40+ Free Hoodie Sewing Patterns To Try At Home

The hoodie is a popular garment for both men and women. It is the go-to item that can come in handy all season.

With the increasing demand for homemade clothes, it is no surprise to see many fantastic hoodie sewing patterns in the market. The real challenge lies in finding the right pattern that you want to go with. That’s why we have prepared a list of free hoodie sewing patterns.

Learn to sew different types of hoodies at home and personalize your hoodie by purchasing high-quality, customized woven labels and hang tags.

There are so many options available for you so you can find your favorite and throw it on when the sun goes down. From women’s weaved designs to kid’s hoodies, these hoodie sewing patterns are prepared for you. Just grab your sewing essentials, and start making a beautiful hoodie at home.

24 Free Hoodie Sewing Pattern Projects for Women

Hoodies are the most comfortable clothes for winter. This no-hassle garment has secured its place in everyone’s wardrobe.

The popularity of hoodies has traveled from Medieval Europe and continued its run even today.

Hoodies are not just comfortable clothes, but they’re trendy and go well with all kinds of clothes such as track pants, pajamas, jeans, trousers, etc. When you wear a handmade hoodie, it can boost your confidence.

Looking for some free hoodie sewing patterns that you can try at home? Check this roundup of sewing patterns and make an eye-catching hoodie that turns heads where you go.

Short-Sleeve Hoodie Pattern

This is an easy to sew hoodie sewing pattern. It has semi-fitted short sleeves, which will give you a professional look. This hoodie sewing pattern is available in 4 to 22 sizes. 

The pattern also comes with particular marks to help you put pieces together. Check pants sewing pattern to style it with your short sleeve hoodie.

Materials you’ll need:

    • Twin needle
    • Matching thread
    • Ballpoint sewing needle
    • 1.5 yards of medium weight jersey knit fabric

Cass Hoodie Pattern

The Cass hoodie pattern is designed for knit fabric. It features a new design lined hoodie with a drop shoulder and a banded neckline finished with three different sleeve options.

The first option features a crop, relaxed-fit hoodie with cuffs and waistband.

The second option features side seams, hemmed sleeves, curved hemline, and a pouch pocket.

The last option is a hoodie dress that has long forearm cuffs and has a shaped curved fit. Use medium knits with 30% horizontal stretch for the best sewing outcomes.

Shadow Hoodie Pattern

Hoodie sewing patterns
Image Source: Trish Newbery

This is another hoodie dress sewing pattern for the winter season. It is a relaxed fit and semi-shaped longline hoodie pattern that is available in two thumbhole cuffs and two front-length options. It is easy to sew and comfortable to wear.

Perfect Pleat Hoodie Pattern

The popular pullover hoodie sewing pattern has a setback lining and lined collars. This longline hoodie comes with pleated hems and features a relaxed fit, lengthy drop shoulder. 

The top-stitched pockets and hemmed long sleeves are the best things about this hoodie sewing pattern. This pattern is available from sizes XXS to 3XL. If you know how to sew shorts, you can style them with the perfect pleat hoodie pattern.

Amber’s Capelet Hoodie Pattern

Sweatshirt sewing patterns
Image Source: Pinterest

Amber’s Capelet Hoodie sewing pattern features an asymmetrical high-low cross-over front with a cutaway hemline, a hidden kangaroo pouch pocket, and full or elbow-length sleeves. 

This is the perfect combination of a hooded sweatshirt and a cape overlay. For the best result, make sure you purchase a medium-weight fabric such as French terry, Ponte, sweatshirts fabric, etc. Check care labels to understand how to take care of the hoodie made from this fabric.

Assassin’s Hoodie Pattern

These free sewing patterns for hoodies feature a loose-fit hoodie with a wide collar, draped cut-away front, and a standard or peaked mitre hood. This pattern creates more flare at side panels, and the kangaroo pocket is sewn into the seam allowance. 

This pattern is available in sizes from XS to XL since the pattern relies on the material. The best thing about this hoodie sewing pattern is that it is easy to wear and creates a great layering piece when worn with different types of jeans.

Talia Wrap Hoodie Pattern

Talia wrap sweater and a matching infinity scarf
Image Source: Upstyle Daily

This crossover, sweater-fit hoodie sewing pattern is ideal for winter layering. Talia wrap hoodie sewing pattern features flared cross-over top, drop shoulders, and knee-length back and front with asymmetric dropping effect. 

These vintage sewing patterns come with two options for neck, such as Scoop or hood neck, and three sleeve finishing options such as full sleeve, cuff, or thumbhole sleeves.

Danielle’s Step Hem Raglan Hoodie

These sewing patterns for beginners feature a raglan cut hoodie with a contrasting sleeve and a dropped rear step hem. The hem is accentuated with topstitching to give this hoodie an impressive look. 

This free hoodie sewing pattern comes with construction sequences for your ease. It is a multi-size pattern and available in the size range of XXS to 3XL. Choose the size based on the look you want to achieve.

Boxwood Hoodie Pattern

Boxwood hoodie pattern
Image Source: Sewing Pattern Review

Boxwood hoodie sewing pattern is perfect for an autumn day. It has a large cover to save yourself from the rain, and the dropped shoulders add a casual look to the hoodie. 

To understand the guide on “how to make sewing patterns for a Boxwood hoodie,” make sure you choose a fabric that has a lot of texture as it will look good.

Patched Cropped Hoodie Pattern

Do you have fabric scraps at home that you don’t use anymore? Collect it because it is going to be used in this amazing patched cropped hoodie pattern. 

With an overlock sewing machine and a lot of patience, you can make a unique hoodie from the scraps lying around the house. This easy-to-follow hooded shirt sewing pattern is best for beginners. 

Gather what you have in your home and start creating this unique hoodie at home.

Unisex Hoodie Pattern

The Unisex hoodie sewing pattern is for all. It gives you a natural look with its front pockets. Keep your hands in your pocket when it’s cold outside. 

The pattern is available for 36 to 38-inch chest sizes. Make two hoodies using this pattern to avoid conflicts on who will share one hoodie. Choose sweatshirt fleece fabric and wear it to the gym or anywhere you like.

Women’s Hoodie With Pocket

Free hoodie sewing patterns
Image Source: Pinterest

Looking for a stylish, trendy hoodie pattern that doesn’t compromise comfort? Choose this simple hoodie sewing pattern for women. 

It has pockets at the front that gives you the convenience to keep your phones and other small essentials when you go for a walk. Choose any fabric and turn it into a beautiful hoodie you always wanted to have.

Gordonia Hoodie Pattern

This hoodie pattern is in style nowadays, so why not try making it at home? The Gordonia Hoodie sewing pattern is quick and easy to sew. It features a stylish top and full sleeves to keep you warm in chilly weather. 

There are so many sizes available for this hoodie sewing pattern, so make sure you choose your ideal size. Use French terry fabric for making this hoodie since it will be warm enough for all days.

Oversized Hoodie Sewing Pattern

Oversized hoodie sewing pattern
Image Source: Pinterest

Youngsters these days want to look more stylish in hoodies, and this oversized hoodie sewing pattern will be their favorite. 

This pattern pays homage to highstreet brands. It demands more fabric than the usual hoodie. The hoodie sewing pattern comes with step-by-step instructions with large pictures, making it easy for a beginner to read a sewing pattern.

Zipper Fleece Hoodie Pattern

This fleece hoodie sewing pattern is quick and easy to follow. It just takes half an hour to complete the pattern. All the seam allowances are included in the pattern tutorial and instruction guide to make this project a success for you. 

Pick one yard of fleece fabric, relevant zip, and you’re all set to make an impressive hoodie.

DIY Cowl Neck Hoodie Pattern

Cowl neck sweatshirt sewing pattern
Image Source: Indoor Shannon

The DIY Cowl Neck Hoodie pattern is designed for women. This pattern is going to keep the neck warmer than other patterns. 

Using grey sweatshirt fleece fabric along with stripe patterns, you can make a neutral hoodie design. The pattern instructions are easy to follow, so anyone with basic sewing knowledge can try their hands on this.

Basket Weave Hoodie Pattern

Have you seen a unique basket weave hoodie in any brand showroom? Did you want to buy it but couldn’t because of the price? Don’t worry. 

This basket weave hoodie sewing pattern will help you get that similar hoodie design at home. The weave pattern gives a unique touch and texture to the hoodie. The entire hoodie sewing pattern process will not take much time, and it’s worth the investment because of its unique pattern and design. 

Check this shorts sewing pattern to upscale your look and style it with the basketweave hoodie. 

Lace Hoodie Pattern

Lace hoodie pattern
Image Source: A Beautiful Mess

Another free hoodie sewing pattern is a lace hoodie. Lace is a fantastic material that can help enhance the overall look of the outfit. 

The lace hoodie pattern has an amazing texture and layers. This affordable hoodie sewing pattern is ideal for those who want a pleasant-looking hoodie with a delicate touch.

Night Fury Hoodie Pattern

This toothless hoodie sewing pattern is easy to sew. The intricate details of horns and wings are the main character of this night fury hoodie sewing pattern. 

This sewing pattern will not take much of your time and will become a brilliant fan gift. If you love making well-themed garments, you must choose this hoodie sewing pattern.

Granny Hoodie Pattern

Crochet granny square sweater pattern
Image Source: Make & Do Crew

Have you ever thought of wrapping yourself in a hot water bottle this winter? This hoodie sewing pattern will give you the same feeling. 

This soft and decorative Granny hoodie sewing pattern can be made with a few supplies and fabric. The word “granny” reflects the highest comfort level, which is what the Granny hoodie sewing pattern is all about. If you know the t-shirt sewing pattern, then turn it into a granny hoodie.

Hope Hoodie Sweater

The Hope hoodie sweater sewing pattern features long sleeves, kangaroo pockets, and an optional hood. This is one of the fastest shirt sewing patterns you’ll ever come across.

Pattern features:

    • Dropped shoulders
    • Rib cuff and hem band
    • Cool, cozy hood
    • Kangaroo pocket
    • Optional crew neck
    • Optional sleeveless option
    • Rib neckline options

Page Hoodie Pattern

Page hoodie sewing pattern
Image Source: Pinterest

Chalk and Notch’s Page Hoodie sewing pattern features a cropped hoodie in two hem finishes and three raglan style sleeves. Choose a medium-weight fabric with 50% to 70% stretch

If you’re a Mommy and Me fan, then make a hoodie for your little one with its Child’s pattern.

Folkwear Moroccan Djellaba Hoodie Pattern

This hooded sweatshirt looks like a caftan, but it has the potential for more stylish and comfortable options. This loose-fitting hoodie sewing pattern is based on the traditional clothing worn in the Maghreb area of North Africa. 

The Folkwear Moroccan Djellaba hoodie sewing pattern features side seam pockets, square sleeves, and a pointed hood. It is available in sizes from XXS to 3XL.

Hey June Handmade Halifax Hoodie Pattern

Handmade halifax hoodie pattern
Image Source: Rake and Make

With so many hoodie sewing patterns, it is hard to know where to start. Choose with this easy Hey June Handmade Halifax Hoodie sewing pattern. 

It features a shaped bodice, high-low hemline with side seams, and set-in sleeves. Choose French terry, heavyweight knits, sweatshirt fleece, or cotton interlock fabric for making this hoodie at home.

12 Best Sweatshirt Sewing Pattern for Women and Girls

Sweatshirts are like a blessing to everyone who chooses comfort over trends and sticks to the fitness routine. Sweatshirts can make you feel comfortable because the insides are made from fleece and brushed to make it softer. 

White crew neck long sleeve sweatshirt
Image Source: Mediamodifier On Unsplash

These outfits are made to cover your arms and torso so that excessive moisture that gets in between your workout is eliminated. If you know how to make sewing patterns, check out these unique sweatshirt sewing patterns.

Simple Sweatshirt Pattern

Simple sweatshirt pattern
Image Source: Marcelina Pawlikowska On Unsplash

This simple sweatshirt is quick and easy to sew using just one fabric. You can wear it with a collared shirt in the office or a t-shirt for a more relaxed look. This sweatshirt sewing pattern is available from sizes XS to XXL.

Cropped Sweatshirt Pattern

This ladies’ sweatshirt sewing pattern is suitable for beginners. It features matching fabric cuffs, cords, and grommets. Choose summer sweat or French terry fabric for making cropped sweatshirts.

Lynn Sweatshirt Pattern

Pullover hoodie sewing patterns
Image Source: Bobbins & Buttons

This classic raglan sleeve sweatshirt sewing pattern comes with a rib trim for the cuff, neck, and hem bands. It is available in sizes from XS to XXL.

Toaster Sweater

This sweatshirt sewing pattern comes with two options to keep you warm and look stylish in cold weather. It is an easy to sew pattern and perfect for sewers of all levels.

Ali Sweatshirt Pattern

Ali sweatshirt short sleeve pattern
Image Source: Sew DIY

Ali sweatshirt sewing pattern is an oversized sweatshirt with dolman sleeves, two sleeves with topstitching, and drop shoulders.

High cuff Sweater

This traditional sweatshirt pattern features rib cuffs at the neck, bottom, and sleeves. It has a shaped bottom cuff at the back, which gives it a feminine silhouette.

Elliot Sweater

Looking for a go-to, cozy layer sweatshirt? Choose Elliot sweater pattern for everyday wear. Style it with dark denim, or keep it casual with sneakers and leggings.

Hosta Tee and Sweatshirt Pattern

Easy hoodie sewing patterns
Image Source: Pinterest

Hosta tee and sweatshirt sewing pattern is easy enough to make it the afternoon. The pattern features drop sleeves and an easygoing top. It comes with three options: a long sleeve sweatshirt, a boxy tee, and a funnel neck top.

Talvikki Sweater

It is a delicate and elegant sweatshirt pattern that is decorated with crisp elements. The pattern has a loose fit and dropped shoulders that are well-balanced with a classic funnel neck and darts. The long hem and deep vents at the back add a classy look to this sweatshirt.

Neige Sweatshirt Pattern

This sweatshirt sewing pattern has elegant pieced sleeves. The first option has a funnel neck and side slits, while the second has finished and cropped ribs.

Lion Sweatshirt Pattern

Lion sweatshirt pattern
Image Source: Pinterest

Want a sweatshirt with puff sleeves? A Lion sweatshirt is perfect for you. This classic-shaped sweatshirt can upscale your look. It comes with three different snap fasteners on the left shoulder to open and close it.

Jasper Sweatshirt Pattern

The Jasper sweatshirt is stylish, modern and can upscale your look. This hooded sweatshirt sewing pattern is offered by Paprika Patterns, and it has a collar or hood option. This pattern is unique, and we love how it creates a wide opening at the neck and around the face.

4 Perfect Hooded Jacket Sewing Pattern Free to Sew This Spring

Hooded jackets are the new combination of hoodies and jackets. This timeless and ultimate street style hoodie is popular among youngsters. 

Hooded jacket sewing pattern
Image Source: Alexey Demidov On Pexels

If you’re looking for versatility, then you should go for hooded jackets. Check this trendy and easy to sew hooded jacket sewing pattern free at home.

Sadie Zip Up Hoodie Pattern

This is a quick and easy to sew hoodie pattern for a weekend walk. It features an eye-catching A-line silhouette and extra long back with a gentle hi-low curved hemline

This hoodie jacket sewing pattern-free comes with drop shoulders, generous hood, and front zip with details. This is the perfect hoodie jacket pattern to style with jeans and your favorite sneakers. 

Keep the zip open or close as per your mood. This pattern was designed to accelerate the introduction of sewing zips in knit fabric.

Arare Pullover by Waffle Patterns

Pullover sweatshirt pattern
Image Source: Girl in the Garden

This pullover hoodie sewing pattern comes with so many options in a single hoodie jacket. The pattern features two pocket designs and an option for a high neck collar instead of a hood.

Serra Jacket by Pauline Alice

This 80’s version hooded jacket sewing pattern-free comes with a single pattern. It features a cinched waist, elasticized sleeves, and hem.

Hoodie Parka Coat Sewing Pattern

Hoodie parka coat sewing pattern
Image Source: Pinterest

The Hoodie Parka Coat Sewing pattern is high on the front side, which gives protection on cold days. This hooded jacket sewing pattern free features A line-shaped relaxed fit, hidden pockets, and large front pockets. 

Choose heavy-weight fabric such as twill, denim, canvas, or Panama to sew this hoodie jacket at home.

4 Cute and Easy Hoodie Sewing Pattern for Kids & Toddlers

Hoodies are not just popular among youngsters, but kids also love them. If you’re looking to make a stylish hoodie for your baby at home, then check these easy hoodie sewing patterns for kids.

Raglan Kids Hoodie Pattern

Raglan kids hoodie pattern
Image Source: Brindille & Twig

Add this easy hoodie sewing pattern to your collection if you have a kid of around 6-7 years. The Ragland kids hoodies sewing pattern is quick and easy to sew for beginners. 

You can customize the pattern and make it a perfect size hoodie at home with a sewing machine and zigzag stitches.

Scuba Hoodie for Toddler

These are the coolest hoodies for kids. The scuba hoodie sewing pattern for toddlers features raglan sleeves and faux piping to give your kid a comfortable fit. 

This is a cost-effective hoodie sewing pattern and is popular among people who want to try their hands at home on sewing a hoodie.

Lapped Front Infant Hoodie Pattern

Baby hoodie sewing pattern
Image Source: Leafy Treetop Spot

Do you want to save your baby from the chilling wind touching their soft skin? Make this lapped front infant hoodie at home. Its unique design stands this hoodie from the crowd. With minimum fabric and sewing supplies, you’re all set to start sewing this hoodie. 

Cozy Kids Hoodie Pattern

This reversible easy hoodie sewing pattern can be made using two different fabrics on the front and back. The cuffs and pockets are the highlights of this cozy hoodie. Just choose a good quality knit fabric and make an extra cozy hoodie at home for your baby.


Hoodies are the essential clothing piece of the fashion world. They are the most comfortable clothes for the winter season, and thus, everyone loves to have them in their wardrobe.

This winter, don’t spend money on expensive hoodies; instead, make one at home for yourself and your kid. All of the above-listed hoodie sewing patterns are cost-effective and easy to sew.

Choose your pattern and make a unique hoodie at home!