decorations
Image Source: Decoratorist

Crochet décor looks amazing on special occasions like Christmas. Classic crochet balls decorated with Christmas baubles give a special touch to your décor. 


Do you know modern women love to wear crochet balls by using them in necklaces or bracelets? Yes. 

Crochet balls are not just used for decoration purposes, but they have made their way in women’s fashion. Create a boho look by wearing crochet balls in your jewelry. 

Home Décor

Fast and easy crochet pillows
Image Source: Dabbles & Babbles

This doesn’t require much explanation. We all know crochet balls and crocheting have been part of home décor for over centuries. By learning how to crochet a ball, you can create and place them in a bowl or vase to create some visual impact. 

How to Crochet a Sphere: Tips and Techniques for Crocheting a Ball

Crochet spheres or balls are just what they might sound like. Crochet balls are the kind of balls made using some crochet methods and techniques. 

When you first begin to learn how to crochet a sphere, you will need:

    • Hook
    • Yarn Needle
    • Yarn
    • Stuffing or any other type of filling

Two white yarn roll
Image Source: Kumo Knits On Pexels

Did you miss something here? Yes. There is always some room for improving your crocheting skills. Whether you are new to crochet or experienced, you could learn how to double crochet with your eyes closed. 

Here are a few pro tips and tricks to make crocheting a ball or sphere project total fun. 

Master the Magic Ring

The magic ring is the essential component of how to crochet a sphere technique that permits an item to be worked in the round while making a closed center. 

Person holding purple crochet hook
Image Source: Castorly Stock On Pexels

Make sure you get it right to create the perfect sphere. Learn how to crochet a magic circle

Count Your Rounds

Crochet tutorial mark your rounds
Image Source: Airali Design

Counting the rounds will help you keep track of your crocheting project. To do so, you can mark the ends either using a scrap yarn or stitch marker. 

Count Your Stitches

Counting crochet stitches and rows in the round
Image Source: Sigoni Macaroni

When you begin learning how to crochet a sphere, you need to count your stitches at the end of each row to help you keep track. You should count the ‘v’s across the top of chain stitches. 

This will also help you understand if you are following the correct pattern. You can also use a stitch marker to count your stitches. 

It will help you understand where each round begins and ends. Don’t forget to read our guide on how to triple crochet since it is the foundation of many DIY crocheting projects. 

Right Vs. Wrong Side

It is also essential to understand the right and wrong sides while crocheting. The crocheting ball looks better with the right side of the work facing outside. 

This has a smoother side, and stitches are more defined and polished. The backside of the crochet might look more bobbly, and the horizontal bars of stitches are visible. 

Make sure you check the sides before crocheting a ball or sphere. It can impact the look of your overall project. 

It’s Okay to Make Mistakes

We all are humans, and humans sometimes make mistakes. Whether it is your first how to crochet a sphere for beginners or hundredth, making a mistake is a common thing. 

Everyone follows some tricks and methods to keep themselves on track. If you think you have made a mistake that can be rectifiable, do it. 

Different Stitches

Different crochet patterns
Image Source: Pinterest

Combining two different sets of stitches can help you learn a new, unique how to crochet a ball pattern. 

For example, a linen stitch is a beginner-level crochet stitch made from an alternating pattern of single crochet and chain stitches. It’s pretty easy to work with and helps you get the perfect stitches on your crochet project. 

Increasing and Decreasing

Want to make something other than a flat rectangle? While increasing add stitches to your project, decreasing subtracts the stitches. 

Learning how to decrease in crochet relies upon the stitch you are making. Just by making two or more stitches in the same stitch, you can learn how to increase in crochet. 

It can be how to half double crochet decrease, or, how to single crochet decrease, or double crochet decrease. 

How to Crochet a Ball Easy: Things You Need to Begin Crocheting a Ball or Sphere

It’s not tough to learn how to crochet a ball easy and simple way. It can be tricky for the beginner, and just like any other sewing skill, mastering crochet will take some time and patience.

How to crochet a sphere
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To start crocheting a ball, you will need some essential things. The right tools make a learning experience a good memory. 

Once you have it, you can do a lot of things. Here are the best crochet tools and supplies for beginners. 

Crochet Hook

They come in different materials, sizes, and shapes. The essential thing to remember here is to match the hook size with the weight of the yarn. You can use smaller hooks with thinner yarns and longer ones with thicker yarns.

Bonus Tip: An ergonomic hook that comes in a medium-size of about 4.25mm or 5mm is the best crochet hook for beginners.

How to make a crochet ball
Image Source: Diego Pontes On Pexels

If you are not sure about the size, you can check the care labels. It will guide you with the right size of hook for a particular yarn. 


Yarns come in different types of fabric and weights. Right from perfect baby/kid weight yarn to bulky wool, you get a huge variety. 

Different types of yarns are used for learning how to make crochet a ball pattern. Here are some things to consider while choosing a yarn for beginners:

Assorted yarns for crocheting
Image Source: Surene Palvie On Pexels

Medium Yarn Weight

Beginners must choose a worsted weight yarn. 

Light Colors

If you are learning how to change colors in crochet, then you should use light color yarns. When you use dark-colored yarns, it will be challenging to understand where to insert the hook.

Smooth Texture

When you use a simple, smooth wool or acrylic yarn, you can see your stitches without much effort. 

Other Supplies

It is also important to grab some additional supplies so that you can pick them up when needed.

    • Small, sharp scissors
    • Yarn Needle
    • Stitch Markers
    • Polyfill

Are you prepared 100% to learn how to crochet a ball for beginners? Then, bring your best yarn for crochet, hooks, and other things to follow the instructions. 

How to Make a Crochet Ball: Step by Step Instructions

The ball or sphere or its variations are among the most used forms in crocheting Amigurumi. From heads, limbs, bodies, and other elements, crocheting a ball is essential for all Amigurumi and creations.

The process begins with how crochet a circle and then leads to making a tube and returning to the circle.

How to crochet a ball for beginners
Image Source: Pinterest

These step-by-step instructions will help you learn how to make a crochet ball at home for babies, toddlers, and kids. You can use this basic tutorial to make home décor items or use it as small fillers for pillows, bean bags, dryer balls, etc. 

Starting the Ball With Magic Rings

To answer your question of “how do you crochet a ball,” we will start with a magic circle. How big your circle shows how big your ball will be.

How to crochet a ball easy
Image Source: Miriam Alonso On Pexels

Learning how to crochet a ball of any size depends on your intentions. If you start with a smaller circle, your ball will be smaller, and if you start with a bigger circle, your ball will be bigger. 

You have to make a slip knot and chain two stitches. Don’t know how to do it? Read our step-by-step tutorial and guide on how to start a crochet chain.

At the center of the circle, you need to join six single crochet stitches. Make sure it looks like a ring of chain stitches so that you can start crocheting the ball. 

The purpose of the magic ring is that it forms a tighter ring which is essential for DIY projects like this. 

Increase the Stitches in Each Round

As you proceed, you need to increase the stitches. Take two single crochet stitches into the same stitch, and for each new round, you need to add a plain single crochet stitch. 

At the end of your second round, you will have a total of 12 stitches. 

Increasing round crochet
Image Source: My Merry Messy Life

Work Even Rounds of Single Crochet

For the third round, you need to make two single crochets into the one stitch of your previous round. Then, make one crochet in the second stitch of the previous round. 

Keep alternating between one and two single crochets into each stitch using every stitch from the previous round.  

In the end, you will have 18 stitches, and this will be your last round of increasing stitches. 

Decrease the Stitches in Each Round

To reach the end of how to make a crochet ball, you need to reduce six stitches in every round. That’s the opposite of what you have done in the increase round. Do as many rounds as you just did for the increase round.

Single crochet decrease tutorial
Image Source: My Merry Messy Life

Match with the number in your last increase round and do single crochet two stitches together. 

Stuffing the Ball

It is good to stuff a ball before it is too close to being finished. You can use fiberfill stuffing, plastic bags, or dried beans to fill the ball. It will be hard to add the stuffing at last.

Crochet ball stuffing
Image Source: Just Be Crafty

If you are using dried beans, you should wait until you complete another round. Do not wait any longer than that as it will be difficult to fill it at a later stage. 

Close the Ball by Assembling the Last Stitches

Keep on decreasing the crochet stitches until you get to six stitches. Now cut your yarn for how to crochet a round ball and leave an eight-inch tail.

Finish with the last stitch and use a yarn needle to insert the tail through the stitches and close the end. Don’t forget to read how to weave in ends crochet

Secure the Yarn and Weave Ends

This is the last step of learning how to crochet a perfect sphere or ball. Just secure the yarn and weave the ends of the ball. Use your hand to roll the ball between your hands and shape it as per your needs. 

Voile! There you have it. Your very own a ball to play with. Wasn’t it a simple process?

Once you have crocheted a ball, you can use it as a home décor item. Do not forget to give it personalized touches using Superlabel Store’s super,

    • High quality
    • Customizable
    • Unique

Woven labels and hang tags. If you plan to start your small business with homemade crocheted balls, you can use care labels to give your customers more instructions and guidance on washing and cleaning purposes. 

Brown and white cardboard box
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Crocheting is fun and easy to work with DIY projects. Crocheting ball or sphere at home gives you a chance to learn something new at home while working the ancient sewing techniques.

The tips, techniques, and steps listed above will help you master any crocheting project.

Save this tutorial to begin working on the beautiful home décor item or just make something playful for your babies. 

Happy crocheting!